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  1. Solved The system has experienced boot failures...
  2. win 7 freezing/ waiting on cache.... please help
  3. High CPU usage and (sounds like pc overworking) when idle
  4. Solved Freezing problem
  5. Solved Solution to RAM useage
  6. Solved CBS.log file in SFC /scannow
  7. Free space on C drive keeps decreasing?
  8. Solved User Accounts
  9. Windows 7 hibernate once take too long
  10. Solved Speed up computer (Win 7)
  11. Solved virtual memory
  12. svchost.exe High CPU/Memory + sqlservr.exe High CPU
  13. Solved Mouse pad arrow intermittently has an attached +/- rectangle
  14. Solved On boot-up a second option is offered that I want to remove
  15. High CPU usage after using compressor to clean my PSU fan on my laptop
  16. Event Viewer is not showing Diagnostic-Performance Windows 7
  17. In Event Viewer, Where is event log for cleanmgr.exe (Disk Cleanup)?
  18. WEI Could not measure Processor Performance.
  19. Strange Issue with Multiple Monitors
  20. Solved My Cdrive: The "NO VACANCY" sign is up but nobody's home?
  21. Computer Sleep
  22. What's your CPU compression rate
  23. Permanently deleting files/folders forever
  24. How Make Monitors Sleep When Inactive??
  25. Memory Leak: Insufficient System Resources
  26. Constant high CPU
  27. What to do? WEI enclosed
  28. Sfc /Scannow problem
  29. Programs loading @ max 50% load
  30. Solved Boot Manager
  31. system file checker
  32. Consent.exe
  33. r windows 7 freezing up randomly?
  34. Computer slows significantly several minutes after windows login
  35. Solved Computer won't sleep or hybernate
  36. Hybrid Sleep
  37. how to know my actual performance ?
  38. Windows not booting. Running chkdsk from DVD taking days.
  39. How do you fix corrupted files found by SFC /SCANNOW?
  40. Reduce Windows 7 memory footprint
  41. Windows 7 keeps losing index of RAID volume
  42. How to test PC speed?
  43. Slow to boot, black screen before desktop
  44. Slow Computer
  45. Aer Aspire 5750 Windows 7 64bit running slow
  46. Solved Creating a shortcut to "turn off display"
  47. Pagefile reverts back
  48. Solved Trying to move Users and ProgramData to a different drive
  49. Device Manager continually expands and contracts
  50. windows 7 ultimate 64bit running far to slow.
  51. Help finding limits for page file
  52. Solved ACER Aspire 4 gig of ram only 1.74 usable, how can I fix?
  53. Solved Strange lengthy bootup (startup) time for system that I have
  54. My laptop takes a hell lot of time to reboot! lags a lot while working
  55. Computer lags for 30 seconds then freezes while almost idle
  56. Experiences with using Basic Windows 7 reload instead of HP bloatware
  57. Solved my screen saver stopped working
  58. Solved EasyBCD broke my Windows 7 Home Premium
  59. Computer Lags and Freezes
  60. Msconfig - Does Selective Startup Cause Slower Boot
  61. 8GB ram(3.98GB usable) why T_T help me pls
  62. PC always freezes at first boot
  63. Solved CPU/memory overusage
  64. CPU usage hits 100%
  65. Solved Strange shut down
  66. Solved windows 7 stand-by problems
  67. Solved Unexpected Shutdown & memtest
  68. Power plan - do not keep settings!
  69. My Computer wakes me up in the middle of the night!
  70. Solved Latop locks out automatically after inactivity (plugged in)
  71. Solved Very high RAM usage Rundll32.exe
  72. Laptop is slow after Conexant CX20671 Sound Card Driver Update
  73. During sleep or hibernate mode Laptop crashes
  74. Solved How can I avoid my PC hibernating after sleeping for five minutes?
  75. Window7 errors LogonUI.exe- entry point not found
  76. Possible memory leak on an idle computer
  77. Where is my disk space going?
  78. Defrag on SSHD
  79. Somebody please help a poor soul with severe graphical crashes!
  80. Windows 7/8 transcluent selection rectangle slow and lag
  81. Variable SLEEP behavior.
  82. Solved Software for reading CPU/GPU temperatures
  83. Solved 2 hard drive partitions I wish to combine into 1
  84. Solved Global fonts management issue
  85. windows 7, 64, safe mode, windows installer not working after regedit
  86. Is force quitting bad for your laptop?
  87. Solved Confused about defrag
  88. Solved Desktop freezes up and unable to terminate extra explorer process
  89. Solved Windows 7 unusually slow?
  90. Indexed Grayed Out
  91. Solved Ran cmd program SFC /scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix
  92. problem with cpu temperature !
  93. How long should checkdisk run?
  94. My computer is running in slow motion
  95. Solved WMI errors shown in Event Viewer
  96. explorer.exe high CPU usage IE not in windows updates
  97. Locked file in Program File (x86) and I'm administrator
  98. How can I fix various SFC /scanreg errors?
  99. Running real slow / shut down slow
  100. Several GBs of language files should @$#! well be safe to delete
  101. Solved out of memory
  102. Defragging SSD drive in Windows 7 Pro
  103. Computer will not restart. Turns off but will not turn back on
  104. Flash for 2 sec n come back main screen. unable to hibernate windows 7
  105. Windows 7 start menu search results ordering?
  106. Windows 7 pressing restart causes shutdown instead
  107. Solved Any help with CC registry cleaner?
  108. start up repair offline
  109. Solved Startup takes a long time
  110. sync flood errors: obsolete tasks in Win7 task scheduler
  111. Toshiba Satellite always boots to a black screen
  112. Startup Repair Infinite Loop
  113. Solved Is performance affected by dual booting?
  114. How do I make sure this goes into sleep?
  115. PC slow (humming sound/video) after awake from sleep
  116. Solved CHKDSK Running at every boot
  117. Windows 7 Constantly Freezing - Lots of Errors in Event Viewer
  118. Solved Windows doesn't use page file on different drive
  119. Solved Need default Task Scheduler files
  120. Curser blinks and computer acts strange
  121. Search Warning Logged Event ID: 3036
  122. Windows 7; Folder customizations have disappeared
  123. Random Freeze/Hang When Running Applications
  124. Error: SysWOW64\winvnc86.exe missing
  125. Transfer speed is slow even being a new laptop.
  126. Windows did not start successfully....From time to time
  127. Hibernation with dualboot
  128. Solved PCs no longer boot after being moved
  129. Preventing Sleep when charging iPod?
  130. Solved ASUS laptop Maximum Frequency stuck at 36%
  131. Toshiba satellite c650d takes hours to boot up then freezes
  132. Windows search service will not start Win7x64
  133. Event viewer search errors
  134. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Explorer.exe eror
  135. What performance/tweaking tools do you use, right now?
  136. Create System Repair Disc
  137. ClearPageFileAtShutdown - Enabling despite group policy
  138. Solved Startups/Boot Performance/100-all the time Critical
  139. svchost.exe taking up too much CPU?
  140. Combining hard drives
  141. How do I reset my Laptop back to factory settings?
  142. 128GSSD is full can't prevent applications from installing on the SSD
  143. Two Problems that are possibly related, Crash after sleep mode
  144. Slow boot traces.
  145. Reduction in web page load times in IE and Firefox; can't work out why
  146. Dual monitor cursor lag
  147. Solved svchost.exe (netsvcs) maxing CPU out by streaming in audio feeds
  148. When I have a LOT of stuff open, system's slow, don't understand
  149. Slow boot on Windows 7.
  150. File transfer is to slow
  151. Windows 7 Professional Won't Boot Up
  152. Solved What cooler cools my laptop?
  153. Error 2; Superfetch Will not Start
  154. Ran xbootmgr OK, but 2nd & 3rd time had bad, & very bad results
  155. My 1 TB disk suddenly became almost full
  156. Windows 8: Random CPU spikes and performance lag
  157. My Windows 7 SP1 notebook freezes abruptly off and on
  158. computer
  159. random high cpu usage with explorer.exe
  160. Windows Explorer Very Slow Randomly
  161. Solved Slow opening any type of file (15 seconds)
  162. My hard disk space seems to be diminishing...
  163. sfc /scannow faulty for sc.exe.mui?
  164. Solved Won't wake from sleep and fans on full - needs to be shutdown
  165. HD Activity LED Blinking Every Second With Laptop Battery Removed
  166. two system reserved partitions
  167. Solved Dell System Diagnostic, or something else?
  168. How can I determine what are the errors in powercfg-report?
  169. Windows freeze while playing Rift
  170. error 0x8007007e when attempting to open programs or pictures larger
  171. Was my hard drive hijacked?
  172. Solved High CPU Temperature
  173. Minimal/Custom startup environment(s).
  174. C:\Recovery Access denied
  175. Windows 7 broken
  176. Need Help Making Windows Repair Disc USB
  177. Scheduled Task history indicates task completed successfully but....
  178. Slow after startup and high ram (80%/90%)
  179. ON/OFF Slow
  180. Usable RAM question
  181. Solved Disable auto-sleeping while watching video
  182. Laptop will not Hibernate, Sleep,
  183. Faster boot up time - by disabling items on startup.
  184. Solved BSOD When Normal Web browsing or gaming, BCCode 101
  185. Need help with overheating on an Alienware M14x
  186. Fairly new hard drive keeps disappearing...
  187. Second Hard disk partitioning
  188. several startup errors on Belkin, gadgets, speedfan, pando & others
  189. questions about system optimization
  190. questions about if i need a paging file or not
  191. Am wondering what system means
  192. PC Slow/Lagging
  193. computer freezes at windows start up for unknown reason
  194. Random freeze: Windows Special Logon (Event viwer code)
  195. Where did my file go?
  196. Lenovo T430s Q drive recovery low on disk space
  197. Missing Hard drive space
  198. Solved How to clear up some SSD space?
  199. Solved unexpected waking up from hibernating
  200. Almost all memory used up during and after extraction or installation
  201. c appears to be full
  202. New I7-2900 Win7 slow, low cpu usage
  203. App slow to display itself onto full screen.
  204. Windows is taking longer and longer to Boot?
  205. 2mins delay during boot after "loading windows files" before Desktop
  206. Hard drive possible cause of stuttering?
  207. Group Policy "Preferences" folder missing
  208. Completelty random CPU lag spikes
  209. Display does not turn off when I close my laptop lid
  210. Solved Batch File Execution error
  211. CPU temperature?
  212. Explore Slow
  213. Taskbar icons change to thin vertical bar
  214. drive c memory zero
  215. Solved explorer.exe using 12-13% of the CPU
  216. System Error When Opening Certain Apps
  217. how to rebuild the cache for iconcache.db and readthe error log
  218. Windows7 Batch File Copy Possible?
  219. CPU or GPU bottleneck
  220. PC slow for a couple of weeks
  221. Computer only works in safe mode
  222. A quite new laptop lags when playing almost any games
  223. CPU stuck at lowest speed after Hibernation
  224. 1GB of Ram always being used
  225. Old Timer TFC Cleaner
  226. Windows Explorer Not Responding When Save or Download. Details Here
  227. WMP Missing media information
  228. How to edit bcd to add a recovery partition
  229. Performing Maintenance Help
  230. What is the best registry cleanup tool for win7?
  231. CHKDSK - Event Viewer Doesn't Display Full Log
  232. Windows & x64 Says RAM 8gb (4gb useable). Hardware Reserved the rest
  233. Boot Slows Down (Some) when there are more Windows Backups
  234. My computer is freezing randomly. But only when I'm playing games.
  235. Solved Windows 7 locks up after latest updates.
  236. i7 Processor running at 1.2GHz during games?
  237. How many hours can i?
  238. Wbemsvc.dll ERROR
  239. Windows Pop-Up Nuisance
  240. Kingston HyperX 3k SSD slow boot after windows reinstall
  241. 64-bit - Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup
  242. ../App Data/Local why so many folders
  243. Windows 7 very slow start up and sluggish general performance
  244. File Icons Missing or Incorrect
  245. Windows 7 tweaking, tips & tricks....extending toolbars...
  246. Extreme i5 Overheating And Constant Crashes.
  247. Windows excessive loading time on startup
  248. CPU Spiking and super slow
  249. Windows explorer problem
  250. Why Laptop runs out of memory?