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  1. how to deal with registry
  2. Factory Reset - Still Non-responsive, lagging, and failed startup
  3. Solved DIsk space usage - different figures reported
  4. Remove the Hibernation file - hiberfil.sys
  5. windows 7 hangs with following message..
  6. Causing my system to lag when using silverlight, flash, etc?
  7. How to remove all uninstalled software "bits" ?
  8. Games are running very slow lately
  9. Explorer running slow in normal mode, fine in safe mode.?
  10. laptop sometimes weirdly slow on start up, other times it's normal
  11. Computer freezes up at random
  12. Sudden drop in performance by around 60% --- most noticeable in games.
  13. computer suddenly very slow. cpu usage <10%
  14. NT Kernel & System suddenly take 100% of CPU
  15. Booting up never makes it to W7 logo screen?
  16. What partitions may I delete?
  17. Since 9/16/2012, computer wakes from sleep in 2-3 minutes
  18. Solved 100% cpu utilization in my laptop
  19. no space on hard drive!! please help me:(
  20. Solved Widows won't use all of my RAM???
  21. Hidden tweaks to improve performance ?
  22. Solved Error 1068, anyone know how to fix it?
  23. Solved Advanced boot option doesn't show the option "repair your computer"!
  24. Files lost in move between Samsung S2 USB 2.0 1TB and Windows 7 PC
  25. svchost.exe *32 using 100% cpu
  26. Slow boot on the tester
  27. Toshiba laptop starts briefly and shuts down
  28. Solved Windows 7 laggy, many programs unresponsive
  29. Solved Hard Drive Partition Without Effecting Recovery Partition
  30. Loss of disk space on Samsung external 1TB drive after 'clean up'
  31. Will enabling compression when formatting USB drive slow it's writing?
  32. Laptop won't hibernate despite showing in start menu, help please
  33. lsass.exe process very high ram usage
  34. scan & fix local disk
  35. Windows Experience Index Number way too low!!!!
  36. Solved sppsvc.exe is eating lot of process
  37. keep getting "not enough disk space" with 2 hard drives
  38. Possible folders to delete?
  39. Overactive HDD - Constant 1-2mb/s read and writes
  40. SLOW Boot and Shutdown after forced Shutdown during Windows 7 Upgrade
  41. how much effective memory bandwidth degrade when put PCI 3.0 powered
  42. Pc laggs while watching video's, scrolling ... : CPU Usage 100%
  43. RAM usage at 96% 10 mins after boot up - cant figure it out!
  44. Wont return to sleep after mceupdate
  45. Quick Halts/Freezes than back to normal
  46. SSD only gets WEI of 5.9?
  47. PC "Not Responding" - Blue spinning circle
  48. Insufficient Memory error
  49. How to SKIP completely boot manager
  50. Solved Memory Full
  51. Acer Aspire D257-13450 Fan "Out of Control"
  52. Solved Win7 64bt printer problem
  53. event ID 36887
  54. Huge temp files, totalizing 30 GB, created in one single day
  55. Self Sleeping
  56. Help: Screen Goes Black After Log On
  57. Disk I/O error on boot
  58. CPU Throttling
  59. Solved SFC/Scannow shows spsys.sys error
  60. Severe HDD bottleneck on laptop
  61. Solved Opening tabs
  62. best boot order in win 7
  63. Computer all of a Sudden slow and Choppy
  64. Solved system restore
  65. find physical location of files on hdd?
  66. DPC Latency spikes!
  67. Patch my pc.new software update program.
  68. PC no longer hibernates or sleeps, can't find the right fix.
  69. Extremely slim Windows 7 for virtual machine: lower CPU usage
  70. defragmenting via cmd produces an error: some reigstry entries were mi
  71. Bought new Memory and it says XMP-1334
  72. Spinning mouse cirlce Icon, how do I get it to stop.
  73. Windows 7 WEI Giving Me A Lower Score
  74. Solved Issue with services
  75. Razer Configurator Kept Showing...
  76. Solved Bypassing Win 7 logon
  77. Aero on/off
  78. Erunt and save to compressed folder location - good or bad?
  79. Windows 7 64bit, Memory usage rises/computer freezes over time.
  80. Automated Partition Erasure tool or script
  81. laptop is sluggish to the point of being unusable
  82. How can I disable dw20.exe?
  83. Please need Help about Aero
  84. 100% cpu usage. norton says no virus. any help would be nice, thanks
  85. Help Needed Cleaning Disk
  86. Few Issues in Windows 7 64-Bit
  87. aspire m1100 works fine, except with videos only(sluggish performance)
  88. Solved SFC SCANNOW Error
  89. Laptop suddenly slow & unresponsive, able to boot only in Safe Mode
  90. Startup, services,...at boot! What the differences?
  91. Solved Router cable
  92. Run WEI and getting black screen until reboot?
  93. Hiden files, recycle bins and so on where did my space go?
  94. Solved Windows Experience results
  95. Startup Program Safety
  96. Disable Homgroup Tweak!!
  97. Lower performance indice with a new motherboard with I5 and DDR3 ram
  98. Solved Very Slow Shut Down on powerful PC
  99. How do I delete these specific components from the system partition?
  100. Solved Checkdisk (GUI) stops prematurely
  101. Solved Question about Memory speed in my pc
  102. Solved Ram usage?purpose.
  103. Firefox, explore.exe and general programs all Not Responding.
  104. Very slow Intel screen at boot
  105. Windows don't use all my memory
  106. laptop problems (running slow) advice needed please
  107. Solved laptop keeps freezing up for split secs
  108. Data D drive full. Can I clear anything from it?
  109. Is my computer to hot? (Screenshot)
  110. Solved System lagging, RAM at 100% usage, svchost.exe
  111. This device can perform faster
  112. Is my Win 7 size too big?
  113. High disk use reduces CPU usage
  114. Lock ups, studders and other annoying bugs on my 3 year old PC
  115. Drive Spaces
  116. Solved Renders Causing Overheating
  117. Clean Install - slow, driver issues
  118. My LapTop Starts Very Slow
  119. Have I Broken My Pc (PLEASE HELP)
  120. Massive memory usage when opening video files?
  121. chkdsk utility error
  122. Sleep mode no longer works after upgrading to Win7 from XP
  123. CPU performance issues in gaming and video playback?
  124. System (C:) is almost totally full - how to free memory?
  125. Having DirectX Problem, Specifically DirectX Diagnostic
  126. Where's all the cookies
  127. Win 7 clean install on new computer, extremely slow loading apps
  128. Solved Boot Performance Monitoring take 60000 ms- Slow start Up
  129. Event Viewer significance
  130. Equal Brightness-level with and without Cord in Laptops
  131. Slow Shutdown in Windows 7, takes 3-4 Mins
  132. Solved Laptop CPU and Motherboard overheating
  133. Better free defrag
  134. Sudden rise in physical memory usage.
  135. "You don't have permission to enable or disable device wake."
  136. Solved File Transfer speed slows down over time.
  137. Solved HP Envy 17 1050ea - Recommendations for lowering temp/cooling pad
  138. Solved Reinstall Tablet PC service in Windows 7
  139. Solved CPU usage goes up for severely for every little thing
  140. f12 wifi button prob
  141. how can i reboot my asus k53e
  142. Laptop freezes every hour for about 10 to 15 min since last week
  143. Solved Power/sleep button, closing panel options greyed out
  144. Getting strange score (using Windows 7 Experience Index problem)
  145. Remove C and System reserved from Defrag
  146. Solved Working in Background Symbol comes on ALL the time
  147. Boot time has increased with no apparent cause
  148. Windows 7 constantly reports low memory
  149. Slow performance on newly installed Windows 7
  150. Solved Constant 30% CPU usage in windows 7 when idle
  151. Solved Sort by date takes long time for items to show
  152. Solved multiple data partitions or just folders?
  153. Trying to create a system repair disc, application stops working
  154. Cmd code to find out what device is not connecting please?
  155. Disable automatic suspend on critical battery level
  156. system repair disc?
  157. "Soft" Bad sectors
  158. PSU / Mobo Issues?
  159. very slow hard drive on i7 laptop
  160. Chkdsk stuck?
  161. Samsung Laptop Running Slow
  162. Solved Very high DPC latency in Windows 7 x64 caused by storport.sys
  163. Best system cleaner software?
  164. PC keeps freezing very big annoyance
  165. Solved High RAM Usage after reinstalling windows
  166. Important tasks in "Service"
  167. Is this normal cpu activity?
  168. Lag on my brother's pc when downloading stuff.
  169. Solved Why can't I create a password recovery disk in Windows 7 Home 64
  170. How can I lengthen my computer's life?
  171. Optimizer Pro Pc Ulities Pro
  172. Performance Effectiveness/Memory Usage
  173. What can I do to prevent a shut down when I put the system (Lenovo 300
  174. Toshiba Satellite running extremely slow even with repair disc in.
  175. Solved Write-caching
  176. How to analyze CBS.log file by SFC command to detect corrupt files?
  177. Laptop Temperature - Reduction Tips? (Without Cooling Pad/Fans)
  178. Windows has detected your performance...
  179. I have had my laptop a month and it has slowed to a crawl?
  180. Solved Computer will not "Log Off"
  181. Is it ok to run defrag and use the computer normally?
  182. Hi Guys, Multiple Problems Due to Rootkit!
  183. how do i disable creating a new user account & password (answer pls)
  184. apps and games lag on windows 7
  185. why doesn't a ssd needs defragging?
  186. Unusable laptop
  187. Boot-up fast, loading slow.
  188. Safe to remove startup in msconfig
  189. Solved Navigation Pane
  190. Solved How much of a HDD performance improvement does Disk Defragmenter give?
  191. Solved Low physical memory?
  192. Solved Taking Apart/Dismantling Sony Vaio E Series
  193. win 7 slow and not responding i3 530 processor
  194. Font Folder says it contains 7000, but there is only 100
  195. Hotfix for Outlook error 0x8004210b
  196. Computer wakes 1 second after going to sleep
  197. Solved shut down script
  198. Solved Superfetch on or off?
  199. Solved Hard Drive capacity question.
  200. Cant Able to Go to able to go hiberate mode
  201. Processor being excessively utilised
  202. Processor settings in msconfig
  203. Solved Random freezes/crashes, everything stops working with sound lag
  204. Class not registered error
  205. Need to Extend C Drive
  206. Can I delete or edit the file clr.lst
  207. Latency Issues. Nvidia Kernal Mode Driver.
  208. reason for FPS lag?
  209. Solved Chkdsk runs after every reboot
  210. StandBy / Hibernation off - Computer still powers off.
  211. Solved DPC Latency Checker shows problem but I can't find it
  212. Startup programs not starting on boot
  213. Help enabling wake on lan for Sabertooth Z77 motherboard
  214. Solved Hard drive memory is disappearing
  215. my boot time is quite long
  216. Error Message "The space on the hard drive is running low" isn't true
  217. Processor Power Management in game
  218. Which Programs do I not need when i start up my Windows 7 Laptop
  219. emachines e350
  220. General Checks and Speeds
  221. Desktop-blank,securitytab-missing ProgramsinDocs/Settings, no memory??
  222. odd entry found
  223. Event Viewer Error: MMC could not create the snap-in
  224. Page Loading with Graphics
  225. Missing D Disk
  226. "Create a System Repair Disc" fails
  227. Fluctuating free space on system drive?
  228. logging of computer start and shut down time
  229. How to minimize Win7 background write processes?
  230. Solved Computer locking up, but self-recovers after 20-30 seconds
  231. CPU going up to 100% for no reason.
  232. Windows 7 repair disc not working?
  233. CPU idling at 60/max 100, clean system, believe good therm paste
  234. Ram in too High...Invisible Process using up all my Ram
  235. Challenged trying to determine "if" Win 7 64bit is damaged install
  236. Solved Computer running slow; All applications (not responding)
  237. Computer slows down when downloading
  238. Have SSD; would thumb drive Readyboost help performance?
  239. ChkDsk errors keeps coming up
  240. Long delays at Welcome screen and subsequent black screen
  241. SFC scan will not get past 16%
  242. Desktop Artefact
  243. Solved System gone really slow.
  244. Solved How to change default start menu folder in Windows 7
  245. Solved Sleep Problem
  246. Solved Low Windows experience rating for Processor.
  247. Solved Error 80070005 in W7
  248. Laptop becomes slow, file segment is unreadable
  249. Windows 7 x64 hangs when shutting down
  250. Slow shutdown