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  1. Solved Add "open with" context menu to URL extension
  2. I don't want the Screen to go blank whilst working?
  3. ShellStyle.dll Hacking to change Dialog Boxes' Background Color
  4. How to edit the size of title(caption) bar ??
  5. Sort users on logon screen
  6. Windows Explorer Browse button
  7. Solved desktop icon text
  8. How to change left pane BG in start menu and all folders
  9. How to edit minimize maximize close button ?
  10. F2A85-V Pro DirectKey (boot to bios); case button/Win7 shutdown option
  11. Changing the default save location of things from Documents
  12. Disable/enable Desktop BG from Command Line
  13. how to change the mainframe background, pic/color ??
  14. How to remove(disable) the preview window of taskbar ?
  15. Solved How can I disable "always use the selected program" function?
  16. Solved how to return to default layout windows explorer
  17. Solved Navigation Pane Text
  18. Icon shadows on desktop
  19. Force Small Icons folder view to sort downward in columns?
  20. Solved What to hide Notification Icons
  21. Solved SIG for 7F?
  22. Solved short 1px grey border above start button
  23. Batch File to set user's windows login pic
  24. Logon Screen was desktop background, now blue, after DisplayFuison
  25. Solved Idea for a unique kind of logon screen.
  26. Solved Is there a way to enable thumnails on JUST image files
  27. Solved how do i modify desktop background transition change time
  28. Solved A shortcut to change wallpaper+icons?
  29. Solved One Blurry Icon
  30. Solved Tagging Folders?? (Setting Permanent Icons?)
  31. Is it possible to have the folder *I* want be my 'Personal Folder'?
  32. Mac Slider
  33. Win7 Taskbar hack, Can this be done?
  34. Trying to make .BAT to start screensaver and lock screen Win 7 pro 64
  35. Maybe of some interest to some
  36. How to change bluetooth tray icon?
  37. Custom Windows 7 Log On Screens
  38. How to patch 64 bit to use theme for 32 bit
  39. Solved Simple .bat question
  40. Help customizing start menu
  41. Need help making large icons in the context menu
  42. Bat File Help
  43. Windows 7 Wallpaper do not fit screen
  44. Screensaver Shuffle?
  45. OS X Shifting Tiles Screensaver
  46. Solved System tray notify
  47. How do I pin to the right side of the start menu?
  48. Windows 7 Start Orb Location
  49. Explorer file icons help
  50. Changing the icons in the start menu...
  51. Control panel won't populate (gives blank screen)
  52. Solved I am unable to change the desktop background.
  53. Need image numbers for left pane Control Panel & 3D pop-up backgrounds
  54. WindowBlinds, lost my taskbar.
  55. Solved Customization for Windows 7 (icons, sounds)
  56. Solved Can't change .bat file icon on taskbar
  57. Appearance and Personalization
  58. Can i get a moving wallpaper for windows 7 (Not .gif or a Slideshow)
  59. Solved How do I enable %UserProfile% for scripting with Folder Redirection?
  60. Solved Windows reverts back to default setting
  61. Change transparency with background automatically
  62. How to change the text color of folder names in my computer
  63. Solved Permanent Custom Folder Icon?
  64. Add Quick Launch Bar to Taskbar Context Menu
  65. Add custom item to right side of start menu?
  66. How do I change the icon of running programs on the taskbar?
  67. Solved Logon Picture Frame?
  68. Making verbose logon messages to not disappear ?
  69. Solved Sidebar of Explorer, need help changing it
  70. My Bus/Coach Desktops
  71. How to change file Icon in Windows Explorer (.mp3)
  72. Solved Change Recycling Bin menu icon
  73. Solved Progress Bar Border ( Again )
  74. Solved Can the address bar always show the address?
  75. RT7lite Dead? Website redirect/inaccessible...
  76. How to change explorer's sidebar
  77. Solved Can i customize taskbar completely (Not just change color and Opacity)
  78. How to make certain applications change W7 colours to basic?
  79. Window Color and Appearance Menu
  80. Solved Change status bar icons and text
  81. Solved Border round HDD Capacity meter
  82. Screensaver lockout-Not remembering the domain name
  83. Changing Logon Screen button color
  84. Solved Hard Drive Capacity Meter Color Change
  85. Solved Custom context menu items not showing
  86. Screensaver will not start...
  87. Explorer & WSB (yes, again)
  88. Solved How to make one of this?
  89. Solved Can shell32.dll remove explorer toolbar using custom classic theme?
  90. Solved can't delete unused item in control panel
  91. Solved Icons not filling up taskbar?
  92. Solved Unable to hide menu bar
  93. Properties
  94. Adapter settings through right click, like in XP
  95. Cannot force system to use my modified system files...
  96. Annoying lines!
  97. Solved Expanding windows in taskbar
  98. Explorer Border and Transparency
  99. Transparent Explorer
  100. Solved Old school Windows login screen
  101. How to relocate win7 public folders
  102. Windows 7 automatically switching to basic (non aero) theme
  103. Problem on recording screensaver in Windows!
  104. Slight issue with the color of my desktop background.
  105. Solved User Tile Border
  106. winver.exe bitmap images.
  107. Solved Remove view options bar from folder menu
  108. Solved Vintage windows folder information bar
  109. Solved Remove Aero border around user account icon
  110. Tile View Icon Size
  111. Compiz Equivalent for Windows 7?
  112. Solved Change desktop picture
  113. Solved Where are the .dll and .exe files responsible for the look of windows?
  114. Problem with icons position in my desktop
  115. Hide/Unhide Start toolbar & Desktop icons
  116. Solved How do i change System Tray icons?
  117. Remove Context Menu Items
  118. Solved Black Glass Enhanced
  119. Theme Colors in Explorer/Start Menu
  120. Advanced Display Options: Title Bar Color
  121. Solved PC Activity Desktop Graphic
  122. Centered Titles
  123. Solved Changing Welcome/Login Screen Background Back To Default
  124. Set specific size for Wallpaper/SlideShow images Automatically
  125. Solved with 7 Starter, can I change function keys
  126. How to change the background during Windows 7 installation ?
  127. Adding "SendTo" items to the explorer toolbar
  128. Lightweight Windows 7 Shell Replacement?
  129. Does ANYONE know how this customization was done? and how it can be un
  130. change look in a window
  131. How do i change my icons to default
  132. Clash between gdipp and other explorer customization app
  133. Taskbar Full Transparency
  134. Custom system font not working?
  135. How to have multiple picture positions in a wallpaper slideshow?
  136. Solved Moving "My Documents"
  137. [Mod] Modification WMP 11 - 12 file for remove media information
  138. Solved How do I change the Sndvol.exe Icon in System32?
  139. Desktop Slideshow transitions WITHOUT Aero; how?
  140. How to enable aero in win 7 starter
  141. Screen Saver, I want to start the Screen Saver Manually.
  142. Smooth transition when changing windows backgrounds
  143. How to prevent touch clicks during startup of a public display?
  144. Solved How do I change Windows console font
  145. Solved windows 7 change look of icons
  146. Desktop background images cannot be changed from solid colors
  147. Solved Trying to customize the color of the text on the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen
  148. Solved All of my folder icons have just been changed to an odd looking one
  149. Solved [Request] Edit Start Button
  150. Solved How do I place restriction on users but not on Admins
  151. Solved Where do i get Ubuntu system icon set.
  152. Did edit-registry fix to be able to manually sort files, but not workd
  153. Glitchy Start Button Animation
  154. Folder Icon Changing
  155. Thumbnails emerging from custom folders
  156. Different Shutdown and Logon backgrounds?
  157. Can you identify these customisations?
  158. Pin Open Windows
  159. Solved Are there downloadable color schemes for non-Aero mode?
  160. Solved Automatic login
  161. Problem with personalization menu
  162. I built myself some cursors how do i keep them from reverting each reb
  163. Weird behaviour of java applet under Windows 7
  164. Folder Backgrounds
  165. Editing the task manager bitmaps
  166. cant delete play from context
  167. Solved View and Connect to Available Wireless Networks
  168. Solved Fonts have got very small
  169. Hide "Searches" and "Favorites" folder
  170. Move the address bar below the menu bar in Windows Explorer
  171. Changing the Recycle Bin Delete Confirmation Message.
  172. Is there a Windows 8 like copy dialog box for Windows 7?
  173. How to put image on desktop - Not a background image
  174. Changing Mouse Selection Color- Win7 x64
  175. Is there a way to change the bottom spacing of the title bar?
  176. The annoying "change icon" window
  177. Awesome/DWM for Windows 7 (And others)?
  178. Solved Customizing file explorer
  179. Remove System Folder Desktop Items
  180. Lost my superbar, how do I get it back?
  181. Solved Remove the "action center" icon from the taskbar area near the clock?
  182. Disable Windows Search Box
  183. Ctrl+Alt+Del Annoyance
  184. Disable Taskbar Button Grouping
  185. Solved How to use a picture as signature in SEVENFORUMS?
  186. Solved Save As dialog -- File Name input box shows a combobox style list
  187. Navigation Bar File Explorer
  188. Problems With Send To Folder
  189. Solved After High Contrast Mode no Aero anymore.
  190. Solved trouble with display of windows wallpaper
  191. How to replace Toshiba flash cards
  192. Custom icons show up as two different sizes
  193. How to add "character map" to context menu when writing/editing text
  194. Solved Change Windows Folder Icon
  195. Solved Change start menu infotips
  196. Solved StartOrbz Error (Was unable to unlock explorer.exe)
  197. Possible to set up dual monitor, unsynchronized rotating wallpapers?
  198. Solved No longer able to change wallpaper locations
  199. Solved how to change default location of Windows Explorer folder?
  200. I found a way to improve the Show Desktop feature
  201. Win Explorer: how to thumbnail preview documents (txt, doc, pdf, xls)
  202. Custom start orb not working
  203. How to fix error icons?
  204. How do I set up desktop?
  205. Solved Group policy wallpaper not working for non-admin accounts
  206. Moving My Docs to D Drive
  207. items autoselect in taskbar pinned list
  208. Solved How to get the screen saver to activate?
  209. Custom Theme backgrounds doesn't show up.
  210. Crashing Clock / Bugging
  211. Hide "favorites" folder?
  212. Solved Copying / moving files same like in Windows 8
  213. Change Boot Screen on Intel Server boards
  214. Switch windows like a mac?
  215. windows libraries bar
  216. Background "picture position" respected only on primary monitor.
  217. How to increase Photoshop's GUI font/buttons size
  218. How to customize the Menu Bar in Windows?
  219. Navigation Pane has broken images?
  220. How to combine two fonts?
  221. Set thumbnail for Files but not folders?
  222. Samurize - iTunes plugin? and use with a winamp equalizer config?
  223. Solved How do I customize the icon of the Desktop folder?
  224. DeviantArt - Some help with a custom desktop & rainmeter please!
  225. Windows 7 screen align program?
  226. How to send user to logon screen after 15 minute idle?
  227. Difficulty changing Secure Logon text prompt
  228. tiny webpage windows
  229. change windows login screen
  230. Shortcut to launch or focus a program
  231. Screensaver issue
  232. how can I get taskbar to remember where an application was moved?
  233. Making taskbar icons "flat"?
  234. Solved desktop slide show no longer customisable
  235. How to add buttons to tool bar in Libraries?
  236. Windows 8 style volume control for touch screen in Windows 7
  237. Remove icons in windows explorer navigation pane
  238. My wallpaper is getting reset to a specific one no matter what I do
  239. How can I set up a keyboard shortcut.
  240. Solved What files/folders keeps the Desktop Toolbars info ?
  241. Plugin for Exploer to expand folders in the main window
  242. My wallpaper is huge, and it was not before?
  243. Applying your computer settings
  244. Solved Strange rectangle around desktop shortcuts
  245. Windows 7 Explorer View Arrangement
  246. Solved Control Panel remove.....
  247. paint on the desktop
  248. Aero turned off after tweaking and reboot
  249. Adding "Empty the Recycle Bin" to the explorer toolbar globally?
  250. Solved How to make Windows 7 Icons look like Mac Icons?