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  1. Solved any way to shrink the start menu size?
  2. The "My Games" Folder thumbnail help
  3. Frequently used folders not visible
  4. changing logon screens in windows 7 installation.
  5. Solved Dark when maximized
  6. Solved Lost link to "Red 7 Pool Ball" Wallpaper...
  7. Windows Sideshow Missing ?
  8. Solved My desktop background color wont stay changed.
  9. Setting background on laptop
  10. Hide or Remove corners in taskbar?
  11. key binding or macroing speakers (just read post)
  12. Mac OS X Tiger Theme for Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
  13. How to use Windows PE to create a cd/usb boot enviroment that...
  14. Solved Windows Explorer Background Colour.
  15. Caret (text cursor) Customization - Programs Override My Setting
  16. How To remove installed themes ...?
  17. On-screen keyboard click-through trouble
  18. Solved How To Change Logon Screen Font
  19. Remove Rclick context menu items?
  20. Solved How do I hide Windows 7 Welcome Screen
  21. How to edit the context menu items for shortcuts?
  22. Pop-ups going to the left side?
  23. Multiple taskbar page list?
  24. how can i create a custom windows 7 iso
  25. Adding key sequence command (Ctrl+Shif+D) to application context menu
  26. Solved Windows 7 "use small icons" + Date
  27. Can taskbar popup delay be changed?
  28. Solved Picture folder icon customization help needed
  29. how to disable only one of the automatic arrangement function?
  30. Solved Asus Netbook: Windows Starter: Change Wallpaper
  31. Solved I am looking for a W7 compatible flying toaster screensaver
  32. silent execution of cmd window , hidden files toggle fix please
  33. Windows Screensavers in Context Menu
  34. Solved Changing .DLL Files
  35. Using Launchy
  36. Explorer windows size, position and layout
  37. New items added to Dock disappear after reboot
  38. Completely removing Logon and Logoff screens and messages
  39. Adding Created folder to Start Menu "Right Pane"
  40. How to Stop Windows 7 from Grouping Files by Location?
  41. How to change individual file name font to bold or color to stand out?
  42. My folder view settings have changed. How do I put them back?
  43. Details view in Explorer utilizes faint font color for most fields.
  44. Solved change the name of my user account folder
  45. TaskBar Customization Issue
  46. How did previous user assign special function to keyboard key?
  47. Is it possible to set it so that all profile use one set profile?
  48. Solved Mass change folder template on non-contiguous folders?
  49. Solved How to disable glow animation in progress bar
  50. sort 'like a library' in windows explorer (omit 'The ' and 'A ')
  51. Remove "Other Credentials" button from login screen
  52. Jumplist Launcher (From Scratch?)
  53. My screen saver doesn't work!
  54. Animated/Interactive Wallpapers, please help!
  55. Hover state of desktop icons...
  56. Solved My personalization is all messed up suddenly.
  57. Help to display custom icon folders on any windows computers
  58. Why can't Win7 remember window size & position like XP??
  59. Remember Services console changes
  60. Solved Help with vista style builder !
  61. Customizing "Computer Name" tab in System Properties (sysdm.cpl) Win7
  62. Change Minecraft Icon? How?
  63. Solved how to keep some icons on the desktop when sort automatically?
  64. Solved Rainmeter-Cache making new Path ???
  65. Solved Icon disappeared
  66. Trying to 'hack' some folder thumbnail customization (help)
  67. Changing icons on Win Explorer...
  68. Trusted sites to download videos for Deamscene
  69. How add custom entry to Start Menu shutdown menu
  70. Solved Could I replace these 2 Icons with the Icon of my desired choice?
  71. Solved How to change the default "Sort By" items for a music folder?
  72. Why won't folder customization "stick"?
  73. Changing the print test page image
  74. Solved Wallpaper remains stretched when I change it to tiled
  75. Solved Explorer left folder panel missing after uninstalling DiskView
  76. Icons not showing if I change layout type
  77. Solved laptop logs out when left for less than 1 minute
  78. Solved Question about this tutorial, (Changing Icons)
  79. Open Explorer in C:\ not expanded...
  80. Solved Snow Transformation Pack Folder Issue
  81. Solved Context menu to toggle the hidden flag on files and folders?
  82. Solved Can I add Icons to a dll using Visual Studio?
  83. Solved Possible to completely remove the logon image?
  84. Disable / rebind Win+X hotkey?
  85. Can Files be set to "DEFAULT" to large thumbnails?
  86. Branding disappeared
  87. Solved Cant change Username.
  88. Back/Forward button theming issues & an Aero Peek question
  89. Solved How do I adjust the resolution on my W7 wallpaper ?
  90. Solved All themes have a yellow explorer background
  91. Custom themes just change wallpaper to black
  92. How can I freeze the "Recycle bin" location on Windows 7
  93. Solved Buttons on Taskbar stretch to fill entire Taskbar
  94. Tools like "True transparency"
  95. Solved Context Menu add for Compress and Uncompress or Encrypt and Unencrypt?
  96. Personalize -> Desktop Background -> Shuffle SUX
  97. Solved What happened?
  98. Solved Remove Reload Icon Windows Explorer
  99. Solved Desktop background???
  100. Solved How to change system manufacturer's name
  101. Function of time field in New Trigger window Task Scheduler?
  102. Solved how do i get rid of the hidden icon section of my taskbar?
  103. Custom icons for program files (x86) and windows folder ?..?..?
  104. Searching for way to put shortcut on Windows Explorer toolbar
  105. Dark startup and shutdown screens
  106. Map key (Print Screen) to an application.
  107. Solved Log On Screen - Change Font Colour??
  108. Solved screen shot with mouse view
  109. Solved Can't change Acer log-in screen .
  110. Seperating and Locking taskbar icons.
  111. change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small.
  112. Customize right click--possible?
  113. Solved Windows Explorer File layout and defaults.
  114. How can I get two taskbars
  115. Does any know how to make a Windows 7 boot screen of a bear
  116. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [8]
  117. Trying to build a Custom Theme
  118. Adding "Move To" to the right-click context menu
  119. Solved Changing taskbar color with aero/visual effects off
  120. Does Win7 save desktop icon positioning for different resolutions?
  121. Customised user account picture
  122. Startup logos change
  123. Solved Change font of time in the right corner
  124. How to put the time in the start mený
  125. Solved white shadows
  126. Wallpaper changer not working
  127. I'd like to take some of these actions out of this folder
  128. Prevent windows changing to another
  129. Solved How to change explorer toolbar buttons
  130. Icon from shell32.dll displays incorrectly: Can you verify this ?
  131. How if possible can you add gif image looping back to wallpapers
  132. Making Tray icons into the left side of the taskbar
  133. Solved Trying to understand some details of the Task Manager?
  134. Solved After messing with StyleBuilder.
  135. Restore default font settings in Windows 7 64-bit
  136. Solved How can I safely change my folder color?
  137. taskbar window issue
  138. Cursor Size
  139. Solved How to do taskbar icon to open with same icon and not thread
  140. How do i setup two different and running desktop in one computer
  141. Microsoft please make .gif readable like in XP
  142. how to restrict a user
  143. Solved Change default iPhone 4S icon
  144. log on display
  145. Solved How to Add "Edit" for .PPS and .PPSX files to the Context Menu?
  146. Aero Context menu / Stardock Rightclick Alternate ?
  147. Location for OEM items in start menu
  148. Following customization tutorial for shell32; conrinually blue screeni
  149. Solved .php extension just won't appear in the 'New' context menu
  150. Context Menu Handlers-Can Norton or Win 7 Block them?
  151. Solved Make dialog windows default to "More details"?
  152. Traditional address bar in Windows explorer
  153. W7 Starter desktop images.
  154. Solved How do I edit the Windows 7 Start menu?
  155. background photo problems
  156. Error applying Start Orb with StartOrbz Studio
  157. Solved Changing Folder Icons
  158. Prevent remove/delete icon on desktop in Windows 7 Kiosk machine
  159. uxtheme.dll 64Bit Windows 7 Needed
  160. Segou UI Font Size Keeps Changing After An RDP Session
  161. Game "hardware cursor" disappears after changing text size
  162. Changing taskbar right click menu's font style
  163. Portal 2 windows icon hybrid request
  164. Need help on changing two background pictures on Win7
  165. Solved Gadgets will not show up properly.
  166. Solved How do I get Explorer Status bar to display total file size?
  167. Changing windows classic taskbar colour?
  168. Changing the "minimize" "maximize" and "close" buttons of a theme
  169. Placed my task bar at top of screen and now there's a problem
  170. File Browser: Removing the text from the top
  171. Solved SP1 installed and I lost choice to "Customize folders' in Docs
  172. How-to: aero.msstyle filenames to change toolbar color (7 Pro x64 SP1)
  173. Portal 2 stem sounds
  174. How do i change the background of my Windows 7 HP STARTER?
  175. Adding items to extended context menu
  176. How to mirror desktop icons (only half)?
  177. Solved make picture frame bigger (before logging in)
  178. How do you set default wallpaper and screen saver for custom install?
  179. Solved is there a way to prevent this from happening?
  180. Icon on Win 7 64x E:\\ Drive will not go away
  181. How do increase toolbar icon size in Windows Explorer?
  182. Solved remove mediainfo from context menu
  183. Solved Ultimate windows customizer?
  184. Im trying to make a VBScript to press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F12?
  185. Visual Style Window Trouble
  186. Solved Windows minimize to top of taskbar
  187. Windows Explorer Icon won't stay the way I want it
  188. Solved Win 7 Explorer column settings (id3 tags and width)
  189. Is there a Proper way to setup Icons for my external?
  190. Why do my folder view options keep changing?
  191. how to change icon (developer's made)
  192. Adding categories to my computer view
  193. Solved Changing system fonts
  194. Win7 aero/transparency customization question
  195. Please Help: Window color and appearance resize
  196. Start orb request
  197. How do I change Start Menu folders (Documents, Pictures, Downloads)
  198. Solved XP look to Windows Explorer
  199. Screen is too wide
  200. Solved Error when trying to enable/disable thumbnails using togglethumbs.reg
  201. Extra large icons for video files - tweaking the screenshot?
  202. Solved Disabling tiny peek at open window(s) in taskbar
  203. Is it possible to get that Mac three finger swipe feature?
  204. Context menu customization, Question
  205. Solved Win7 font saving
  206. Windows 7 Custom Theme's Text Color
  207. Solved how do i edit system properties windows 7 ultimate
  208. Specific Icon Sizes
  209. Solved Title bar glow
  210. Custom made icons [1]
  211. Installing U-7imate Win7 Theme
  212. Changing the Windows 7 Boot Screen back to Vista's boot screen
  213. How can I remove program Icons
  214. Solved How do I customize folder icons in Win7 ?
  215. Remove items from Start Menu
  216. Explorer Command Bar Location
  217. how to change the color when windows 7 boots!
  218. Never combine, hide labels when taskbar is full?
  219. Solved Open Network window with a command?
  220. Windows 7 customize the Start Menu
  221. hide system administrator icon overlays
  222. Wicked Wacky Desktop
  223. How to add context menu in a library?
  224. Change color of background glow behind window title
  225. Snipping Tool via context menu in a browser - how to
  226. Can I change the Win 7 folder menu look?
  227. Windows 8 style lock screen for Windows 7?
  228. Solved Modification possible?
  229. desktop target
  230. Solved How do I change the font of this folder?
  231. How did my father manage to change the language in Win 7 Home Premium?
  232. Solved How can i edit log-on screen win7 x64
  233. Is there any other way to remove this empty frame?
  234. I have a taskbar problem when windows are stacked
  235. Solved Make menus only open if clicked on
  236. Dual monitor extended desktop wallpaper display issue
  237. Folders Pinned to Start Menu
  238. How to associate a new "protocol" with an existing program?
  239. Moving my documents renames target folder itself!
  240. Change the default position of the task bar in Windows 7
  241. Solved windows gadgets not working...
  242. Changing default window size limit
  243. Logon Wallpaper - automatically change w/ every logon
  244. Computer stuck on Windows 7 Basic Colors
  245. Properties window tabs
  246. New Icons for Windows 7 x64?!
  247. Solved How can I create a custom folder template in Windows 7
  248. How disable balloons in all programs ?
  249. What's the name of this icon set
  250. Solved Aero stopped working!!!