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  1. What is the PERFECT desktop?
  2. Remove drive letters from explorer navigation pane
  3. How to specify photos in screen saver for all users?
  4. Customizing/Editing login screen
  5. Firefox Persona
  6. A personal request, logo help needed.
  7. Solved Restore yellow folder icon in the Network Shares
  8. How can I change wallpaper using a customized hotkey
  9. How Do I Remove One Drive from The Send To Menu?
  10. Solved Why does the first opened program doc in front of the Quick Launch?
  11. Windows icon view resetting
  12. How can I change the 'Libraries' folder icon (software suggestions)?
  13. Remove Taskbar button highlight
  14. Solved How to troubleshoot authui.dll issues with removing user frame
  15. lockdown pc except certain applications
  16. Solved How to manuallly edit "Date Modified" information?
  17. Change Secure Login Screen
  18. Windows Explorer Lost Pinups
  19. Add item to right click
  20. Open items in recycle bin without restoring
  21. Thumbnails in folders like xp
  22. Solved How to change taskbar icons to horizontal position
  23. Desktop Background is stuck on a solid color
  24. Solved How to "Duplicate These Displays" via command line or registry?
  25. How To Change Logon Screen Background Color (not wallpaper)?
  26. How to automatically hide all of a certain file type in a folder tree?
  27. Solved Help: Sort Order
  28. Solved Change Explorer bg within Theme?
  29. Solved lost top screen task bar
  30. Add Delete to Recycle Bin to Context Menu on Folder Space
  31. How do I move context menu items into a cascading context menu?
  32. Best method for moving user folders to another partition?
  33. Solved Having a problem with a grid setting
  34. Solved Static Positioning Regularly Used Windows Explorer Folders On Desktop
  35. Borderless/Outlineless Taskbar
  36. Solved Browse dialogs empty with visual styles installed
  37. Solved edit Drive context menu for reflect macrium program
  38. Solved Multiple Reg Entries Into One
  39. Problem with Renaming Start Menu Items
  40. Pinned taskbar icons disappearing when program opens
  41. Default "Browse for file" location in web browser "choose file" box
  42. Intel TurboBoost Monitor v2.6 - install stuck on removing backup files
  43. Solved Background is stuck
  44. Solved change "save as" context menu
  45. Hotkey creation?
  46. Solved Windows 7 Caption Buttons Appear Small in Boxes
  47. Solved How to add RD /s /q command to right click?
  48. How do I remove folder names from a library?
  49. Screen Saver or Slideshow Help W/ Dual Screen Rig
  50. animated wallpapers
  51. Quick Launch Center/Align
  52. Solved Taskbar Icon Preview
  53. Solved How to add viewing active processes in task manager
  54. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [10]
  55. How do I Import/Export Task Manager settings all in one swoop?
  56. Solved Tip to bypass UAC prompt w/ Task Scheduler AND focus the window
  57. Solved How to add Recycle Bin to "Send to" drop down.
  58. Looking for help on using a video wallpaper
  59. Changing Explorers start with win-e
  60. slideshow will not save or change destination
  61. Solved Icons on External HDD not showing
  62. Show us your Desktop
  63. Start menu color
  64. Moving User Folders - additional folders appear
  65. Game in borderless mode is displaced every time i turn it on
  66. Solved Start Orb won't Restore to original
  67. Change tooltip display time for pinned icons
  68. Solved How to make menus to be seen with Aero
  69. How-to Make Cube Desktop With Own Icons
  70. Fonts Unusable but Undeletable
  71. Relocate WinRAR Context Menu (Context Menu Handlers)
  72. Can I create a shortcut to a keyboard multimedia key?
  73. my computer/hard drive image?? stupid question!!
  74. Printing Icons
  75. Solved Saving order of programs in custom quick launch toolbar
  76. How do I get one program shutting down to auto shut down another?
  77. Can I move a System Tray program to the Taskbar?
  78. Solved Make the wallpaper change more often than every 10 seconds?
  79. Freeware la Folderico, but for file types [Custom icons]?
  80. Windows 7 Stuck on Basic. Help Please.
  81. Enable Aero Transperancy
  82. Windows on the Taskbar have suddenly reduced in size to a thin line
  83. SHUTDOWN BUTTON win7 - how to add delay to default shutdown button
  84. How do I change the start menu background to an image?
  85. Here's how to create a Default Profile without using SysPrep
  86. Delete specific context menu entries
  87. Creating shortcuts with Windows Key?
  88. Can we modify or add a custom columns on Explorer?
  89. Windows 7 - How to make taskbar "Tab" wider?
  90. desktop background is black
  91. How do I use custom folder icon but still get file thumbnails
  92. How could i change an icon image in desktop?
  93. Remove Taskbar Icons
  94. Solved Can't get the taskbar transparency
  95. Mass Change Folder Icon
  96. Win7 aero and titlebar color
  97. not able to set image as desktop background in window home basic 64 bi
  98. remove shortcut tab in properties
  99. Change Start Menu button in Registry
  100. Solved Local Area Connection Status -- able to autostart?
  101. Moving WMP from application taskbar to notication area
  102. Solved Windows 7 Start Menu Placement
  103. how to remove open file location in right click option properties
  104. Windows Parental Controls -- possible to remove or disable?
  105. Solved Changing default folder icons completely - How to?
  106. Windows 7 x64 Context Menu Editing for Files AND Folders
  107. hide or remove my computer tab shortcut menu
  108. Start button xp-like mod
  109. Solved how to remove right click option open file location
  110. search options on start menu
  111. Unable to change desktop wallpaper
  112. How to change the window picture.
  113. Quick Launch Icon Size
  114. Windows 8 build 6.2.8431 VS port for Windows 7
  115. Smooth scrolling
  116. Icons won't stay put
  117. Windows doesn't recognize my folder full of .ico files
  118. Remove Arrow on logon screen in windows 7
  119. Solved Folders in explorer show contents highlighted in yellow?
  120. Solved Taskbar open folder group icon hijacked by Lenovo Thinkvantage Tools
  121. Windows 7 font preview two issues
  122. Custom desktop watermark
  123. Solved Windows 8 Taskbar for Win 7
  124. Disable the windows animated logo at startup
  125. Personalize completely missing
  126. Get something like this? (Themes/ I don't know)
  127. Simulate higher screen resolution
  128. icon and start menu size has been lorger. how to restore to default?
  129. Dual screen setup - Win7 Enterprise 32bit
  130. Solved Set first image as Folder preview.
  131. Remove "get more themes" and hide/disable NIC LAN properties
  132. Windows 7 on SSD and SW on HDD.
  133. How do I change the network icon in the system tray?
  134. How to know the time remaining before Windows turns into hibernation?
  135. Solved Center Icons In Task Bar
  136. Solved taskbar icon grouping
  137. Anyone else use this?
  138. Win Explorer detail view-> Gray background in selected column like XP
  139. Upgraded to W7 Home Premium, uninstalled Oceanis, can't change desktop
  140. how to disable the taskbar preview?
  141. Turning start menu into a simple dropdown?
  142. How to install CPU, RAM, etc. meters in system tray?
  143. i would like to disable the glass borders on the desktop when aeropeek
  144. Is there any program for windows 7 to set reminder at pc
  145. How do I move " press Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on " in login screen
  146. Solved "take ownership" not showing for explorer.exe
  147. Impossible Customization Tasks
  148. Disabling specific shortcuts without third-party program
  149. How do I lock desktop icons in taskbar?
  150. Browsing for folders, but nothing is there
  151. Desktop context menu of windows 7
  152. Background slideshow has disappeared
  153. Hirens Boot CD
  154. How do I do dual desktops
  155. Changing mouse click behaviour in taskbar
  156. Solved Some little help on editing this needed
  157. Windows 7 - Auto Hide Task Bar
  158. Changing Default Windows 7 Color with Style Builder
  159. Solved Display Problems Multidisplay: Switched from default display to blank
  160. Solved Folders problem
  161. How-to Edit This Screen ?
  162. Cheeky Banner / Logo Request Please :)
  163. App to *Separate* Taskbar to Three Monitors?
  164. Museum touchscreen
  165. How do I make an installer for other System files?
  166. Solved Looking for emergency help to create a fairly simple logo and banner..
  167. True Classic Themes for Windows 7
  168. Changing the size of the taskbar?
  169. Touchscreen freindly start menu
  170. Windows Shows "Contributing Artists" for Audio Files
  171. Solved Windows Desktop 'Personalize' Option is Very Buggy
  172. Solved Organizing programs in the start menu, folders first
  173. Aero not working after BSOD
  174. Softwares in iso ...?
  175. Can anyone help me remove the entries from context menus?
  176. Upcoming TV Shows Rainmeter Widget
  177. Folder/file view preferences don't save in Explorer
  178. Solved Changing default view for folders with audio files
  179. Deleted Windows 7 Screensavers
  180. Problem redirecting my Program Files folder in "regedit"
  181. Solved How do I disable sticky borders in windows
  182. Solved How do i change an icon?
  183. How to creat one shortcut to launch multiple programs? and more.
  184. Solved Moving user folders; User picture error
  185. How do I set keyboard macros?
  186. Redefining User Folder Path
  187. How to change boot screen of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
  188. Solved How to change the column heading into this?
  189. Windows 7 logon box change?
  190. Can't apply custom visual styles
  191. Can I add links to the right side of the Start Menu?
  192. Solved Limit which applications user can see
  193. Solved Change the font style in Explorer details pane
  194. Solved When will Metro theme roll out---
  195. Solved not displaying the copying Animation
  196. How-to Change Devices And Printers Default View
  197. Windows voice recognition problem
  198. How to add buttons in aero peek thumbnail?
  199. stopping unwanted launching of a program
  200. can't pin any folder to windows explorer shortcut in the taskbar
  201. Desktop icon grid changes when using extended desktop
  202. Unable to change folder icon
  203. Solved Remove item from context menu
  204. Solved Desktop file location change
  205. Solved removing "press any key to continue"?
  206. How to deactivate open window Fade effect and mantain Minimize Fade
  207. (automated) re-set to the recommended screen resolution
  208. Solved how do i remove this?
  209. can not change user account picture on logon screen
  210. Login Screen Modification
  211. Solved Changing out of windows 7 basic colour scheme
  212. Solved Customizing a folder's icon?
  213. Solved Microsoft Powertoys for XP: What about for Windows 7?
  214. Solved VSB - White frames in VS?
  215. hiding the taskbar
  216. Solved How to change windows logo on logon screen?
  217. Solved Cannot repin start menu shortcuts
  218. Is there a way to use an animated background?
  219. Change "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" wording to "CTRL+ALT+INSERT"
  220. Toolbar on taskbar should only be showing an arrow but is showing icon
  221. Solved font color problem in windows 7
  222. Solved How do I change these explorer buttons in Win7 Classic Style?
  223. Restrict Disk, File or Folder Properties or Remove Context Menu Option
  224. Autohide doesn't deactivate
  225. Adding more windows to Aero Snap
  226. Can i add icons to the start menu?
  227. Windows 7 Starter customizer by disable alot
  228. Solved Taskbar icons are not combined
  229. Windows 7 Login Screen
  230. restore my login screen, sound and icons
  231. Weird black menu in control panel
  232. Solved How do i change window icons back to default?
  233. How do diable the select all (CTRL + A) keyboard shortcut
  234. I'd like to change how auto arrange works.
  235. Xorg as a shell?
  236. Solved MSIE History Folder Shortcut on my desktop?
  237. How can I get this image to work as a startorb?
  238. Problems installing a program and using "open containning folder"
  239. how can i change the color of the unhighlighted items
  240. Solved Openbox-Like Scrolling in W7?
  241. Pin anything to jumplist
  242. How to remove the properties options
  243. Oversizing the desktop over than the monitor resolution...
  244. Custom Boot For Windows 7 Starter
  245. Restore point did not eliminate custom icons
  246. How to do i make taskbar minimize, and stay like that for mac theme
  247. Software's font changed, anyway to change it back?
  248. [Request/Help Finding]LogonScreen Type
  249. Solved Changing The Login Screen Background.
  250. looking for tutorial