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  1. Windows 7 User Folder Too Big - 27 Gb
  2. Desktop Icons trapped in one portion of the screen
  3. Hibernate or Hybrid Sleep?
  4. Solved hiberfli.sys won't delete and can't see in files
  5. Solved System repair disc could not be created.Incorrect parameter 0x80070057
  6. High latency from drivers
  7. Solved totally lost the desktop and taskbar
  8. Solved Change in Sleep Behaviour after re-install of Windows
  9. Solved Post upgrade: Win7 Home premium, Extreme speed issues.
  10. Solved MS Fixit ?
  11. Solved D drive says is full when it is not
  12. Stuttering Sound and Images and Cpu Usage sporadically raises
  13. Plugin container for firefox and firefox eating up memory
  14. How a computer works. Am I correct?
  15. Solved PC in sleep mode will not respond to mouse or keyboard
  16. ChkDsk on Startup, deleted "corrupt" files; Programs no longer work.
  17. Solved Thumbs.db files
  18. Can Windows 7 Explorer "Filter By" feature be disabled?
  19. Should I get a bootable SSD?
  20. Do more partitions = lower performance?
  21. There's no memory amount displayed in Task Manager and related apps
  22. Solved Java up-date turn off
  23. Windows Experience Index for your system could not be Computer.Err
  24. How do I turn off indexing and allow search for all files?
  25. Another "My Computer is slow" thread
  26. Increase in Temperatures - New Monitor
  27. Random nature of location when open/save as dialog box is called up!
  28. RunDLL error
  29. Laptop overheating issue?
  30. Solved RAM usage is always at 75% WHILE BROWSING only interNET
  31. Nothing will open if I have two or more tabs up
  32. Problems when trying to open the Disk Cleanup.
  33. System Bogs Down While Transferring Files
  34. Solved Sudden slow start-up ...
  35. Windows 7 64bit: 8 GB ram installed only 4 showing up
  36. Slow PC What else could I test
  37. Solved Assesing disk performance (WEI can not rated)
  38. How do I stop autohide taskbar from being autoticked?
  39. Computer automatically switches to the high contrast option on login
  40. windows ie causing computer to start slowly
  41. Solved Event ID 100 - Critical!
  42. Registry Cleaners
  43. Unusable Memory Windows 7 64 bit Acer Aspire 5532
  44. every when will i use Ccleaner
  45. Computer speed so low according to configuration
  46. Can't connect to a remote server. Help.
  47. Power still supplied to motherboard after Win7 shuts down
  48. Previous versions of files, does it backup ALL files?
  49. Solved Prefetch folder is deleted.system running extremely slow
  50. Can't perfom a disk check
  51. Old installations are bad!
  52. why does w7 32bit load faster programs after some minutes?
  53. How do I keep my PC running as well as it is?
  54. Solved help sfc clarification
  55. Windows 7 performance monitor counters for Firefox
  56. Solved Slow computer but not using cpu or memory ? this might help.
  57. SFC Problem
  58. Solved Are all 'temp' files OK to delete ?
  59. Solved Can I Reduce the Number of Primary Partitions?
  60. IT issued us encrypted thumb drives... what tools should I have on it?
  61. Computer keeps configuring and setting up for first time use
  62. I changed my default installation directory! Help! Please :)
  63. Service Reg Wanted
  64. C:\users\username\Appdata\Local ....... empty folders
  65. Solved Two TEMP Folders
  66. Power plan Balance Vs. High Performance.
  67. System File Checker (sfc), Options?
  68. Solved startup repair
  69. High CPU usage from spoolsv.exe and Systems Idle Process?
  70. Computer has virus or something
  71. Solved Hard Drive Patition created automatically. Help!
  72. Windows 7 x32 is slow, with lot of hdd loadtime
  73. Solved I would like to setup CCleaner and Superantispyware as A Task
  74. What programs are best suited?
  75. change control panel settings in registry export to another system
  76. HP Probook 4530s with 16gb RAM causing slow startup of Windows 7.
  77. Solved How to Manually Do SFC's Job?
  78. SSD says only 21GB Free, I calculate that there should be 33GB-Help!
  79. Very Slow Copy From one hardrive to another
  80. Video & Sound lags - seemingly random
  81. Solved Quick search work in drives, but doesn't work in MyComputer
  82. Solved There is a faint graphic on my desktop ? pic attached..
  83. Windows StartUp Programs
  84. Solved Laptop goes into lock mode about every 15mins
  85. How to set color profile with command prompt?
  86. CPU Usage and RAM increases when I use the internet/web browser.
  87. Unexpected Lag
  88. do i need asus epu6 utility if not overclocking
  89. Trying to shorten the post screen
  90. Solved cleaning programs
  91. DirectX is not working, affects several programs
  92. Solved 16GB ram on HP dv6 notebook - performance?
  93. Windows Experience Index problem
  94. Pls help Full memory Stupid me pls help !!!pls
  95. windows display 2.5 GB of ram instead of 3.5gb
  96. Start-Up Programs; Disabling Of ?
  97. USB 2.0 is extremely slow on Windows 7
  98. Effects of moving TMP/TEMP directory & disable Pagefile on boot drive
  99. Seemingly random freezes and crashes
  100. Slow System Shutdown Windows 7
  101. Alt-Tab Return to game is slow (15-25s)
  102. Puran Free Defrag crashes at filling gaps
  103. Slow Windows log in
  104. tweak boot time up
  105. Solved Windows Live Mail
  106. 40gig SSD for OS getting full.
  107. Sleep mode option not available
  108. CPU 50+% usage on typicals works.
  109. Solved lost shortcuts
  110. Does disk scan run after a power off?
  111. Disable Keyboard from waking laptop from sleep state
  112. How to permanently remove programs from the Start Menu
  113. Laptop slow [tried almost everything]
  114. Laptop slows down after using it for about 1 hour
  115. The real deal on optimizing window 7 for SSD boot
  116. Memory speed: Increas performance?
  117. Computer turns off in sleep
  118. CPU load stays at 15% after windows updates
  119. svchost.exe consuming 100% ram
  120. Update my bios
  121. Boot time = 10 minutes (OS on SSD)
  122. HAPPILI and possible other infections/redirects
  123. pc slowed down and services disabled , cant enable.access denied error
  124. Registry Setting, Group Pollicy Setting, Explanation
  125. Solved What are 'Z File' and can I delete them ?
  126. White box/rectangle top left desktop
  127. Windows Defrag running in idle?
  128. Notebook stuck for 2 mins on black screen before booting up
  129. Newbies, TuneUpUtilities 2012 have cause many program cant be use.
  130. How do I stop password window from filling up with dots?
  131. Really slow / unresponsive for 10 - 15 minutes after boot / log-in
  132. Any idea on how to increase my PC performance
  133. Converted my HDD to dynamic; how do I change it back?
  134. Help: Windows7, new mouse interfering w/ hibernate on Laptop
  135. PC resetting when left unattended.
  136. Physical memory suddenly fills up, computer slows down
  137. Computer shuts down in sleep mode
  138. Solved Server execution failed
  139. WEI from 4.1 to 3.2.
  140. Can't change process prority
  141. Services and Startup! What to keep?
  142. CPU spike
  143. Solved Windows 7 Slowdown
  144. Solved Notepad starts with what appears to be HTML
  145. Really slow boot with Win7 Ultimate x64
  146. CPU usage stays around 50-100%
  147. boot performanc monitoring and shutdown performance monitoring issues
  148. HD has 68 Gigs free, yet only shows 45 gigs
  149. Solved Slow shut-down.
  150. Kill the HP welcome/poppup screen. It annoys me.
  151. Solved Tuneup Utilities 2012 Registry Cleaner crash
  152. Solved Determining virtual memory usage & load balancing
  153. Any Unnecessary?
  154. I got a problem with beep sounds and my system unit failure
  155. Solved Advance system care...How good is it...?
  156. Clean install of windows (what would you include)
  157. Solved New PC Build reboots while running WEI
  158. More memory needed?
  159. win7 prem 64 in asus n53s
  160. msmpeng thrashing hdd when idle, also on a 2nd system hdd usage
  161. Solved Deleting files
  162. Control Panel dropdown menu too slow
  163. Disable "F" keys on Windows 7 Pro DESKTOP PC
  164. Trouble with CHKDSK. After running and perhaps deleting, computer lags
  165. Losing place when typing!!
  166. Solved 60 GB SSD drive - OCZ Vertex, 30 GB missing
  167. ?Recursive? folder creation?
  168. USB First insert / boot is slow
  169. PC freezes for few second and then it is fine
  170. Detecting Memory leak, any tool available
  171. Disk Volume Errors on my USB external hard drive
  172. Disks need to be checked for consistency (ever since last update)
  173. Amoung of energy used
  174. Solved Unknown icon in system tray - slow system - pic attached
  175. Win 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Windows Time Issue
  176. Solved Hard Drive says formatting - doesn't show percentage completed
  177. Perfmon /report times out: transfer from a working machine?
  178. why would my wei on my hard drive drop?
  179. Problem with OS load
  180. System Time not kept correctly after having manually changed BIOS time
  181. Slow loading times in logon screen.
  182. Folders appear empty but utilities disagree
  183. Windows 7 64bit running so slow.
  184. Computer will not go into sleep automatically
  185. Memory Decreasing Rapidly
  186. Windows 7 64bit, event viewer numerous critical errors.
  187. chkdsk - "An unspecified error occurred <6672732e637878>"
  188. Focus performance issue.
  189. Shutdown time takes too long after doing the tutorials
  190. Desktop Win 7 Idles between 55-65% RAM....WHY???
  191. Operations Are In Progress, Please Wait
  192. 2 Boot folders; Single Boot Config
  193. computer running slow even though 15% memory remaining
  194. 1.3mhz duel core?
  195. Best way to recover from "sleep" without using the Power Button?
  196. Windows Experience Index won't finish.
  197. Slow Startup
  198. How to disable some apps on secondary user account.
  199. What replaced msconfig
  200. How to hide / silence auto Java updates?
  201. Windows Debloating Guide - Opinions
  202. Solved Need Permissions to Delete Old Windows Files
  203. Solved Can't go online via software
  204. W7 Areo resize lag
  205. No logs populating event viewer in diagnostic area
  206. Native 64-bit
  207. W7 taskbar>toolbar>'desktop': extremely slow
  208. SFC error - Windows Resource Protection could not perform...
  209. problem with programs randomly stop working for no apearint reason
  210. Chkdsk keeps finding the same problem - Orphaned Files.
  211. Error warnings at boot-up
  212. Different Services - for Different Users!
  213. Solved Windows Explorer Slow Sort
  214. i7 + 6GB RAM with consistent CPU spikes
  215. Event Viewer Error - .Net Framework v4
  216. EventViewer :: Get Registry Value Taskman Failed
  217. Windows 7 Overall DPC Latency Issues...
  218. Altered Volume Control and General Lag
  219. My mouse is lagging when i scroll it..
  220. Pc idling is chewing on 3-5Gb of Ram
  221. Error while shrinking partition, Windows states it has less space
  222. Super Cache Software Question
  223. Shortcut to change regional settings?
  224. Computer using ram and cpu but can't find what program is doing it
  225. Event viewer errors
  226. Solved moving files and defragmentation state of file/folder
  227. Massive Memory Usage & Explorer Crashing
  228. Solved WIN 7 long shutdown time
  229. HDD going bad?
  230. What services are safe to disable?
  231. Solved Extremely high physical memory usage
  232. Solved Increase USB Speeds ?
  233. Solved Slower than usual boot times.
  234. PC wakes immediately after sleep
  235. Windows Startup Repair Option not showing.
  236. Solved Is WIN7 Defragmenter Good Enough?
  237. Windows Explorer Not Loading
  238. Solved Boot logging runs at every boot
  239. help i need to Restore dbghelp.dll for my computer
  240. Unprompted registry update, system restore and clock change
  241. Waiting after right click in Computer
  242. Primary Volume Shrinking Problem
  243. Windows crashed and now won't recognize two mirrored HDDs as a pair
  244. CHKDSK zeroes out bad sectors
  245. Solved I accidentally checked the "Hidden" box for userid under "network/user
  246. Two Questions: Windows 7 Preview Pane & Changing Photo's Creation Date
  247. Recovering Desktop Icons
  248. Solved Cores shooting up to 100% as soon as I turn on the PC
  249. Solved Can you keep file dates from changing when moving folder to folder
  250. Windows constantly running out of memory