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  1. Solved Can not get a chkdsk log in Events Viewer
  2. Boot time 5-6 minutes & after booting applications freezes for 1 min
  3. My system is booting up extremely slow
  4. Solved Disk Check always on start up issue
  5. Your computer is low on memory etc.
  6. MsMpEng.exe
  7. Constant high CPU usage alerts..tried everything..HELP!!!
  8. InfoShowTip Menu tweaking help needed
  9. Gateway Laptop Win7 unbootable, startup repair loop
  10. Shutting down Win 7 started taking 20-30 seconds
  11. disk cleanup window home premium
  12. System is slow, what to look for
  13. Laptop taking too long to log in (various stages)
  14. Solved d drive cannot be defragmented
  15. Very Slow HP dv6 - Kernel power Event ID 41
  16. Solved Slow initial user login
  17. Windows 7 slowed down tremendously and explorer hangs up all the time!
  18. Normal Temps?????????????????
  19. Windows popping up really slowly
  20. How do I delete disabled startup items in msconfig?
  21. Programs slow to launch and close and hanging
  22. Solved Is 24.1 GB Excessive for Windows Folder Size (Pro)?
  23. SydebySyde error - event 33?
  24. Windows 7 Hibernate Problem
  25. Solved Disk cleanup questions
  26. Solved chkdsk failure primary partition (access denied)
  27. Rate my system :)
  28. Solved 1191 registry issues
  29. Solved How to fix errors not fixed by Sfc /scannow (cmd.log)
  30. Wireless Internet Adapter Malfunction
  31. Task manager memory help please thanks.
  32. Cannot start diagnostic service policy windows 7 64 bit
  33. Computer runs so slow after startup it is practically frozen.
  34. i have included the chkdsk log, has it went bad already ???
  35. Computer lagging when watching Youtube clips or listening to iTunes
  36. Solved Windows System Repair Disc for 32-bit Windows 7
  37. 7GB to 8GB suddenly lost after installing a program.
  38. Windows takes a long time to shut down
  39. WEI Rating from 5.9 to 5.6 (usable ram problem)
  40. Windows says I am low on memory when I have 24gb ram
  41. Solved Clicked Delete Volume on wrong partition in Disk Management
  42. Solved Is CCleaner free space drive wiper safe?
  43. cpu running 100% after boot to win 7,possible cause?
  44. Solved Computer performance awfully slow - suddenly.
  45. 'Computer' window loads on startup - How do I switch this off?
  46. Ram Trouble
  47. Solved jpg files thumbnails loads too slow
  48. Cannot open some files
  49. Outlook 2007 thrashing disc
  50. SmartDefrag2: Half the screen filled with black cells
  51. Does WIN 7 emit chime alerts?
  52. keep failing to solve 'insufficient resources' problem in windows 7
  53. CPU usage randomly spikes to 100% and horrific audio distortion.
  54. Wei low on sony vaio
  55. How to use laptop for increasing battery life?
  56. Any PowerShell Freaks?
  57. Computer Slow When Muti-Tasking Since Installing an SSD
  58. CMD periodical pop-ups on window 7
  59. Laptop stays at Black screen for 10+ mins after logging in
  60. I can't put Real-Time priority to a proccess
  61. Poor SSD performance: AMD RAID and AHCI Issues. WEI 5.9
  62. New Laptop, slower than expected?
  63. Very long freezes in file system actions, how to trace and debug?
  64. Why such a long bootup?
  65. Solved Win Media Player
  66. Write speed decreased after reinstall of Win 7 without secure erase.
  67. Share Your WinSAT Formal Scores
  68. PC Turning itself on at night, and off during use
  69. bad sectors in hard disk, WHAT TO DO
  70. many directory and files are duplicated: Any tool to resolve that
  71. AppHangB1 in AutoCad 2012 when copy/paste (Not Responding)
  72. Weird Problem CPU
  73. slow startup
  74. Solved Clock on pc lost 2 hours on the clock ?
  75. Slow server on Win 7
  76. Task scheduler - starting tasks at incorrect times
  77. Several log entries of event 4624 in security auditing
  78. 100% CPU Usage
  79. Internet Usage Monitor
  80. Temp Folder
  81. seriously slow i7 laptop - something not right
  82. Curious About Gaming Temp For Laptop
  83. Solved Unusuall msg in event viewer under applications
  84. C Drive Full, can't figure out why.
  85. Solved Where's my Dump File
  86. How Can I Eliminate Temporary Files I Don't Need and that Only Clutter
  87. Laggy computer when logging in
  88. Considerations about OEM installed version or new clean install
  89. Keyboard inactive occasionally after sleep
  90. Virtual memory 64 bit
  91. Solved ~1000 instances of Explorer.exe
  92. 3TB Not showing up?
  93. Is it possible to control the order of the programs at startup ??
  94. PC suddenly extremely slow at boot, Starting Windows takes for ever
  95. win7 64bit lags n high fan sound
  96. win 7 pro 64bit boots and runs super slow, how to fix?
  97. Windows 7 Unresponsive and fairly laggy
  98. Buffering on netbook
  99. improve fps (framerate) and reduce lagg
  100. Drag and drop to desktop
  101. Can you limit windows 7 ram (and still use the extra as ram disks etc)
  102. Undeletable File
  103. SFC Details inside. How do I fix these corrupted files?
  104. Win 7 intermediate user, low cpu usage high ram usage
  105. CHKDSK frozen for nearly a day?
  106. SFC/scannow
  107. Solved How i can fix these errors of sfc in win7 ult
  108. Solved Wmpnetwk.exe causing problems with speed and performance.
  109. How do I speed up windows 7?
  110. time taking issue while showing welcome
  111. Why is my physical memory running at 95% and how do I lower it
  112. Windows 7 laptop running very ram usage please help
  113. Win 7 x64 start, then no video on my monitor
  114. Whats starting up with my windows?
  115. Windows Explorer: Tree View/Navigation Pane problem
  116. SSD: Welcome screen during boot suddenly longer
  117. sfc/ scannow stops at 68%
  118. Usb copy slow after ram upgrade
  119. CPU temps?
  120. system hangs n high fan sound
  121. Windows 7 cannot boot System Recovery Options
  122. Physical Memory High - Causing Computer To Be Slow
  123. Solved Deleting Windows old folders after reinstalling question
  124. Memory Issue
  125. Solved black screen
  126. Solved Not responding - now can't open Outlook, check disk
  127. Windows won't resume when utilising two cores
  128. Performance wise,which is the best Ram out of the following?
  129. Question About Registry In Windows 7
  130. 6144 MB ram, but laptop only using 2045 MB (Help please!)
  131. File directory: Many directory bear the same name after hd replacement
  132. ASUS AI Recovery System trouble; error 1024
  133. Ccleaner
  134. How to restore performance of a secondary ssd drive inside Windows
  135. Very slow boot up.
  136. can I copy DLL's from Win Prof x64 to Win Ult x64 to fix SFC /scannow
  137. Unknown 30 second boot delay after password entered
  138. How to clean dvd drive ?
  139. Solved Administrative Templates Missing from User Configuration
  140. Solved help with CHKDSK
  141. SFC /scannow reports 6 .mui source files corrupted in store
  142. High explorer.exe mem usage help please.
  143. how do I delete files from my backup disk ?
  144. permission issues for some fles and folders after formatting
  145. RAM and CPU Usage Inquiry
  146. Windows Experience Index Not Refreshing
  147. Black Screen Of Death.
  148. Solved Problem changing boot screen
  149. trouble resuming from s3 sleep every single time.
  150. unable to cut a file and paste it to windows 7 desktop
  151. Windows partition manager crashed ..
  152. black screen after log in
  153. Solved Extremely Slow System
  154. Solved How to bipass Boot screen
  155. Windows 7 lagging badly and very slow
  156. Solved Repeated startup repair problem
  157. skype loading
  158. Solved Constant System Configuration Message at Startup
  159. Solved 8GB or 16GB RAM?
  160. Solved PC too slow for my pc using compaq presario sr1214nx
  161. prefetch folder
  162. O% CPU Usage, 54 Physical Memory
  163. Windows 7 x64 Freezing for up to a minute
  164. Which of these start-up applications should I remove?
  165. Computer slowdown can't work out why
  166. Solved Mortal Kombat Kollection performance issues
  167. Solved Speeding up Lenovo c300 in gaming
  168. Software for serious cleaning of clutter on SSD Root Drive
  169. Solved Are these files important?
  170. Troubleshooting Excessive Memory Use (Memory Leak?) after playing vid.
  171. Scheduled defrag query
  172. Slow performance: Video lagg, game lagg, scroll lagg
  173. Keep desktop icons from moving
  174. Solved Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit takes forever to boot with SSD?
  175. Core temp high readings.
  176. Restore deleted Prefetch?
  177. Context menu and shortcut desirable tweaks
  178. Is a 64-bit Windows 7 quicker than 32-bit in itself, as an OS?
  179. Solved Sony Vaio first time setup
  180. LOW Computer Memory- ONLY 90MB or less Free Memory? Soo much lag?
  181. How do i resolve error 800a0046
  182. Excessive boot time
  183. Solved Z77 chipset and Hirens Mini XP environment issue
  184. Paging file location on a dual-boot, partitioned drive
  185. Is leaving your computer on all the time (24/7) better for hard drive?
  186. SideBySide Event ID:59 - What does it mean?
  187. Windows Experience Index
  188. Solved Horizontal Scrolling in window explorer
  189. Windows 7 x64 5GB RAM still running Dayz slow
  190. Stretching my C: Partition
  191. Win 7 very slow to start AND to shut down.
  192. Change power profile based on logged in user?
  193. Laptop Sometimes Won't Sleep
  194. BIOS POST configuration question
  195. LOW Computer Memory- ONLY 90MB or less Free Memory? Soo Slow?
  196. wmiprvse.exe using CPU
  197. icons not display properly
  198. Win7 Taskbar Icon Name Display
  199. Solved Slow searching with Windows 7? Make sure hidden folders aren't shown!
  200. Win7 PC slow to resume from sleep
  201. Solved System Recovery problem.
  202. CPU activity at 20% after cloning a new hard drive
  203. Windows 7 and processor Cores
  204. Computer slow at startup
  205. i have like 11Gb of space taken up by "archived Windows Error Reports"
  206. Virtual memory/Page File
  207. Lost Download Folder WIN 7
  208. How to clean "Recovery C"
  209. lots of processes
  210. Question about sfc /scannow on Recovery Disk
  211. Win7 "Not Responding" freezes on every software
  212. Solved welcome screen ~50 sec load - minimal startup/services
  213. Can the page file be read?
  214. Please help,mem test failed 0x000000f keeps rebooting
  215. Help needed -- Remove shortcut for software no longer on system
  216. system repairs starts after every time at startup
  217. Megakey error message
  218. Clean install: HP-specific question
  219. Wake when screen opens
  220. Solved Windows 7 64 bit only uses a small amount of the memory available
  221. Kernel error 0xC0000035
  222. Severe performance issues
  223. Windows 7 high RAM usage and low performance
  224. Windows update not working and not in Services
  225. Is it normal for Intel i7 core to be at a 100% usage while rendering
  226. What are Meanings of Items in INDEX Exclusion List?
  227. Black screen on start up
  228. .URGENT help neeede.Left mouse Button click becoming very unresponsive
  229. pc became excessively slow
  230. start up & recovery there is no OS options to select for default
  231. system slow down with higher uptime especially starting IE.
  232. Need Help with Win 7
  233. High memory load (~80% idle)
  234. how to deal with registry
  235. Factory Reset - Still Non-responsive, lagging, and failed startup
  236. Solved DIsk space usage - different figures reported
  237. Remove the Hibernation file - hiberfil.sys
  238. windows 7 hangs with following message..
  239. Causing my system to lag when using silverlight, flash, etc?
  240. How to remove all uninstalled software "bits" ?
  241. Games are running very slow lately
  242. Explorer running slow in normal mode, fine in safe mode.?
  243. laptop sometimes weirdly slow on start up, other times it's normal
  244. Computer freezes up at random
  245. Sudden drop in performance by around 60% --- most noticeable in games.
  246. computer suddenly very slow. cpu usage <10%
  247. NT Kernel & System suddenly take 100% of CPU
  248. Booting up never makes it to W7 logo screen?
  249. What partitions may I delete?
  250. Since 9/16/2012, computer wakes from sleep in 2-3 minutes