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  1. Usable RAM question
  2. Solved Disable auto-sleeping while watching video
  3. Laptop will not Hibernate, Sleep,
  4. Faster boot up time - by disabling items on startup.
  5. Solved BSOD When Normal Web browsing or gaming, BCCode 101
  6. Need help with overheating on an Alienware M14x
  7. Fairly new hard drive keeps disappearing...
  8. Second Hard disk partitioning
  9. several startup errors on Belkin, gadgets, speedfan, pando & others
  10. questions about system optimization
  11. questions about if i need a paging file or not
  12. Am wondering what system means
  13. PC Slow/Lagging
  14. computer freezes at windows start up for unknown reason
  15. Random freeze: Windows Special Logon (Event viwer code)
  16. Where did my file go?
  17. Lenovo T430s Q drive recovery low on disk space
  18. Missing Hard drive space
  19. Solved How to clear up some SSD space?
  20. Solved unexpected waking up from hibernating
  21. Almost all memory used up during and after extraction or installation
  22. c appears to be full
  23. New I7-2900 Win7 slow, low cpu usage
  24. App slow to display itself onto full screen.
  25. Windows is taking longer and longer to Boot?
  26. 2mins delay during boot after "loading windows files" before Desktop
  27. Hard drive possible cause of stuttering?
  28. Group Policy "Preferences" folder missing
  29. Completelty random CPU lag spikes
  30. Display does not turn off when I close my laptop lid
  31. Solved Batch File Execution error
  32. CPU temperature?
  33. Explore Slow
  34. Taskbar icons change to thin vertical bar
  35. drive c memory zero
  36. Solved explorer.exe using 12-13% of the CPU
  37. System Error When Opening Certain Apps
  38. how to rebuild the cache for iconcache.db and readthe error log
  39. Windows7 Batch File Copy Possible?
  40. CPU or GPU bottleneck
  41. PC slow for a couple of weeks
  42. Computer only works in safe mode
  43. A quite new laptop lags when playing almost any games
  44. CPU stuck at lowest speed after Hibernation
  45. 1GB of Ram always being used
  46. Old Timer TFC Cleaner
  47. Windows Explorer Not Responding When Save or Download. Details Here
  48. WMP Missing media information
  49. How to edit bcd to add a recovery partition
  50. Performing Maintenance Help
  51. What is the best registry cleanup tool for win7?
  52. CHKDSK - Event Viewer Doesn't Display Full Log
  53. Windows & x64 Says RAM 8gb (4gb useable). Hardware Reserved the rest
  54. Boot Slows Down (Some) when there are more Windows Backups
  55. My computer is freezing randomly. But only when I'm playing games.
  56. Solved Windows 7 locks up after latest updates.
  57. i7 Processor running at 1.2GHz during games?
  58. How many hours can i?
  59. Wbemsvc.dll ERROR
  60. Windows Pop-Up Nuisance
  61. Kingston HyperX 3k SSD slow boot after windows reinstall
  62. 64-bit - Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup
  63. ../App Data/Local why so many folders
  64. Windows 7 very slow start up and sluggish general performance
  65. File Icons Missing or Incorrect
  66. Windows 7 tweaking, tips & tricks....extending toolbars...
  67. Extreme i5 Overheating And Constant Crashes.
  68. Windows excessive loading time on startup
  69. CPU Spiking and super slow
  70. Windows explorer problem
  71. Why Laptop runs out of memory?
  72. Solved Explorer.exe 20% cpu usage when idle
  73. Memory fills up to 90% and never goes down with Truecrypt - on or off!
  74. Solved Program Execution (Initiailzing) Issues
  75. Computer shuts off automatically
  76. Multiple System Failure in Win7 Ultimate 32bit SP1
  77. Solved The blue icon not spinning on the Welcome screen (Windows 7).
  78. Power Management driver ATK0110 not installed correctly?
  79. Fixing Win 7 with the master disk
  80. Good idea to defrag / run CCleaner once a week?
  81. Keyboard/Mouse won't wake up Windows 7 when sleeping
  82. Why does my laptop access the hard disk all the time
  83. Solved Slow boot along with aero lag
  84. Windows 7 Boot Manager- Multiple Entries
  85. How to do CPU Throttling ?
  86. Solved Windows 7 - All Application suddenly hangs/(Not Responding)
  87. 2503 Error Message
  88. Power Efficiency Diagnostics
  89. Windows will not start
  90. Seriously slow system...
  91. How to extend battery life for Samsung Ultrabook?
  92. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 slow startup
  93. user accounts issues
  94. autostart up programes to disable.
  95. sfc /scannow cannot repair explorer.exe
  96. Battery Saving Tips
  97. Solved Long BootSmssInitTime
  98. Solved Win7 Prof Background Slideshow won't change
  99. Solved Black screen with mouse cursor. (No task manager or safe mode)
  100. Locating chkdsk log in Event Viewer
  101. Windows 7 Home Premium x64 hangs randomly
  102. How to take updates of Antivirus Definations??
  103. Solved Run task on unlock after certain period of time
  104. Solved Very slow computer
  105. laptop stuck in checking disk error
  106. Trying to put pagefile into SD card
  107. Mysterious Windows tasks
  108. Laptop freezing every time I confirm/cancel something that is a pop-up
  109. Help with System Restore question
  110. Stuck on Shutting Down
  111. Black screen with cursor at start up
  112. Solved 9gb Ram installed. 7 Gb shown as installed, 6.1gb available. Windows 8
  113. windows 7 long "starting windows" screen time and froze disk check
  114. Hardware Reserved Memory Issue (2.5gb Usable out of 8gb) WIN 7 32bit
  115. Win7 64-bit Pro. FREQUENTLY freezes and stops responding
  116. Can no longer hibernate in Windows 7
  117. Unallocated disk space error, Can not partition volume space
  118. Does running Verifier put any kind of load on the system?
  119. Re-Installing O/S: Do I lose programs such as WORD?
  120. Solved Sluggish performance in new gaming rig (Windows 7 64-bit), please help
  121. Do I need more RAM - Crucial says I do!
  122. Disk Cleanup system files, Safe?
  123. Boot Failed error at windows 7 startup
  124. Cleaning MSConfig
  125. "program has stopped working" error everytime I close a program.
  126. Recovery Drive (D: ) is full - what can I delete?
  127. Stupid Question: What Happens If You Accidentally Disconnect HDD Power
  128. Cannot Start Any Services
  129. How to access a recovery Partition on a HP after fresh Install of Win7
  130. Solved Ram usage goes high after a while?
  131. Starting computer with power strip
  132. Huge issues with Windows Installer, Backup, Firewall and services
  133. I think I installed windows 7 twice
  134. Not alot of free ram?
  135. Installed Windows 7 on my Vista. Help?
  136. Solved What Startup Programs Can I Disable?
  137. free utilities to troubleshoot/check hardware?
  138. Windows System Error Codes Lists
  139. Solved New Ram, Which Slot?
  140. Windows Search Service can't start, Error 1613
  141. Transfer Rate is decreasing
  142. Hard Drive Memory disappearing and c:\END appearing in c drive
  143. Missing 18 GB on Boot Drive
  144. Windows 7 gets slow even after formatting.
  145. What does it mean when I can work in Safe Mode but normal mode is unus
  146. BSOD and Automatic Shutdown...
  147. Windows search function not looking in Downloads?
  148. Slow loading times when using gimp or any video converter?
  149. Slow functioning after sleep
  150. Solved Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit Steals Focus
  151. Solved Always Stuck on Tranferring files from DVD to Local Disk
  152. PC takes a long time to finish booting
  153. error on sfc /scannow
  154. AUTOCHK.EXE corrupted
  155. Solved Blank screen on cold boot for 5-25 minutes
  156. HELP...hp laptop black screen
  157. Slow loading of some applications in Windows 7
  158. What else can cause a slow bootup?
  159. Solved System using 17mil b/sec normal or something in computer dead
  160. CPU Usage 100%, even when idle
  161. Explorer.exe seems to be running high on usage
  162. Check Disk will not run windows 7 home Pre
  163. Solved Great System High Disk Usage fresh install
  164. Hard Drive Advice
  165. Recovery (D) is full.
  166. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Virtual memory issue
  167. How to stop athurx.sys from high cpu usage in nt kernel & system
  168. Computer hung when idle.
  169. How to change sticky keys mode with code/commands
  170. Solved Free RAM
  171. No programs open at start up-5+ minute delay
  172. Solved Explorer.exe 50%+ CPU usage
  173. Where did WD links to CD Diagnostics go?
  174. Very often system fails to identify hard disc drive
  175. Solved System clock going slow
  176. Never ending Repair mode, 2 days in. Help please
  177. After reinstalling windows start up feels slower
  178. Display won't turn on after sleep and hibernation windows7 Lenovo S205
  179. Variable fan speeds for no apparent reason
  180. Desktop Icons Loads slow on startup.
  181. does hibernating for long time regularly harms laptop?
  182. Win7 64-bit hangs at start for 10 min while hard-drive runs continualy
  183. Solved Resource Monitor Memory "Hard Faults", no paging file.
  184. Samsung Recovery Solution has corrupted Bootloader HELP please
  185. System does not hibernate
  186. buzz buzzz
  187. computer suddenly slow and choppy
  188. Wmipvrse.eve network service.
  189. Solved Can I delete files from regedit
  190. keep getting a blank white page that covers 3/4's of my desktop
  191. Solved Start Menu shortcuts won't delete
  192. Solved First shutdown trace: NetTcpPortSharing, SMSvcHost.exe(2064) stand out
  193. CPU power saving too aggressive - freezing 1080p stream
  194. Computer CPU is slamming on 100%
  195. Solved System Volume Information has 336 Files filled with 180GB of nulls
  196. Solved CBS Log ,corrupt files
  197. Placement of external fan
  198. Solved Registry location for power options display timeout
  199. problems with ccsvchst.exe and High disk usage
  200. Win7 Resinstall = Long Time @ Welcome Screen
  201. Creating portable applications for a cleaner system
  202. Windows startup has become very slow
  203. defragmentation error
  204. Solved How do I set my ram to use permanently?
  205. Do you want to change the color scheme to improve performance !!!
  206. ReBoot Time [2]
  207. Recovery Media Windows 7 Toshiba Error
  208. Solved INSTALL a program window out of screen
  209. System Interrupts
  210. RunAway CPU Utilization!
  211. Recycle Bin Won't Show Confirmation Dialog...
  212. Dbanning - Give me extra Info on it
  213. Solved High cpu use while computer is idle
  214. Attribute ReadOnly won't reset. Defaut set to blocked out/part check'd
  215. Solved System was shutting down hard drive when sleeping but stopped doing so
  216. Solved Windows 7 start really slow and after it stucks in home screen
  217. PEOPLE page not available in MS (9 or 10) Internet Explorer
  218. Frequent chkdsk on startup !
  219. Black screen with mouse pointer before logging on
  220. RegCurePro: Is it reliable???
  221. "Windows Starting" Screen abnormally slow
  222. Unwanted task manager processes
  223. Windows not loading properly on boot
  224. Windows 7 performance error?
  225. Solved netbook slow on start up
  226. Memory Usage Problem
  227. Windows 7 Remote Desktop Keeps Reappearing
  228. Window 7 Home Premium Shutdown hang
  229. What does SKUTL.DLL missing mean?
  230. General Win7 memory leak and Unknown memory usage?
  231. Event Viewer Errors & Warnings
  232. Repair or reinstall Windows 7
  233. alienware laptop over heats
  234. Solved Hybrid inside a Tower
  235. Sfc /Scannow found corrupt files, but was unable to fix them.
  236. How do I use event viewer to speed up boot time
  237. Hard drives won't stay in sleep mode
  238. Unable to delete directory.
  239. Win updates section greyed out plus removing properly Live Mail
  240. chkdsk help
  241. Windows Cannot Display Shutdown Options / Fails to install Driver
  242. High CPU usage when the computation program is running
  243. Solved Can anyone help me how to enhance the speed??
  244. computer hangs
  245. Can't view thumbnails on folders
  246. Solved windows hangs while opening a drive
  247. Slow alt tab and slow ctrl alt delete
  248. Computer Freezing every 3-4 Seconds - Read for more Info.
  249. Is it safe to delete Temp files with long numbers in front?
  250. Solved Svchost activity! Bad