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  1. Solved Continuous Lagging and Slow Performance Toshiba L745 Win 7 64x bit
  2. Solved How can I increase teh performance of my ssytem?
  3. Search box automatically opens
  4. Why is Windows 7 So Slow...
  5. Diabolical hard disk
  6. change power settings based on location
  7. Mechanical data drive taking a long time to show contents in folder
  8. [Q] how to boot windows 7 on a network time
  9. Strange Stuttering Windows 7
  10. Solved Sort and Move Files by Size
  11. Solved Finding filenames containing double spaces.
  12. Extremely slow boot after upgrade to 16GB
  13. How to find out which programs are using the resources?
  14. Windows 7 Vs XP on speed
  15. Solved Computer temperature
  16. Solved Can deleted file be in recyle bin on another disk, volume?
  17. Windows Explorer repeatedly closing and restarting
  18. Solved Windows 7 x64 taking 2:30 mins to boot (Soluto)
  19. Computer is performing poorly, trying to figure out the problem.
  20. Programs/explorer close unexpectedly
  21. Failed Resize Partition -> Incorrect Use
  22. a problem with hibernation
  23. Resource and Perfomance Monitor- failed
  24. Solved Chkdsk reports file system id RAW
  25. Silverlight 5.1.20125.0 plugin for Firefox needs a disc?
  26. Solved SSD upgrade for a laptop
  27. Solved Safe to sleep with hibernate file disabled?
  28. System Repair Not Working on Dell Windows 7 Laptop
  29. Asus zenbook ux32v long boot times, and when coming out of sleep etc.
  30. Windows Media Player Causes CPU to run at 100%
  31. Computer HDD Low Disk Space Issue
  32. Solved Adding scanned files to "send to"
  33. Very slow startup and opening files and Internet
  34. Windows 7 stuck at "Starting Windows" NO fix on these forums helps
  35. Solved Folder increasing explorer.exe cpu usage
  36. Solved Windows Experience Index not working
  37. CPU AUX temperature, wild fluctuations
  38. Occasional slow boot time despite using an SSD.
  39. Computer is slow and freezes whenever it is loading something
  40. Solved Strange drive in "MyDefrag" window
  41. Computer seems sluggish, where to start?
  42. Solved How do I reboot my Laptop when the BIOS settings won't let me?
  43. How much and what kind of RAM can my MSi motherboard utilize?
  44. Best way to speed up a slow computer
  45. Memory RAM: I can't figure out what's using my RAM
  46. After running windows experience I'm given this error. (screen shot)
  47. Solved Windows 7 x64 cpu lag
  48. missing gigs
  49. Froze, ran CHKDSK now stuck at stage 4
  50. Win 7 randomly starts lagging
  51. RAM usage 900 MB RAM Memory 1GB
  52. Solved How to change default right click for highlighted text
  53. Recent problems with very high temperatures
  54. Solved CCleaner repeatedly finds same Reg Errors
  55. How to create user-defined pagefile.sys when the normal method fails
  56. Windows 7 File Access Impossible without system crash!
  57. Solved there is a red X on battery & report is freaking, how can I correct it
  58. Solved Laptop running slow on battery
  59. Win7 very slow opening folders, documents, websites,etc
  60. Solved Running sfc /scannow find TONS of errors it can't fix.
  61. Solved Shortcut shutdown in 2 ways - difference?
  62. Computer running slow repair does not help
  63. Emet 3.0.0
  64. Solved Internet Explorer 10 Will Not Open or Uninstall - Windows 7, 64 bit
  65. Laptop slowed down and works weird, why ?
  66. Just did a Systems Health report through Windows 7, how do I fix a fa
  67. Batch file syntax file
  68. Computer has only gone to sleep on its own twice in the past week
  69. laptop fan issue
  70. How often should you empty your recycle bin
  71. Solved ssd almost full
  72. FDResPub service eats CPU resources
  73. Windows 7 OS consuming 100GB space ,how????
  74. Switched to 64bit, Dropping fps.
  75. cpu fan rpm slowly gets higher and higher
  76. Solved Master File Table Size?
  77. Very slow booting time [win7 x64]
  78. Print Spooler fails to load a plugin module
  79. my windows 7 takes ages to restart pls help.
  80. performance rating ??
  81. Solved How do I raise the multi-core CPU limit?
  82. Windows 7 almost unresponsive, I've taken these steps so far;
  83. Can I delete just certain errors in Event Viewer?
  84. 736mb memory used up with no programs open
  85. Solved Which OS would have the best performance on this computer?
  86. System grows slower over several hours, then I have to (force) reboot
  87. Need some tips for my Windows 7
  88. Solved Intel core i5 3570k bottleneck ?
  89. Desktop.ini Question
  90. Solved Mysterious CPU usage
  91. Tasks remaining in manager
  92. Solved SFC /scannow can't repair autochk.exe
  93. Tip: Speeding up writes to DVD RAM
  94. Solved Writes to hyberfil.sys
  95. is c/boot directory needed? may delete it?
  96. Dell Inspiron 17R is lagging when playing an MMO.
  97. Reconnect my desktop pc and now its running slow and jerky
  98. Solved After doing a system cleanup, my PC unbearably slow and is unable to r
  99. Random Stutter and freezes
  100. problem with icons on taskbar (wrong icons or missing icons)
  101. alt+tab menu distortion
  102. How to get deep info on System Tools and Computer Management
  103. Blue Srceen/Lagging Laptop
  104. remove event log of uninstalled program
  105. Disable/enable Desktop BG from Command Line
  106. Solved Jumping through hoops here
  107. lost in transition
  108. My Harddrive is running constantly
  109. Solved sysstem32.exe has stopped working,,,help urgent
  110. Event log managment
  111. Requesting Help with this Windows Error (Windows Installer)
  112. Solved Sudden shutdown slowdown
  113. Wiindows 7 64 bit High CPU Usage and stuttering
  114. memory limit on 32-bit applications running on 64-bit windows?
  115. Solved Windows Search Bar
  116. Can no longer run Resource Monitor
  117. Solved Disk Data Transfer Rating not very good
  118. Low Disk D Space
  119. Slowly but surely decreasing C drive space
  120. Solved I am not allowed to run CHKDSK from DOS box - Win 7 HP 64 bit.
  121. Corrupt system from hard drive failure - SFC cannot fix all errors
  122. windows search fucntion not working
  123. I have a question about the Defrag feature?
  124. Solved windows 7 being really slow for no apperent reason
  125. Solution to: "Gave up waiting for Win7RTM physical prefetcher" problem
  126. High CPU when I do anything, searched for months with no solution.
  127. Gaming/Performance related updates released after SP1
  128. Many Registry Tweaks For Windows 7
  129. Static Electricity and earth straps
  130. Solved Where do I find out what Windows is doing during 10 minute boot?
  131. Corsair ship out new 3Ghz ram, WHY ?
  132. Should I upgrade my router
  133. Everything freezes for few seconds when...
  134. "Sleep" disables from shutdown menu. How to enable?
  135. Solved Folder on unused drive takes 5 to 10 seconds to open, is this normal?
  136. Solved SFC couldn't repair files. Attempted to retrieve from install CD
  137. Solved I need help clearing my temporary Internet files.
  138. Solved Multiple issues that started with applecharger.sys BSOD
  139. C; drive full
  140. Windows 7 Suddenly Slow with Low CPU Usage
  141. Not possible to format harddrive to exFAT
  142. WIN 7 ultimate x86 RANDOMLY hang (freeze)
  143. How to find source of system bottle neck or lag
  144. Fresh OS Install on new SSD -- really low benchmark tests??
  145. So Sloooooow
  146. Windows 7 keeps moving my paging file back to C drive
  147. more ram = slower computer?
  148. Solved Rampage Formula 3 - Ahci 6GBPS
  149. SSDs and HDDs and defrag.
  150. Core temp showing CPU at 30 - 50% but Task Manager Shows 8%
  151. PC does not recognize new CPU
  152. win7 defrag analyze report
  153. Windows 7 not responding, works in safe mode
  154. Windows 7 64 bit crashes when using mouse
  155. How to set individual HDD power options ?
  156. Solved Defrag makes something with my harddrive.
  157. Solved My old computer is slow like... need help to find out why.
  158. Wow is getting slow everytime I play after hibernate
  159. New user needs help with cbs log file
  160. HDD Failure- No Recovery Disks, BIOS not recognizing HDD? Next step?
  161. Solved Help understanding CBS.log file paths
  162. windows explorer has stopped working
  163. Never any solutions found for Problem Reports-Is it just me?
  164. Solved Cannot delete volume in disk management. The partition is in use...
  165. Speeding up Windows 7
  166. Windows Explorer won't load and keep freezing
  167. BIOS Issue
  168. Boot Performance Monitoring Event 100 Errors
  169. Laptop getting slow day by day
  170. System Repair and System Restored, What does this mean?
  171. Solved Help With Unwanted Toolbars
  172. Solved So many problems!
  173. Solved Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5106 stops at Windows starting bootscreen
  174. system hangs after logging off and logging back!
  175. Uncontrollable and sudden lag spikes in Windows 7, x64
  176. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Suddenly extremely slow, wont shut down
  177. Windows 7 64bit boot time increased dramatically suddenly
  178. Event ID 36 Volsnap when defragging D drive (data + windows backups)
  179. Optimize Drives
  180. Automatically killing "Not responding" programs?
  181. Will Readyboost Have A Positive Impact Running More Software Applicati
  182. Solved Toolbar added to taskbar looses previous functionality
  183. Computer Fails to Resume After Sleep
  184. Administrator privilleges on Windows 7
  185. Solved Asus Laptop Unexpectedly Shuts Down While Sleeping
  186. All programs not responding after connecting to network.
  187. Maximum number of days to keep system hibernated under regular use
  188. Solved Improper low space warning for SDD due to symlink
  189. Solved Windows 7 Repair Disk Reformatting
  190. CPU freezing up and "Warning Unresponsive Script"
  191. How to reenable, "searches might be slow in non-indexed locations"
  192. Solved Computer running slowly.
  193. slow laptop; need help understanding boot trace
  194. Solved WMI Broken?
  195. System Recovery appearing every time i run my PC
  196. Solved Sfc can't fix files
  197. Hibernation works randomly, I get a black screen when resuming.
  198. Problem after running a maintenance program
  199. Computer shutting down randomly
  200. Windows 7 Requires Disk Check NOW For All My 8 Drives/Partitions?HELP!
  201. Very slow file move on same volume.
  202. SSD using space at a rapid rate
  203. Solved Peridoic SSD Maintenance Using TRIM Functionality
  204. SSD filling up ?
  205. Quick Questions about CHKDSK /F
  206. Found & Deleted > tr/crypt.xpack.gen but now system is super slow.
  207. Windows freezes on start up. Super fetch has been incriminated.
  208. Create Custom Service
  209. Solved Get stuck at windows startup disk check !
  210. Solved External HD of Laptop being mysteriously accessed by system.
  211. SSH command prompt
  212. I've reformatted my computer and want advice on software (un)install
  213. Screens keep getting deselected
  214. Just Found Out Notebook in Selective Startup Mode-Do I Need to Change?
  215. CPU is running super slow now
  216. Solved PC slowed down after changing thermal paste.
  217. Second screen behaves REALLY slow!
  218. sfc /scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them...
  219. Solved Slow Start Up
  220. Freezing just after log on
  221. Trimming down W7HPx64 with RT7lite and DISM
  222. physical memory cached over 6gb
  223. Very high CPU usage, causing very high laptop CPU temps (90c idle)
  224. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit suddenly unusable?
  225. Solved After sleep, hangs for a while
  226. Speeding up USB transfers.
  227. Solved Deleting old win folder
  228. Slow boot after desktop shows but not before, windows x64
  229. How to fix "not responding" problem in all programs and "lost updates"
  230. Computer runing extremeley slow
  231. HP pavilion frequently hangs up
  232. Running out of room
  233. Solved win 7 x86 4GB RAM only 2.6 usable
  234. Hibernate
  235. Solved Locking up and lagging Windows 7
  236. Computer hangs briefly and frequently for no reason.
  237. After reformat, still remain system file in previous partition
  238. Computer Temperature
  239. 100 % CPU Usage, help
  240. EventID: 0 Event Source: Poweroff
  241. Solved Slow & constantly freezing after reinstalling pc AVG screwed me over
  242. Charging Light Problem- Hp 630 Notebook PC
  243. Charging Light Problem- Hp 630 Notebook PC
  244. Why is chkdsk so much slower at boot time?
  245. Reboot time excessive
  246. Scan of an external drive error and found file
  247. GUI lag problems. hardware issue maybe?
  248. Played around with BCDedit and now need help
  249. Start up freezing long boot times
  250. Programs and features problem