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  1. how to set good quality wallpaper
  2. Bigger than 'Extra large Icons' ?
  3. finding/creating commandstore entries
  4. Move "Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials" to Shift+Right Click
  5. Weird artifact on window corner when using smaller title bars
  6. Solved question on desktop display
  7. How do I change windows7 boot animation when resolution 800X600
  8. TaskBar Hover Over Modifications
  9. Where the html template for folders is located?
  10. [Tip] How to make your desktop cooler!
  11. text from programs won't fade away
  12. Customise glossy command bar?
  13. Solved Corrupted photo viewer after dll change.
  14. Solved Right Click Windows 7 Taskbar Auto-hide - Turn On or Off
  15. [Request] Logo or Banner for my Team :)
  16. How does one modify the Navigation Pane?
  17. reduce size of icons inside taskbar toolbar?
  18. How do I edit a existing custom theme?
  19. Hide extensions for known file types - only in specific folders
  20. How to change bootlogo on UEFI system?
  21. Custom Logo
  22. Change Shutdown screen
  23. customize context menu
  24. How do I change the color of details pane in my computer?
  25. Changing user picture frame on logon screen
  26. How to change logon style?
  27. W7 Style Builder - changing explorer/IE frame colour (non-DWM)
  28. 'Start button' orb won't affect 'auto hide' taskbar checkbox
  29. Solved Way to pin different Window Explorer shortcuts to Taskbar
  30. Need to hide taskbar on startup (back by hotkey), 'start button' left
  31. Anything similar to Conky for Windows?
  32. Solved How do i remove shortcuts from the start menu navigation pane
  33. Remove logon screen picture frame
  34. How do I change folder icon for folders containing files
  35. Screensaver not responding with 2nd user logged in
  36. add entries to the Taskbar context menu?
  37. looking for a good explorer context menu editor
  38. title bar, double click - Windows 7
  39. Windows 7 shut down with custom messsage
  40. windows 7 background won't cycle
  41. Mouse pointer text line highlighter?
  42. Solved Can I scroll pane hovering over in Windows Explorer without focus?
  43. Stumbled on possible fix for those using Icon Packager
  44. Glass Toasts for windows 7?
  45. dual monitor- monitor turns its self off in 2 sec
  46. Solved Pinning a file to the taskbar
  47. Solved How do I change the default time format in Windows 7 Starter?
  48. RainMeter Pros Wanted!
  49. How to disable shutdown "all is fail" button on user switching
  50. Windows 7 Boot Updater displays old Windows animation
  51. SRWare Iron creates second icon when Pinned to Taskbar
  52. Solved Remove the 'organize, include in library, new folder' bar in windows 7
  53. Can the "All Programs/Back" & "Search" entries be removed?
  54. Having issues with my desktop wallpaper being cut off
  55. Windows Classic. Can't open anything.
  56. Show us your Desktop 2
  57. Sleep, Shutdown and other shortcuts made easy
  58. Help me for change folder icons
  59. WES7 installation keeps logging out
  60. question: replacing move, copy and delete animated avi in windows 7
  61. Solved Hex address for msstyle & resource ID in shell32
  62. Different Desktops from the Original Win7
  63. Solved Ctrl+Click to open folder in new window in Windows Explorer
  64. Changing Font color on Windows 7 Start menu
  65. System File Protection, and MUI Cache issues (start button text)
  66. Solved Adding to "send to" list
  67. Need help in making full screen boot animation.
  68. Can anyone suggest me any tweak for transparency?
  69. ContextMenu on "Deskop" and "My Computer"
  70. Solved Can I install Uxstyle without any fear of tampering any system files?
  71. Keep User Folder in Explorer closed as default
  72. Solved How to make recycle bin icon switch between two icons?
  73. some problems in desktop and theme fonts and this setting saving
  74. Solved How do I change the values in this rainmeter skin for another drives
  75. I have my taskbar on auto-hide but 2 pixels of it are sticking out
  76. Solved I need the default Windows 7 Navigation Buttons!
  77. Multiple icons showing in smallest size when using Extra Large Icons
  78. How to edit those images?
  79. Solved Help with removing the "Locked" message at login screen
  80. explorer frame.dll / background colors
  81. Window Positioning
  82. Removing balloons when hoovering mouse over for e.g the Start-button.
  83. Solved How do I add options to Library and Folder Toolbars
  84. Windows 7 Wallpaper Fade Effect is not working.
  85. Solved Remove -Windows application icon- on top of the software icon
  86. Different folder view according to directory depth in explorer
  87. change the mouse pointer to a yellow circle around the pointer!
  88. Solved Moving Window Issue
  89. Add Recycle Bin to Start Menu
  90. Creating Custom HotKeys / Shortcuts
  91. Change text color in a specific program?
  92. Win7 Desktop background very bright
  93. Custom icon for network places
  94. Desktop pdf icons keep changing
  95. Placebo Icon Pack
  96. Unlocking 'resistant' files
  97. vertical taskbar icons in 2 columns, possible?
  98. Solved How do I restore default thumbnail preview feature for ico file types?
  99. Add a button/shortcut to Window Explorer toolbar
  100. How do we fake or edit everything inside the system properties??
  101. Solved Question related to file ext?
  102. Solved CHange Desktop icon size via registry
  103. How to disable the enhanced icons notification bar
  104. Wallpaper-change smooth transition not working.
  105. Solved What dll are these icons located in?
  106. Solved How do I change the opaque background of my taskbar transparent?
  107. Is it possible to remove 'Cut' from Win 7 context menu?
  108. Missing "Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService" feature/service; Win7
  109. How do I change these colors?
  110. Icon error using Devices and Printers Metadata Authoring Wizard
  111. how much size can i set java heap size to with 4gb RAM?
  112. Black SOD and now I cant get Desktop windows manager to work
  113. Solved Changing imageres.dll back to original icons
  114. Solved Wallpaper goes under startbar
  115. Solved Cannot modify files as Administrator in Windows 7
  116. Can't log in after modding .msstyles
  117. How To Customize TeamViewer Icon On System Tray To A Different One?
  118. Add SevenForums shortcut to context menu
  119. With every custom teams my window appearance changes to classic
  120. Solved How To Protect An Open Window From Easy Closing
  121. Solved Unable to change Window Color and Appearance (DPI bug?)
  122. Windows 7 logon screen, customize user highlighting
  123. How to change how highlighted icons look
  124. Auto Reboot Once Ever Few Days
  125. How to change dotted line+transparent selection to colored+solid?
  126. Same "Recent Places" and "Recent Items" folder for everyone?
  127. Windows 7 Quick Launch in Toolbars Submenu
  128. Can't change themes or wallpaper
  129. Custom Made Sig and Avatar [15]
  130. Solved Aero future is not working
  131. How to change system information
  132. Solved How to launch equalizer by command?
  133. How can I change windows menu options with registry
  134. Cant see and change wallpaper
  135. Is it possible to change shuffle sequence in Desktop slideshow?
  136. Two Windows 7 features I abhore!
  137. Reverse order of Taskbar Icons?
  138. Changing the folder background colour
  139. How to view epub file in preview pane
  140. Increase Min,Max & Close Buttons
  141. Solved "Copy Image URL"
  142. Icon Text Color
  143. Solved Making windows explorer open at "My Computer"
  144. Solved How to edit a program name on the recommended programs list?
  145. Personalization setup changes on its own
  146. My desktop background slideshow changes only when it wants
  147. Finding an easy way to move a file to a predefined location
  148. Big Problem! Changed Logon screen, can't get into account anymore.
  149. Stop windows putting program links in different start menu folders?
  150. How can i change the taskbar icon background
  151. Solved Can I remove the fade effect between the login screen and the desktop?
  152. Solved is this the best way to change the icon of my hard disk ?
  153. Cannot take ownership even though I'm admin
  154. Solved Windows 7 Magnifier - Cannot Choose Full Screen Option
  155. Solved Requesting help with the swapping of numlock-off-keys
  156. Change Windows 7 folder colours
  157. How do I delete an individual library?
  158. Couldn't find a thread about this, need help
  159. Solved Custom theme, Need help changing color of a specific area!
  160. Solved How to change the number of pixels per column for optical drive "view
  161. How can I put fonts into a "font family"?
  162. Is Aero tied to the Visual Styles setting?
  163. Vista Style Builder Help: Giant Gap Inbetween StartPanel Panes.
  164. Solved How do I customize the appearance of the window borders?
  165. Solved Item name in context menu changes itself
  166. 3rd Party that can make windows text center aligned?
  167. Fully remove TASKBAR and START MENU
  168. Wallpaper quality is low
  169. Solved Bronze 3D Pointer Disappearance
  170. Restore default icons multiple folders
  171. Address bar in Aero theme just disappers for no reason.
  172. context menu does not show files under new in explorer. win 7 sp1
  173. Windows 7 Classic theme hide Notification Chevron
  174. Wallpaper slide show - file identification
  175. Custom Windows 7 Boot Screen favor
  176. Animated/Interactive Desktop Icons
  177. I am looking for a tool to fully customize my Windows 7 Logon
  178. I tried running explorer.exe from Windows XP on Windows 7...
  179. Solved Looking for Windows XP Start Menu Orbs
  180. Ambilight & AmbiBox
  181. Media key look?
  182. can you change size of tiny system font (not part of theme)?
  183. Auto-changing user account picture?
  184. How do I enlarge the windows of Flip 3D (Win+Tab)?
  185. Help changing image to 'Glossy' looking from 'Clip-Art' looking
  186. How to determine when the wallpaper was changed in windows 7 pro
  187. Changing font size to large via registry
  188. Screen Saver no longer operational? - Win 7 64
  189. Solved My Icons are broken!!
  190. Solved Cannot Open Screen Saver Settings Dialog
  191. How can I find the name/location of a system tray icon file?
  192. Solved No desktop background?
  193. Cannot use all the space on my desktop.
  194. How do I remove the user name from logon, leaving only password box?
  195. Does anyone know how to change this....
  196. Create Executable Registry Key for Removing Picture Frame
  197. Solved would you mind editing this wallpaper for me? Removing logo
  198. Solved Changing the icon for expand/collapse folder in windows explorer
  199. Set Firefox Profile Folder in Places Bar
  200. Change default explorer address bar color to white
  201. How can I customize Windows Explorer to have a Session Manager?
  202. Shrink the Show desktop button and reduce space between files/folders
  203. Solved Get directory tree in left side of Windows Explorer???
  204. Win 7 Customization
  205. Solved Fonts don't have a shadow
  206. How do change the Vista-style progress bar in low-resolution system?
  207. Solved display color and font management
  208. Solved need help restoring the default icon for iconless exe files
  209. RT7 Lite forum dead?
  210. Solved I Accidently Deleted Webdings Font from Windows\Fonts
  211. lost command on the edit menu
  212. Custom HTPC User Interface
  213. Solved Desktop background problem with BING
  214. Solved Adding Photoshop CC to list of programs in Windows Photo Viewer
  215. Animated Christmas Tree for Windows desktop
  216. Can i move the X window close button to the bottom of the window?
  217. Solved How do I change Icon Label Dotted Box
  218. Change Icon size in explorer navpane
  219. Solved How may I edit the text color of a Launchy skin?
  220. Help editing the Login Screen
  221. Logon screen dissappeared after a try to install icon pack
  222. Windows Key Shortcut Customization
  223. Resource Hacker and Icon Problems
  224. Start Menu Conflicting with Windows Aero
  225. Solved Re enabling certain Windows features
  226. Removing title bar from windows
  227. Need some help to achieve this look in Windows 7
  228. How to Change the Start Menu (right side) order
  229. change AeroPeak behaivor - make the mouse over act like click
  230. msstyles image values for windows 7 home premium 64 bit
  231. Wallpaper not changing size
  232. Change -Password Box- Font on login screen, and change position
  233. Solved Solution: Adding subfolder/subdirectories for Wallpapers/Backgrounds
  234. Solved Certain programs on my taskbar stay with their allocated icon
  235. Wanting to use technical references as Wallpaper. Many images
  236. Solved new desktop
  237. Lock icon size (even if moving a folder or if I plug unplug a storage)
  238. Solved Possible to make the taskbar function like this with only a theme?
  239. Solved Removing Aero Transparency Issue
  240. Custom Start Orb Problems
  241. Solved Changing ALL folder icons
  242. Solved Problem with the screen saver and wallpaper
  243. Solved Uninstalled theme but folder icons have stayed
  244. How does one set up folders / shortcuts under Start
  245. How to make taskbar on left side smaller
  246. add an icon to a context menu entry made by the system ?
  247. Solved Issue changing system icons
  248. Add a program to right menu
  249. customizing progressbar colors in win7
  250. Run window does not display font correctly with custom visual style