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  1. change height of taskbar buttons
  2. Can't remove the custom alienware border that came with my computer.
  3. Editing .msstyles, looking for list of resources and their use
  4. Solved How do I change the icon's position when I download to my desktop?
  5. Solved Black skin calculator
  6. Adjusting window frames
  7. AERO themes causes severe lag in the web browsers.
  8. I do I select a folder with pictures to use as desktop background
  9. Changing .exe File Type Icons In File Explorer But Nowhere Else
  10. How to hide bubble list?
  11. Solved Problem with batch file command to edit registry
  12. Solved modify local security policy from command prompt in Windows 7?
  13. Can I add a Layout View Button on Menu Bar (windows 7 explorer)
  14. Can the white color background be changed in Explorer?
  15. How do I make the title bar text centered on windows basic theme?
  16. Problem with the taskbar
  17. Wireless LAN Indicator on Login UI
  18. there was a way to make a folder on the desktop look like sticky note
  19. excel vba programming code
  20. border line
  21. Problem Taskbar's toolbars is missing!
  22. Question about windows 7 fonts
  23. Controller friendly user interface
  24. Can we change the color of Focus Rectangle, Is it possible?
  25. [Help] aero.msstyles resource subtoolbar background!
  26. Programmable keystrokes
  27. Taskbar Auto-hide but with Taskbar showing
  28. no thumbnails in CP>personalization/desktopbackground
  29. How do I change the Font Color of the Copy/Paste/Delete Dialogue Box?
  30. Dual monitor display issue
  31. Solved Window Color and Appearance - Title Bar Color Can't Be Changed
  32. Windows Media Player 11 downgrade tutorial on here is a fail
  33. taskbar appearance
  34. Any way to delete the bar below the menu bar in Windows Explorer?
  35. Solved How to make onscreen/window text bold?
  36. Desktop background is deleted every time I log in
  37. Context Menu - Separator Questions
  38. Focus Rectangle Remover Needed
  39. Hiding menu items from file right click drop downs through registry
  40. Solved Folder Icons are broken in Windows 7 Explorer I think I am close
  41. Customised alert sound for Critical Battery will not stop
  42. How do i change position of start menu pop out
  43. Solved shortcut default icon always changing back to blank icon
  44. Solved how remove include in library?
  45. Solved Windows 7 Screensaver Fade Affect Nonexistent
  46. I want a Windows 7 black / dark theme with clearly visible white text.
  47. Solved Windows Borders colors
  48. Change "Mouse-Hover-over-a-Menu" Color in Windows 7
  49. User Profile Picture Blank
  50. Display file date modified time including seconds.
  51. Solved Can't navigate Windows Explorer when uploading?
  52. Solved Is there a way to center pinned items on taskbar in the registry?
  53. (how to) change LANGUAGE BAR two letter abbreviation??
  54. Solved How can i disable access on Safe Mode
  55. How can i prevent appearing specific icon on System Tray?
  56. Solved Custom Logon Screen
  57. How to remove group by: on context menu?
  58. Trying to set font size to 150% for all users
  59. Arranging desktop icons without the use of 3rd party tools
  60. How to change a forced wallpaper to one I want to be displayed
  61. Solved Let pc optimize itself - now desktop is solid blue instead of Oceanis
  62. How to center a picture for desktop wallpaper in Windows 7
  63. How do i prevent Windows Explorer icon from changing by folder
  64. Taskbar, only icon when one window, icon+label when multiple windows?
  65. Customize Windows dialog box (Save as)
  66. Some Extra Large Icons appear Extra Small
  67. Custom Genres for Music Files
  68. The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic
  69. Solved How do I move the default position of "coping files/moving files" note
  70. Peronalization Panel for Windows 7 Starter?
  71. Graphics Software Talk ...
  72. how to change start menu BG and detail pane BG
  73. I can't change my wallpaper in personalization & right-clicking pict
  74. Solved Custom themes taskbar changes to windows classic
  75. Help fixing start menu orientation when taskbar is at top
  76. Solved Right click!
  77. Highlight Active Program Button on Taskbar
  78. How do I use DreamScene without Aero?
  79. How to shade inactive windows
  80. Solved How to change background color of Folders in Windows 7
  81. Windows 7 Details View not showing details/data
  82. Onscreen Keyboard will not open.
  83. Remove Welcome & Shut Down screens 7 Home Premium
  84. Context Menu > New > items list ... remove and add
  85. Solved How to get rid of "SHORTCUT" on a shortcut
  86. Change the Taskbar Color
  87. Desktop Background can only be solid colours. HELP!
  88. Making a logo
  89. Recycle Bin Prompt Icon Is Missing
  90. How do I program Task Scheduler to randomly cycle through theme?
  91. I need to change the Win 7 background
  92. Change opened programs' bar colour
  93. Closed Sign on Kiosk
  94. "Send To" menu - How - Add 'Send To a URL'
  95. Solved Default Fonts Change
  96. How to fix Start menu after disabling windows search with VSB?
  97. Solved Gimp Design - What are these called
  98. Increase font size in secondary windows
  99. Why such space in posts?
  100. Opinions on my new speed art?
  101. Background won't recognize photo file
  102. Transparency for tray, battery, lan, sound, clock, etc.
  103. Solved Add simple entry to explorer context menu(CreateProcess static verb).
  104. boot animation issues
  105. PC Interactive
  106. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [16]
  107. Replace Windows 7 Icons with Windows 98 or XP's
  108. Solved How do I display file paths when using Photos as a screen saver
  109. Nothing after replacing Explorerframe.dll
  110. Solved Bigger and smaller pictogramms
  111. Solved Little question about "Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater"
  112. [Free] Editing Pack!
  113. Folder icon into realtime webcam?
  114. Does anyone know how to import custom Fonts to this list?
  115. Seamonkey bookmarks stylish style
  116. Anyone know of a good, free msstyles editor?
  117. Solved Start menu - Remove task list (arrow)
  118. Solved Cannot get all subfolders to display in details view
  119. how can i play games and youtube my 2th screen without startmenu
  120. Solved Best Color Profile ?
  121. Start Menu Mods
  122. Width of taskbar windows
  123. Solved Windows Explorer navigation pane background colour changing
  124. Solved Taskbar: Removing Icons?
  125. Open all docs from previous Windows session
  126. Yellow reminder-bar in Devices window about Enhanced (hi-res) Icons
  127. Solved Additional hide/window mode button?
  128. Solved Messagebox color pink...any way to change it?
  129. Windows 7 wallpaper with change
  130. Can't move files from folder to folder
  131. "Choose a file to show on this folder icon."
  132. Tweak The Taskbar?
  133. Solved W7 Ultimate ''GOD MODE'' pro's/con's
  134. Icon Font folder, How do I add inside My Computer Window (Win7)
  135. Solved Custom shell doesn't run
  136. Solved Where can I find Windows 7 icons to download?
  137. Is it possible to get a context menu to linger after losing focus?
  138. How can I change the Windows 7 logon screen to a very different look?
  139. How do I set a moving animated .gif image as my desktop b.g./wallpaper
  140. Solved Delete stings from ie Control Panel
  141. Searching Contacts in Win 7 Professional (not working)
  142. What is this mouse pointer icon and how to I get rid of it?
  143. Change folder icon
  144. User Profile My Docs, Pics, favorites moved via Location Moveturnedbad
  145. Extended Screen Output
  146. How to make the title bar and taskbar opaque with maximized windows?
  147. how to play gif images in wall paper in windows 7
  148. trying to add a renaming shortcut in explorer right click menu
  149. Remove Or Change Win 8.1 Logon On Screen
  150. How to transfer all customized icons on folders to a new computer
  151. How to add "Unmount" function from Vista to Win7 context menus
  152. Does anyone else use IFTTT?
  153. DPI or other setting problem ?
  154. Custom window colours on per app basis
  155. Custom 'Desktop (create shortcut)' Remove .fileextension - Shortcut
  156. Change Windows background colors
  157. Custom Windows 7 Wallpapers [7]
  158. Solved Software to play a sound when scrolling mouse wheel?
  159. Start button changer disables the tooltip
  160. Solved Remove items from right click menu
  161. Task Scheduler custom query filter needed for trigger
  162. Run (Classic View) combo not saving previous searches, other issues
  163. Windows 8 file manager in Windows 7
  164. icon dll files not recognized
  165. Print directory listing to network printer.
  166. need task schedule with event data, not just ID for trigger
  167. Windows Classic Look + Aero's Close/Restore/Minimize buttons
  168. Bigger than 'Extra large Icons' ?
  169. finding/creating commandstore entries
  170. Move "Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials" to Shift+Right Click
  171. Weird artifact on window corner when using smaller title bars
  172. Solved question on desktop display
  173. How do I change windows7 boot animation when resolution 800X600
  174. TaskBar Hover Over Modifications
  175. Where the html template for folders is located?
  176. [Tip] How to make your desktop cooler!
  177. text from programs won't fade away
  178. Customise glossy command bar?
  179. Solved Corrupted photo viewer after dll change.
  180. Solved Right Click Windows 7 Taskbar Auto-hide - Turn On or Off
  181. [Request] Logo or Banner for my Team :)
  182. How does one modify the Navigation Pane?
  183. reduce size of icons inside taskbar toolbar?
  184. How do I edit a existing custom theme?
  185. Hide extensions for known file types - only in specific folders
  186. How to change bootlogo on UEFI system?
  187. Custom Logo
  188. Change Shutdown screen
  189. customize context menu
  190. How do I change the color of details pane in my computer?
  191. Changing user picture frame on logon screen
  192. How to change logon style?
  193. W7 Style Builder - changing explorer/IE frame colour (non-DWM)
  194. 'Start button' orb won't affect 'auto hide' taskbar checkbox
  195. Solved Way to pin different Window Explorer shortcuts to Taskbar
  196. Need to hide taskbar on startup (back by hotkey), 'start button' left
  197. Anything similar to Conky for Windows?
  198. Solved How do i remove shortcuts from the start menu navigation pane
  199. Remove logon screen picture frame
  200. How do I change folder icon for folders containing files
  201. Screensaver not responding with 2nd user logged in
  202. add entries to the Taskbar context menu?
  203. looking for a good explorer context menu editor
  204. title bar, double click - Windows 7
  205. Windows 7 shut down with custom messsage
  206. windows 7 background won't cycle
  207. Mouse pointer text line highlighter?
  208. Solved Can I scroll pane hovering over in Windows Explorer without focus?
  209. Stumbled on possible fix for those using Icon Packager
  210. Glass Toasts for windows 7?
  211. dual monitor- monitor turns its self off in 2 sec
  212. Solved Pinning a file to the taskbar
  213. Solved How do I change the default time format in Windows 7 Starter?
  214. RainMeter Pros Wanted!
  215. How to disable shutdown "all is fail" button on user switching
  216. Windows 7 Boot Updater displays old Windows animation
  217. SRWare Iron creates second icon when Pinned to Taskbar
  218. Solved Remove the 'organize, include in library, new folder' bar in windows 7
  219. Can the "All Programs/Back" & "Search" entries be removed?
  220. Having issues with my desktop wallpaper being cut off
  221. Windows Classic. Can't open anything.
  222. Show us your Desktop 2
  223. Sleep, Shutdown and other shortcuts made easy
  224. Help me for change folder icons
  225. WES7 installation keeps logging out
  226. question: replacing move, copy and delete animated avi in windows 7
  227. Solved Hex address for msstyle & resource ID in shell32
  228. Different Desktops from the Original Win7
  229. Solved Ctrl+Click to open folder in new window in Windows Explorer
  230. Changing Font color on Windows 7 Start menu
  231. System File Protection, and MUI Cache issues (start button text)
  232. Solved Adding to "send to" list
  233. Need help in making full screen boot animation.
  234. Can anyone suggest me any tweak for transparency?
  235. ContextMenu on "Deskop" and "My Computer"
  236. Solved Can I install Uxstyle without any fear of tampering any system files?
  237. Keep User Folder in Explorer closed as default
  238. Solved How to make recycle bin icon switch between two icons?
  239. some problems in desktop and theme fonts and this setting saving
  240. Solved How do I change the values in this rainmeter skin for another drives
  241. Solved I have my taskbar on auto-hide but 2 pixels of it are sticking out
  242. Solved I need the default Windows 7 Navigation Buttons!
  243. Multiple icons showing in smallest size when using Extra Large Icons
  244. How to edit those images?
  245. Solved Help with removing the "Locked" message at login screen
  246. explorer frame.dll / background colors
  247. Window Positioning
  248. Removing balloons when hoovering mouse over for e.g the Start-button.
  249. Solved How do I add options to Library and Folder Toolbars
  250. Windows 7 Wallpaper Fade Effect is not working.