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  1. add folders in indexing options using registry or command line?
  2. Windows Startup Issues
  3. Limit Windows music studio pc
  4. Intel ssd windows experience dropped to 5.9 ?
  5. How to install Windows updates automatically when idle?
  6. Denied access to SFC \scannow Log?
  7. If i shrink d drive can i add the unpartinitioned space to c drive??
  8. D: drive slow when sorting...
  9. Ram drive, paging file keeps having errors
  10. Solved Error loading signature xml from sigs.xml
  11. Hard disk always running
  12. Solved is it possible to shut down one or more core
  13. Unable to perform disk check.
  14. Computer won't get past startup repair screen?
  15. Solved ON screen keyboard
  16. Power Plan Issue After Hibernate
  17. help me plz friends
  18. Mapped network drives, slower boot time
  19. Solved Event 26 Problem or Not?
  20. Solved Cpu constantly hot (Mainly when gaming)?
  21. Touch pad hesitates 2 seconds after typing
  22. Solved Why is it taking forever to move a folder to the recycle bin?
  23. Disaster after removing dual boot Win 8 with Win 7, Cant fix laptop..
  24. Test your Internet Speed to MS Servers
  25. Instant and Drastic Slowdown in Windows 7, XP, Ubuntu
  26. Found and lost desktop grid adjustment
  27. Computer Performance
  28. Gets slow on battery power
  29. Solved IP Changes
  30. Can I Upgrade my Laptop's Video Card? Samsung Laptop RV411
  31. Bitlocker and Intel SRT?
  32. Win7, 64 bit, Windows Certificate Services Client-Auto Enrollment
  33. sfc/scannow still finding errors after wiping and do a fresh install
  34. How shall I manage my partitions?
  35. Cannot delete volume!
  36. Disk Defragmenter won't defragment a certian disk.
  37. Trying to disable chkdsk completely.
  38. Can't defrag external HDD, it sometimes runs very slow.
  39. Solved Can't access a partiton
  40. System Reserve is fragmented
  41. Windows doing Disk Check every reboot
  42. Startup repair stuck on checking problems screen
  43. ARC Mouse repeated freeze then jumps
  44. Sysprep, out of box experience
  45. Not responding...
  46. Can you raid1 an i-ram drive and an ssd??
  47. What are the drawbacks to not having a pagefile (with 16gb of ram+SSD)
  48. Is there a way to automatically manage affinity settings?
  49. The Page file
  50. System Interrupts
  51. Computer "sleeping" at night
  52. Solved Computer extremely slow
  53. Problem with lost free space
  54. Solved Windows 7 laptop takes 20-25 minutes to shut down, even from Safe Mode
  55. Solved sfc - cannot repair member file (prnin003.cat)
  56. Solved Win7 shutdown stalls
  57. Monitor turn off after long period time
  58. Program Icons not displaying correctly - how do I fix this?
  59. Solved Any way of speeding up a pc with reasonable specs?
  60. win7 long boot time and constant activitiy signs
  61. why does it take forever to shut down and start up my computer?
  62. Computer on "standby" problem
  63. High CPU when using dual monitors.
  64. SvcHost.exe issues. Computer will run deathly slow if not suspended.
  65. How to retrieve previous day's Win explorer history?
  66. Computer stuttering in Windows 7 - Reformatting doesn't help
  67. RAM has almost doubled upon boot
  68. Solved Virtual ramdisk with readyboost, perfmon
  69. Power Options Problem
  70. What programs do I need running in Start Up?
  71. PC restarts automatically but in safe mode it working fine
  72. Help to break through Windows 7 security
  73. Solved Ram not recognised
  74. nothing but temp accounts & systemprofile\desktop unavailable message
  75. Bairly readable text size in performance info tools
  76. Solved Chkdsk
  77. Error checking memory hog
  78. Start Menu Error
  79. Windows Experience Index.
  80. Solved Trying to reformat my hard drive.
  81. Physical memory usage increases over time
  82. Is this normal CPU Usage?
  83. Ram Disk ?
  84. Volume control settings: can maximum be manually overruled?
  85. Need help controlling boot time.
  86. Solved Need to increase the delay from dialog box to side selection box
  87. Solved A Minor Mystery
  88. "Beep" sound, working fine
  89. Use Ready Boost on HDD ?
  90. Page File
  91. Dell XPS Win7 computer hanging for 10-15 mins
  92. Very high CPU temperatures on stock speeds
  93. Solved High CPU Usage - Bizzare
  94. Solved does the cpu speed decreases if the cpu becomes too hot
  95. Solved automatic submenu expansion
  96. Solved CHKDSK not fixing corrupt partition
  97. Applied new thermal paste
  98. It's like it's going to sleep...
  99. How to disable creation of BootCKCL.etl
  100. Is my RAM usage high? (Struggling with BSOD)
  101. Solved diskpart's "clean all" hangs, no signs of HD activity
  102. Laptop internal dust removal
  103. Win7 startup delay... xperfview analysis needed.
  104. HP Laptop runs extremely HOT
  105. Back up button and jump lists open windows explorer
  106. Can't run chldshk /r, volume write protected.
  107. windows 7 defragmentor
  108. Solved CPU Overclock/undervolt causes long boot time
  109. Aero peek and memory issues
  110. Solved Processor Setting Missing
  111. Solved Chkdsk running on every boot
  112. Reliability index score?
  113. Generate system health report error?
  114. Computer hibernating at strange times
  115. SFC Scan Not Working
  116. Disable Auto-Focus in Windows Explorer
  117. Solved Few errors popping up
  118. Solved Does disabling your sound card save resources?
  119. Solved WEI Question
  120. MSOCache Files?
  121. Solved Question regarding a performance program
  122. Windows Explorer Crashes?
  123. Solved Turn off CCC/AMD FUEL/External Events Utility. My $.02
  124. 16GB of RAM upgrade and WEI memory score unchanged
  125. Low Windows Experience Index Processor score
  126. CHKDSK 2% complete after 18 hours
  127. Solved How to gain permanent permission to change folders
  128. Solved High CPU usage with only a program running
  129. Windows 7 system lets DVD player read & play DVDs but not CD's
  130. Solved Invisible folder thats there, but its not?
  131. Really weird 100% CPU usage issue by no particular process
  132. Solved Low Disk Space: C Drive is Filling Up
  133. Solved Strange problem with checkdisk utility
  134. Windows Explorer.exe crashing
  135. Windows 7 defrag question.
  136. Do I need to use a Registry Cleaner?
  137. Loud Fan; Downgrade OS will help maybe?
  138. Windows 7 Bad Block on Disk
  139. Solved Mysterious new service!
  140. No 'brighten screen' slide in power options.
  141. No Low battery warning, Just turns off.
  142. WMI Problem
  143. cbs log help
  144. Possibility to use multiple shell32.dll?
  145. 235 NTUSER.dat files - Can I delete any of them?
  146. No Power Management Options
  147. Solved Long shutdown and sleep times, hangs
  148. High CPU usage & higher temps after windows updates: How long?
  149. what is disadvantage of defrag??
  150. Laptop's performance slowing down and lagging after few hours
  151. Svchost.exe slowing down?
  152. Solved Physical Memory Usage
  153. Solved Boot performance-afd.sys?
  154. Multiple Explorer.exe with {75dff2b7-6936-4c06-a8bb-676a7b00b24b}
  155. sfc: "Cannot verify component files for" ... "manifest is damaged"
  156. Windows sees 16gb of ram but can only use 7,97?
  157. ReadyBoost Help!
  158. List of services.
  159. Massive drive usage throughout day
  160. Can I create a shortcut to reboot into System Recovery Options?
  161. Solved RAM usage & upgrading RAM @ laptop
  162. SDHC ReadyBoost Card Stops Boot Process ?
  163. HP Laptop even laggier after reformat
  164. Solved Which disk checker tool/program to use?
  165. Accessing network drive via DFS namespace hangs
  166. starts on safe mode but not on normal mode
  167. Windows experience index is 1..plz help
  168. Solved Safe Disk Cleanup with external software
  169. Maybe the answer to 99% of my many problems?
  170. Custom Power Scheme not Throttling CPU
  171. How to synchronize my PC clock every 5 minutes
  172. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, encountering random freezes
  173. Solved SSD-SATA 2 or 3?
  174. High memory usage and crashing
  175. W7 Language login screen
  176. W7 Task Mgr-"Show processes from all users"
  177. windows slows down drastically when connected to the internet
  178. Solved HDD losing space when defraging
  179. Dual harddrives affecting computer boot speed/stability?
  180. Hibernation Disappears
  181. Increase performance of a folder - advanced feature
  182. Solved Can I change my RAM from FAT32 to NTFS?
  183. W7 64 bit not sleeping.
  184. Windows Hanging on startup
  185. How do i rectify the problem of 100% CPU Usage?
  186. System Interruptions High CPU Usage and 100% Frequency? Help!
  187. Sleep/Hibernate not working, update didn't fix
  188. Power Management Inconsistencies
  189. A lot of ram "free" but still huge performance deficit - super laggy!!
  190. System Health Report - Missing Events in Event Log.
  191. need some help... sky high cpu usage after clean install. read for inf
  192. Windows 7 User Folder Too Big - 27 Gb
  193. Desktop Icons trapped in one portion of the screen
  194. Hibernate or Hybrid Sleep?
  195. Solved hiberfli.sys won't delete and can't see in files
  196. Solved System repair disc could not be created.Incorrect parameter 0x80070057
  197. High latency from drivers
  198. Solved totally lost the desktop and taskbar
  199. Solved Change in Sleep Behaviour after re-install of Windows
  200. Solved Post upgrade: Win7 Home premium, Extreme speed issues.
  201. Solved MS Fixit ?
  202. Solved D drive says is full when it is not
  203. Stuttering Sound and Images and Cpu Usage sporadically raises
  204. Plugin container for firefox and firefox eating up memory
  205. How a computer works. Am I correct?
  206. Solved PC in sleep mode will not respond to mouse or keyboard
  207. ChkDsk on Startup, deleted "corrupt" files; Programs no longer work.
  208. Solved Thumbs.db files
  209. Can Windows 7 Explorer "Filter By" feature be disabled?
  210. Should I get a bootable SSD?
  211. Do more partitions = lower performance?
  212. There's no memory amount displayed in Task Manager and related apps
  213. Solved Java up-date turn off
  214. Windows Experience Index for your system could not be Computer.Err
  215. How do I turn off indexing and allow search for all files?
  216. Another "My Computer is slow" thread
  217. Increase in Temperatures - New Monitor
  218. Random nature of location when open/save as dialog box is called up!
  219. RunDLL error
  220. Laptop overheating issue?
  221. Solved RAM usage is always at 75% WHILE BROWSING only interNET
  222. Nothing will open if I have two or more tabs up
  223. Problems when trying to open the Disk Cleanup.
  224. System Bogs Down While Transferring Files
  225. Solved Sudden slow start-up ...
  226. Windows 7 64bit: 8 GB ram installed only 4 showing up
  227. Slow PC What else could I test
  228. Solved Assesing disk performance (WEI can not rated)
  229. How do I stop autohide taskbar from being autoticked?
  230. Computer automatically switches to the high contrast option on login
  231. windows ie causing computer to start slowly
  232. Solved Event ID 100 - Critical!
  233. Registry Cleaners
  234. Unusable Memory Windows 7 64 bit Acer Aspire 5532
  235. every when will i use Ccleaner
  236. Computer speed so low according to configuration
  237. Can't connect to a remote server. Help.
  238. Power still supplied to motherboard after Win7 shuts down
  239. Previous versions of files, does it backup ALL files?
  240. Solved Prefetch folder is deleted.system running extremely slow
  241. Can't perfom a disk check
  242. Old installations are bad!
  243. why does w7 32bit load faster programs after some minutes?
  244. How do I keep my PC running as well as it is?
  245. Solved help sfc clarification
  246. Windows 7 performance monitor counters for Firefox
  247. Solved Slow computer but not using cpu or memory ? this might help.
  248. SFC Problem
  249. Solved Are all 'temp' files OK to delete ?
  250. Solved Can I Reduce the Number of Primary Partitions?