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  1. New Icons for Windows 7 x64?!
  2. Solved How can I create a custom folder template in Windows 7
  3. How disable balloons in all programs ?
  4. What's the name of this icon set
  5. Solved Aero stopped working!!!
  6. Solved Send to Compressed (zipped) Folder - on external drive
  7. Grid view for start menu
  8. Solved Folder Detail Options: Name Check Box Lock
  9. move to expand context menu (like send to) ?
  10. Theme Applied through GPO = NOT WORKING. Need Help
  11. Remove Built-in Programs in Windows 7
  12. TaskBar Start Button.
  13. Hide home folders
  14. Change the background or font color of the side panel?
  15. setenv.exe does not work in Win 7 64bit
  16. Have new library on right side of the start menu?
  17. Solved My Win 7 taskbar doesn't display the Quick Launch toolbar properly
  18. Mac OSX Lion Like Desktops ?
  19. Custom Windows 7 Wallpapers [4]
  20. Remove Userfolder and desktop from Copy to Move to context menu
  21. Solved Custom Image for Windows Borders, Taskbar, and Start Menu? 7 Ult. x64
  22. How to alter cursor hover data
  23. Solved How can i sort my folders always by type?
  24. Problem with Desktop Background Picture Position
  25. Solved Unable to delete EDIT item in context menu
  26. Solved Firefox searchplugins - Create search for sevenforums.com
  27. How Do I Choose The Device That Volume Media Keys Control?
  28. SysPrep deactivates Windows?
  29. How to revert some aspects of the Windows 7 Taskbar back to Vista?
  30. Live wallpaper Win7 Home Premium 64-bit
  31. Solved Cant change my user profile folder icon anymore.
  32. Changing logon sound in win 7
  33. TrustedInstaller - Restore as Owner Context Menu Shortcut
  34. Taskbar running programs acting differently
  35. How to remove taskbar border on auto-hide?
  36. Cannot Change Background
  37. Remove language icon
  38. Win 7 Slide Show Configuration Options?
  39. Taskbar stays on top of fullscreen
  40. Customizing Windows Explorer
  41. Windows 7 wallpaper
  42. Windows Media Player Hidden Skin
  43. Solved Being able to see text from 6+ feet away on monitor/tv
  44. windows 7 color themes
  45. Best program to customize the look of Windows 7 start button?
  46. Customizing WMP12 looks
  47. Logon screen
  48. How do I show file FOLDER size in windows explorer
  49. Removing the change password section in the log in screen?
  50. Help customizing windows 7 error message text.
  51. Solved How do I move an Icon from the Task Bar
  52. No Thumbnail Image
  53. Explorer Navigation Pane does not appear
  54. How Can I Get It ?
  55. Solved My Computer to the right click menu!!
  56. Solved Folder Icon problem :(
  57. Change "Control + Windows Key + Tab" to "Alt + Tab"
  58. Shut down dialog box
  59. Multiple Icons Replaced by 4-colored shields
  60. How to exempt an application from personalization settings
  61. wallpaper/screensaver no changes seen
  62. Control what's displayed in Explorer left panel?
  63. How to change the default windows upstart tune windows 7
  64. Is Aero Enabler Safe?
  65. Defining keyboard shortcuts for different open application windows
  66. Solved well got a huge problem its about a registry file not wanting to add
  67. Aero transparency problem
  68. restore default icons after applying zeusosx mac theme
  69. How to Set Animated Gifs as Desktop Wallpaper
  70. Solved Looking for icon link
  71. Desktop Icon Spacings.
  72. Solved How do I change an obscure program's background color?
  73. What's this shell menu item?
  74. How to send the Left key through SendKeys function
  75. Question on Download libraries
  76. All text turns transparent when using an aero theme
  77. Is there a way to change all the fonts of a visual style?
  78. Reverting Windows 7 Icons Back
  79. Change "Downloads" to open libraries instead of explorer. *Pic inside*
  80. Solved Can One Add Items To Windows 7 Explorer Menu Bar
  81. Can't see metadata comments
  82. Solved Change Recorded TV Directory without WMC
  83. Select text suddenly boldened
  84. Solved Places bar in Windows 7 common dialog
  85. lost colors
  86. Modify/Change Pop up description and icon of RECORDED TV in Start menu
  87. Solved Help! Remove libraries caption bar? really not sure about the name
  88. Icon Question
  89. Context Menu Item Creation
  90. Solved How to Modify Windows 7 Desktop Background Packages
  91. Get Vista network status icon back
  92. Notification area icons and date/time font sizes
  93. Can't see folders in a "Save as..." menu
  94. Adding a File Share as a Search Connector
  95. 'Dump contents to parent folder' tool
  96. How to remove pc brand name from start up
  97. Solved Video background desktop?
  98. Solved WINDOWS AERO NOT WORKING ON WINDOWS 7 ultimate x64bit
  99. I'm having trouble with changing my desktop background
  100. How To Get This Wi-Fi Icon in Taskbar ?
  101. Solved Decrease Minimizing/Maximizing windows delay?
  102. Unable to set desktop background all of a sudden
  103. Trying to take ownership of system .dll files to add custome themes.
  104. trying to switch my cursor
  105. Set custom option for Power button action list default?
  106. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [7]
  107. Solved Need help with logo screen
  108. Desktop Background and Slide Show
  109. remove .jpg context menu "rotate clockwise/counterclockwise" option
  110. Change Targets of Start Menu Folder Buttons?
  111. Solved Not getting full screen on 22" monitor in Portrait mode
  112. How do i pin specific sites to Taskbar?
  113. Majority of Taskbar Not Changing Color
  114. Folder customize icon
  115. Screen Saver Question
  116. Need help with Windows 7 Search Results Viewing
  117. Give windows the linux/ ubuntu look?
  118. 'Interactive Wallpaper'
  119. How to change screen resolution in Windows 8?
  120. How do I change some some program icons
  121. Screen Orientation and Wallpaper Rotation (on Tablet PCs)
  122. Delayed standby. How?
  123. Docking solution for program groups?
  124. How to customize Windows Explorer's address bar drop down list?
  125. How to: Auto hide taskbar + Always Stay on top ?
  126. Solved failed updating BITMAP
  127. Rain Meter Need some help to make a Diablo 3 Desktop!
  128. How to add shortcut icons in mouse right click new menu
  129. DOS Batch - Forfiles - deleting specific file extensions
  130. Solved How to SUCCESSFULLY edit logon screen?
  131. What the best/craziest gadgets for Windows 7?
  132. need a logon screen picture frame
  133. Solved Winlogon.exe modify is possible?
  134. Best way to apply icons or an icon set system wide.
  135. How to move items on Windows7 logon screen
  136. Library customize question
  137. Solved Desktop backgrounds
  138. Solved How do I change Color from orginal to professional?
  139. Where I can download a Movies/Video Screensaver
  140. Solved installing fonts
  141. Center Titlebar Text
  142. Contacts, Downloads, Favorites... libraries/folders won't stay deleted
  143. How would you Change startup sound with the SHEDULER instead?
  144. Need help with changes not saving after logging back in
  145. Clock
  146. problem with aero themes
  147. Look and Feel of Windows XP
  148. Looking for designer to create Wrestling Logo
  149. Solved How do I change the default location for temp burn folder?
  150. How do I change file color ( or bg color of a file )
  151. How to change font color of individual folders
  152. Solved USB drive icon on desktop (only when USB drive is pluged and active)
  153. How do I change System Font in Windows 7?
  154. do you know of any links where i can choose a desktop for windows 7?
  155. Changing the background in a window?
  156. How do I change opened app "brightness" in TaskBar
  157. Solved Can't undo disabled auto arrange o_O ?
  158. Looking for windows 7 classic start menu black
  159. Custom Start Orb Issue
  160. Solved Button request - PNG to JPG
  161. Solved Change Welcome screen color
  162. Solved Aero Peek not available
  163. Windows7's Windows are resizing like windows XP?
  164. How to move C:\Users on a different partition
  165. Solved Unable to create desktop slideshow
  166. Possible to move where pinned items are on taskbar?
  167. How I hide Apple Ithmb files?
  168. Optimizing screen saver speed
  169. Taskbar skin is missing
  170. How do I save a picture as file type"Icon"?
  171. Solved Folders Pictures (Folder Icon)
  172. Solved How to highlight control panel views
  173. Explorer Toolbar buttons & Directory Try Computer node
  174. Solved Remove "Restore previous versions" and "Share with" from context menu
  175. Change Desktop Icon Text but NOT Start Menu Text
  176. Who can make explorerframe.dll and shellstyle.dll like this?
  177. .dlls needed
  178. Changing when taskbar icons show and don't show.
  179. How to remove the loading circle as logon/shutdown without hacking DLL
  180. Logon Screen Notifications
  181. Removing huge taskbar, replace with XP sized one?
  182. Issue with moving special folders
  183. Help Restoring all icons from scratch
  184. Looking for some cool GRAPHIC system resource monitors...
  185. Solved Right click menu: Shutdown/Restart
  186. Solved can you change icon/description of the taskbar icons ?
  187. I Need Help To Create REG. Script With Admin. Priv. For Reg. Editor?
  188. Jack Skellington Orbz
  189. Solved How do I know what is the function of some keys in registry?
  190. Customizing the left Folder Panel and Folder Background. How?
  191. Adding "Open Command Prompt" Option
  192. Can anyone make a windows 7 boot animation out of this video!
  193. Classic Start Menu: Start Button appears doubled
  194. How Do I Add Separator bar in Desktop Context Menu?
  195. My desktop background wont stay changed.
  196. Hide mouse pointer at bootup.
  197. Problem creating a new internet shortcut on windows 7
  198. Any Desktop Context Menu Replacements?
  199. Solved Cannot change background from solid colour
  200. Please help with start orb creation !!
  201. Solved Getting rid of PC name, homegroup etc
  202. Adding pinned items to taskbar for All Users
  203. Windows 7 digital clock to analog
  204. Solved Remove Windows 7 on welcome and shutdown screen?
  205. edit folder attribute columns
  206. Solved Show Desktop in Favorites in Windows Explorer
  207. Solved Questions: Changing start menu & Explorer
  208. Solved Help with Desktop
  209. Windows vista fade in and out at login and shutdown on windows 7?
  210. 3 hd icons in Start personal folder
  211. Help ! No icon shox on system tray
  212. bubbles screen saver problem
  213. Solved How to change icon in devices and printers
  214. windows 7 start menu background picture?
  215. Volume Indicator
  216. Experts how to edit .icon file?
  217. Windows 7 superbar resize
  218. Solved thing to put icons in
  219. Solved Disabling Taskbar Thumbnail Preview with Aero
  220. full screensavers not loading properly
  221. Solved Vista Transformation Pack
  222. Error
  223. Solved Repair Right-Click Context Menu
  224. Solved How do I get it back?
  225. Desktop Problems
  226. classic shell issue
  227. Vertical icon listing
  228. Limited account, restrict apps, but has install rights
  229. Why Cant I Find the Personalise Button?
  230. Create new folder template
  231. Recent Places Arrow
  232. no sound nice pack?
  233. Solved Folder Backgrounds
  234. Remove working program icon in taskbar
  235. WindowBlinds : Is it worth it
  236. Solved How to delete the Windows Default sound scheme?
  237. Solved Start Menu On Top?
  238. Solved How do I change the color of this taskbar
  239. Icon for folders question
  240. IconPackager issue
  241. Desktop Icon Sorting Arrangement
  242. Icons better looking in my desktop "only"
  243. Solved Can anyone make an icon out of this?
  244. How to create a windows xp toolbar and start menu
  245. Modify Number of Characters per Line on Desktop Icon
  246. How can remove a context menu?
  247. Solved Patching windows for the use of third party themes
  248. Custom toolbar on taskbar startup path problem
  249. Login retaining the last user name.
  250. Customizing Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen