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  1. Computer shut down after opening Steam on battery
  2. HDD Thrashing, Looked everywhere for solution, Have found none
  3. Computer randomly decides when it wants to sleep or not
  4. Computer randomly rebooting, non heat related.
  5. Unable to complete file download using IE 11, Firefox 31.0 or Chrome
  6. Complete Computer Shutdown Attempting Target Disk Mode
  7. After succeed to repair Win 7, what to look for in Event viewer?
  8. Solved SSD drive: What should look like drive space allocation
  9. Delayed (5 min) start of some programs with right click explorer freez
  10. Weird internet speed problem
  11. Solved Lightroom "disk activity" on the wrong drive - can someone explain?
  12. Solved Windows Experience Index doesn't complete
  13. Zip tie cables. Upon reconnection loud popping noise. Modem not workin
  14. Cant cleanup system files
  15. C drive full
  16. Taskbar always full
  17. Slow On-Screen Keyboard
  18. Solved SOS Chkdsk Freezing at "SDs/SIDS processed"
  19. Frequently used app window moving further to left each time opened
  20. How do I fix corrupt file reported in SFC scan results?
  21. How long for disc defrag
  22. Solved My CPU is running with 100% power
  23. Startup Repair Not working after disk defragmentation
  24. New Computer/Win 7, Power Plan settings aren't recognized
  25. Cancelling defragmentation?
  26. Need to turn off / remove HP proprietary screen brightness control
  27. Big memory bump at startup
  28. Error 1935 HRESULT: 0x80070003 when installing Microsoft Visual 2008
  29. Solved High CPU usage
  30. Slow boot and AVG
  31. Solved Trim Command not working in Win7
  32. C drive full problem
  33. 20% - 5% CPU Usage while playing 1080P Videos, Is this normal?
  34. Solved Disk Defragmenter stuck at 1%
  35. High CPU while gaming
  36. SFC /Scannow remaining for fix.
  37. Windows Experience Index went down
  38. Windows 8 Pro won't run in VirtualBox
  39. A friend is having performance issues.
  40. Solved System restore and Java
  41. Cannot access links
  42. CPU 0 100% usage and overheating due to Interrupts
  43. Svchost.exe High memory usage at startup
  44. Laptop has begun to slow down after several hours of use
  45. High CPU, possibly due to audio driver
  46. SFC/scannow issues
  47. Lock Down Run keys in HKEY_USERS
  48. Im not sure where to post this. (I think it is a Flash player problem)
  49. PC cleaner
  50. PC runs slow for one website
  51. Disk running at 100% in resource monitor, Laptop freezes.
  52. High explorer.exe memory usage?
  53. ssd defrag?
  54. Suddenly long boot times
  55. Computer won't stay sleeping.
  56. Almost everything "has stopped working"
  57. missing Trustedinstaller.exe on Windows 7
  58. My laptop Asus Eee PC is not responding to clics even in Safe Mode
  59. Clean Win7 install + drivers + basic software = randome little freezes
  60. Solved Computer randomly freezing
  61. Restore Point Question ?
  62. System Restore won't work
  63. File Transfer Status Bar not showing correctly
  64. Generate a system health report does not work
  65. Solved Windows Experience Index fails/winsat formal fails invalid character
  66. Advanced Boot Menu: Repair Your Computer Doesn't Work
  67. Out of Room - Now What?
  68. Laptop suddenly very slow and unresponsive
  69. Windows running Slow as well as Google chromes Web pages
  70. Computer freezes when playing CSGO
  71. sfc scan?
  72. Laptop fan makes high pitch noise, fan wearing out?
  73. defrag an ssd
  74. Solved sfc scan could not repair some files
  75. Solved Virtual Memory?
  76. Pc is running very slow
  77. can't install anything/nsis error/corrupted files
  78. Bad lag while playing steam games and watching videos
  79. Solved Problems running rate computer and system health.
  80. Shutting down freezes PC, won't shut down completely.
  81. Solved Rate computer fails
  82. Unusually High and Exaggerated CPU
  83. Solved Win7 Ultimate: Win7 Ultimate repair from DVD
  84. Getting Windows Resume Loader on resuming from hibernation
  85. Application error (APPCRASH) rundll32.exe_aepdu.dll
  86. Dell Inspiron n5050, missing options in F8 boot menu
  87. 1 corrupted, dll, SFC errors.
  88. Win Resource Protection found unfixable corrupt files. Next step(s)?
  89. Solved Very Slow Computer - Possible Virus?
  90. Disable access to folder where software places logs
  91. Solved SFC /... for regular mainenance?
  92. Windows 7 Ultimate ram usage
  93. How do I Speed Up My PC?
  94. Solved I tried enabling hibernate function but no luck
  95. Computer was working fine 3 days ago now keeps crashed on startup
  96. Event Viewer Report ID
  97. Event Viewer, hundreds of errors
  98. RE: Scary-ware was installed & need to fix mother-in-law's PC
  99. Solved Explorer Navigation Pane is Buggy/Hung-up
  100. closing game / message
  101. Windows 7 Constantly Crashing/Freezing
  102. Solved Taskbar Slow To Respond When Display Turned On
  103. Solved Old Timers
  104. Q: Delete application Crash Dump files?
  105. Is There Some Easy Method For Swapping Drive Designations?
  106. My screen can't expand between two screens?
  107. My New Pc Keep Shutting down like the power just went out!!!!
  108. Solved sandboxie and ramdisk for extra security and performance?
  109. Slow speed video + running games
  110. Save as... always freezes
  111. Solved Windows Disk Defragmenter vs defragmentation softwares
  112. Solved How to prevent Windows from getting slow as time passes?
  113. How do I test ram using MepamTest86+?
  114. system clean
  115. Software to help you adjust core parking without regedit
  116. Crash after crash
  117. Working patch for 3.25gb usable out of 4.00gb?
  118. WmiPrvSE.exe cause high CPU usage
  119. Unable to import <filename>.reg: Acces to the registry denied
  120. Programs (Not Responding) upon wake
  121. Solved partitions can affect performance?
  122. RE: Acer 7535 repaired - new hardware - Next steps to Redo setup?
  123. Solved Which Startup Entries can i disable in msconfig
  124. This device can perform faster. PCI-e usb 3.0
  125. Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation
  126. Solved Optimizing my SSD install.
  127. Solved Does crashing programs or games can affect on windows preformance
  128. PC unusably slow after graphics card installation
  129. Set "Adjust for best performance" for all users
  130. This Folder is Empty....Folder Takes To Much Time To Load
  131. check disk power failure
  132. DV6 gadget and cooling fan problems
  133. Solved Long boot time 5+ minutes from ON to Log In to windows
  134. Is it OK to perform other tasks during defragment?
  135. Disable error messages (appcrash,dll,HardErrorMsg) regedit
  136. Solved Windows 7 Keeps Booting Into Recovery Mode
  137. Solved Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix
  138. Solved SF Diagnostic Errors
  139. Solved miduve.exe, any info about this service (slow system)
  140. High RAM usage - don't know why
  141. sfc/scannow Could not repair corrupted files; CBS.log not showing any
  142. Random Programs Opening after Laptop comes out of sleep/hibernate
  143. Deleting Temporary + Set Up Files etc - OK to do that?
  144. Solved Can't login to windows and enterted the right pass!
  145. Solved 169GB unknown file in windirstat
  146. Solved Sporadic short freezes accompanied by 4624 and 4672 events
  147. Startup Repair option
  148. Solved Batch file renaming files but not double
  149. How to Run ChkDsk on Volume \Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1
  150. Solved Batch file counting dates compare
  151. Recommendations For Clean Computer
  152. Solved Advanced system optimizer 3 legit or scam?
  153. Physical memory usage jumping to the skies when installing games
  154. "Windows Error Recovery" System did not shut down properly
  155. Computer Keeps Crashing
  156. a lot of nividia warnings in the event viewer
  157. Start up been started being painfully slow.[Win7]
  158. 'load' cursor appears every 15 minutes?
  159. New Win7 Ultimate installation on a new (Tiny) SSD, how2optimize?
  160. Chinese Files eating up Hard Drive Space
  161. Solved Google Services?
  162. Event Viewer Category For CMOS/BIOS Reset
  163. Solved Completely random CPU usage
  164. Windows 7 hangs 60 seconds when booting
  165. Sloooowww Win 7 boot time, Event viewer info attached
  166. sfc /scannow gives Windows Resource Protection could not perform
  167. Infinite Reboot Loop (Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit)
  168. Brand new computer. Why is everything running so slow?
  169. Shutdown / Restart is taking forever!
  170. [Alienware Aroura r4] Thermal Control Problems
  171. Sleep mode stopped occurring automatically
  172. Serious Problem with Hibernation/Sleeping/Shuttingdown
  173. Dell fan options?
  174. Solved Bleach bit?
  175. Solved Reg Cleaner?
  176. dllhost.exe comp surrogate using large amounts of memory
  177. Solved Advanced boot options Windows 7 don't have Repair Your Computer.
  178. ASUS M2R32-MVP - can't get into bios after installing 8gb of memory
  179. Solved Does adding an SSD along side a hard disk improve performance?
  180. Solved [annoyance]Any file copied to desktop snaps to top right hand corner??
  181. Solved How to delete a program from Task manager services...
  182. WIndows 7 CPU Power Settings
  183. Solved Do not power off or unplug your machine... 3 hours later...
  184. Disk Space is showing very little
  185. Solved Re-ordering explorer's context menu
  186. Solved sfc found corrupt files but "was unable to fix",please assist
  187. Popping out of applications and into... nowhere?
  188. Unable to change Service parameters remotely
  189. Solved Win7 keeps restarting every 10 mins
  190. Solved How to know if the system/computer is preforming how it really should?
  191. How to know computer slowing
  192. Very high DPC NDIS.sys
  193. Solved Power Plans?
  194. 10 minute hang-up after logging on
  195. Solved Systray icons never load after re-install
  196. Windows 7 Aero lag on a GAMING computer
  197. Winsxs backup amd solutions ?
  198. System freeze every 5th boot
  199. Finally found a permissions fixing tool that actually works.
  200. Solved Boot.ini is missing, please help!
  201. Solved high Random CPU usage on random
  202. Solved Windows 7 64 bit lagging after clean install.
  203. Re-Start vs Boot Performance?
  204. Solved Debugging source of unusually high RAM usage/allocation
  205. Solved Fujitsu Amilo reinstall takes more than 5 minutes to boot
  206. Where are the Windows Update Service Execution Files ?
  207. Solved How to disable RC4 Ciphers in TLS?
  208. Monitor Dell ST2210: I cannot adjust settings with front panel buttons
  209. about a pc wont boot hope you help me guys
  210. What's your solution for the pesky SearchFilterHost and the rest?
  211. 'Open With' launches after Boot. Win 7 Home
  212. SFC /Scannow found corrupt files, is it necessary to fix?
  213. Fan makes a lot of noise
  214. Solved Resource monitor query
  215. AutoRuns - Which to Disable
  216. View Log to solve (Not Responding)
  217. BootMGR Missing, Win7 Refuses to see installation
  218. Solved dialog box after desktop is loaded
  219. Pc freezes at random times
  220. Long delay during boot on Dell Dimension 9200 with RAID set to SATA ON
  221. Screen keeps minimizing by itself
  222. Laptop keeps shutting off instantly, don't know why :(
  223. Are my partitions ok?
  224. The system cannot find the drive specified.
  225. Applications on computer stop responding.
  226. services that are stopped
  227. Startup and Shutdown are slow, edited the services yesterday and now i
  228. Sfc will not run
  229. PC hangs on shutdown and fails to sleep
  230. Thinking of adding SSD
  231. System not shutting down when entering sleep
  232. What's reserving 51MB of memory?
  233. Solved System interupts causing high CPU usage, possibly from ataport.sys
  234. Solved Running disc cleanup on ssd
  235. Solved Disk Cleanup and older Restore Points
  236. SFC/scannow cmd problem
  237. system restore
  238. action centre flag on the task bar request - Insert removeable media
  239. To introduce myself
  240. Solved It takes 3 minutes before the logo switches to the login screen
  241. Very Slow Startup
  242. Understanding and manipulating boot time processes
  243. Boot time Windows draws Deskop twice
  244. Windows 7: Explorer.exe 20% cpu usage when idle
  245. Performance problem from periodic high CPU usage, please help
  246. Solved Need help Re:sfc /scannow cannot repair shellbrd.dll
  247. Solved SFC Verify Scan - Can't open CBS log
  248. Solved Help increasing virtual memory windows 7
  249. Event ID 1530 after installation question
  250. My PC is to slow ...