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  1. Continual Disk Activity & major slowdown
  2. Solved Ram using hard drive space
  3. Boot drive missing ~20GB
  4. Solved Time stamp missing from Date and Time column - Event Viewer
  5. Solved How much physical RAM reqd for Win'7 HP (64-bit) to run smoothly ?
  6. Solved Is it better to leave laptop on 'hibernate' or 'sleep' in Windows 7 HP
  7. Sfc /scannow error
  8. many startup programs
  9. Aero says it cannot run with program requiring mirroring
  10. Computer suddenly started running very slow
  11. Win7 Pro Long Shutdown Can't find issue
  12. Audio mobs the CPU
  13. How to enable EMS.
  14. Solved Dust and CPU Temperature correlation
  15. Solved svchost.exe not found in task manager
  17. What is TrustedInstaller.exe
  18. Increase RAM performance ?
  19. Solved Explorer Search Index Not Working/ Files are not coming up
  20. Is Registry Defrag Useful?
  21. Solved Kernel-Event Tracing error/System Health Report
  22. Solved Common BSOD/changed boot disk
  23. How can i improve my laptops performance??
  24. Solved PC is lagging sometimes
  25. Automatically delete files
  26. Solved How do I get rid of files with illegal names
  27. Solved Boot Time Takes a couple of minutes to start up.
  28. Aero problems, choppy animations, Intel HD3000
  29. How hot is too hot? (in the computer)
  30. Power Settings
  31. Fails to wake from Sleep
  32. Sluggish Resume From Suspend Then Network Goes Down
  33. Hard disk making noise on particular location and unable to format it.
  34. Can't turn OFF pagefile
  35. Solved Ram usage up to 80%+ in about an hour
  36. Hijack this log,safe to delete missing files?
  37. Solved Run .BAT file prior to Shut Down?
  38. Computer not entering sleep mode
  39. S.M.A.R.T. status bad, startup repair loop, can't reach boot menu.
  40. Solved PageFile.sys & Hiberfil.sys - Delete Safe?
  41. So whats the size of your windows\winsxs folder
  42. Disk Check freezing.
  43. Solved Print Screen error
  44. WindOws 7 FREEZE/Hang problem
  45. New Windows 7 64bit install, now only 32 gig free of 232 gig harddrive
  46. Question about Changing Virtual Memory/PageFile Size in Windows 7
  47. Moving Page File to another partition - Safer? Faster?
  48. Solved Change when the computer sleeps - from cmd line
  49. Solved Stacking of notification area icons gone wrong
  50. Horrible CPU overload and lag, severe driver lag
  51. Unable to change Power settings
  52. Frequent unresponsiveness, 100% hardware disk usage, 0% software usage
  53. Hard Drive diagnostics report bad sectors
  54. Is Cleaners Registry Cleaner "safe"
  55. Amigo360,Avg Pc tune up and system scan/cleanup
  56. Cpu ghost spikes
  57. disk and cpu spikes
  58. Solved Too many errors in events and very slow computer.
  59. Should I and How To defrag?
  60. Solved I found No icons on desktop after restart
  61. Automatic wake up
  62. Tune up/re-install windows
  63. Solved Cannot renable hibernation. Hibernation not working.
  64. New PC Lags/freezes
  65. Win7 very slow and getting worse, what to do??
  66. Solved 1monitor, 1tv, 2 different graphics cards. Dual Monitors..HELP!
  67. Computer slow, RAM full, no processes using it...
  68. Wireless Internet disconnects when i close laptop lid
  69. Solved Is it safe to delete the roaming folder?
  70. Solved Using Ceramique On CPU HS/F?
  71. Desperate help needed!! Help me check my CBS log file!!
  72. problem with win7
  73. Solved sigcheck.exe not working
  74. Screen becomes unresponsive
  75. Solved The description for Event ID 9 from source KScsiPrt cannot be found...
  76. Three performance problems in Windows 7
  77. Win 7 HP (64-bit) with 8 Gb RAM - keeps asking to save V'Mem settings
  78. Solved Registry
  79. Screen keeps turning on/waking up by itself (Win7)
  80. System performance "slow" warning in any game, but running just fine
  81. Winter rocks.
  82. Solved Vipre Internet Security 2012 Causes Whole System to Hang
  83. Solved WEI can't run
  84. Registry power cleaner
  85. Power Mgmt: Is there a way to Shutdown after idle time period?
  86. Didn't install anything, but the number of processes running went up
  87. Configuring what happens for "sleep"?
  88. Gadgets or Rainmeter
  89. Solved Ahci
  90. Apps lose focus after 5s. Can't type.
  91. Solved My PC lags badly after leaving alone running for a While? Help!!!
  92. Faster Thumbnail updating???
  93. Solved Computer mouse going spaz
  94. Performance Issue - Computer Shrinks
  95. screensaver and power options not working on windows 7
  96. Screen Turns Red and Purple...
  97. Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB (2.96 GB usable) . Is this correct?
  98. Can't run 64-bit dxdiag, Help!
  99. Windows Defrag showing 1%, instead of 0%
  100. Sys restore--? space
  101. Notebook slow - changing focus, opening new windows...
  102. Can you give me some information about shut down
  103. Solved Very slow boot up 20+ mins
  104. Solved Registry Cleaning
  105. Solved What does it mean "your system has timed out"?
  106. Solved C:\users\username\AppData\Local
  107. decrease
  108. Solved Only 2.87 GB of Ram Usable Out of 3GB?
  109. IIS Server-Side Includes - How to activate
  110. Solved Snipping Tool Saves
  111. FL Studio 10 and Windows 7 CPU Spikes
  112. RamDisk and Google.
  113. Solved Will adding a USB 3 card make much of a difference.
  114. Background pgm eating up CPU
  115. Does it drain more energy when screen is white?
  116. Registry optimizer
  117. Solved S3 resume not working
  118. Solved User Profile Service Failed the Login User profile cannot be loaded
  119. Solved Slow Bootup, but no errors… What happened?
  120. Solved Windows 7 constantly & regularly freezes/pauses for no known reason
  121. Slow USB Transfer Rate on Desktop but not Laptop - Both Windows 7
  122. Restoring Desktop Icon Location After Mistake
  123. Win 7 x64 Memory Leak(?), Computer idles with 1.5gb+ of ram use
  124. "Sfc\scannow:Impossibile eseguire per protezione Windows"
  125. Solved computer hibernation problem
  126. sfc scannow can't repair files
  127. Windows 7 boot is slow (2-3 minutes) without boot manager
  128. x64 issues: big freeze, sfc reports error
  129. Preview Icons Not Displaying, Sometimes No Icons Display in Explorer
  130. How do I find "found"files created by CHKDSK?
  131. Hibernation not working
  132. Print Spooler error in Event Viewer
  133. 4GB RAM Installed - 1.75GB Usable
  134. Hibernate
  135. Solved Laptop replacement battery conditioning
  136. Solved Computer waking up from Sleep when I turn on monitor
  137. Slow start up after electric trip
  138. Disable horizontal scroll bar (see screenshot)
  139. Unable to run chkdsk hard drive write protected
  140. Solved How-to call a VBS in Win7 Pro to Telnet a shutdown to a NAS
  141. How to block a bluetooth device?
  142. Windows 7 slow after elimination of dual-boot
  143. What should be the optimum Virtual Memory in Win 7 HP (64-bit)
  144. Intel HD Graphics Indescrepancies 32-64 bit O/S
  145. Solved how do i move the users directory from C: to another drive?
  146. C Drive almost full after failed download - how to clean up?
  147. Need a straight answer for installer folder mayhem
  148. Random floppy drive seek and hard drive light flashing
  149. Solved What does this error in Event Viewer mean??
  150. Solved Free space suddenly vanishing
  151. Solved WMIPRVSE.EXE problem..?
  152. Constant lag spikes when I do anything now
  153. Solved Performance of OS running from a booted VHD vs normal partition
  154. Please help -ALL of my computer take 5min at login- but are ok after
  155. Windows Explorer does not show disk partition letter
  156. Computer become slow and more ram after upgrade RAM
  157. what windows 7 maintenence program finds shortcuts you haven't used i
  158. Solved Deleted Power schemes, restore default schemes(.reg)
  159. Solved svchost.exe w/7000+ threads 30%+ processor usage.
  160. Lots of warnings and errors in the event viewer.
  161. Sleep Mode errors - system won't sleep, 12 errors in energy-report
  162. Win7 file search returns no files (but they exist)
  163. Disk Check runs everytime i turn on computer?
  164. help to shrink drive c w/400+ g's free space but see only 900+ MB's
  165. I seem to have a RAM problem with my lappy
  166. Solved The Color Scheme Keeps Changing To Windows 7 Basic At Random?!
  167. How to create(restore) SysMain service in Windows 7 SP1
  168. PC has been slower since last format
  169. Installed new SSD clean install of windows7 and now experiencing slow
  170. Right click not responding and very slow.
  171. True or False: Disabling Aero makes your computer slower.
  172. Slow boot time even after Win7 reinstall
  173. While Checking in Event viewer lof of Diagonaists Perf issue
  174. Explorer.exe using 100%
  175. Solved The consuming of RAM
  176. Having problems accessing some folders
  177. Solved Defrag question
  178. Solved Pros & Cons of Laptop Hibernation
  179. ready boost
  180. Solved How does ReadyBoost work?
  181. Slow start up but computer seems to be working fine otherwise
  182. Win 7 64 bit 4gb+ ram access
  183. Background program using 100% CPU. PC slow at startup.
  184. Black Screen, Mouse Pointer in Center on Bootup
  185. My RAM is over 5GB after boot
  186. svchost.exe using spu and growing! PLEASE HELP!
  187. SFC Scans finds errors and can't repair some of them
  188. Solved SFC runs, finds errors, but does not create CBS.log file
  189. Hyberfil.sys Won't Stay Off After powercfg -h off, Disable in CP
  190. Win7 64bit unusable - help
  191. Question about Performance Options(Visual Effects tab)
  192. Create system repair disk, stuck
  193. Solved Hardware reserved Memory?
  194. Corrupt User account: migrate to new user?
  195. Solved very slow boot but running fine, new install
  196. Win 7 Folders taking a long time to access files.
  197. Best way to update drivers - DriverTuner?
  198. Sluggish performance, windows 7 home premium 64-bit
  199. Windows Aero disables "lack of memory" error
  200. Scanning function
  201. Windows 7 Suddenly Won't Boot
  202. Should I defragment my (18% fragmented) SSD?
  203. Computer seems slower then usual and random times windows 7
  204. Useful tools to help protect/keep my pc clean
  205. Drop-Down Menus Won't Stay Open
  206. Solved Macrium Reflect (Free 5.0.4118): need help on "recover partition"
  207. Hiberation problem with Asus X53E
  208. MAX CPU usage while internet browsing
  209. CPU 100%, Help Me!!
  210. Does Outlook RSS feed prevent Windows from entering sleep?
  211. Reparing MBR after deleting Ubuntu
  212. Standby and Hibernate not working
  213. HP Laptop Will Not Resume after Hibernation.
  214. Solved Is it necessary to clean windows 7
  215. Solved My laptop turns off unexpectedly
  216. Fan is totally messing up my computer. :(
  217. Solved Machine not going to sleep properly
  218. computer maintenance
  219. base filtering engine BFE deleted
  220. Wallpaper gone black
  221. Puh-leeze Some Vista help -
  222. Power Management Question
  223. Laptop very slow (in excess of 5 minutes) to respond after Suspend
  224. Huge problem, no normal user accounts to log in
  225. How do I clean install without discs?
  226. Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines High CPU
  227. How do I delete files and installs on shutdown
  228. New to windows 7 question about running services and processes
  229. Solved New Memory New Timings, New Speed, NOT Happening.
  230. System repair disk
  231. Windows 7 x64 i5 Dell Inspiron N5010 lags when music played
  232. increase factory image partition
  233. How to maximizing battery life??
  234. sfc found corrupt files - CBS log file
  235. Shut Down Time Increased? or Slower than Normal.
  236. Freeze up
  237. Windows 7 freezes - programs open very slowly
  238. I don't know why the score is low for the CPU
  239. Applications stealing focus..
  240. Right-clicking menu with "Fade or slide menus into view" seems laggy
  241. Very slow to open files from windows explorer - ok within application
  242. chkdsk....allocation unit
  243. departition hard drive
  244. Export with Task Scheduler?
  245. Mouse behaving erractically
  246. Getting Deferred Procedure Calls and System Interrupts - Please Help
  247. Unable to format hdd
  248. Extremely slow boot+log-on, poor performance after clean install
  249. Disappearing Icons and Slow Response Time
  250. BSOD too often need to check dmp