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  1. Setting of page file for an SSD drive recommendation
  2. Why do my desktop icons re-arrange themselves ?
  3. Quick Search Bar (F3 or Ctrl+F) popping up all the time
  4. System restore
  5. Solved System restore
  6. Laptop running very slow, too many startup programs?
  7. SFC errors immediately after Factory Install
  8. Asus Computer but Says I have an HP
  9. Lagging and stuttering while playing games and watching videos.
  10. Solved HTML vs Plain Text In Windows Live Mail
  11. with USB recovery media cannot get to c: drive with diskpart
  12. SVCHOST Network Service taking up 30-40% of CPU
  13. Solved remove consider replacing your battery windows 7
  14. PC very slow since boot!
  15. Can't bootup, no display, lock's light flashing with power "On"
  16. Toshiba Qosmio hangs on sleep mode.
  17. Computer set to boot from good working HD but trying to boot from NIC
  18. Blue screen error!!!
  19. Win7 Very slow normal start, Safe start with Net -fast
  20. Extract and restore system events from logfiles possible?
  21. SFC/scannow cannot repair all files and other problems
  22. PC will only start in Safe mode even when i tell it to start in normal
  23. Corrupt W7 files - help deciphering CBS.log file
  24. how does two completely different computers have the same WEI?
  25. Explorer.exe process using 25-35% of my i3 cpu
  26. Disk Cleanup
  27. how to troubleshoot 5 minute bootup (prev 10s) after win update reboot
  28. New program will be gone after restart
  29. 50-100 percent cpu when inactive, system lag, failure to load page
  30. Window 7 Slowing down frequently with 100% highest active time
  31. What lack of events determine when sleep mode initiates?
  32. more SSD tuning issues.
  33. SSD and Windows Experience performance rating???
  34. Solved How to get files to be written evenly on striped drives?
  35. Solved dom.storage
  36. Acer Aspire One D270 Audio Latency
  37. Reliabilty Monitor Reset Update Time
  38. Windows failed to start after RAM upgrade
  39. Solved System Restore using Task Scheduler - Bypass the 7 Day wait
  40. What thermal paste would be beneficial to my computer?
  41. Windows Explorer Stopped working when copying a zip file.
  42. Your Computer Can't Come Out of Hibernation
  43. fix sfc errors
  44. Solved Computer Stalling on MOBO spash screen and Starting Windows Screen
  45. How to find out other user's password
  46. Solved Page file apparently not working (but no error message/notification)
  47. Repeated Diagnostics-Performance Event IDs 200,203,100,500,501
  48. Speed up the performance of windows 7 in acer core i3
  49. Start menu (right side) Downloads misdirecting
  50. intermittent failure of screen saver and power settings.
  51. Excessive Memory usage than the process manager shows.
  52. Stop cloned D Drive from being active on boot?
  53. Help With Laptop CPU Overheating!
  54. Repeated system crashes, boot mgr missing no OS installed.
  55. Dragging Any Window To Second Monitor Sluggish And Jerky
  56. Check Disk running for over 48hrs
  57. Solved WEI can't get past running test "Direct3D 10 Batch Assessment"
  58. how to format without installation CD
  59. C: Drive nearing full when it's containing ONLY program files...
  60. RAM usage too high
  61. Windows explorer BEX error when creating new user account
  62. Computer Performance dropped significantly within the past week
  63. Script to seach folders & subfolders for files containing keywords
  64. Solved Troubleshooter Error Code: 0x800B010E
  65. Solved WDC Green: 750 GB runs Hot, 4 TB runs Cool ???
  66. High unexplained RAM usage
  67. Windows 7 Pro restarts after being shutdown
  68. sfcdetails attached. windows7 basic. plz help
  69. Solved High CPU Usage by image name "System" (PID 4) when playing audio
  70. my old pc got the problem
  71. Volume and Brightness not adjusting with Fn key on Samsung laptop
  72. Can't get sfc /scannow to work
  73. screen constant flicker when playing games
  74. 20+ Start up of Dell Laptop and Poor Performance??
  75. problem tagging
  76. Solved Power surge damaged components or bad replacement parts. (troubelshoot
  77. CPU usage high at idle
  78. CHKDSK and SFC Scan Results: What do they mean?
  79. Solved My computer is so slow
  80. System maintenance detects disk volume errors
  81. Can't move pagefile
  82. Solved Can delete or open file, but cant copy it to any location
  83. AMD RAMDISK and firefox/IE cache and Environment Variables speed up
  84. sfc scan stuck at 96%
  85. Solved Computer completely stripped for fuctions after update
  86. Weird random slow motion effect makes PC unusable
  87. Solved Files missing after sfc scan
  88. optimising ram usage
  89. Windows 7 - SFC \scannow - unrepairable files - CBS error
  90. Windows 7 Welcome screen takes too long
  91. PC stuck in Startup repair loop
  92. computer not responding
  93. Boot stops for 2 minutes because of volmgr errors #45 and #46
  94. desktop.ini files and ntuser.dat files
  95. my laptop start-up very slow
  96. 26gb of spaced lost after upgrade
  97. Solved dwm.exe causes PC lag
  98. Very slow response in Windows Explorer
  99. Memory drain and inability to open Internet Explorer
  100. Solved chkdsk on next start up
  101. Recovery Partition Full in Windows 7. Need help
  102. I have no Superfetch Service
  103. PC System Utilities Software
  104. After running a disk image file (ISO) windows could not repair it!!
  105. Solved SYstem File Checker Result - CBS.Log file says Access Denied
  106. Enable Task Scheduler?
  107. Is it possible to expand the C:\ drive with another volume?
  108. simple question regarding file size of copied and paste file
  109. Repeating errors with Event ID 1002. Need Solution
  110. Solved Inexplicable application start-up lag
  111. Solved High CPU usage (100%) on Random applications. (Applications using 50%)
  112. Solved WEI Unable to determine memory performance Error
  113. Scrolling on Facebook = 100& CPU Usage?
  114. Weird freezing problem?
  115. Windows 7 Power settings keeps reverting back to [ Balanced Plan ]...
  116. Solved Applications no longer show in the Start Menu
  117. DNS and DHCP Errors In Event Viewer
  118. Ridiculous Modified Memory usage
  119. Please Help me - SFC SCANNOW results attached
  120. Task scheduler not working?
  121. Windows has detected your computers performance is slow
  122. Defragmenting 2TB external HDD, lost ~400GB since it started
  123. Slow Log in
  124. File not found:
  125. Computer works fine in safe mode, extremely slow and freezes otherwise
  126. HDD usage very high even on idle
  127. Solved Windows 7 in Classic mode is still slow
  128. Solved Not recognized as Administrator
  129. High Memory usage in svchost with Windows Update
  130. Solved HDD monitor tool ! ! !
  131. Unusual lagging and hangup when using laptop
  132. Numerical computation benchmark comparison Win 7 vs Win 8
  133. Solved Disc cleanup question
  134. DPC Latency Issue, need to learn how to fix this.
  135. Solved DBAN Time?
  136. Solved Having Trouble Deleting Windows.old
  137. my sfcdetails.txt , how to fix that ??
  138. First white screen crash and now my computer doesnt turn on
  139. Solved Can't run chkdsk
  140. Solved Cannot reduce CPU load
  141. Solved Any clean up utilities that I could use?
  142. Win 7 hard to boot after systems recovery
  143. How to remove $WINDOWS.~Q file after repair install
  144. sfc /sannow cannot fix corrupted files
  145. Windows Explorer hangs, freezes, then crashes
  146. cleaning window 7 registry
  147. Unstable system scannow returns problems not fixed. What next?
  148. WinDirStat and System Volume Information
  149. how to make speedstep work?
  150. Adding a win. user - affects performance?
  151. Windows 7 crashing while running Windows Experience Index refresh
  152. Scheduled tasks ccleaner question...cleaning some stuff
  153. What do you guys think of registry cleaners?
  154. Slow boot time, how to resolve?
  155. Event Log service unavailable
  156. Win7 64 Sleep Timer Won't Put PC to Sleep
  157. Unusually High Ram Usage (48%-69% On idle) (Cant run BF3/4 Anymore)
  158. a system 32 dll error on bootup
  159. Laptop not performing as it should be after clean reinstall
  160. Solved Interent screen very large
  161. Solved Restoring temp folders from Ramdisk
  162. Solved SFC can't repair mmdevapi.dll and %windir% folder perms are wrong
  163. Solved DHCP and DNS Errors In Event Viewer
  164. Manually removing obsolete items from registry
  165. Disabling Superfetch Is Not Working...
  166. Startup Repair Error
  167. Solved Computer takes about 1.5 minutes to load the desktop + icons
  168. Help needed! I have about 30 Com Surrogate processes that show up ...
  169. Can't defrag system drive though 29% fragmented
  170. "Windows Explorer has stopped working" error repeatedly.
  171. typical low cpu usage medium memory AND MORE!
  172. Excessive RAM usage, Cannot find culprit, need it fixed ASAP
  173. pc keep shutting down randomly without reason
  174. PC Wont sleep
  175. Solved Right click breaks windows explorer AND computer window
  176. PC seem slower than usual: What should I look or test
  177. Another laptop that will not power off with Windows 7
  178. Alienware M9700 with Win 7 runs very slow, can you give suggestions?
  179. Asus Laptop Still Slow After Windows Reinstall
  180. Very slow system
  181. Disk Activity is Constantly 100%
  182. Task Scheduler corrupted after repair isntall
  183. Solved xp and win7 on separate drives - system restore points deletion?
  184. Solved How do I clean out the winsxs file?
  185. System freezes and restarts when strongdc++ is opened
  186. Gradually slowing file transfer (internal and external 3.0 hd)
  187. sfc /scannow unable to fix
  188. High Cpu usage
  189. Extremely little free memory, I don't think this is normal...
  190. Help in interpreting Eventviewer logs
  191. SSD free up space !
  192. Cannot open Windows Update - Error 0x8007277a:
  193. I am losing space from C disk
  194. files in the C: drive - removable?
  195. Very high physical memory usage all the time
  196. setting up power down options in windows 7 64 bit with asus m5a99fx
  197. Solved Slow start up after installing WD Mainstream HDD
  198. Is my laptop overheating?
  199. Freeing up space on main HD
  200. sfc corruption - please help
  201. Solved Explorer.exe causes Iexplore to open multiple instances and high mem
  202. Random CPU spikes and Performance lagg
  203. sfc /scannow not fixing bad file problems
  204. View reliability history: What to look for
  205. Boot Help (Got stuck at BIOS screen)
  206. Solved which of these apps can be safely uninstalled?
  207. How can I enhance laptop speed(inclu start) & remove unwanted programs
  208. advice with many fonts (10,000+)
  209. When my netbook is on Power save mode, max CPU usage 59%?
  210. Wireless Adapter + Headset causing slow preformance/freezes
  211. high cpu usage when gaming due to other programs!! need to kill them:)
  212. My Ram keeps filling up over a short amount of time, help please.
  213. Startup And Computer Slowed After Instaling Drivers,Programs,.Dlls etc
  214. i7-3770 with 8GB of RAM is lagging
  215. Temporary Files >70GB
  216. Extremely Slow HP z400
  217. Solved Sfc /Scannow found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them
  218. Solved Missing hdd space after cancelled volume shrink in Windows
  219. Inviting people to start defragmenting your HDD's
  220. Stuck on the Welcome Screen
  221. Possible to run Win 7 Defrag from bootable optical disk?
  222. Solved Registry Cleaners in 2014
  223. chkdsk error in index$I30 for file #####
  224. System Interrupts 35% CPU usage in safe mode HP Pavilion dm4 64bit
  225. Too Much Background!
  226. Solved Extreme drops in framerate on high end laptop
  227. Slow login
  228. SSD + HDD Optimization
  229. Defrag: Last run?
  230. Solved I need help! C:\users\owners\AppData\Local\Temp\New2589.exe Error
  231. How to disable zero filling of newly allocated files?
  232. Solved How to delete a Task Event Notification
  233. Solved What to do about "windows.old" files
  234. computer doesn't boot after defragment
  235. copy/paste multiple files get really slow
  236. Windows 7 Stuck in diagnostic loop
  237. Solved advice on how to get best performance?
  238. Windows 7 Gateway Laptop Failed To Start (loop)
  239. New PC - Low virtual memory problem
  240. New Computer New SSD Bad kid!
  241. Start>Computer>Windows Explorer Unresponsive with Green Loading Bar
  242. Bad Image Errors (SFCFix log inside)
  243. Solved I run sfc/scannow !!!
  244. Boot annimation puzzle
  245. How to correct error 10016 - Distributed Com
  246. Solved Corrupted System File SFC Can't Fix
  247. Hard Drive is full for no reason!
  248. Solved SSD's and moving my temp folders
  249. Solved Can i get faster response time with a better usb cable
  250. Solved System File Checker Errors - CBS.log