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  1. Logon Screen User Picture Frame
  2. Windows 7 desktop background customization, can it be as awesome as Ma
  3. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [11]
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  5. Solved unable to save permission changes on ExplorerFrame.dll
  6. Windows Explorer toolbar displaying multiple "New text file"
  7. Taskbar Custom Font
  8. Win7 desktop background
  9. How can i hide user account on Log-on screen
  10. Bold font only in some programs
  11. Solved Relationship between time on clock and personalization of views?
  12. Making changes to start menu (customization isn't working as expected)
  13. Save Thumbnail Size/View upon Reboot
  14. User account image resizing issue.
  15. Solved "Change Icon" Box Grayed Out
  16. Do they have to stay on my desktop or can the be deleted?
  17. is there a way to add extra desktops to win7
  18. Solved Windows 7 Start Button Changer Problems
  19. Solved Windows 7 orb
  20. Taskbar Labels and Custom Icons help
  21. Direct password input on log-on screen
  22. How can I increase ALT+TAB "full-preview" time?
  23. How to make the selected program in ALT + TAB more evident?
  24. Set Image as Folder Background (win7)
  25. Win7: How do I change the number of logon icons?
  26. Solved How to make start menu transparent
  27. Speed up time it takes to "close" taskbar thumbnail preview window?
  28. uxtheme.dll windoss 7 ultimatr x64 need
  29. Change the width of minimized windows?
  30. Shorten the space between tray icons?
  31. Microsoft Keyboard layout creator Standalone Installer
  32. Solved Hidden Files & Folders How To Hide & View Only Select Few
  33. Solved Change Icon of the folder and bind to it
  34. Image ID for start menu all programs background color
  35. Solved Support Information and Logo & Delete Unnecessary stuff
  36. Thumbnail Previews (Win7 32 & 64) for Non-PDF e-Books
  37. How do I make my taskbar icons on the right side?
  38. how do i change the default "open" folder icon in application bar?
  39. File replaced but not showing changes
  40. Solved Flickering fire screensaver
  41. Context Menu -> Remove items
  42. how to make start menu text smaller?
  43. Solved I like to lose everything between Desktop and Computer
  44. Solved Object Dock Icons
  45. Solved How can I change the default desktop search on Win 7
  46. Solved wsb image location help
  47. Changing the Windows 7 Login Screen to an image larger than 256kb?
  48. Create custom CLSID folders
  49. Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit Standard Color Scheme
  50. Long text in Scrolling Marquee screen saver
  51. Solved Explorer Favorites Enable/Disable
  52. keyboard layout creator. how do i change the two lettes
  53. Solved Change location of Desktop folder restore when rebooting.
  54. How do I change Highlighted items text colour-Win7
  55. Solved Unwanted-Non Configurable Desktop Folder Menu Toolbar
  56. please help me with 2 problems!
  57. desktop icons
  58. Any guides for reshacking windows?
  59. Solved Can't Change Back to Default Windows 7 Icons from another Themes Icons
  60. Bind Arrow Keys with Custom Fn Ability
  61. automatic changer user account image
  62. Changing .ico for system tray icons?
  63. Solved Lock Computer Not Working
  64. Solved Can I Edit A Junction?
  65. Can File "image" be changed to XP style ??
  66. Have a small bug with the taskbar [explorer.exe]
  67. Solved Desktop Wallpaper does not change size in "Personalize" Settings
  68. Customizing windows + L for lock/unlock
  69. Issue with custom folder icons
  70. Possible to get Stacks Docklet to be vertical instead of tilted?
  71. Animate All GIF files in Windows Explorer Script Help
  72. Minimize Maximize Close Panel Configuration in Skype
  73. How to make your menu bar larger?
  74. Boot screen Animation Change?
  75. Solved Failed at changing Logon screen Picture.
  76. Solved Changing Opened Taskbar Icon
  77. Solved How to add a "Copy Shortcut text" context menu item
  78. Check out my Windows 7 Diablo 2 Boot Animation - Taking More Ideas
  79. cursors that work with windows 7 64 bit..the standard one's are boring
  80. Anyone able to make a Boot Animation of this?
  81. Solved Browser and skype border disapeared...
  82. How: Add Gmail to Win7 Send-To menu via Mail Receipient
  83. Solved Hybrid Boot in Windows 7 - is it possible?
  84. Solved Imageres.dll needed
  85. Background Problems
  86. Solved change file type thumbs
  87. Icons
  88. Solved How to change the color of system tray arrow?
  89. Windows 7 switching from transparency to basic on its own
  90. How to Change default DESKTOP ICON itself
  91. Solved Black Border around Wallpaper
  92. how to add new language to format in regional and language options
  93. 3rd Party Desktop effect:
  94. Solved Keyboard Shortcuts to Taskbar Button bars?
  95. Changing Win7 Logon Screen To ONly Show Second Account
  96. How to change the taskbar color?
  97. Solved Some pictures won't properly orient in desktop background?
  98. New Driver not compatible with Aero Theme?
  99. A wallpaper changing button on the desktop?
  100. Icons of windows explorer must show all the same
  101. Wrong Icon in Taskbar
  102. Solved Computer boot up sound.
  103. Solved Need to create a new folder type - My Projects
  104. Solved Viewing the documents library displays my documents folder
  105. Solved Windows doesn't resize icons correctly
  106. Mirror your taskbar
  107. Can anyone make a cool looking button for win7?
  108. properties of start button context menu win explorer link
  109. Solved How do I Change Background only for Cltr + Alt + Delete
  110. Disabling ActiveSetup function
  111. How do I change the selection button color in a theme?
  112. Solved Modifying Desktop Background Slideshow Time Duration
  113. No icon on taskbar and no link in Start menu for new users
  114. Combining two visual styles into one
  115. Unable To Right Click and Personalize gives an Unexpected Error HELP!!
  116. Difference between BMP and PNG? (Start Orbs)
  117. Can I get WinXP Windows Explorer for Win7?
  118. Help! Can only see half of taskbar//Weird "My Computer" Glitch(image)
  119. Solved taskbar icons query
  120. Windows 7 Slide Show stops with errors
  121. Can you give Win7 boot music?
  122. Solved how do I move user folder to a different drive
  123. Shut Down - Suspend - Hibernate - Restart Change
  124. does anyone know where in the registry this icon please?
  125. Customised wallpaper request, not sure where to put this
  126. Trouble with Intermediate Progress bar (Black Border around image)
  127. Solved A couple of add ins
  128. Solved Msstyles Start Menu Image Issue.
  129. How d I add a program to the default program list?
  130. Solved Windows 7 keeps logging out my account with inactivity
  131. Solved Custom logon & logoff screen wallpaper
  132. Solved It's very helpful for solving Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer problem
  133. Start Menu Broken (visually)
  134. how do i change my desktop background on hp mini 110-4100
  135. Custom Shortcut To Auto-Switch Audio Source Between CPU and HDTV
  136. Solved Change the MS volume popup?
  137. Screen Saver / Media Player Visualizations
  138. Remove icon hover highlight
  139. Question about shortcuts and the Taskbar/Dock
  140. Is there a way to make space button act as a shift
  141. Close prevent / Language bar
  142. Changing Icons with Imageres.dll, Major Problems...
  143. Solved How to change "Date modified" in folders
  144. Solved What folder does Win7 store the solid color wallpaper backgrounds?
  145. How can i enable "Restart" in the ctrl+alt+del screen?
  146. Solved Add Mac's ctrl click to Win7?
  147. Solved How can I change backgrounds in the logon screen across 2 desktops?
  148. Huge navigation buttons when using custom DPI.
  149. Keyboard Shortcut Default
  150. Keyboard Configuration at login screen
  151. Solved Add folder shortcut to the "Open File" screen? - With picture
  152. How to change the icon to Devices And Printers in My Computer?
  153. Aero peek cannot be activated
  154. How to change folder icon?
  155. Solved MsStyles Issue, Explorer Border image [BG]
  156. Add tabs to Windows 7 Explorer - 32bit/64bit
  157. Solved Do I need to customize 7 to sort files this way ?
  158. Something's wrong with my frame borders
  159. Remove "set as desktop background" in Explorer Context Menu
  160. Use drop shadows doesn't change anything
  161. How to move location of Public folders to another harddrive
  162. Change Default Start Menu
  163. Solved icon cache not rebuilding all icons
  164. adding a file make folder show to how to stop that
  165. Change Icons, On Program folder and Windows folder
  166. Hide scroll bars
  167. extended desktop scrolls on some edges only after ShowDesktop
  168. Customizing Windows' windows
  169. W7 taskbar icon preview not working
  170. How to display recent folders in recent items
  171. Custom icons for portable devices?
  172. Solved imageres.dll/shell32.dll Modification For Global Icon Change
  173. Solved Change order that buttons appear in the Start Menu??
  174. [TUT] Make A Secret Shortcut on Desktop.
  175. Hide titlebar and window borders
  176. Solved wordpad is missing from "new" right-click context menu
  177. Solved how to change the Recorded TV icon in Windows 7 Start Menu
  178. How do I unmerge User folder and 'My Pictures' folder merged in error
  179. Solved I don't know what problem im going though... please have a look :(
  180. Can't maintain specific desktop icon setting!
  181. Are there any .msstyles exporters compatible with Windows 7?
  182. alphabetical ordering question
  183. Solved can you increase icons per row of win7x64 quick launch gadgets?
  184. Problem with Windows 7 -64 resetting folder and icons
  185. Solved add items to "new" option of right click menu
  186. window in background flashing/glowing to get attention
  187. Making Icons
  188. remove program name from windows
  189. Solved How to customize the color of window title bar?
  190. Is it possible to glue and move open windows together?
  191. Solved Window Border Line
  192. Solved add item to right click menu
  193. Internet thumbnail icon suddenly reduced in size
  194. Customize vista-style boot logo in Windows 7
  195. How to get the current time on the lock screen?
  196. Solved Where are wallpapers stored?
  197. Create a multi-users with redirections of my docs, my pics, my music..
  198. How do you apply a folder's view settings and apply it to ALL others
  199. Custom Sounds Are Not Working Properly; Reverts to Default
  200. help me create directory name aliases please
  201. Can't hide my files extentions
  202. Solved 3DNA Script error and Dreamscene for win 7
  203. How to sort by Date Accessed in all folders?
  204. Can I change my Win 7 64 bit mouse pointer to a small photo?
  205. Any cool screen savers?
  206. To change font on Japanese hand recognition insert on OneNote
  207. Problem with Changing System Sounds and Screensavers
  208. How do I change dialog backgrounds?
  209. Solved Close Restore minimize
  210. Solved Show Desktop Button - Too Big
  211. 'Special' Documents folder shortcut on desktop in Windows 7.
  212. Windows Folder Preview Icons
  213. Associate folder (not file) with program
  214. Solved Getting back 'Empty Recycle Bin' Context Menu On Recycle Bin
  215. Group policy disables "optimize for best appearance" setting
  216. help me find this screensaver PIC
  217. Windows Explorer opens Nav Pane full width
  218. Boot splash resolution (widescreen)
  219. Solved Copying ExplorerFrame.dll to System32 puts it in SysWoW64 folder
  220. Msstyles Issue, selection color clash =/
  221. Can't hide shortcut arrows in Ultimate Windows Tweaker - alternatives?
  222. Change Log-in Background from .jpg to a video file?
  223. Change cursor action on mouseover of a button
  224. Darken background & enlarge fonts.
  225. An issue about the Windows 7 selection rectangles
  226. Solved How can I change the open folder icon on start bar?
  227. Solved Can you change the size on ....
  228. Custom icons and moving to another computer
  229. Change the Default "Change Icon" Path
  230. New Icon for Super Anti spyware
  231. Password protecting keystrokes
  232. Solved Aero not doing minimise / open window effects anymore
  233. Only 2 of 6 installed fonts appearing in Font Manager
  234. Solved change the welcome title
  235. relocating appdata folder onto its own SSD drive
  236. keep desktop iocons where I place.
  237. Solved Date and Time Notification Icon Missing In Properties
  238. how to Temporarily Inactive Left Click on startup in win 7 for 30 sec
  239. Solved change the shutdown button
  240. Few winflag shortcuts are broken.
  241. Solved Hiding unused "removable storage" devices from "Computer" folder
  242. How do I change font color inside e.g. properties box? (img attached)
  243. Default folder view
  244. RT Se7en Lite | Removing VGA driver
  245. windows title bar middlecenter
  246. Solved desktop context menu, options missing
  247. Registry: can't control Desktop Background Slideshow in registry?
  248. custom property to any file?
  249. Solved changed name in the operating system login screen
  250. Classic start menu in windows 7?