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  1. Solved On Windows 7 64bit only 1.99 of usable ram?
  2. Hot-swapping display profiles W7
  3. My Windows 7 is slow, and under attack
  4. Whats the best from these cpu's to run Win 7
  5. windows slow
  6. Solved How do I extend the time until an app is marked "Not Responding"?
  7. Slower reboot with Superfetch !
  8. Windows AREO low index, No Idea why.
  9. How can my PC again detect the specs?
  10. Solved Slow Search in Windows 7
  11. Opening folder very lagggy
  12. something eats up my physical memory svchost.exe(localsystenetrestric?
  13. svchost problem
  14. Solved Sfc /Scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.
  15. Event Viewer ID 6008
  16. Long Disk queues slows system
  17. CPU randomly spikes to 100%
  18. Does my HP pavillion DVt7 (costumized) support RAID?
  19. New Computer Getting Slower By The Day
  20. Solved Using AHCI, but no systray icon for ejecting devices
  21. RAM full utilisation PROBLEM! please help!
  22. hows this look CLEANWINSXS(WIN7) free somespace
  23. Are these computer Temperatures okay?
  24. Boot problems from POST screen onwards
  25. Solved Difference between MouseHoverTime vs. ExtendedUIHoverTime?
  26. Solved CCleaner Vs PowerTools Lite
  27. Programs lag when minimizing, warcraft game lags
  28. Computer is still slow, tried everything
  29. One Pagefile / Swap - Multiple operating systems
  30. Hybrid sleep doesn't always occur after idle time setting
  31. Solved Missing information under system.
  32. What are the Proper settings for longer battery life in Toshiba NB500?
  33. Disk Cleanup Question Please?
  34. Solved Laptop NBA 2k11 running slow when it was fine a few days ago
  35. Copying/Moving Files why so slow?
  36. Solved Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Consumes High Memory?
  37. Need help regarding slow boottime slow startup and hangs
  38. "Internal battery" notices..what problems could a low battery cause?
  39. Solved tips to improve computer performance.
  40. Purging the prefetch files
  41. "... Not responding" - under normal win7 usage, keeps freezing!!!
  42. How can I maximize fan speed?
  43. This can't be normal, can't it? (low CPU usage)
  44. Using Dynamic Disks for spanning (what happens if one fails)
  45. Computer is unusually slow and everything is 3 fps
  46. I renamed winload.exe and bootres.dll! PC won't boot!
  47. New system complete maximum windows experience index fail
  48. Task Scheduler doesn't wake up computer
  49. Solved Any idea what this start up screen means???
  50. Solved How does bitlocker work
  51. which is your favorite to tweak software windows 7?
  52. Solved ReadyBoost causes antivirus to make computer unresponsive during scan
  53. Solved ? About Defragging
  54. Massive HDD lag
  55. Musical Chairs For Hard Drives
  56. Solved What on earth are these drivers?!!
  57. Solved Notebook lost power and now windows 7 take 25 minutes to boot.
  58. Solved Resource Monitor has one of my Hds always at 100% active
  59. Need suggestions for simple real-time event monitoring.
  61. Delete Windows 7 temporary files and recover real estate.
  62. i need help
  63. Windows 7 Raid - Drives can't see each other
  64. How to delete previous windows file.
  65. PC wont wake up after sleeping time
  66. Please Help
  67. Associating extensions with programs.
  68. Windows 7 shutdown taking 3-5 minutes possibly related to autocheck
  69. Solved Can someone read sfc details text
  70. Identify Redundant Processes and Services?
  71. Waking up from sleep causes black screen.
  72. AHCI slower than IDE :-P
  73. New SSD - bad performance
  74. deleted the files in %appdata% folder!
  75. Solved Can i still use my pc while its being defragmented
  76. How do I improve reboot time
  77. Computer won't go into sleep mode when HDMI cable is connected.
  78. How to decide which startup items are necessary (screenshots)
  79. Solved 4 GB of Physical Memory but 1.74 GB Usable
  80. PC makes Hissing noise when running a game.
  81. Windows 7 - Performance Plug and Play service
  82. Disabling Dynamic Process Priorities?
  83. Solved CPUID Hardware Monitor
  84. Solved Windows 7 Taskbar Disappears - another method to resolve this
  85. DST/CST Clock Resets
  86. Windows 7 fresh install, incredibly slow and 100% CPU usage
  87. Available Ram varies widely
  88. ntoskrnl.exe and USBPORT.SYS causing high CPU usage
  89. Solved Normal windows 7 RAM usage
  90. AVG reports high memory usage.
  91. Windows 7 (64 bit) High CPU + SLOW?
  92. Lagging with Aero
  93. Solved Too much time display log-off screen.
  94. getting a black screen on startup!
  95. Win 7 randomly slowing for no reason it seems
  96. Solved Phantom CD drive appears in "Computer"
  97. Windows Repair runs every time I start Windows 7
  98. Solved USB Flash ReadyBoost Write-Cache
  99. increased memory usage with added memory - why?
  100. The diagnostic solution encountered a runtime error
  101. Computer behaves very slowly when browsing within my User directory
  102. swap / Windows 7 x64
  103. Solved CHKDSK running regularly now I have an SSD
  104. Why does Win7 lie about it's boot-up time?
  105. Fresh install of Win 7 - Running slow as hell + keeps freezing
  106. Advanced Disk Cleanup - Create Shortcuts Without A Batch File!
  107. Quicker loading of folders?
  108. Solved Control Panel Does Not Show "Indexing Options"
  109. battery level window
  110. large appdata folder on ssd, can i save it somewhere else?
  111. For what purpose aclayers.dll used for ?
  112. Solved NTFS corruption
  113. Hard disk hunts for 10 minutes on boot up
  114. Periodic error: Programs freeze and harddrive LED is constantly on
  115. What should I do when cpu usage is high.
  116. Before using ReadyBoost...
  117. Solved Sfc scannow problem
  118. Solved Only 2GB free but not that much installed
  119. How do i slow down my pcs cpu,gpu or just the pc itself?
  120. Defrag or not to defrag?
  121. Solved Slow boot time after forcing computer to shut down during back up
  122. Event Error 8206 when Restore Point Fails
  123. Does a lot of icons in the taskbar effect performance?
  124. How to schedule a task manager to start when I start another program
  125. Excessive RAM use
  126. Trustworthy Performance Tweak Guides?
  127. Solved Cpu temperature really high ? please help =(
  128. Command Window at Startup
  129. Computer Running Slowly, CHKDSK automatically cancels on startup
  130. Clean out my pc?
  131. Are Windows 7 Disc Cleanup & Defrag Tools Enough?
  132. CPU WEI rating getting lower?
  133. I want to use power plan unplugged all the time
  134. Windows Startup Takes Ages Depending on the Boot Drive
  135. Solved Missing Drive Letters
  136. Formatting and reformatting of HDDs, partitioning and initializing ...
  137. Turning off hard drives manually
  138. Constant Nonresponsive states when doing simple tasks
  139. Memory usage maxes out 100% during file transfer, computer freezes
  140. Solved USB External Hard drive Taking Ages to Transfer files
  141. Solved Slow Windows 7 Start up before Login
  142. WEI test cannot be completed
  143. ReadyBoost not recognizing more than 2GB
  144. Solved eh System health report?
  145. Windows folder size is huge and taking over my hard drive - by design?
  146. Blue Screen Death Problem
  147. Solved 15 minutes to boot into Windows?
  148. Pc just froze
  149. Need help finding out what's consuming CPU cycles
  150. How to set Advanced options in Power Options (64 bit Ultimate)
  151. storage usage of libraries affect on computer performance
  152. Tweaking boot partition offset and size...issues?
  153. Solved System Restore vs System Image Restore
  154. Errors after I start programs (corrupted disk)
  155. Solved Deleting System Restore Points Selectively - disk usage
  156. The device cannot be used for ReadyBoost.
  157. xperf disk io graph about flushes item
  158. Solved Drive not listed in Defragmenter Schedule
  159. Fresh Windows 7 x64 install is ridiculously laggy.
  160. Sleep Mode Problem
  161. Windows is locking screen frequently
  162. svchost.exe taking up too much CPU
  163. Rewrite mbr
  164. Acceptable Domain Logon Times
  165. Constant 1.5-2g memory usage.
  166. Solved Sanitizing & access denied to System Volume Information
  167. help
  168. Solved chkdsk c: /f /r question
  169. Background or dialogue activity taking focus
  170. windows Starting
  171. Lookin for a good memory recoverer and optimizer
  172. Monitor where disk space is going ?
  173. Windows 7 hibernates if cpu utilization high
  174. Can Adobe Design Premium CS4 cause long boot times?
  175. Solved Will computer wake up from hybrid sleep to check for updates?
  176. optimising online time
  177. PC only opens wallpaper - no icons or taskbar
  178. Display Driver Stopped Responding error message.
  179. Random crashes, running Win7 HP x64.
  180. Solved Physical memory issue
  181. Split Second Delay Opening Windows, Folders, Etc in Windows 7 Pro 64
  182. Slow movement due to CPU
  183. Readyboost not working with Patriot XT 8gb USB 2.0
  184. High CPU usage all the time... how can i fix it?
  185. Very slow boot time, decreased general performance
  186. Solved Possible performance drop due to cleaning fan.
  187. Scvhost exe using too much ram
  188. Solved Windows 7 home premium using 1.58 gb of ram
  189. Kind of 'transparent' program-windows, shows whatever behind them
  190. Solved Sluggish Win7 on New Build
  191. Disk defragment not responding in safe mode
  192. Firefox 7.01 not responding well to input, keypresses
  193. Add Power Options to Windows 7
  194. computer freezing and requires a manual shutdown
  195. Aero Peek will not turn off
  196. My BootDevicesInitTime is 339935ms
  197. Solved My Laptop is getting slower from time to time please help !!!!!
  198. Sleep causing i5 2500k core 0 to pin at 100%
  199. Can anybody help me find my trouble in this log??
  200. Explorer keeps on restarting in Windows 7
  201. Windows 7 x64 ultimate, shutdown problem
  202. My Hardisk is Full even after Files Deleted and Program Uninstalled
  203. Computer suddenly slow after playing Assassin's Creed 2
  204. ready boost
  205. Pagefile - RAID vs. SLED
  206. Change Processor Speed
  207. Solved chkdsk can not performed?
  208. A Small Guide for PC Gamers
  209. Multiple crashes related to Windows7 shut down and sleep.. URGENT
  210. Disk Defragmenter Stuck
  211. Failed creating "Music" symlink... Blasted Libraries!
  212. Why My Laptop Wakes Up From Standby Without My intervention?
  213. Folders with numbers and letters
  214. Edit Services with Batch File
  215. System process is using all available CPU
  216. Very slow startup
  217. Energy saving, have my graphic card turn off when not in use
  218. PC slow down when copying large files from RAID0 to eSATA HDD
  219. Does anyone have have sleep issues with the ASUS M-series motherboards
  220. CPU Temperature
  221. Which files to delete from AppData folder
  222. How do I speed up windows Start-up & Shut down?
  223. Solved Can I Delete These Files ?
  224. Solved my computer is lagging bad and not sure why
  225. Is it time for me to reformat my HD?
  226. Very high temps on Asus G50VT--fan is clean
  227. MiniMem
  228. Kill process with cmd
  229. how too add more space to cdrive
  230. CHKDSK at startup, getting "File recored segment XXXXX is unreadable."
  231. Win7 Issues: Slow recovery from Sleep Mode, System hangs when writing
  232. Performance Testing for the Common Man: Fast, Easy Benchmarks
  233. running double programs and system files on task manager...pls help!
  234. Solved When logged OUT, how are power options determined?
  235. Sleep mode, why is it waking up?
  236. What startup programs are necessary?
  237. Solved Win7 - Action Center - Problem Reporting
  238. Windows Not Responding
  239. Windows 7 is running way too slow, please help!
  240. Chkdsk runs everytime I restart
  241. windows explorer takes forever to show content
  242. Windows 7 SP1 x64 and ReadyBoost Flash Drive
  243. Windows search button not returning results
  244. Windows can't startup after keybroad re-plugged
  245. Random Wake Ups related to network traffic, but I can not disable WOL
  246. Help system temp high and CPU temp low?!
  247. create system repair disk?
  248. Solved Can not delete Windows folders/files from My Documents
  249. Shutdown problem windows xp
  250. A driver is causing windows to resume slowly !!