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  1. CPU Temps on laptop much higher while gaming after upgrading to SSD
  2. What is considered a high SVCHost (MB) number? (Win 7 HP 64)
  3. A background program called SOUND
  4. Solved upgraded 4bg to 8gb bsod help!
  5. Performance comparison btw. Windows 7 Home Basic versus Home Premium
  6. Solved SFC "Could not perform the requested operation"
  7. Acronis boot slowdown
  8. Solved Will a 64 bit version of wndows work well on a core two due processor?
  9. Solved How do I get rid of the animated Windows Seven logo at startup?
  10. Solved Hardware Interrupts taking 20%-30% of CPU after gaming
  11. Help with LAG!!!!!
  12. Save room on SSD
  13. Pc lag to the death idk maybe to lack of memory.
  14. Spinning cursor won't go away
  15. MSConfig help please
  16. Is it normal for SATA HDD to cause lag in games?
  17. Solved CPU stuck @ 100% unless task manager is open
  18. Solved What are these programs on startup?
  19. PC boots up fine, slows down, becomes normal after a few minutes
  20. Solved LocalMLS Rearing it's ugly head again
  21. Solved Need advice on cpu check. Huge drop in wei score. Perplexed.
  22. Solved How do I kill standby memory?
  23. How do I turn this 'blue & yellow" shield annoyance off??
  24. Solved Problems after windows update
  25. Save process priority and affinity
  26. Solved Non repairable files
  27. store Thumbnails INSIDE folder - portable
  28. Changing Drive Letter of Boot/Active partition
  29. Solved Check Disk Force Dismount
  30. Hardware reserved memory issue (fixes after reboot)
  31. increase PC Performance
  32. Issues with use of RAM.
  33. Windows Task Scheduler is grayed out
  34. Can't use sleep or hibernate
  35. Solved CPU behaving strange, running at 100%, unless Task manager is open
  36. Solved Able to Boot from Win7 disk but not HDD
  37. windows performance rating
  38. Application not Responding - usually Outlook 2010 but can be anything
  39. Fast boot up when 2nd HDD is disconnected.
  40. Opinions/Advice on Bloatware and Startup Programs
  41. Help Eliminate unnecessary startup menu programs
  42. Solved Laptop come out of sleep mode but screen is just black.
  43. Power options
  44. Solved DXDiag shows DirectX 11 but Windows Experience Index shows DirectX 10
  45. What is item Unknown(0x0) in xperf disk io?
  46. Solved laptop goes low fps and go normal again
  47. Re-Starting from Hibernation, computer will not Boot
  48. Solved MSVCR80.DLL Missing
  49. New GPU and PSU causing CPU Tempreture to skyrocket?
  50. Memory is decreasing
  51. Solved Can't get scf /scannow to work
  52. Half the time I get stuck on Windows logo screen on restarts
  53. No Bootable device - Insert Boot Disc error.
  54. Moving System Files To New Disk
  55. What should I uninstall from my laptop?
  56. program file shortcut
  57. CPU and Memory running very high - please help!
  58. Disabling Popping Up of a Startup Program
  59. cpu usage 100% problem driving me crazy
  60. event viewer error
  61. Solved Purpose of 'Lost files' folder in windows explorer?
  62. Slow Startup
  63. Solved Is anything running when various sleep modes are launched
  64. Screen returns to log-in.
  65. Repeated Events warning re something open in my registry file
  66. Screen going black?
  67. Solved Error: Shell32.dll (explorer.exe) Exception Code: c000041d
  68. Dual boot, one OS getting hotter than the other
  69. Solved Are these ssytem temps a reason for concern ?
  70. 36-39c idle temps
  71. startup repair
  72. Solved missing recycle bin
  73. Solved changing windows folder from default c:\Windows to another location
  74. What options exists for Win7 diagnostics/repair in Win PE environment
  75. HIBERNATE not working
  76. Slow bootup (Win7 64bit)
  77. Lags for no reason
  78. Unusual amount of Ram being used.Help please
  79. How to remove old Windows and Program Files from second HDD
  80. Cyberlink RichVideo Service question: Manual? Delayed Start?
  81. troubleshooting problem 0x80070002
  82. Brief freeze upon loading up from shut down
  83. Task manager doesn't work
  84. Solved Explorer windows not loading after patch
  85. Differences in WEI for Win 7 and Win 8 - Same Hardware
  86. svchost.exe high memory usage
  87. Weird pagefile use??
  88. Cardbus readyboost question
  89. Startup repair infinate loop
  90. Correcting NTFS permissions
  91. Windows 7 overheating my pc?
  92. Windows 7 slow boot time (3min+)
  93. Solved Installed Win7 on SSD, unusual memory performance
  94. How to TRIM a SSD in Windows 7
  95. How to set-up automatic deleting files on Win7?
  96. Boot slowed down cannot find cause
  97. Benefits of GPT vs MBR Primary and MBR Logical Partitions ?
  98. 12+ gig page file: What to do?
  99. Solved Active partition changing safety
  100. what is \\?\volume in defragment is it safe?
  101. Solved Bash Scripting for holding command line open
  102. computer slow
  103. Solved System has slowed considerable_apparent unlaunched 'searches' running
  104. Solved Whole windows freezes after graphics driver update! :(
  105. chkdsk command prompts
  106. ABLETON LIVE WINDOWS 7 Optimization (Help A Trance Producer)
  107. multiple computer issues that seem to be related
  108. Can't boot properly from a drive
  109. ltkr.exe ... Igfxsrvc.exe ... kqcwck.exe ...
  110. High Physical memory usage
  111. Can't remove SWAP file without restart
  112. System Interrupts usage 3-4% of ram
  113. Windows types qqqq letters at random times
  114. Solved Windows boots very slow and runs slow after booting
  115. PC does not come awake from SLEEP-mode
  116. Tweaking Windows 7 for speed/stability
  117. help needed! mouse/touch pad can moves but can't click?
  118. Windows 7 installing on D: rather than C:
  119. Fresh install plus optimization
  120. Windows 7 Programs opening slowly
  121. Are Registry Cleaners Safe To Use?
  122. svchost.exe high cpu load problem
  123. Diagnose Report
  124. Solved my pc doesn't sleep anymore.
  125. High DPC latency!
  126. Solved CPU Usage @ 100%
  127. My fan keeps whizzing on and off constantly
  128. 163387ms boot duration with an SSD?
  129. Solved cant get rid of conduit and bing
  130. An interesting read about Native Windows Defragmentation
  131. Solved Computer slowing down, crashing more often lately
  132. Delete a LOGICAL PARTITION to increase volume of C drive.
  133. Extremely slow start
  134. Very Slow shutdown
  135. Windows 7 has become too slow suddenly
  136. Windows Explorer has slowed markedly
  137. Memory Usage On C: (Where is it coming from?)
  138. Trying to re-enable pagefile, trying to free up SSD Space
  139. Solved Manipulating fan speeds on a laptop
  140. Uninstall never completes
  141. Which of these can I uncheck?
  142. Core temp for core I5 2500k
  143. Resolution won't show Windows Startup
  144. Why is my computer overheating? How do i change my fan speeds and temp
  145. Solved Laser Mouse - Oh not it's growing Icons
  146. Solved SFC can't restore rasman.dll, how do I do that manually?
  147. Startup Time Help!
  148. CPU Usage at max after driver updates.
  149. Factory Restore on a hewlett packard
  150. Solved Computer shuts down after 2-3 hours sleeping, doesn't hibernate
  151. Solved Cannot delete old windows files
  152. Solved Superfetch error, "Error 1067: The thread unexpectedly ended."
  153. System Interrupts high CPU when any usb device gets plugged in
  154. Solved PC Boot Time now 15+ minutes, no indication of problems..
  155. Win7 on SSD slow mouse while installation/extracting
  156. Solved Corrupted Windows partition Table
  157. connecting
  158. Sfc /scannow results - missing file (_isdel.exe)
  159. High CPU Usage (100%)
  160. Transcend 32GB USB slow transfer - USB 2.0 becomes 1.1?
  161. Fans in the Red Zone
  162. Solved Windows 7 registry reset
  163. Change of BIOS setting for RAM freezes games
  164. Intermintent Program Not Responding Issues
  165. Solved W7 system: suddenly long boots and periods of ultra slow performance
  166. sfc /scannow stops at 69% ...could not perform the requested operation
  167. Solved check disc stops on its own suddenly
  168. PC won't power down after Windows 7 shutsdown
  169. Sfc/Scannow Stoped at 14%
  170. Power Settings
  171. Solved Am I chasing a BAD idea...?
  172. Asus IV Formula Corssair fan control?
  173. FULLY erase a hard drive
  174. Solved OS SSD has a 330 MB disk partition in front of C
  175. New Computer - Slow - What could be wrong?
  176. Hyperthreading quad core system
  177. How to find the weakest link in my system? Replacing HDD with SSD?
  178. Question
  179. Laptop overheat
  180. Solved Win 7 64bit Keeps Waking Up From Hibernate During Night!
  181. Not Responding..
  182. Solved sfc /scannow can't complete
  183. chkdsk not available for raw drives problem
  184. starting up file is not on msconfig
  185. How to fix this?
  186. changed CPU in old pc, issues
  187. What CPU for a old computer?
  188. How to decrease CPU usage. I thought ram is what did the job. HELP!
  189. Exactly which items can I delete from Start Up?
  190. Drivers causing windows to resume slowly
  191. Question about laptop heat
  192. USB3 drive for swap, registry and temp files ?
  193. lost space on my ssd disk
  194. Corrupted files
  195. PCI Device Processor usage
  196. Solved Memory Leak - I Think Its Java-related???
  197. Solved Task Manager Peformance
  198. Solved sfc /scannow runs completely then disappears
  199. Laptop taking too long to sleep.
  200. What can I upgrade on a Samsung RV515?
  201. problem in RAM
  202. Solved Windows 7 periodically Freezes.
  203. Disable Critical Battery Notification
  204. Desktop doesn't always wake up.
  205. My SSD drive as the lowest score in performance study
  206. New computer SSD/HDD help needed
  207. Solved User-created (sch)tasks Invisible When Run
  208. Solved Using a 120 GB SSD and having 16 GB RAM
  209. Random system hanging
  210. Event viewer log showing login times when computer is off
  211. Solved Sony VAIO laptop (Win 7 HP 64-bit) boots up slowly
  212. Solved Undeletable folder
  213. Windows Task Scheduler kills tasks that appears to be non-responsive
  214. Solved Compressing files to move to External HD
  215. Explorer.exe windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file
  216. 75% of Memory is Hardware Reserved?
  217. Solved how to save my affinity setting in task manager
  218. Solved Creating New Partition
  219. Why don't all files go to the recycle bin?
  220. windows 7 64bit,slow startup and freeze,system restore corrects but...
  221. keyboard question
  222. Sudden slow boot after restart left time settings in need of resetting
  223. Solved Too many folders
  224. Solved sfc.exe /scannow error
  225. Solved Which of these optimized software is the best ?
  226. Solved Possible PSU problem?
  227. CPU 100% maxed out (Only when streaming Flash Video sites)
  228. Solved 8-Core, overclocked machine slow...
  229. Laptop slowing down after a while
  230. Solved Windows Experience Index Dropped like crazy. Anyone got any clues?
  231. WIE dropped alot for no obvious reason. Any suggestions?
  232. Solved troubleshooter error code 0x80070002
  233. grey screen
  234. Solved Group Policy Service Will Not Start
  235. Certain Windows 7 applications slow after power outage
  236. Black screen for some time at startup.
  237. Cannot repair member file [l:24{12}]"explorer.exe" issue?
  238. recycle bin space
  239. Solved Which start-up programs can I disable
  240. Solved Which processes can I eliminate
  241. Solved Can not get a chkdsk log in Events Viewer
  242. Boot time 5-6 minutes & after booting applications freezes for 1 min
  243. My system is booting up extremely slow
  244. Solved Disk Check always on start up issue
  245. Your computer is low on memory etc.
  246. MsMpEng.exe
  247. Constant high CPU usage alerts..tried everything..HELP!!!
  248. InfoShowTip Menu tweaking help needed
  249. Gateway Laptop Win7 unbootable, startup repair loop
  250. Shutting down Win 7 started taking 20-30 seconds