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  1. Is there any tweak that coulld increase my system speed
  2. Solved Desktop Computer Restarts when Shutdown is selected
  3. Solved Power Options Not Working
  4. Solved How do i skip "scanning: system error memory dump files"?
  5. Restore points being deleted & Can't defrag Recovery?
  6. CPU meter suddenly shoots up to 100% and system shuts down
  7. Mirrored dynamic disk member has suddenly changed to foreign??
  8. Memory Diagnostic Tool keeps launching on boot up windows 7
  9. Solved Resume from Hibernate Shows Windows Error Recovery in Windows 7
  10. Solved chkdsk quit running in Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  11. HP dv6 upgrade
  12. Memory Assessment Speed
  13. (64b W7Pro) Satellite U500 using 3+ Gb RAM at idle???
  14. Solved Choose default program button (in Right-Click) not working!?
  15. Remove unused Visual C++ Runtimes?
  16. Un-take ownership of program data folder so search can work???
  17. Sony vaio applications constantly crashing/sound lags
  18. A System Image V Clean Install
  19. Laptop slow
  20. 3min screen flicker
  21. Modify links in Powercfg.cpl
  22. Registry Permission Group or usernames question
  23. processors not clocking at proper speeds; energy saver won't turn off
  24. Solved CPU temp is HIGH. Reading using SpeedFan.
  25. Newly installed Win 7 running slow on strong PC
  26. Mouse sluggish for short while whenever document or website loads
  27. How can I stop my DNS problems?
  28. Laptop slower than used to be and I hardly use the laptop
  29. Windows Action Center problem
  30. FS9 on Windows 7 ultimate memory error :(
  31. need help to remove programs from start up
  32. Program refuses screen saver to activate
  33. Solved Laptop wakes up from sleep to hibernate
  34. Power config report
  35. Solved Where did my chk disk results go?
  36. First SSD, What files are a waste of space?
  37. Solved multiple errors in CBS.log after running sfc /scannow ?
  38. have a chkdsk run on all drives every time I boot
  39. Hard Disk overload and system hanging
  40. explorer.exe
  41. Solved Constant Hiiiigh Fan Speeds
  42. A couple of chkdisk questions
  43. Slow folder (music files) access (green line)?
  44. [W7 ULT] Impossible to change "Power button/lit action" ?
  45. Task scheduler unable to load task status/active tasks at startup.
  46. windows 7 used to be fast now extremely slow ??
  47. Hard drive free space fluctuation...?
  48. windows 7 doing repair on bootup
  49. Computer goes very slow even after reformatting
  50. black screen
  51. Memory & System Handle count constantly increasing
  52. Unable to save files on my desktop
  53. just upgraded to ultimate now computer is slow
  54. BSOD after initiating bitdefender's vulnerability scan
  55. SSD Performance reduced after BIOS update.
  56. Computer all of a Sudden EXTREMELY SLOW!!
  57. Slow shutdown (2-3 minutes)
  58. laptop working slow
  59. Stop the re-indexing of FTP folders
  60. HELP! Almost ALL Programs doesn't respond.
  61. How do I enable my touchpad while using my keyboard?
  62. Waking from sleep - one core goes 100% load!
  63. How to repair corrupted registry?
  64. Random high cpu when on desktop and no memory left
  65. Solved temp file
  66. Solved High CPU On Random Programs
  67. Solved Desktop Windows Manager Service does not appear in services.msc
  68. Registry cleaner
  69. BSOD after about 30 hours of use, believe it is catalyst 12.2 related
  70. about ram memory
  71. Lack Of Memory ! Please Help
  72. Solved can not see the second partition of my hard disk after formatting
  73. Black screen after login, won't system restore
  74. Secret to finding exact score in reliability monitor
  75. Solved What's the heat output for a new CPU?
  76. Will my 32 bit legacy program benefit from a cpu upgrade?
  77. Solved auto save password and id erratic
  78. System File Checker tool not working.
  79. Solved Purging MFT
  80. 64Bit Ult won't Boot when 'Memory Remap' is Enabled to use all 4GB RAM
  81. Solved Help with how i can choice which programs tht start up.
  82. Solved explorer.exe using most of my RAM
  83. explorer.exe using a lot of CPU (80%-95% constantly)
  84. Invisible Icons in the Tray?
  85. Deleted the *Default* REG_SZ key in ProfileList and more problems!
  86. Solved Unallocated space problem: Extending C: Drive
  87. I can't move this big file..?
  88. Windows 7 home CPU temp gadget
  89. Solved Turn Off Display time gets reset; doesn't stick
  90. Pages frequently go inactive. What do I do?
  91. Problem in CPU Usage in window 7 and other motherboard problem!
  92. Solved Dual boot only shows Windows 7
  93. CPU usage spikes while playing online games.
  94. Need to use chkdsk on SD card, Advice required
  95. I can't play PES 2012
  96. windows 7, high cpu usage, more then xp?
  97. Unable to defrag from CMD despite being logged in as Administrator
  98. Netbook can't resume from sleep BUT works fine from hybernation
  99. Computer massively slowing down at low cpu
  100. How to disable automatic display brightness?
  101. Set priority on services that start automatically
  102. Solved windows 7 task manager does't show process list
  103. Which would you choose - Intel's i7 3820 or i7 3930k?
  104. Problem with Cpu Usage
  105. Which program tracks the shutdown processes
  106. rundll32.exe running all the time?
  107. CPU at 25% Only After Sleep Mode (Only one core and not the other 3)
  108. Solved Unable to perform SFC /scannow in Windows 7
  109. Random Temporary Freezes
  110. my computer is not shutting down,it restarts when i do a shutdown
  111. Recovering lost space
  112. Encoding video so slow, what is the problem?
  113. Diagnostic-Performance Even ID 100 & 200 at boot up and shutdown
  114. "My Computer"/"Computer" slow load problem
  115. who can help me out? (screenshots inside)
  116. No bootable device / windows start up loop
  117. Solved Hibernate (hyberfil.sys) file size
  118. Solved Computer shuts off completely about 10 secs. after turn on.
  119. Solved How could this be... To a Microsoft Tech
  120. Slow system response time
  121. System Interrupts CPU spikes
  122. Trying to increase my boot time
  123. Abnormally lag between BIOS and Windows
  124. Solved New install of Windows 7 running very slowly
  125. Running pc in high performance a bad idea?
  126. Solved Slow Login
  127. Sleep Mode not adjusting properly
  128. Extremely high memory usage
  129. Not able to shut down the system!
  130. How to correct boot sector without repair disk
  131. Windows 7 folder is huge
  132. xeon 3430 overheating
  133. Reboot time - Mostly waiting for MOBO to post.
  134. Slow performance
  135. Solved understanding CPU-Z
  136. UAC Event Log Error
  137. Solved 16GB RAM - Acronis still using a pagefile?!
  138. High physical memory
  139. Should I disable my Page File?
  140. Windows ReadyBoost
  141. Solved Win 7 x64, Long delay in launching All Applications
  142. C: drive full. Vista-7 upgrade/dual partition
  143. Computer will not boot properly after powering off during an update!
  144. hiberation not in start menu (but it IS ENABLED)
  145. Solved Readyboost - Safely Remove Hardware Icon
  146. Lagging Games, slow program start up
  147. Is there a way to analyze and cleanup the AppData area?
  148. Turn Sleep/Hibernate mode into Shutdown?
  149. notebook will go to sleep but will not wake up
  150. fail to post after restart, but fixed with reset button
  151. Windows Shutdown Taking Excessive Time - Multiple Users
  152. Is it possible to repair W7 without the installation CD?
  153. Solved Windows 7 takes 20 to 30 seconds after Please Wait screen
  154. Computer lagging every few seconds??!
  155. Solved C drive getting filled up each time I poweron my system
  156. Windows 7 stopped working, Cant start antivirus programs or anything
  157. High CPU and Memory usage while running multimedia
  158. SFC will not complete
  159. Solved Easy Question- Win Mem test
  160. How to read Log File
  161. I've no idea how to call this, but i need help, please..
  162. High CPU and Memory usage, Without a reason
  163. How do I change system attribute for all folders using command prompt?
  164. Laptop restarts 50% of the time when the power cord comes out
  165. system archives windows error reporting?
  166. Runhostsdll will not load with UAC set to default.
  167. Solved Slow performance lately?
  168. Solved How much do you trust registry cleaners?
  169. Solved Cannot rate Windows Experience Index
  170. Defrag System Reserved partition
  171. recording videos to seperat hard drive
  172. how much bloatware can be uninstalled from Win7 64 without registry?
  173. Solved my computer goes to sleep
  174. Chkdsk /v 8kb in bad sectors
  175. Solved Windows Experience Index and E5200 processor
  176. Solved tutorial for processor power management?
  177. Not sure if CHKDSK stuck or should wait it out.
  178. High CPU usage
  179. Slow System & IE Responsiveness When Videos Playing
  180. Solved 21.3 GB Just for win7 x64 system files?
  181. Computer start very slowly!
  182. Startup window
  183. Laptop crashes during sleep mode
  184. Should I have more than one processor driver?
  185. chkdsk in start-up repair versus in Windows Command Prompt
  186. system slow down
  187. What's difference between online/offline mounting/unmounting a disk?
  188. Solved How do I (unusualy)clean a single partition using DISKPART?
  189. Repair your computer option not working (restoring factory backup)
  190. Start-Up program called _uninst_70530835.lnk ?
  191. disk cleanup?
  192. disk usage
  193. Solved Spinning Busy Cursor - What is Holding Up My Laptop?
  194. Free Startup Manager Program?
  195. Kernel-Tm in Event Viewer
  196. Solved Trustable Registry program.
  197. Sfc/Scannow cannot repair corrupt .inf and .nlp files
  198. Plugged in not charging
  199. Serious sound stuttering, input lags.
  200. Open Windows Explorer with Admin rights
  201. Checking/Monitoring Performance Decrease?
  202. RAM and speed issues
  203. High CPU usage problems when starting a program.
  204. Solved Question about Add/Remove Programs
  205. I cannot see where I'm told that color profile is being used.
  206. Solved Window Movement and Graphics suddenly stilted/sluggish
  207. Systray icons are not responding
  208. Can't Run CHKDSK on External HDD
  209. Speed up Windows - Remove Visual Candy ?
  210. Is it too late to save my PC? Sfc looks pretty bad..
  211. Desktop 'Error' pop up
  212. Solved Disk Analyser doesn't add up
  213. When a bluescreen isnt a bluescreen
  214. Computer Speed Slowed!!!
  215. System drive is full. why?
  216. Computer running very slow over past few months
  217. Give the Pagefile it's own partition?
  218. custom build. running a lil slow.
  219. clean users folder on shutdown
  220. Think i have a memory leak, cant find it though
  221. How do you know when chkdsk /r is done from a restart?
  222. How to delete temp and cookie files in window 7?
  223. disk space 4 free
  224. Fixing "Scripted Diagnostics Native Host".
  225. Cleaning Thumbnail Cache
  226. Solved Sudden memory lose
  227. I have a silly question - re : sfc and system restore
  228. Some Programs Slow to Launch from Start Menu
  229. Solved Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag and Registry Cleaners
  230. welcome screen not displayed
  231. Solved HELP! - With Free Space
  232. Solved Netstat-B
  233. Enable the memory remapping feature!
  234. Limit RAM Cache?
  235. sfc /scannow problems
  236. CPU level stuck at 100% - Causing a lot of problems
  237. hibernate&sleep greyed out
  238. How to delete unwanted/unknown programs and such
  239. Computer immediately starts when entering sleep.
  240. Notebook wakes immediately after closing the screen?
  241. Computer Running Hot when Idle
  242. Solved Bios Installation
  243. Would this work? (Workaround for slow CHKDSK)
  244. Solved How to remove black screen at startup in win7 home prem
  245. Random CPU spikes and performance lag
  246. A disk read error ocurred
  247. Haw to block sleep mode, even if it is planned.
  248. Windows 7: 32-bit vs 64-bit
  249. Laptop gets extremely hot.
  250. Applaunch.exe taking alot of memory.