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  1. MainBathBootTime goes from 5881 to 39318
  2. Solved Com surrogate/ Dllhost.exe starts consuming high Memory
  3. Solved Programs hang in task manager
  4. How to modify application specific security settings
  5. Solved Win7x64 only detects 3.7 GB RAM with Maximum memory
  6. Disk Activity
  7. Solved windows 7 start only in safe mode and the repair option is missing
  8. Solved System Interrupts Spiking CPU
  9. Performance Monitor set to log data has no results
  10. high CPU performance issue
  11. When do Startup Repair, it goes to Non-sytem disk or disk error
  12. Advanced testing, completely freeing up cores
  13. Method to enhance laptop battery life and increase discharge cycles.
  14. Solved OS install size growing alarmingly
  15. Defraging Question?
  16. Please interpret this msiexec.exe Application Error Alert dropdown.
  17. Resurging svchost.exe*32 TempFile taking needed CPU runtime
  18. Recycling Bin is seemingly self-emptying
  19. Solved stuck in startup repair loop, startuprepairoffline
  20. Solved Should I use a Registry Cleaner?
  21. Laptop suddenly having terrible performances - very slow
  22. Solved Unable to recover shrinked space ... Help please!
  23. Imaging - timing and size
  24. Solved Generic USB driver downloads limited to keyboard and mouse
  25. Solved Invalid path in environment variables. Safe to delete?
  26. Solved Making room on my SSD drive
  27. Solved [Power Plan] Turned off HDD state causing rest of system to delay
  28. My Computer"/Control Pannel Really Slow, and Missing Icons,drives
  29. Event viewer errors
  30. Dirty bit is set
  31. Cannot delete birthday from Calendar Live
  32. MISSING unhookLib.dll files
  33. Accidentally set max memory to 2kb now won't start up. Please help!
  34. Solved Copy Past ctrl c and ctrl v not working no more
  35. I think this subject is taboo but . . . . .
  36. Solved Mouse freezes for 1-2 seconds every minute or so
  37. Screen brighter when NOT plugged in (what!?)
  38. Solved Windows 7 takes long time to boot after installing drivers
  39. event viewer need help
  40. Very slow System Recovery by Image created earlier!!!
  41. Solved Proper Virtual Memory for my system?
  42. Solved can not delete old restore points
  43. SFC /scannow Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair se
  44. Possible upgrades for my old system ?
  45. Solved Multiple Errors, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT HANDLED and others
  46. How to speed up netbook?
  47. My HP shuts down unexpectedly
  48. my dell studio 1558 laptop shut downs unexpectedly
  49. Laptop wont turn on.
  50. Event Viewer ASP.Net
  51. Solved Defrag Blocked
  52. Random Hangups range in length
  53. Solved startup repair loop - only boots into debugging mode
  54. Oversized usage of CPU (approx 10-25% on games)
  55. Solved Can't install programs, SFC Cannot repair corrupt file
  56. Solved Stopping and starting when typing
  57. Solved Create restore point: VSS problem
  58. System restore reg error win 7
  59. Windows goes into Incredibly Slow mode
  60. What's causing my welcome screen to hang
  61. Ram memory problems on Win7 Desktop
  62. Right click on image files freezes and slow boot
  63. Question about prime95 workers
  64. Solved Having memory issue when running winsat mem RDTSC to QPC delta
  65. Windows 7 Slow Motion LAG?
  66. SFC found corrupt files, unable to fix some.
  67. Solved Event Viewer Error Schannel
  68. Screen freezing and weird mouse cursor when idling or on low load
  69. Solved Awfully slow computer?
  70. Solved Installed SSD now it won't hibernate
  71. Getting warning 1530 User Profile Service
  72. Solved unable to enter youtube, and even if i enter videos wont load
  73. Found user "fbwuser", is it safe to remove?
  74. Solved Why is HDD speed related to ReadyBoost?
  75. high CPU temperatures;upto 100 degrees celsius
  76. Long time until I reach login screen
  77. Solved Primary partition or Logical drive ???
  78. Solved What does this command do?
  79. Flashing icons and start button doesnt show explorer
  80. Solved Virtual Memory
  81. Too many other files are currently in use by 16-bit programs. Win7
  82. Solved cannot start event viewer "Error code 1899"
  83. Win7 Power Supply Not Detected
  84. Computer is freezing at random time
  85. Another S3 sleep issue - Waking Immediately
  86. Solved Cannot open windows explorer
  87. Registry cleanup
  88. My laptop ram has more than 50% usage every time
  89. Solved How do I know if I can increase my RAM
  90. Question about CHKDSK
  91. did chkdsk really erase my SD card.
  92. Solved Task manager shows 72% Ram usage.
  93. i cannot run check disk after it is scheduled
  94. Taskbar icon won't move to another position?
  95. Solved windows 8.1 vs windows 7 difference
  96. Computer Comes On and then turns black and comes back on
  97. Freeing up processor power and RAM on an old laptop
  98. Running slow with network connection enabled, runs fine in Safe mode
  99. Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows
  100. Drives renamed, now Restore points unusable
  101. Computer crashes only when I have a password?
  102. Laptop freezes unexpectedly but mouse still moves
  103. Can't run chkdsk
  104. Task Scheduling With Batch File Question
  105. Fresh win 7 install on netbook 30% proc usage on System Interrupts.
  106. laptop issues - won't wake up?
  107. Solved Disk cleanup failure
  108. Not all RAM available
  109. cmd Error/Error's found ( HELP PLEASE ): HRESULT = 0x800f080d Help via
  110. Programs hanging, slow computer and internet
  111. Solved Tools to put on my thumb drive?
  112. Solved Destroy ALL HHD data
  113. Computer Keeps Randomly Lagging (NT Kernel & System)
  114. Event Viewer Errors
  115. Windows Desktop Takes 20+ minutes to load from entering Password
  116. Windows sometimes automatically maximize.
  117. Recent Build suddenly freezing intermittently but safe mode slooooow
  118. Improve the performance and energy efficiency of the Windows 7 OS
  119. Insane RAM usage which isn't listed in Task Manager/Resource Monitor
  120. Solved every 30 minutes my open program minimizes
  121. Laptop wont boot to windows
  122. What do you use to keep your computer running smoothly?
  123. My harddisk capacity reduced from 500GB to 30 GB
  124. High CPU usage and corrupt files from sfc /scannow
  125. Applications all loading and running S L O W!!!
  126. amount of files in My Documents not accurate
  127. Win7x64 - repair corrupted files / folder
  128. Solved black screen with moveable cursor
  129. missing file notification after avg clean up
  130. Windows 7 window issues.
  131. My Daughter's Win 7 missing sfc files
  132. Solved error code 47
  133. Solved Program using 100% CPU. Cannot get rid of it. No virus detected.
  134. 10+GB winsxs folder cleanup?
  135. Windows theme suddenly changed into classic and slows down
  136. error 0xC0150004 / win7 fixing progs don't work
  137. Solved Large Windows and winsxs folders taking up too much space
  138. Solved Runned RogueKiller and found this
  139. Solved Low on memory
  140. CHKDSK Stuck on same file during stage 4/5 for 15+ hours
  141. error in (sfc /scannow)
  142. System files won't defragment?
  143. secure erase SSD
  144. help with cbs scannow log please
  145. clipbook not showing in services
  146. Startup repair - system files integrity check failed
  147. Problems with CHKDSK - External Drive
  148. Unknown issues, possible start up repair loop.
  149. Solved Can not delete RT7lite's leftover files
  150. Running Out of OS Drive Space, Possible Solutions...
  151. 'cache.trash' undeletable
  152. Having startup and shutdown problems with my PC
  153. Solved SFC /scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them
  154. Sudden slow boot (maybe due to BootSmssInitTime?)
  155. Still having shutdown problem
  156. PC very slow in shut down
  157. TV Screen keep going black even with sleep mode off
  158. Console subsystem affects client thread's performance - why??
  159. Problem after reformatting with space
  160. CHKDSK /r /f marked my whole HD as bad sector?
  161. event viewer help
  162. File Copy Freezes after 1.27GB transfer of 4.95 GB
  163. Solved Disk Clean-up failure
  164. Solved Startup Repair Infinite Loop (Gateway NV55sO5u laptop)(Windows 7)
  165. Shutdown, SFC, and Volume Shadow Copy freeze
  166. Solved 'Repair your computer' option boots into Windows regular mode
  167. Solved sleep timer works sometime & sometime not
  168. weak color blue - very hard to read on desk top.
  169. Solved Missing ~200 GB space after recovering partition from SSD
  170. Super Slow booting ever since Windows Security update
  171. New PC Tips, slow boot time
  172. Welcome screen hangs and very slow startup.
  173. Solved Missing around 74 GB of hard drive space
  174. Solved Fixing Slow Internet Connectivity After Windows Updates
  175. Unable to Hibernate the OS when booted from USB HDD
  176. System Idle 100% make pc slow
  177. Solved Disk Check Won't Run
  178. Physycal Memory RAM usage too high
  179. Computer won't go to sleep
  180. Which duplicate(s) to delete?
  181. "You do not have permission to enable or disable device wake"
  182. Disk space for system restore :(
  183. Solved CPU Usage 30-40% open task manager 0%
  184. What's this data in her cDrive? (pics attached)
  185. Physical Memory/CPU Usage showing high
  186. "Slow performance" Windows interruptions
  187. Solved sleep utility
  188. Solved Hard Disk transfer speed getting down
  189. Solved sfc /scannow unable to repair files (cbs.log inside)
  190. Solved Solid State Drive Installation
  191. Solved Slow cold-boot and reboot
  192. Error while processing shutdown report
  193. Overheating Laptop and slow pc. How do i fix this
  194. explorer.exe high memory usage
  195. Worth moving TEMP folder to HDD with OS on SSD?
  196. I need an efficient way of freeing up space on my HDD
  197. Why is my event viewer is showing 400 booting errors?
  198. Solved hp laptop runs slow after w7 ultimate install
  199. Problem with computer going into max CPU usage
  200. Stalling While Working, New Install
  201. Solved Windows Freezes and Haults or Dies
  202. Windows 7 startup programs
  203. Startup Repair after PC is up and running
  204. Win 7 Ultimate / Pro - dual boot - slow!
  205. clean old chace, temp file automatiaclly over the network
  206. Broken CMD.exe, need download
  207. SFC /scannow
  208. svchost using high cpu often like clockwork
  209. redirect few folders inside Appdata
  210. Chkdsk /r - How often?
  211. 100% CPU Load Nothing in Task Manager
  212. My system is constantly showing the blue circle by the mouse pointer
  213. Solved Win7 date/time changed while sleeping
  214. Solved Need suggestions about upgrading netbook
  215. Solved SFC Corrupt files
  216. SAfely disable start up services
  217. Event 219 "WUDFRd failed to load " warning at bootup
  218. Slow Black Welome Screen
  219. Real puzzle here--All recovery methods fail, however...
  220. SFC/Scannow errors
  221. After clean Win 7 install now Running out of Memory constantly.
  222. Computer getting very slow, no virus/malware
  223. How to increase boot speed?
  224. ReadyBoost?
  225. CBS.log file: Getting a usable txt file and interpreting the file
  226. 64Bit OS wont utilize my 16GB memory.
  227. SFC scannow, returning results unrpairable coruption. help
  228. CPU running high even in resting state
  229. Solved Low performance: Which programs don't need to run at start-up?
  230. Fairly new computer, memory use near max, due to FF and Nvtray
  231. CheckDisk Automate
  232. My Dell xps 15 laptop shuts down every 2 hours, exactly
  233. Long black screen during pc bootup?
  234. Show Us Your System Uptime
  235. Slow boot-up with Startup repair screen
  236. PC FPS display drop
  237. Why does my pc take longtime to get ready for use.
  238. SFC will not finish - Quits at 72% 00000210 (F) c0000185 [Error,Facili
  239. Single SSD or two SSD's in RAID0?/Benchmark results
  240. Solved Slowdown
  241. Newbie with HDD/SSD setup and slow computer
  242. PC freezes during Performance Monitor
  243. CPU running at extremely high temperatures
  244. User Configuration windows 7 Home Premium
  245. Why is this PC so slow?
  246. Chkdsk Error (766f6c756d652e63 3f1)
  247. Solved Computer freezes every few seconds, distorted cursor
  248. What's with all the files
  249. Solved pc start up slowly and freeze
  250. System Restore, Windows Update and ATI's CCC files corrupted