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  1. Solved Disk Cleanup and older Restore Points
  2. SFC/scannow cmd problem
  3. system restore
  4. action centre flag on the task bar request - Insert removeable media
  5. To introduce myself
  6. Solved It takes 3 minutes before the logo switches to the login screen
  7. Very Slow Startup
  8. Understanding and manipulating boot time processes
  9. Boot time Windows draws Deskop twice
  10. Windows 7: Explorer.exe 20% cpu usage when idle
  11. Performance problem from periodic high CPU usage, please help
  12. Solved Need help Re:sfc /scannow cannot repair shellbrd.dll
  13. Solved SFC Verify Scan - Can't open CBS log
  14. Solved Help increasing virtual memory windows 7
  15. Event ID 1530 after installation question
  16. My PC is to slow ...
  17. Slow computer when opening applications, Bad HDD?
  18. Can't run Sfc /scannow
  19. Wireless mouse / unresponsive
  20. Windows logo hangs for a while during startup
  21. Computer Slowing Down Online Lately...
  22. Solved Smoni Failed to create empty document
  23. SSDs, HDDs and RAMdrives
  24. Windows 7 proffessional 64 bit print problem
  25. 1.7-1.8 gb RAM usage at idle [Win 7 64bit]
  26. autocheck disabled- volume is dirty
  27. Sluggish Performance/Memory Usage
  28. Rebuild Volumes on External drives? Necessary??
  29. Woes after compressing C drive
  30. System File Checker Problem
  31. Solved Is this the ideal Partition/Pagefile layout on my PC(Pics inc.)?
  32. Everything Greyed out in Problem Reporting Page & Win7 not turning off
  33. Solved Insufficient Memory May Be Limiting Performance
  34. how to move/delete "System Volume Information" [PLEASE]
  35. Windows 7 64bit cutting ram in half
  36. Circular Kernel Context Logger"
  37. Fresh Windows 7 installation, slower though?
  38. Is it normal for MsMpEng to eat up 25% of the my CPU all the time?
  39. Windows booting at 60%+ ram usage
  40. Laptop suddenly slows down
  41. SFC /Scannow found an error but was unable to fix them
  42. Clearing autosave?
  43. window 8.1 64 bit at super slow speed
  44. Why Does Windows Login Screen Continue Reappearing?
  45. How to clear out usb history on Bench tech machine Help!
  46. Keep Getting libcurl.dll (missing)message
  47. My laptop takes 20 minutes to load, even in safe mode
  48. Very high disk usage keeps laptop slow in normal operations also.
  49. Some USB devices causing stuttering
  50. Show tasks that are scheduled to run only when PC is idle
  51. Solved What are these new popups fpr ?
  52. Resource Monior - bits or bytes?
  53. Sleep and Hibernate options are disabled with ShutDown Button
  54. Solved Degrading Windows performance
  55. Ram speeds and Windows Experience Index
  56. ongoing 'not responding' issues
  57. Which Files Not To Allow At Startup
  58. Assigning tasks to processors
  59. Why Does Win7 Firewall Keep Shutting Down?
  60. dllhost.exe
  61. Systen Restore
  62. Deleted the saved points from my Recovery Partition?
  63. Solved Trouble in Shutting down
  64. Solved Is it normal to get this much physical memory when there's no chrome?
  65. Computer not responding and freezing when only one program is running.
  66. Need help troubleshooting a disk thrashing lockout
  67. [Help] I have a 45 Second Boot Time with a SSD
  68. IRQ shared between video card and gigabit NIC causing trouble
  69. USB Thumb Drive transfer rates drop off...
  70. Desktop Icon on taskbar disappears when I open any folder
  71. Start up time
  72. SFC Cannot Repair Files
  73. Solved Recommended Software for Laptop Maintenance
  74. Can't delete/deactivate/change certain tasks in Windows Task Scheduler
  75. sfc /scannow Failure
  76. Solved Delay upon start-up
  77. problems with startup?
  78. Question about deleting files on an external hd
  79. 3rd party Disk Diags tool? which best?
  80. Event ID: 100 upon start up
  81. How fast should WIN 7 (64) PRO LOAD UP?
  82. Ok To Delete Event Logs of Uninstalled Programs?
  83. Storing Sys Restore point on CD?
  84. SFC Scannow on a USB Hard Drive - where is the CBSlog?
  85. Disabling Unnecessary Processes and Services..........
  86. Solved "Unsee" System Reserved in Explorer
  87. Windows Experience Index Rating fails on 99% during Hard drive test
  88. High Memory Usage
  89. CPU Meter 'Ram' on Desktop Showing More than 50%
  90. intermittent sluggishness/lots of errors
  91. No Desktop Pop Up Alert for Low Battery
  92. Everything fading too fast in Windows 7
  93. Windows 7 file transfer speed is running no higher than 1mb
  94. How to Delete Remaining HP Connection Manager Event Log?
  95. HTML files suddenly opening slowly
  96. dcomcnfg search?
  97. Repair Install gets stuck
  98. Solved System Repair could not start
  99. Need help getting WIN 7 to use more memory
  100. CBS.log excerpt
  101. HDD usage at 100% with brand new custom build, Please Help
  102. Standby memory prevents using Cubase 5 to full effect
  103. Studio 1558 Over Heating??
  104. Computer will not sleep
  105. Startup Inefficiency and/or Possible Malware
  106. Low memory on C: drive after BSOD crash, suspecting malware.
  107. "cvtres.exe " Causing High CPU usage
  108. Windows 7 x64 - Slow Shutdown
  109. Solved Abnormally Stopped System Services
  110. Hard Drive seems to be filling up on its own.
  111. Cleaning up C: drive msconfig weird entries.
  112. CCleaner help.
  113. service Appinfo disabled, can't be started again
  114. No AppData\Local\Temp\trachme64.dll
  115. Slow internal file transfer on Win 7 Pro RAID1 disk
  116. Winodws Installer Keeps Trying to Install Unwanted, Non-existent Pro.
  117. Slow boot - long OSLoaderDuration
  118. My computer keeps logging off the internet, back to desktop
  119. Solved Is there anyway to stopping (SFC) command ?
  120. Norton removed-NO chkdsk on restart
  121. How Windows 7 defrag schedule work
  122. system error memory dumps not showing up
  123. Transferred "My docs" from C after including in Library
  124. disk clean up
  125. Startup items that don't show in MSCONFIG or CCleaner
  126. corsair a70 very loud
  127. Solved Windows 7 appears twice on the boot menu; resets updates
  128. Several instances of dllhost.exe consuming high amount of RAM
  129. Computer keep failing to go to sleep...
  130. Solved Error code 8004fe2c using Fixit
  131. Cannot get a Windows Experience Index Score
  132. Slow PC.....need some advice
  133. Rebuild of Win 7 what is the best way to catch up on WU's 100s+?
  134. System corruption (sfc scan won't fix them all) --logs provided
  135. Solved sfc /scannow and chkdsk...what's the diff?
  136. Hardware reserved memory issue
  137. Solved hp pavillion DV7 3065-dx keeps shutting off after a minute or two?
  138. Cannot Create Repair Disc On Asus Laptop
  139. how do i get accessiblity sticky keys on a bootable repair disk
  140. Event Error 100 Slow Boot
  141. Laptop shut off...wont turn back on :(
  142. defrag not working
  143. W7 Event ID's
  144. Slow start up-what can i safely remove or disable?
  145. which service perform a boot defrag?
  146. never ending battle: autochk.exe missing at boot
  147. Solved SFC can't repair some files
  148. Solved system restore to fix corrupt files?
  149. Unresponsive Script Messages, not responding in Word, etc
  150. slow hard disc speed
  151. Solved sfc /scannow found files but couldnt fix all
  152. SFC /Scannow = Instant Freeze, even in Safe Mode
  153. windows wont boot without running memory diagnostics
  154. OCZ Vertex 2 / 120 GB / benchmark
  155. windows will not boot
  156. How can i fix corrupt files?
  157. Physical memory is too high
  158. Solved Restore point trouble
  159. Windows Temporary Directory automatic cleanup
  160. Solved Can any one tell me the defaults of this key in registry
  161. Windows 7 FPS drop
  162. HP Probook 4540s, running Windows 7 x64 Edition, regularly stalls!
  163. need to print PHP reports
  164. The current color scheme has exceeded...
  165. Both sfc/startup repair cannot fix corruption - credui.dll
  166. Windows check disk stopped at "xy file record processed"
  167. CPU over usage
  168. Help custom build multiple issues
  169. Can I run chkdsk on system startup page after a forced power-off?
  170. too many netsh.exe running at once help!
  171. WRP found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them
  172. Solved How to make scan results display longer on screen?
  173. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
  174. DSD_3774 Application?
  175. Chkdsk will not run at reboot, only one partition
  176. Windows 7 x64 slower than 7 x86
  177. RAM disk on a 1GB netbook?
  178. Windows 7 Slow after registry edit
  179. virtual memory advanced settings?
  180. High memory and cpu usage
  181. Solved Slow Computers, need advice on improving Performance
  182. msconfig
  183. Problem high cpu usage?
  184. Hibernation is not enabling
  185. Computer goes to sleep and require logon
  186. PC froze: What to look for in Event Viewer
  187. Screen saver won't operate - possible USB issue
  188. Have high CPU usage and Memory usage
  189. Solved How big a partition do i need for my page file (Windows 7 64bit)
  190. Solved How to change entries in the "System Configuration" window?
  191. Slow SSD (Intel) write speed
  192. HP 4545S laptop Windows 7 Pro running slowly
  193. Windows Features: disable .NET Framework 3.5
  194. Could someone analyze this from gamebooster?
  195. Core Monitor
  196. Solved How do I delete the free space to make it unallocated space
  197. Problems After Using tweaking.com
  198. Sfc /scannow failed at 99%. Log details included. Kindly help. Thanks!
  199. CPU Overheating problems
  200. High CPU Usage At Random Times Unless A Task Manager Is Open
  201. How do I fix "Superfetch"
  202. Disk Read error - CTL ALT DEL and other performance issues.
  203. Lost Pwr During Defrag - FOUND folder not found
  204. shockwave help
  205. Win 7 slowed down after GPU drivers update
  206. very slow
  207. Black Screen After Log In
  208. Looking to Super Tweak my Win 7 to make it XP like
  209. PC significantly slower after removing bad RAM (8GB -> 6GB)
  210. M1033DSK.CSD SFC file
  211. Laptop battery problem: laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20%
  212. How do i find a file after a sfc scannow result
  213. 10 windows are loading when i open browser
  214. unable to set realtime priority to a process
  215. [help] Windows 7 Freezes/Crashes after Logging In
  216. Windows 7 Pro New Install Freezes
  217. Why is Rebuild Search Index ridiculously slow?
  218. Sony Vegas 12 Cpu render just as fast as Gpu render?? o.O
  219. The lock screen sees random freezes and a hard reset is required.
  220. Whats slowing up my startup? Event Viewer shows lots of problems!
  221. Advice on ChkDsk Results
  222. Which Startup Items Can I Safely Remove?
  223. Solved Physical memory 16GB and 1800 free?! nothing Running HELP!!
  224. 1st low disk space rmvd files then error remote procedure call failed
  225. CHKDSK cancelled at restart message:
  226. Task Manager Missing?
  227. How can I replace function of shutdown button with hibernate?
  228. How can I remove the UAC shield on desktop icons?
  229. programs won't use all of my memory before 'out of memory' errors
  230. Solved PC makes weird noise when im not moving my cursor
  231. Can't access control panel items, programs crash at boot.
  232. Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery
  233. Solved Boot up ok but my PC takes 10 min to connect to my WiFi
  234. Solved Sleep function and system memory
  235. Solved CPU usage to high
  236. Solved High System Idle CPU, but overall, low cpu usage
  237. My pc has better parts than my girlfriends but hers is way faster why.
  238. Computer Running So SlOOOOOOOW
  239. Black Screen At First Startup
  240. Previous updates disabled my CPU and I want to disable future updates
  241. Solved Repair your computer from CD won't work
  242. User Permission Settings, Regedit dll, wmimgmt.msc security malfunctio
  243. Windows 7 Restarts from Forced Sleep Mode
  244. Can I cleanup Control Panel>programs and features entries
  245. For SSD users, tired of letting Windows Search shorten their lifespan
  246. scannow finds faults
  247. Is it normal for windows to run out of ram while still having 2gb left
  248. Really need help, "Not enough memory" problems & not latest software?
  249. Multipule Explorer.exe using a lot of memory.
  250. All programs, including explorer, stop responding.