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  1. Computer wakes 1 second after going to sleep
  2. Solved shut down script
  3. Solved Superfetch on or off?
  4. Solved Hard Drive capacity question.
  5. Cant Able to Go to able to go hiberate mode
  6. Processor being excessively utilised
  7. Processor settings in msconfig
  8. Solved Random freezes/crashes, everything stops working with sound lag
  9. Class not registered error
  10. Need to Extend C Drive
  11. Can I delete or edit the file clr.lst
  12. Latency Issues. Nvidia Kernal Mode Driver.
  13. reason for FPS lag?
  14. Solved Chkdsk runs after every reboot
  15. StandBy / Hibernation off - Computer still powers off.
  16. Solved DPC Latency Checker shows problem but I can't find it
  17. Startup programs not starting on boot
  18. Help enabling wake on lan for Sabertooth Z77 motherboard
  19. Solved Hard drive memory is disappearing
  20. my boot time is quite long
  21. Error Message "The space on the hard drive is running low" isn't true
  22. Processor Power Management in game
  23. Which Programs do I not need when i start up my Windows 7 Laptop
  24. emachines e350
  25. General Checks and Speeds
  26. Desktop-blank,securitytab-missing ProgramsinDocs/Settings, no memory??
  27. odd entry found
  28. Event Viewer Error: MMC could not create the snap-in
  29. Page Loading with Graphics
  30. Missing D Disk
  31. "Create a System Repair Disc" fails
  32. Fluctuating free space on system drive?
  33. logging of computer start and shut down time
  34. How to minimize Win7 background write processes?
  35. Solved Computer locking up, but self-recovers after 20-30 seconds
  36. CPU going up to 100% for no reason.
  37. Windows 7 repair disc not working?
  38. CPU idling at 60/max 100, clean system, believe good therm paste
  39. Ram in too High...Invisible Process using up all my Ram
  40. Challenged trying to determine "if" Win 7 64bit is damaged install
  41. Solved Computer running slow; All applications (not responding)
  42. Computer slows down when downloading
  43. Have SSD; would thumb drive Readyboost help performance?
  44. ChkDsk errors keeps coming up
  45. Long delays at Welcome screen and subsequent black screen
  46. SFC scan will not get past 16%
  47. Desktop Artefact
  48. Solved System gone really slow.
  49. Solved How to change default start menu folder in Windows 7
  50. Solved Sleep Problem
  51. Solved Low Windows experience rating for Processor.
  52. Solved Error 80070005 in W7
  53. Laptop becomes slow, file segment is unreadable
  54. Windows 7 x64 hangs when shutting down
  55. Slow shutdown
  56. Can not do "Rate this System" in the WIE and computer plays up.
  57. Slow Start Up on a Newly Installed Win 7 X64 Sp1-Laptop Asus U30JC
  58. CPU 100% and it sucks
  59. right click menu flickers .How to correct it?
  60. Explorer.exe showing 50% CPU usage
  61. CPU usage very high while browsing
  62. Reliably monitor not displaying anything
  63. Slow computer after installing Programs
  64. Lag when dragging windows
  65. Solved Windows Photo Viewer is sometimes slow to load (but not always)
  66. what is the best maintenance/repair/etc software for hard drive
  67. Latency Issues after upgrading to Windows 7.
  68. Event log for SFC check with results
  69. Processor speed reduced
  70. SSD boot and shutdown not as fast as hoped?
  71. 10-25 second PC Stalls
  72. Registry Cleaners
  73. Very disappointed with Win7 Core i7 DVD playback.
  74. Notebooks runs slow and freezes when I watch youtube.
  75. Solved Cannot wake from hybrid sleep anymore
  76. Solved Allocating memory
  77. Solved Windows Drive increasing automatically to Full
  78. Windows 7 Professional wakes up immediately after putting to sleep
  79. Solved Unusual Hard Disk Activity in Resource Monitor
  80. Solved "My Computer" slow load problem
  81. Copying and deleting speeds slow
  82. Windows takes forever to load
  83. why my laptop moving slow when im using internet?
  84. Solved New installation of Windows 7 Ultimate, Computer running slow
  85. Mouse lag even after reformatting- sfc /scannow log
  86. Solved Slow boot with M4 Crucial after re-install of Windows
  87. Recommended things to do after Windows 7 unexpected shutdown?
  88. Restore points missing from windows 7 after i boot in Xp(dual boot)
  89. Please help, I can't turn my laptop on anymore!
  90. Slow window pop ups
  91. Display drivers have stopped responding!
  92. Computer clicking trouble. (Not a mouse problem.)
  93. Solved Can't Put Laptop to Sleep?
  94. Windows 7 power options don't work
  95. SP1 system repair
  96. Solved Where should I put my Pagefile.sys and how do I move it?
  97. High memory usage from boot.
  98. Event Viewer Problem solving
  99. Solved Windows Memory Diagnostics stuck in loop and cant stop it!
  100. Solved Changing Paging File Size
  101. "Must have" performance optimization programs?
  102. Win7 new Install (System 50% CPU) Problem Details with screen shot's
  103. Solved how do i disable windows 7 programs from starting up?
  104. Solved How to turn off search indexer?
  105. command line to delete folder contents
  106. Windows Experience index
  107. Fresh Install Windows 7 Ult x64 (NT Kernel & System 50% CPU Issue)
  108. Solved Ram usage always high, how can improve this (win7ultimatex64)
  109. Hard drive space decreasing rapidly
  110. Solved Perfmon.exe /report not generating after installing bluetooth driver
  111. lost files after defragging
  112. Laptop Suddenly Slow,- Asus K53S
  113. Solved I need the memory usage particulars!
  114. Computer performing even worse after tweaks to apps running at startup
  115. How to fix wake up issue caused by power button?
  116. Chkdsk
  117. Start up takes more than 3 mins even with 6 gb ram !!!
  118. What is meaning of Min/Max CPU in Power settings?
  119. Solved Task Scheduler - Configured for - Defaults to Vista
  120. Windows very sluggish, even after format, memtest, hdd test
  121. memory problem
  122. Solved RAM 8.0 GB (2.10 GB Usable) WTF? whats wrong??
  123. Worrying session with a logmein tech
  124. Windows 7, scvhost.exe hogging up ram.
  125. windows has failed to start
  126. Different performance on partitions (same HD, partitioned on gparted).
  127. Computer wakes up from standby - why?
  128. Permissions Error
  129. Solved wmi is corrupt
  130. How to keep a specific core idle (AMD Bulldozer)?
  131. Windows 7 using too much RAM
  132. Windows does load, but only properly works in safe mode now
  133. windows home premium booting slowly
  134. Event manager errors re Windows Search
  135. Problems with startup.
  136. Intermittent lagging lasting 3-5 seconds.
  137. Sometimes the computer locks up after resuming from Hibernation
  138. Old Junker Laptop-What can i do with it?
  139. Solved Windows Photo Viewer very slow
  140. Windows Explore .exe not responding
  141. Running W7 64-bit, Installed RAM 3GB, Usable: 895MB. What should I do?
  142. Windows 7 Answer File Error Messages
  143. Extremely slow windows 7
  144. Services not loading automatically
  145. Start-up and shut-down slow
  146. Win7 defragmenter analyzes SSD frequently
  147. Windows Takes Forever To Shut Down
  148. Solved annoying Conduit popup
  149. Explorer.exe taking up 20%+ cpu
  150. Trying to Get Rid of Windows Search
  151. Computer running sluggishly after recovering from errors
  152. Should I or Shouldn't I Use a registry Cleaner
  153. I can't save changes to power plans....
  154. Dangerous Windows Services ?
  155. Solved Unknown Google Chrome Service on Startup
  156. Windows 7 x64 - Strange problem
  157. How do I optimize the page file for an SSD? Windows 7 x64
  158. iMac RAM Upgrade
  159. Solved How to force more threads to run a single core application?
  160. Memory not allocating correctly -> Crashing on Win 7 64bit.
  161. chkdsk wont run
  162. Solved Quickly change sleep mode
  163. Solved CPU Usage 100% ?
  164. Windows 7 constantly freezing / kernal power error 41
  165. Windows experience Index
  166. Solved Unknown icon in system tray, looks like HTML color chart
  167. Solved administrative errors... are they a problem?
  168. Performance issues jumping from WinXP to Win7
  169. Getting rid of unwanted / unnecessary programs on new laptop.
  170. Clean install or factory restore?
  171. Screensaver help
  172. problem with my notebook
  173. HP Pavilion dv7 Using 100% CPU idling at desktop
  174. Help please laggy keyboard using laptop.
  175. hardware reserved more than 10mb?
  176. Icon Cache seems to be not working in Windows 7
  177. Disk Cleanup has found 35.5 GB of temporary files; how can I see them?
  178. windows doesnt go into sleep / hibernation mode when battery low
  179. core i3 2cores parked 2cores active.
  180. Solved Computer Turns On by Itself - Windows 7 x64
  181. scannow results
  182. Solved does ""Crucial Adrenaline 50GB"" boost gaming ??
  183. laptop running in slow motion
  184. Solved i want to unpark my 2sleeping cores. need help
  185. Stuck On 'Starting Windows' Screen - Windows 7
  186. External HD cannot install "prevented by policy"
  187. Solved Programs randomly lock up
  188. Solved Win 7 not using all memory
  189. Extremely long boot time (>20min), Win7 Ultimate clean install.
  190. Solved Overclocking
  191. Need real help to increase fps on my laptop
  192. Achi vs ide
  193. slow boot time. have followed seavixens tute on event viewer...
  194. All My Folders Are Gone After Removing Virus !!
  195. Cant Access Safe Mode!
  196. control system manager errors
  197. Usable Ram
  198. RunDll error
  199. Slow Shut-down on SSD (crucial m4 sata III) Help plz
  200. Screen went blank
  201. Slow file loading when opening folder within program
  202. Win 7 Extremely slow after 6 days of not being used
  203. C drive properties
  205. How do I RESTART when clicking LOGOFF
  206. make my computer and the internet faster
  207. Solved Please help me find location for authorization.xml
  208. Solved How to remove red bar (full drive) for manufacturer recovery partition
  209. System not using all of my memory
  210. Solved Are there any unneeded startup services?
  211. Solved The difference between the sleep & Hibernate ?
  212. Random slow boot times after memory upgrade
  213. Computer Lag - High Physical Memory Usage
  214. How long does a full disk check take?
  215. Solved At startup windows firewall of base filtering enginer uses up 50%cpu
  216. Start (and stop) multiple programs with one click?
  217. Solved Usable RAM
  218. Win7 Registry Reset?
  219. Solved SFC Fail to Repair Files; Don't Understand Log CBS.log
  220. Windows 7 Home 64bit suddenly incredibly slow, almost unusable in norm
  221. Windows 7 Home 64bit suddenly incredibly slow, suggestions needed.
  222. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  223. Solved Why No Hibernate Option ?!?!
  224. Computer stuttering when watching video / typing
  225. Not sure what the difference is between these processors ?
  226. Ram usage
  227. Why does transfer of large files slow down computer so much
  228. PC Randomly shutting down.
  229. Questions about the Windows Experience Index and its scoring
  230. Solved windows 7 x64 problem
  231. Windows 7 Pro Experience Index
  232. Windows Experience Index
  233. Question about all thoe ntuser.dat files
  234. Windows Ultimate Performance Issue
  235. chkdsk every boot - new hard drive
  236. Solved Task scheduler: trigger on screensaver event possible?
  237. Solved How to run a scheduled task for system restore point
  238. Solved Can't fix corrupt files
  239. Top Ways to Speed Up My Laptop
  240. are these PC protection shareware superfluous?
  241. Help Accelerate SSD
  242. Computer with good specs running slow during games
  243. Solved Show us your Passmark Score
  244. Winsxs; the wrecker of lives.
  245. Solved Pqservice ?
  246. Solved Auto-Hibernate
  247. Is your PC Running Slowly??
  248. Consistent Automatic Alt-Tabbing after update
  249. Losing my memory.. not dementia related!
  250. Will it make difference to make partition at beginning or end of HDD?