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  1. The coverage of my screen has shrunk, how do i restore it?
  2. Windows Folder is Too Big
  3. horrible fps drop after different option in the color scheme error
  5. Boot selection failed device inaccessible
  6. Physical Memory Usage phenomenon, Windows design flaw?
  7. Solved Losing HDD space !
  8. Solved Refresh/Delete Entries in Notification Icon Area of Control Panel.
  9. System programs on the taskbar
  10. Simpler access to "Task Manager"
  11. Windows 7 power sleep problem
  12. Solved wake behavior is erratic
  13. PC is Too Slow(Intel D101ggc)..
  14. Speed up my computer
  15. Windows 7 experience index does not complete
  16. SFC /scannow won't complete ... tried everything except a hammer
  17. Svchost.exe high cpu usage - Dcom terminated
  18. explorer.exe maxing out RAM
  19. dw20.exe error when opening IE
  20. Abnormally stopped service error for tcsd_win32.exe(NTRU Cyrptosystem)
  21. Solved Moved Pagefile.sys to second HHD and old pagefile.sys still on primary
  22. Help, Installed Win7 on Recovery Partition and Primary, Crashes Alot
  23. Solved force backup before shutdown win7
  24. Solved having problems in verifying System Files
  25. 8.00GB and only 3.99GB usable
  26. Windows 7 won't boot, SFC found corrupt files, hdd/files still intact
  27. Does a desktop full of folders,etc. make PC slow?
  28. Solved Windows is pretty slow
  29. Solved Suddenly lagging in every game I try to play?
  30. Desktop PC reboots randomly, sfc errors each time
  31. PC very slow on 32Gb RAM
  32. Windows eats up space! How do I get back space?
  33. no pagefile problem
  34. 3-5 Seconds Lag Spikes with Buzzing Sounds while using Explorer
  35. Solved SSD slow boot up time
  36. Solved Oddities, re-install, Corrupt Files, Static Noise, Loud CPU w/Chrome
  37. powercfg /waketimers bug when modifying trigger of scheduled task
  38. system files keep getting corrupted
  39. Computer components get very warm/hot even under no load
  40. Tips for installing Win7 to ensure it will boot quickly?
  41. Can't make the "Clear Print Spooler" work right
  42. Solved Random Computer Stutters, In-Game, Desktop, Etc. (Not a heat issue)
  43. Safe to abort chkdsk?
  44. My Computer hangs when i click Local Disk G:/ ST3320418AS ATA Device
  45. System Restore Did Not Complete Successfully Error 0xc0000022
  46. Random hangs - (not responding)
  47. cpu is overloading but no program are open.
  48. Case study...my experience about performance!
  49. First CPU usage is very high compared to others (pic)
  50. Checking Disk VERY slowly
  51. Solved intel i7 4930k at 1.2ghz?
  52. Solved cbs.log - corrupt files
  53. SSHD - Performance comparison with HDD and SSD
  54. Solved Help with overclocking Gigabyte Z87X-d3h
  55. smart way to manage services in windows 7
  56. Auto Run in Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  57. PC slow, hangs after several hours of usage.
  58. Windows 7 startup repair !
  59. Chkdsk related query
  60. What Could Be Causing My Laptop to Lag for Everything?
  61. Need the correct command to run Chkdsk on more than one drive
  62. Solved windows 7 chkdsk won't run on c: drive on startup, sfc produces error
  63. Windows 7 high CPU and RAM usage.
  64. Computer sleep settings
  65. Can I repair only?
  66. Explorer.exe not loading after Java update, error code 0xc0000142
  67. Windows 7 suddenly very slow, tried systemrestore, msconfig,sfc,chkdsk
  68. "searchprotocolhost.exe" is locking files
  69. 100% CPU usage and intermittent freezes
  70. D3D11.DLL error
  71. performance
  72. New SSD -- delete Sys Reserved Partition or Not?
  73. WIN 7 - Taskbar loading cursor everything in windows window is jammed
  74. dxm.exe causing random spikes of high CPU usage.
  75. processes in question while updating
  76. Solved Battery meter (only) not updating
  77. http://fastcontent.conduit.com/ti.html?
  78. Cannot turn on error reporting
  79. What is this?
  80. Windows 7 freezes for short spells (1 - 2 mins)
  81. Solved System Restore (0x8000ffff) - No boot at all
  82. Copy from CD to internal hard drive slow: one hour per 1MB file
  83. Memory Issues on a CPU with 8GB RAM
  84. DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, please advise on HP ENVY 15
  85. Netio.sys related
  86. Use as much video memory as possible
  87. What SHOULD be in my startup folder?
  88. I read about a tweak that slves "Core Parking" issues
  89. Memory all cached on with my windows 7 machine.
  90. Missing ''Device installation'' in ''Group Policy''
  91. memory "leaks"
  92. Freezing peripherals (mouse, keyboard, screen) at random short interva
  93. Solved Anyway to completely clean all junk from PC that your unaware of?
  94. Sudden Slowdown When Starting Up
  95. Computer Slow FPS like performance
  96. New Macrium 5.2. WinPE .iso on my Skydrive
  97. Solved Desktop Icons
  98. Solved Laptop Question
  99. Solved Win7 freezing - taskbar animations / mouse working, but nothing else
  100. Solved sfc /scannow error
  101. troubleshooting
  102. Recommended utility to fix and speed up Windows
  103. I'm in cmd prompt admin mode I get message I need to be in elevated
  104. CPU/Disk spiking 100% from multiple tasks
  105. Monitor Image Flickers, Shakes, and Jumps at Some MS Sites
  106. MainBathBootTime goes from 5881 to 39318
  107. Solved Com surrogate/ Dllhost.exe starts consuming high Memory
  108. Solved Programs hang in task manager
  109. How to modify application specific security settings
  110. Solved Win7x64 only detects 3.7 GB RAM with Maximum memory
  111. Disk Activity
  112. Solved windows 7 start only in safe mode and the repair option is missing
  113. Solved System Interrupts Spiking CPU
  114. Performance Monitor set to log data has no results
  115. high CPU performance issue
  116. When do Startup Repair, it goes to Non-sytem disk or disk error
  117. Advanced testing, completely freeing up cores
  118. Method to enhance laptop battery life and increase discharge cycles.
  119. Solved OS install size growing alarmingly
  120. Defraging Question?
  121. Please interpret this msiexec.exe Application Error Alert dropdown.
  122. Resurging svchost.exe*32 TempFile taking needed CPU runtime
  123. Recycling Bin is seemingly self-emptying
  124. Solved stuck in startup repair loop, startuprepairoffline
  125. Solved Should I use a Registry Cleaner?
  126. Laptop suddenly having terrible performances - very slow
  127. Solved Unable to recover shrinked space ... Help please!
  128. Imaging - timing and size
  129. Solved Generic USB driver downloads limited to keyboard and mouse
  130. Solved Invalid path in environment variables. Safe to delete?
  131. Solved Making room on my SSD drive
  132. Solved [Power Plan] Turned off HDD state causing rest of system to delay
  133. My Computer"/Control Pannel Really Slow, and Missing Icons,drives
  134. Event viewer errors
  135. Dirty bit is set
  136. Cannot delete birthday from Calendar Live
  137. MISSING unhookLib.dll files
  138. Accidentally set max memory to 2kb now won't start up. Please help!
  139. Solved Copy Past ctrl c and ctrl v not working no more
  140. I think this subject is taboo but . . . . .
  141. Solved Mouse freezes for 1-2 seconds every minute or so
  142. Screen brighter when NOT plugged in (what!?)
  143. Solved Windows 7 takes long time to boot after installing drivers
  144. event viewer need help
  145. Very slow System Recovery by Image created earlier!!!
  146. Solved Proper Virtual Memory for my system?
  147. Solved can not delete old restore points
  148. SFC /scannow Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair se
  149. Possible upgrades for my old system ?
  150. Solved Multiple Errors, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT HANDLED and others
  151. How to speed up netbook?
  152. My HP shuts down unexpectedly
  153. my dell studio 1558 laptop shut downs unexpectedly
  154. Laptop wont turn on.
  155. Event Viewer ASP.Net
  156. Solved Defrag Blocked
  157. Random Hangups range in length
  158. Solved startup repair loop - only boots into debugging mode
  159. Oversized usage of CPU (approx 10-25% on games)
  160. Solved Can't install programs, SFC Cannot repair corrupt file
  161. Solved Stopping and starting when typing
  162. Solved Create restore point: VSS problem
  163. System restore reg error win 7
  164. Windows goes into Incredibly Slow mode
  165. What's causing my welcome screen to hang
  166. Ram memory problems on Win7 Desktop
  167. Right click on image files freezes and slow boot
  168. Question about prime95 workers
  169. Solved Having memory issue when running winsat mem RDTSC to QPC delta
  170. Windows 7 Slow Motion LAG?
  171. SFC found corrupt files, unable to fix some.
  172. Solved Event Viewer Error Schannel
  173. Screen freezing and weird mouse cursor when idling or on low load
  174. Solved Awfully slow computer?
  175. Solved Installed SSD now it won't hibernate
  176. Getting warning 1530 User Profile Service
  177. Solved unable to enter youtube, and even if i enter videos wont load
  178. Found user "fbwuser", is it safe to remove?
  179. Solved Why is HDD speed related to ReadyBoost?
  180. high CPU temperatures;upto 100 degrees celsius
  181. Long time until I reach login screen
  182. Solved Primary partition or Logical drive ???
  183. Solved What does this command do?
  184. Flashing icons and start button doesnt show explorer
  185. Solved Virtual Memory
  186. Too many other files are currently in use by 16-bit programs. Win7
  187. Solved cannot start event viewer "Error code 1899"
  188. Win7 Power Supply Not Detected
  189. Computer is freezing at random time
  190. Another S3 sleep issue - Waking Immediately
  191. Solved Cannot open windows explorer
  192. Registry cleanup
  193. My laptop ram has more than 50% usage every time
  194. Solved How do I know if I can increase my RAM
  195. Question about CHKDSK
  196. did chkdsk really erase my SD card.
  197. Solved Task manager shows 72% Ram usage.
  198. i cannot run check disk after it is scheduled
  199. Taskbar icon won't move to another position?
  200. Solved windows 8.1 vs windows 7 difference
  201. Computer Comes On and then turns black and comes back on
  202. Freeing up processor power and RAM on an old laptop
  203. Running slow with network connection enabled, runs fine in Safe mode
  204. Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows
  205. Drives renamed, now Restore points unusable
  206. Computer crashes only when I have a password?
  207. Laptop freezes unexpectedly but mouse still moves
  208. Can't run chkdsk
  209. Task Scheduling With Batch File Question
  210. Fresh win 7 install on netbook 30% proc usage on System Interrupts.
  211. laptop issues - won't wake up?
  212. Solved Disk cleanup failure
  213. Not all RAM available
  214. cmd Error/Error's found ( HELP PLEASE ): HRESULT = 0x800f080d Help via
  215. Programs hanging, slow computer and internet
  216. Solved Tools to put on my thumb drive?
  217. Solved Destroy ALL HHD data
  218. Computer Keeps Randomly Lagging (NT Kernel & System)
  219. Event Viewer Errors
  220. Windows Desktop Takes 20+ minutes to load from entering Password
  221. Windows sometimes automatically maximize.
  222. Recent Build suddenly freezing intermittently but safe mode slooooow
  223. Improve the performance and energy efficiency of the Windows 7 OS
  224. Insane RAM usage which isn't listed in Task Manager/Resource Monitor
  225. Solved every 30 minutes my open program minimizes
  226. Laptop wont boot to windows
  227. What do you use to keep your computer running smoothly?
  228. My harddisk capacity reduced from 500GB to 30 GB
  229. High CPU usage and corrupt files from sfc /scannow
  230. Applications all loading and running S L O W!!!
  231. amount of files in My Documents not accurate
  232. Win7x64 - repair corrupted files / folder
  233. Solved black screen with moveable cursor
  234. missing file notification after avg clean up
  235. Windows 7 window issues.
  236. My Daughter's Win 7 missing sfc files
  237. Solved error code 47
  238. Solved Program using 100% CPU. Cannot get rid of it. No virus detected.
  239. 10+GB winsxs folder cleanup?
  240. Windows theme suddenly changed into classic and slows down
  241. error 0xC0150004 / win7 fixing progs don't work
  242. Solved Large Windows and winsxs folders taking up too much space
  243. Solved Runned RogueKiller and found this
  244. Solved Low on memory
  245. CHKDSK Stuck on same file during stage 4/5 for 15+ hours
  246. error in (sfc /scannow)
  247. System files won't defragment?
  248. secure erase SSD
  249. help with cbs scannow log please
  250. clipbook not showing in services