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  1. Windows Takes Forever To Shut Down
  2. Solved annoying Conduit popup
  3. Explorer.exe taking up 20%+ cpu
  4. Trying to Get Rid of Windows Search
  5. Computer running sluggishly after recovering from errors
  6. Should I or Shouldn't I Use a registry Cleaner
  7. I can't save changes to power plans....
  8. Dangerous Windows Services ?
  9. Solved Unknown Google Chrome Service on Startup
  10. Windows 7 x64 - Strange problem
  11. How do I optimize the page file for an SSD? Windows 7 x64
  12. iMac RAM Upgrade
  13. Solved How to force more threads to run a single core application?
  14. Memory not allocating correctly -> Crashing on Win 7 64bit.
  15. chkdsk wont run
  16. Solved Quickly change sleep mode
  17. Solved CPU Usage 100% ?
  18. Windows 7 constantly freezing / kernal power error 41
  19. Windows experience Index
  20. Solved Unknown icon in system tray, looks like HTML color chart
  21. Solved administrative errors... are they a problem?
  22. Performance issues jumping from WinXP to Win7
  23. Getting rid of unwanted / unnecessary programs on new laptop.
  24. Clean install or factory restore?
  25. Screensaver help
  26. problem with my notebook
  27. HP Pavilion dv7 Using 100% CPU idling at desktop
  28. Help please laggy keyboard using laptop.
  29. hardware reserved more than 10mb?
  30. Icon Cache seems to be not working in Windows 7
  31. Disk Cleanup has found 35.5 GB of temporary files; how can I see them?
  32. windows doesnt go into sleep / hibernation mode when battery low
  33. core i3 2cores parked 2cores active.
  34. Solved Computer Turns On by Itself - Windows 7 x64
  35. scannow results
  36. Solved does ""Crucial Adrenaline 50GB"" boost gaming ??
  37. laptop running in slow motion
  38. Solved i want to unpark my 2sleeping cores. need help
  39. Stuck On 'Starting Windows' Screen - Windows 7
  40. External HD cannot install "prevented by policy"
  41. Solved Programs randomly lock up
  42. Solved Win 7 not using all memory
  43. Extremely long boot time (>20min), Win7 Ultimate clean install.
  44. Solved Overclocking
  45. Need real help to increase fps on my laptop
  46. Achi vs ide
  47. slow boot time. have followed seavixens tute on event viewer...
  48. All My Folders Are Gone After Removing Virus !!
  49. Cant Access Safe Mode!
  50. control system manager errors
  51. Usable Ram
  52. RunDll error
  53. Slow Shut-down on SSD (crucial m4 sata III) Help plz
  54. Screen went blank
  55. Slow file loading when opening folder within program
  56. Win 7 Extremely slow after 6 days of not being used
  57. C drive properties
  59. How do I RESTART when clicking LOGOFF
  60. make my computer and the internet faster
  61. Solved Please help me find location for authorization.xml
  62. Solved How to remove red bar (full drive) for manufacturer recovery partition
  63. System not using all of my memory
  64. Solved Are there any unneeded startup services?
  65. Solved The difference between the sleep & Hibernate ?
  66. Random slow boot times after memory upgrade
  67. Computer Lag - High Physical Memory Usage
  68. How long does a full disk check take?
  69. Solved At startup windows firewall of base filtering enginer uses up 50%cpu
  70. Start (and stop) multiple programs with one click?
  71. Solved Usable RAM
  72. Win7 Registry Reset?
  73. Solved SFC Fail to Repair Files; Don't Understand Log CBS.log
  74. Windows 7 Home 64bit suddenly incredibly slow, almost unusable in norm
  75. Windows 7 Home 64bit suddenly incredibly slow, suggestions needed.
  76. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  77. Solved Why No Hibernate Option ?!?!
  78. Computer stuttering when watching video / typing
  79. Not sure what the difference is between these processors ?
  80. Ram usage
  81. Why does transfer of large files slow down computer so much
  82. PC Randomly shutting down.
  83. Questions about the Windows Experience Index and its scoring
  84. Solved windows 7 x64 problem
  85. Windows 7 Pro Experience Index
  86. Windows Experience Index
  87. Question about all thoe ntuser.dat files
  88. Windows Ultimate Performance Issue
  89. chkdsk every boot - new hard drive
  90. Solved Task scheduler: trigger on screensaver event possible?
  91. Solved How to run a scheduled task for system restore point
  92. Solved Can't fix corrupt files
  93. Top Ways to Speed Up My Laptop
  94. are these PC protection shareware superfluous?
  95. Help Accelerate SSD
  96. Computer with good specs running slow during games
  97. Solved Show us your Passmark Score
  98. Winsxs; the wrecker of lives.
  99. Solved Pqservice ?
  100. Solved Auto-Hibernate
  101. Is your PC Running Slowly??
  102. Consistent Automatic Alt-Tabbing after update
  103. Losing my memory.. not dementia related!
  104. Will it make difference to make partition at beginning or end of HDD?
  105. Downloads FireFox only downloads partial files?!
  106. sfc /scannow - Problem with log
  107. Help computer using too much space!
  108. Best way to wipe a virus ridden netbook?
  109. Reinstalled CPU and computer won't boot now....
  110. Solved Problem with power settings
  111. running out of hard drive space. 67.5GB unknown CAB file wasted space
  112. Still concerned & confused about 'Automatic System Restore Points'
  113. Horizontal lines a cross screen!!!
  114. How do I merge partitions?
  115. Files that I can delete off of Main HD directory
  116. Return Laptop To Factory Condition ?
  117. Solved Many a things wrong with my PC.....?
  118. Solved Do I need or can I scale down these running processes
  119. svhost.exe*32 High CPU Usage?
  120. chkdsk Error detected in index $I30
  121. windows seems slow on i7 laptop vs AMD x2 desktop - help
  122. Checkdisk error While Starting Windows
  123. Intel turbo boost technology monitor 2.6 - Doesnt work
  124. Hard disk volume problem
  125. Unable to complete Virus / Spyware Scan - hangs up at recycle bin.
  126. Should I use hybrid sleep on my laptop?
  127. Solved How to change location of Users folder
  128. Solved Win 7 shutdown, sleep and restart issues.
  129. Notification .DLL has not been registered.
  130. Windows 7 Safe Mode Problem
  131. Solved Is registry cleaning needed for a stable PC?
  132. Solved are my temp readins ok.. Picture included
  133. Desktop Icons shift when changing Multiple displays
  134. understanding output of SFC scan
  135. 100% Disk Access / Slow Startup
  136. Unusual freezes and slowdowns
  137. 100% CPU usage after Windows update
  138. chkdsk can not run.....?
  139. Safe to delete all contents of disc cleanup ?
  140. BAD Windows Updates with Windows NOT Updating...HELP PLEASE
  141. WEI ssd wrong score
  142. Solved Do I need to do both system repair and recovery discs ?
  143. My Windows 7 looks like an XP and some functionalities do not work
  144. Solved Startup programs help
  145. New to Windows, looking for performance/tuning advice
  146. High CPU Usage After Windows Clean Reinstall
  147. Many Reg keys missing permissions
  148. Solved Approx. 20Gb of system disk space "missing" - Intel X25-M G2
  149. Is this too many services running?
  150. Fresh Install Win7 Check Disk kills the reboot.
  151. new SSD and WEI still only 7.2?
  152. Solved Processor Speed Reduced.
  153. Memory speed
  154. Everything running slow
  155. Windows has detected performance is slow
  156. Solved Windows 7 - Working fine and slowed down....
  157. Disk check: all passed bar last item.
  158. Solved what is wddmservice.exe
  159. windows 7 extra slow
  160. Program previews popup then disappear quickly
  161. Video rendering and overall performance slow
  162. How could icons be locked in the desktop?
  163. analyze disk from a command line?
  164. System Managed vs Custom Page File
  165. Asus Laptop can't find startup entries for Asus Programs
  166. Solved Free burn-in or system tester?
  167. Solved A win 7 (64) downloads monitor?
  168. How to move MyDocuments AND set appropriate file security settings
  169. add folders in indexing options using registry or command line?
  170. Windows Startup Issues
  171. Limit Windows music studio pc
  172. Intel ssd windows experience dropped to 5.9 ?
  173. How to install Windows updates automatically when idle?
  174. Denied access to SFC \scannow Log?
  175. If i shrink d drive can i add the unpartinitioned space to c drive??
  176. D: drive slow when sorting...
  177. Ram drive, paging file keeps having errors
  178. Solved Error loading signature xml from sigs.xml
  179. Hard disk always running
  180. Solved is it possible to shut down one or more core
  181. Unable to perform disk check.
  182. Computer won't get past startup repair screen?
  183. Solved ON screen keyboard
  184. Power Plan Issue After Hibernate
  185. help me plz friends
  186. Mapped network drives, slower boot time
  187. Solved Event 26 Problem or Not?
  188. Solved Cpu constantly hot (Mainly when gaming)?
  189. Touch pad hesitates 2 seconds after typing
  190. Solved Why is it taking forever to move a folder to the recycle bin?
  191. Disaster after removing dual boot Win 8 with Win 7, Cant fix laptop..
  192. Test your Internet Speed to MS Servers
  193. Instant and Drastic Slowdown in Windows 7, XP, Ubuntu
  194. Found and lost desktop grid adjustment
  195. Computer Performance
  196. Gets slow on battery power
  197. Solved IP Changes
  198. Can I Upgrade my Laptop's Video Card? Samsung Laptop RV411
  199. Bitlocker and Intel SRT?
  200. Win7, 64 bit, Windows Certificate Services Client-Auto Enrollment
  201. sfc/scannow still finding errors after wiping and do a fresh install
  202. How shall I manage my partitions?
  203. Cannot delete volume!
  204. Disk Defragmenter won't defragment a certian disk.
  205. Trying to disable chkdsk completely.
  206. Can't defrag external HDD, it sometimes runs very slow.
  207. Solved Can't access a partiton
  208. System Reserve is fragmented
  209. Windows doing Disk Check every reboot
  210. Startup repair stuck on checking problems screen
  211. ARC Mouse repeated freeze then jumps
  212. Sysprep, out of box experience
  213. Not responding...
  214. Can you raid1 an i-ram drive and an ssd??
  215. What are the drawbacks to not having a pagefile (with 16gb of ram+SSD)
  216. Is there a way to automatically manage affinity settings?
  217. The Page file
  218. System Interrupts
  219. Computer "sleeping" at night
  220. Solved Computer extremely slow
  221. Problem with lost free space
  222. Solved Windows 7 laptop takes 20-25 minutes to shut down, even from Safe Mode
  223. Solved sfc - cannot repair member file (prnin003.cat)
  224. Solved Win7 shutdown stalls
  225. Monitor turn off after long period time
  226. Program Icons not displaying correctly - how do I fix this?
  227. Solved Any way of speeding up a pc with reasonable specs?
  228. win7 long boot time and constant activitiy signs
  229. why does it take forever to shut down and start up my computer?
  230. Computer on "standby" problem
  231. High CPU when using dual monitors.
  232. SvcHost.exe issues. Computer will run deathly slow if not suspended.
  233. How to retrieve previous day's Win explorer history?
  234. Computer stuttering in Windows 7 - Reformatting doesn't help
  235. RAM has almost doubled upon boot
  236. Solved Virtual ramdisk with readyboost, perfmon
  237. Power Options Problem
  238. What programs do I need running in Start Up?
  239. PC restarts automatically but in safe mode it working fine
  240. Help to break through Windows 7 security
  241. Solved Ram not recognised
  242. nothing but temp accounts & systemprofile\desktop unavailable message
  243. Bairly readable text size in performance info tools
  244. Solved Chkdsk
  245. Error checking memory hog
  246. Start Menu Error
  247. Windows Experience Index.
  248. Solved Trying to reformat my hard drive.
  249. Physical memory usage increases over time
  250. Is this normal CPU Usage?