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  1. Solved Where do I find out what Windows is doing during 10 minute boot?
  2. Corsair ship out new 3Ghz ram, WHY ?
  3. Should I upgrade my router
  4. Everything freezes for few seconds when...
  5. "Sleep" disables from shutdown menu. How to enable?
  6. Solved Folder on unused drive takes 5 to 10 seconds to open, is this normal?
  7. Solved SFC couldn't repair files. Attempted to retrieve from install CD
  8. Solved I need help clearing my temporary Internet files.
  9. Solved Multiple issues that started with applecharger.sys BSOD
  10. C; drive full
  11. Windows 7 Suddenly Slow with Low CPU Usage
  12. Not possible to format harddrive to exFAT
  13. WIN 7 ultimate x86 RANDOMLY hang (freeze)
  14. How to find source of system bottle neck or lag
  15. Fresh OS Install on new SSD -- really low benchmark tests??
  16. So Sloooooow
  17. Windows 7 keeps moving my paging file back to C drive
  18. more ram = slower computer?
  19. Solved Rampage Formula 3 - Ahci 6GBPS
  20. SSDs and HDDs and defrag.
  21. Core temp showing CPU at 30 - 50% but Task Manager Shows 8%
  22. PC does not recognize new CPU
  23. win7 defrag analyze report
  24. Windows 7 not responding, works in safe mode
  25. Windows 7 64 bit crashes when using mouse
  26. How to set individual HDD power options ?
  27. Solved Defrag makes something with my harddrive.
  28. Solved My old computer is slow like... need help to find out why.
  29. Wow is getting slow everytime I play after hibernate
  30. New user needs help with cbs log file
  31. HDD Failure- No Recovery Disks, BIOS not recognizing HDD? Next step?
  32. Solved Help understanding CBS.log file paths
  33. windows explorer has stopped working
  34. Never any solutions found for Problem Reports-Is it just me?
  35. Solved Cannot delete volume in disk management. The partition is in use...
  36. Speeding up Windows 7
  37. Windows Explorer won't load and keep freezing
  38. BIOS Issue
  39. Boot Performance Monitoring Event 100 Errors
  40. Laptop getting slow day by day
  41. System Repair and System Restored, What does this mean?
  42. Solved Help With Unwanted Toolbars
  43. Solved So many problems!
  44. Solved Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5106 stops at Windows starting bootscreen
  45. system hangs after logging off and logging back!
  46. Uncontrollable and sudden lag spikes in Windows 7, x64
  47. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Suddenly extremely slow, wont shut down
  48. Windows 7 64bit boot time increased dramatically suddenly
  49. Event ID 36 Volsnap when defragging D drive (data + windows backups)
  50. Optimize Drives
  51. Automatically killing "Not responding" programs?
  52. Will Readyboost Have A Positive Impact Running More Software Applicati
  53. Solved Toolbar added to taskbar looses previous functionality
  54. Computer Fails to Resume After Sleep
  55. Administrator privilleges on Windows 7
  56. Solved Asus Laptop Unexpectedly Shuts Down While Sleeping
  57. All programs not responding after connecting to network.
  58. Maximum number of days to keep system hibernated under regular use
  59. Solved Improper low space warning for SDD due to symlink
  60. Solved Windows 7 Repair Disk Reformatting
  61. CPU freezing up and "Warning Unresponsive Script"
  62. How to reenable, "searches might be slow in non-indexed locations"
  63. Solved Computer running slowly.
  64. slow laptop; need help understanding boot trace
  65. Solved WMI Broken?
  66. System Recovery appearing every time i run my PC
  67. Solved Sfc can't fix files
  68. Hibernation works randomly, I get a black screen when resuming.
  69. Problem after running a maintenance program
  70. Computer shutting down randomly
  71. Windows 7 Requires Disk Check NOW For All My 8 Drives/Partitions?HELP!
  72. Very slow file move on same volume.
  73. SSD using space at a rapid rate
  74. Solved Peridoic SSD Maintenance Using TRIM Functionality
  75. SSD filling up ?
  76. Quick Questions about CHKDSK /F
  77. Found & Deleted > tr/crypt.xpack.gen but now system is super slow.
  78. Windows freezes on start up. Super fetch has been incriminated.
  79. Create Custom Service
  80. Solved Get stuck at windows startup disk check !
  81. Solved External HD of Laptop being mysteriously accessed by system.
  82. SSH command prompt
  83. I've reformatted my computer and want advice on software (un)install
  84. Screens keep getting deselected
  85. Just Found Out Notebook in Selective Startup Mode-Do I Need to Change?
  86. CPU is running super slow now
  87. Solved PC slowed down after changing thermal paste.
  88. Second screen behaves REALLY slow!
  89. sfc /scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them...
  90. Solved Slow Start Up
  91. Freezing just after log on
  92. Trimming down W7HPx64 with RT7lite and DISM
  93. physical memory cached over 6gb
  94. Very high CPU usage, causing very high laptop CPU temps (90c idle)
  95. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit suddenly unusable?
  96. Solved After sleep, hangs for a while
  97. Speeding up USB transfers.
  98. Solved Deleting old win folder
  99. Slow boot after desktop shows but not before, windows x64
  100. How to fix "not responding" problem in all programs and "lost updates"
  101. Computer runing extremeley slow
  102. HP pavilion frequently hangs up
  103. Running out of room
  104. Solved win 7 x86 4GB RAM only 2.6 usable
  105. Hibernate
  106. Solved Locking up and lagging Windows 7
  107. Computer hangs briefly and frequently for no reason.
  108. After reformat, still remain system file in previous partition
  109. Computer Temperature
  110. 100 % CPU Usage, help
  111. EventID: 0 Event Source: Poweroff
  112. Solved Slow & constantly freezing after reinstalling pc AVG screwed me over
  113. Charging Light Problem- Hp 630 Notebook PC
  114. Charging Light Problem- Hp 630 Notebook PC
  115. Why is chkdsk so much slower at boot time?
  116. Reboot time excessive
  117. Scan of an external drive error and found file
  118. GUI lag problems. hardware issue maybe?
  119. Played around with BCDedit and now need help
  120. Start up freezing long boot times
  121. Programs and features problem
  122. Pagefile, Temporary Int Files, Temp files reset after update
  123. Inexplicably Low C: Drive Storage Space
  124. Laptop Cuts Out On Startup
  125. Black screen no cursor, hanging after log in, system restore does not
  126. sadaptor.dll
  127. Solved Time and Date not visible in Taskbar
  128. How do I Fix the Windows Services - Many in services.msc won't start
  129. system goes back to logon screen when i hibernate
  130. Starting Windows too long
  131. Solved Graphics WEI changed from 6 to 7.3 up after Re-assesment
  132. C: Drive Getting Full -- Which Files Can I Delete
  133. Compaq cq60 high cpu usage
  134. very odd problem with regedit
  135. Sudden PC crashes + USB Port problems
  136. How to read SFC log?
  137. windows aero is slow sometimes after pc boot
  138. list all files, by size, larger than a specified size?
  139. Solved How do I remove a boot flag from a device?
  140. Very slow to startup with Win 7 home premium (HP TouchSmart)
  141. Window 7 startup stuck ,help.
  142. Unable to Disable Thumbnail Cache
  143. Startup items
  144. How do I copy my running processes in task manager
  145. Solved svchost.exe(netsvcs) problem cpu load high
  146. Windows 7 Optimization??
  147. Pagefile placement on system booting from SSD
  148. What is CanonicalData in HKLM registry hive and where did it come from
  149. Too much RAM being used on Idle (Windows 7 Pro)
  150. Solved Cursor Spinning Non-Stop
  151. check disk is giving me "File record segement xxxxx is unreadable"
  152. How do I diagnose this performance problem?
  153. Corrupt files in System File Checker - now what?
  154. How to fix problem with DllHost.exe
  155. W7 Memory Problem = Slowness - Mystery - Is W8 The answer?
  156. Extremely Slow Startup, Programs Not Responding
  157. Solved Windows reboots itself
  158. Missing Microsoft Policy Platform
  159. CPU usage at 95% whilst streaming, is this normal ?
  160. Pagefile.sys 4095MB what can i do?
  161. Just a simple question about my RAM
  162. First time upgrading RAM- what should I do?
  163. Task Validation Task Error Message
  164. What About a Cleaner??
  165. Defragging..............Either It Is, or It Isn't!!
  166. How to disable schedule Chkdsk,accidentally clicked yes?
  167. Solved cmd.exe high CPU
  168. chkdsk ran 8 hrs, then black screen, then weird startup screen, then..
  169. Solved Best Temperature For Laptop?
  170. RAM problem
  171. Weird sfc/ scannow behavior
  172. laptop is being really slow after new hard drive, how to diagnose it?
  173. Modified RAM not being released
  174. Win 7 running slow after logon for over 5 minutes
  175. Win 7 Install Size DOUBLES after SP1 & Sec. Updates?! Winsxs!!!!
  176. Many errors in event viewer
  177. How do I reduce RAM usage
  178. Having issues with Windows Aero performance.
  179. Solved Partition ~ Does it refer to a physical disk location
  180. CPU Hike to 100% Everytime.
  181. Solved Windows 7 64-bit using too much physical memory
  182. Performance Issues,i tried everything possible(Detailed post)
  183. Acer Aspire One...Unstable flickering cursor/pointer ?
  184. urgent help needed
  185. Trouble Shooting A System Event Error Advice Please
  186. PC Freeze at Startup due to Bittorrent
  187. Removing incomplete Vista installs form HD
  188. Extremely slow unresponsive startup/restart
  189. Solved Really slow toshiba laptop
  190. Solved How to get windows 7 to recognise a ready boost drive at startup
  191. Getting Random 1-2 Secound Freezes Out of nothing
  192. Memory issues win 7 64 bit - Driving me crazy
  193. Frequent "Not Responding" during Browsing
  194. Solved Better login speed when system and boot are on separate drives?
  195. User/SID doesn't appear in HKEY_USERS
  196. CD/DVD-ROM makes weird noises when opening certain programmes.
  197. Laptop GPU Overheating GPU fan speed inconsistent
  198. Continous PPPP's without me touching anything
  199. Solved Windows 7 White box
  200. Solved Preview Pane Dafault program
  201. total (physical+virtual) memory usage monitor for taskbar/systray
  202. Computer overheating !
  203. Windows Startup Repair doesn't launch
  204. Where is sfc /scanboot in windows 7?
  205. General maintenance of laptops
  206. Windows Explorer and now Browsers slow / timing out
  207. I have 117GB of msp files-Can I delete?
  208. SFC/scannow found corrupt file CBS.log help
  209. Solved New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??)
  210. Solved Suddenly windows takes much longer to start
  211. Solved SFC Scan found corrupted files, but it cannot fix it!
  212. Slow transfer speeds, WHY?
  213. Installed SP1, "Warning! FAT cluster size(=65536) larger than 32K"
  214. High? Kernel Timer Latency
  215. CPU spiking to 100% on random cores
  216. Routine Maintenance Followed by Automatic Shutdown
  217. Tips to keep my new laptop as fast as possible
  218. Unknown "Group or user names" in Folder Security Tab
  219. My installation starting to get old (buggy)..
  220. Low memory/Windows closing programs for me, wanna disable it.
  221. Sony Computer randomly changing brightness.
  222. Can't boot into Windows 7 Repair Disc
  223. Solved Improve Windows 7 performance
  224. Why is so much of my ram being used?
  225. Can't Save or Export msinfo32
  226. long boot....unlocked system file by accident cant remember what file
  227. Computer updated during defrag, what to do next?
  228. Disk Defragmernter doesn't check C:
  229. Solved Overclocking..Need a little help
  230. Why are two gigs of memory being used?
  231. See what background programs are running at a given time in Windows 7?
  232. Solved removing program compatibility assistant changes?
  233. Deleting some files, are they save
  234. Very slow startup 5 min+ Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
  235. chkdsk runs on startup
  236. CPU Very slow suddenly? CPUZ results
  237. Computer Slows down after a couple of hours of use: No more info
  238. Windows 7 64bit - mmc cannot open the file eventvwr
  239. Windows 7 Sleep question something weird going on. Help
  240. Hard drive partition: adding free space back to c: drive
  241. Occasional high HDD activity for no apparent reason.
  242. HHD Size Reporting Differences
  243. Solved Hey PPL, My Win 7 Pro is SLOW
  244. Asus eee PC 1015PEM - running very slow
  245. Solved How To Understand Backups
  246. C Drive vs External Hard Drive
  247. Solved startup time with 2 additional minutes when connected to the internet
  248. defrag an ssd
  249. Solved Should I defrag manually or not
  250. Solved Slow performance only on one hard disk