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  1. Limit RAM Cache?
  2. sfc /scannow problems
  3. CPU level stuck at 100% - Causing a lot of problems
  4. hibernate&sleep greyed out
  5. How to delete unwanted/unknown programs and such
  6. Computer immediately starts when entering sleep.
  7. Notebook wakes immediately after closing the screen?
  8. Computer Running Hot when Idle
  9. Solved Bios Installation
  10. Would this work? (Workaround for slow CHKDSK)
  11. Solved How to remove black screen at startup in win7 home prem
  12. Random CPU spikes and performance lag
  13. A disk read error ocurred
  14. Haw to block sleep mode, even if it is planned.
  15. Windows 7: 32-bit vs 64-bit
  16. Laptop gets extremely hot.
  17. Applaunch.exe taking alot of memory.
  18. Windows wakes up immediately from sleep
  19. Overheating laptop
  20. Collect Action Center & Reliability Monitor events from Win 7 clients
  21. How to remove search for computers and search for people start menu
  22. Solved May I delete these .NET framework files?
  23. Do you reccomend an optimization suite?
  24. Solved Slowed down HDD access after update(Windows and Avast)
  25. Format External Drive in Windows 7 or Windows XP
  26. how can i delete chkdsk logs files?
  27. Solved What can/cannot be disabled
  28. Using Dataram RAMdisk
  29. Windows 7 Computer not fully entering sleep
  30. 456 Windows 7 shortcuts in one folder!
  31. Solved Is it possible to span and mirror 4 HDDs?
  32. Did you move your Firefox cache into RAM/off your SSD?
  33. Laptop hard drive runs for 3 seconds, stops, and causes freezing
  34. Search Function Start Menu Broken
  35. chkdsk and window defender?
  36. Win7 64bits and also Win 7 Bootable CD taking eternity to be loaded.
  37. Is it beneficial to use multiple ReadyBoost flash drives?
  38. Boot times - how best to analyse?
  39. 'Stuck' program message when shutting down
  40. Help wanted in cleaning up PC - Reduce CPU and RAM Usage
  41. Solved Slow PC, Health Report says Device Disabled but Dev. Mgr. says its ok
  42. Solved How can I test video card ram?
  43. Is it possible to disable the Windows 7 clock?
  44. MAX Virtual Memory?
  45. Windows 7 64bit shows 3.73GB usable memory with 8GB installed
  46. Windows 7 Sleep Sounds
  47. Cannot repair member file - win7 64b - Home Premium
  48. PC Shuts down by itself
  49. Solved SFC SCANNOW help. corrupt files unable to get fix
  50. 0xc0000142 error svchost.exe unable to start when trying to restart
  51. Recovery D drive/partition 2% fragmented
  52. Solved PC wakes after 5 minutes....source power button....need advice
  53. Desktop hibernate then wake on lan
  54. Windows 7 32 Bit Bogging Down After Multiple HDD Install
  55. 32 bit applications on windows7 64-bit
  56. Boot Duration IsDegradation false
  57. Improve performance
  58. SFC /scannow
  59. Big loss of FPS after Seven migration
  60. event id 7036 flood
  61. Running out of physical memory
  62. Dual vs quad core - choosing
  63. Solved Paging File
  64. Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray
  65. Internal Computer Temperatures
  66. Can't install windows update
  67. Window content's size problem.
  68. Slow restart
  69. application base priority auto changes
  70. Windows 7 32bit vs 64bit?
  71. Receiving "Not responding" in multiple programs
  72. Measure energy consumption
  73. Why do I need 2nd pagefile.sys for 2nd physical HDD (w/16 Gb RAM)
  74. Extra long shutdown
  75. Running Tasks with Hibernate and Sleep??
  76. Re applied thermal paste, now pc wont boot up and makes high pitch
  77. Solved Are my temps fine?
  78. CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.
  79. Solved 100MB system reservation ?
  80. folders view doesnt remember in win 7 64Bit!
  81. Serious Power Option reset of Maximum Processor State every sleep/hib
  82. Slow to start up
  83. Solved How do i move USERS folder to another drive
  84. Hard disc activity after screensaver jumps in
  85. System Temp.
  86. Computer wake up problem
  87. How to delete hiberfil.sys from a non-system drive?
  88. User Accounts 2
  89. Solved Delete CrashDumps Folder files?
  90. Can I safely delete these files?
  91. Will 7 run well on this configuration?
  92. Solved Disk Manager extremely slow to respond
  93. hard drive failure
  94. Slow boot up of Windows (64 bit Ultimate) on laptop
  95. Solved Computer slows down fast after power up
  96. Why Is Windows Live Messenger Using So Much Memory
  97. How to improve Windows 7 Home performance on 2mb machine?
  98. HELP - On every command windows stays busy for awhile??
  99. This laptop specs aren't good enough for Windows 7 Ultimate?
  100. Thoughts:Re:Modifying the "Wait to kill" string with an ssd in play.
  101. Solved CPU and memory performance suddenly drastically reduced
  102. Solved My computer shuts down randomly.
  103. Can I configure to prevent atdmt.cookie from loading?
  104. Random system lag when connected to certain network.
  105. SSDs and Reliability Monitor
  106. Computer lagging?
  107. Very slow booting ,windows 7 ultimate x64 - any help ?
  108. Memory usage way too high- hovering aroung 50%
  109. Solved save as type
  110. 6 GB RAM (Only 4GB useable) - How do I solve this?
  111. Need help upgrading RAM
  112. Fan Speed Program
  113. Windows 7 HP 64bit boot up slow
  114. Solved Using Task Scheduler to wake PC for the day
  115. Windows 7 emachines E627 series very slow
  116. Windows explorer and interface very slow
  117. CPU Usage 100 percent after ram upgrade
  118. Compaq CQ62-A25SA Laptop Freezes on battery power Event ID 41
  119. Temp folder problem
  120. My Windows Experience Index incorrectly accesses my harddrive
  121. Permissions wont let installers install!
  122. Trying to access internet and get a flash of the window but no screen
  123. Running Diskkeeper in the Background on Windows 7?
  124. User Experience Rating crashes at Direct3D 10 Texture Load Assessment
  125. Defrag and Cleaning
  126. Solved System.Management.Automation.dll
  127. Power Settings - Close Lid - Do Nothing
  128. DDR PC-2700 and PC 3200 performance
  129. Solved Hibernation only locks computer; pagefile problem?
  130. High CPU usage, even after clean re-install
  131. Disabling IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
  132. Solved SSD; Moved 'Users' and 'ProgData', SP1 OK. About 'Program Files'?
  133. SLOW boot -10 plus minutes after a Factory Restore and Windows Update
  134. Service Plug & Play, CPU at 50% after stand-by
  135. Solved Windows Aero and games performance
  136. Solved Certain applications take awhile to open
  137. Solved Recommend System Repair Software
  138. Control Panel, Search, and Start Menu
  139. Long Shutdown CLFS.sys = 63sec
  140. Time Resets to GMT On Restart
  141. Computer Lags 1-5 seconds trying to troubleshoot problem
  142. AMD Services & Startup
  143. Sudden and extreme slowdown Shutdown, boot and hibernate
  144. Solved Unexplained, Unpredictable Windows 7 64-bit slowdown
  145. Solved High cpu and memory usage
  146. Reformattimg to XP
  147. Need Help Extremely Large Files in Windows-Temp Folder Cannot Delete
  148. Solved Suddenly 7 won't enter Sleep mode; start-up freezes
  149. Blank screen comes when starts for sometime
  150. How do you defrag?
  151. Solved how to upload cbs log to skydrive ?
  152. Question about REALTEK Audio Manager HD and CPU Usage
  153. Do I need to keep these Input Method Editors?
  154. Have 61 processes running and getting performance spikes. Please Help!
  155. Solved WEI score goes down after new monitor
  156. CPU Usage
  157. Windows 7 Power Failure
  158. Speeding up browsing of large folders
  159. Creating .batch to run at shutdown
  160. My Power Management Settings Are Whack, Yo!
  161. windows 7 search index
  162. How can I change icon sizes in ONLY the current folder?
  163. Solved I need help doing a Full Format with Windows 7
  164. Very slow log in (5+ minutes)
  165. Msst
  166. Solved How to get the Windows Vista boot screen on Windows 7?
  167. Seemingly shutdown issues.
  168. Solved Quickly seeing what folders are the biggest?
  169. Solved Using SFC /SCANNOW
  170. CPU Juggling
  171. Solved Can you set PC to auto shutdown in power saver?
  172. Is it safe to use tools like ccleaner on an SSD?
  173. Solved Unable to Delete 0 byte Folder
  174. Continual Disk Activity & major slowdown
  175. Solved Ram using hard drive space
  176. Boot drive missing ~20GB
  177. Solved Time stamp missing from Date and Time column - Event Viewer
  178. Solved How much physical RAM reqd for Win'7 HP (64-bit) to run smoothly ?
  179. Solved Is it better to leave laptop on 'hibernate' or 'sleep' in Windows 7 HP
  180. Sfc /scannow error
  181. many startup programs
  182. Aero says it cannot run with program requiring mirroring
  183. Computer suddenly started running very slow
  184. Win7 Pro Long Shutdown Can't find issue
  185. Audio mobs the CPU
  186. How to enable EMS.
  187. Solved Dust and CPU Temperature correlation
  188. Solved svchost.exe not found in task manager
  190. What is TrustedInstaller.exe
  191. Increase RAM performance ?
  192. Solved Explorer Search Index Not Working/ Files are not coming up
  193. Is Registry Defrag Useful?
  194. Solved Kernel-Event Tracing error/System Health Report
  195. Solved Common BSOD/changed boot disk
  196. How can i improve my laptops performance??
  197. Solved PC is lagging sometimes
  198. Automatically delete files
  199. Solved How do I get rid of files with illegal names
  200. Solved Boot Time Takes a couple of minutes to start up.
  201. Aero problems, choppy animations, Intel HD3000
  202. computer freezes after login, even after clean install
  203. How hot is too hot? (in the computer)
  204. Power Settings
  205. Fails to wake from Sleep
  206. Sluggish Resume From Suspend Then Network Goes Down
  207. Hard disk making noise on particular location and unable to format it.
  208. Can't turn OFF pagefile
  209. Solved Ram usage up to 80%+ in about an hour
  210. Hijack this log,safe to delete missing files?
  211. Solved Run .BAT file prior to Shut Down?
  212. Computer not entering sleep mode
  213. S.M.A.R.T. status bad, startup repair loop, can't reach boot menu.
  214. Solved PageFile.sys & Hiberfil.sys - Delete Safe?
  215. So whats the size of your windows\winsxs folder
  216. Disk Check freezing.
  217. Solved Print Screen error
  218. WindOws 7 FREEZE/Hang problem
  219. New Windows 7 64bit install, now only 32 gig free of 232 gig harddrive
  220. Question about Changing Virtual Memory/PageFile Size in Windows 7
  221. Moving Page File to another partition - Safer? Faster?
  222. Solved Change when the computer sleeps - from cmd line
  223. Solved Stacking of notification area icons gone wrong
  224. Horrible CPU overload and lag, severe driver lag
  225. Unable to change Power settings
  226. Frequent unresponsiveness, 100% hardware disk usage, 0% software usage
  227. Hard Drive diagnostics report bad sectors
  228. Is Cleaners Registry Cleaner "safe"
  229. Amigo360,Avg Pc tune up and system scan/cleanup
  230. Cpu ghost spikes
  231. disk and cpu spikes
  232. Solved Too many errors in events and very slow computer.
  233. Should I and How To defrag?
  234. Solved I found No icons on desktop after restart
  235. Automatic wake up
  236. Tune up/re-install windows
  237. Solved Cannot renable hibernation. Hibernation not working.
  238. New PC Lags/freezes
  239. Win7 very slow and getting worse, what to do??
  240. Solved 1monitor, 1tv, 2 different graphics cards. Dual Monitors..HELP!
  241. Computer slow, RAM full, no processes using it...
  242. getting ERROR when trying to update driver Intel HD Graphics Family
  243. Wireless Internet disconnects when i close laptop lid
  244. Solved Is it safe to delete the roaming folder?
  245. Solved Using Ceramique On CPU HS/F?
  246. Desperate help needed!! Help me check my CBS log file!!
  247. problem with win7
  248. Solved sigcheck.exe not working
  249. Screen becomes unresponsive
  250. Solved The description for Event ID 9 from source KScsiPrt cannot be found...