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  1. CPU-Z ghz confusion
  2. Solved samsung ssd driver question
  3. AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU: update on fallen off pin (pic inside) help!
  4. Printer is slow
  5. Solved installing dedicated graphics card in asus z87-A motherboard
  6. Very slow and random HDD transfer speeds after new install
  7. can any one recommend a DVI KVM switch please (UK)
  8. Lag issues with Hp x4000 wireless mouse
  9. SATA hardisk detected as IDE in BIOS. Please help
  10. FAT32 versus NTFS?
  11. XPS document writer / fax how to disable
  12. When "save as" is used and saved on a USB deive does it go on hard dri
  13. HDMI Help
  14. Solved Bios on asus z87-A update question
  15. new motherboard + fresh instal win7 =mutiple problems
  16. Advice regarding WD Elements HDD
  17. PCI SATA Extender card driver download issue Win 7 64-bit
  18. Split a 1Tb drive in two...simple?
  19. Laptop can't boot, 0xc00000e9 error, System Repair says bad harddisk.
  20. toshiba satellite a500-18x turns off while gaming
  21. Need to make USB thumb drives open an explorer folder
  22. Looking to buy a new monitor
  23. Dell Optiplex780 (socket 775), 2gb Ram, E5300 work with 7 & PSCS6?
  24. Solved Asetek coolers, prevent the threaded insert from turning
  25. Solved Can you replace CPUs with Windows 7 OEM?
  26. disk read error
  27. usb not recognized ? why ?
  28. Solved Will the WD40EZRX HDD work with the ICY DOCK MB662U3-2S???
  29. Battery says plugged I not charging
  30. keyboard help
  31. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error
  32. Solved Should I Buy a desktop or a laptop? Should I really upgrade now?
  33. Win 7 ultimate 64 bit does not see my printer
  34. Pc shuts down after 15-20 min ingame!!
  35. Boot manager error
  36. My laptop can't "find" my C: drive.
  37. Solved Dedicated graphics card reduce heat on i5 4670k?
  38. The blue screen comes up every time I plug in a usb device?
  39. unable to find device (Scanner)
  40. Cannot connect bluetooth from samsung s2 to dell inspiron 1750
  41. [Q] Shrinking larger C driver partition to clone to a smaller HDD
  42. Motherboard and Ram compatibility
  43. USB Devices not detected
  44. Headset keeps cutting in and out
  45. Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 2000 stuck to one usb port
  46. What factors are in play when considering an SSD?
  47. Seagate Sata 3TB Issues
  48. Unable to mount android in USB storage
  49. Screen goes blank
  50. Solved Second monitor connected by HDMI to DVI shows black screen
  51. Solved AHCI drives and Safely Remove Harware
  52. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error
  53. Solved Paragon Migrate OS to SSD
  54. Single channel DDR2 but can run Dual channel
  55. Solved Strange USB Drive Showing in Device Manager
  56. Solved Can't shrink volume of C:\ drive
  57. Solved Intel Core i5-4670K & ASUS Z87-A LGA 1150 Intel Z87 questions
  58. Solved Will these things fit in my case?
  59. Hard Disk failure
  60. Upgrading PCI-e to mini PCI-e 7260-ac. Unstable connection!
  61. Usb keyboard not working correctly - win7 64-bit
  62. ungrading an older Dell- DVD-ROM and card reader
  63. Cant find sata Hdd
  64. Solved Component failure in my new computer?
  65. Gonna install an SSD on my laptop, few questions
  66. Linking two XFX power supplies?
  67. Working an old CPU
  68. Solved Keyboard Problem, Keys F1, W, S, X and CAPS LOCK NOT WORKING
  69. Need to upgrade CPU and GPU
  70. Extremely Slow External HDD <100kb/s
  71. WACOM Bamboo Model CTH-470 & problems w/tablet pc input panel windows.
  72. magicJack Win 7 Bug?
  73. What do you think of this SSD?
  74. Need recommendation for new motherboard and CPU for win7 x86
  75. Media buttons on keyboard: Play/pause restarts songs
  76. Can I boot from a 30GB SSD or did I just waste my money?
  77. Logitech MX mouse "Stalls" (?) at startup...
  78. Solved Dell Laptop - Broadcom Gigabit Controller Not Connected - How Fix?
  79. Solved CHKDSK /F halts on checking HD
  80. Solved Is defragging "old hat" with the coming of windows 7?
  81. Want to buy new headset, any recommendations?
  82. Screen turns blue and black (malfunctions for 10-30 seconds)
  83. Recommend Mouse
  84. HELP! Problems with my StoreJet Transcend 3.5'' External Hard Drive.
  85. Solved G.SKILL ram Compatibility questions
  86. Solved Bad Hardrives?
  87. [UK] Where can I still find an LGA 1156 motherboard for less than 50?
  88. how to syncronize touchpad with screen
  89. Old machine, need advice
  90. Usb Problems
  91. Solved Motherboard Comparison, what do you think?
  92. Laptop keeps unexpectedly shutting down while in sleep.
  93. USB Tracking Software (free would be nice) and finding the missing one
  94. WD Passport HD - Failed to recognize, Disk Not Initilized error
  95. Some good info on SSD's
  96. Can't install Canon iP6700D driver on Windows 7 x64
  97. How many RPM does my HDD have?
  98. Solved External drive intermittently recognized by computer
  99. Laptop becomes unresponsive in sleep mode
  100. Merging Logical drive in to Primary - Not working
  101. OS Will not Boot -- Black Screen with Cursor Windows 7
  102. Solved How to prepare in use, Samsung 840 120GB ssd for new motherboard & cpu
  103. Damaged Hard Drive/Partition
  104. Solved Cannot print from IE10 to OKI printer - but can from everything else
  105. Need Manual for SONY VAIO LAPTOP PCG-L
  106. Mouse curser gets trapped within (any) selected window.
  107. Solved PXE check cable error (New Hard Drive)
  108. Solved External HDD Error: You Need to Format the Disk Before You Can Use It
  109. Hl-dt-stbddvdrw ct10n
  110. Solved installing samsung 840 pro 128gb no drives found
  111. Solved cache removal
  112. Cannot get rid of old HDD
  113. Solved HELP : Choosing my new Monitor
  114. Solved PCI-E slots of ASUS P8Z77-M Motherboard
  115. Solved computer sluggish after bios set to default
  116. Solved USB Port not Detecting Hard Drive
  117. Wireless Card Upgrade
  118. Connecting to Projecto, Shutdown pc
  119. SSD System Drive No Longer Booting After Attaching External Toaster
  120. WiN 7 is making my mouse sick?
  121. Formatting back to NTFS
  122. Is Iomega Prestige a good drive?
  123. Solved bluetooth doesn't receive
  124. snap.do
  125. usb ports not reading.
  126. Printer Works But Fax Does Not
  127. How to View 32bit Hard Drive on 64bit System
  128. Solved Which of these would handle the best way After Effects?
  129. Solved USB2 to IDE & SATA adaptor
  130. Format usb
  131. USB External Drive not showing up
  132. Solved My Pc hanged :(
  133. WinXP Ethernet Driver Missing, Custom PC
  134. do you think it's a good idea remove ghost device?
  135. USB ports disconnecting / Keyboard stopped typing some letters
  136. Solved How do I make a mirror HDD copy with 2 HDD's in my tower?
  137. HP Scanning Not Working......!!!
  138. Solved z87 mobo sabertooth , ribbon cable - dvd drive
  139. Solved Software to analyze hard disks for defects?
  140. WDC WD5000BPVT-00HXZT1 ATA Device
  141. 800mhz fsb t7700 chip. ram is only 667mhz
  142. Solved New USB mouse powered but not responding
  143. Cant save word doc to usb
  144. eSata HD that is on prevents boot in BIOS
  145. Game controller detected incorrectly, sometimes correctly
  146. Hardware changes might not have been detected
  147. Bluetooth mouse pointer freezes every 3 secs
  148. Faint flickering on screen when playing games in windowed mode?
  149. LG WH14NS40 blu-ray drive not seen by windows 7
  150. Solved Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller keeps disconnecting - my fix.
  151. Motherboard Problem, IC shorted
  152. HDTV tuner card
  153. Won't wake from sleep for schedule
  154. I7 HD built in video...how to use
  155. marvell 91xx sata 6g controller. This device cannot start. (Code 10)
  156. Solved Monitor blurry
  157. Solved Hope someone can help me with "Other Devices" in Device Manager
  158. Solved Help with my new build pc..
  159. Maxtor 3200 USB ExHDD issues with recognition...
  160. Upgrading cpu. need info on dell motherboard.
  161. Solved What is it that's booting up my external hard drives?
  162. unidentified problem about my rig (restarting after launching game)
  163. Download/Save Xbox Games to NAS
  164. possible bad power supply?
  165. Lenovo IdeaPad Z260 0914-3YU Will not charge!
  166. AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU: a pin fell off but it stilll works?
  167. Foxconn Katana GTI won't post boot
  168. BAD_POOL_CALLER BSOD and Stuck at Windows Loading Splashscreen
  169. Key function not corresponding with keystrokes (among other things)
  170. My DVD burner reads but has stopped burning...
  171. Chkdsk found and repaired 4 sectors-drive failing?
  172. EVGA UV39 - Not Working - Bad Drivers Or USB Issue
  173. Solved External Hard drive not detecting in Windows 7
  174. Trouble loading the BIOS
  175. My Ctrl key function became a left mouse click
  176. Checking previously installed hardware logs
  177. BSoD 0x00000124, can happen anytime
  178. USB flash drive can't be accessed
  179. Computer crashes after the Windows sign appears during startup
  180. Internal HD not recognised.
  181. Upgrading computer
  182. Solved new PSU advice
  183. PC turns on itself and the monitor does not show anything.
  184. Printer cardridge dry.
  185. HDD issue after electrical blackout - verifying DMI data pool
  186. Solved 2 Computers 1 Keyboard and Mouse
  187. Intel Haswell... worth the upgrade?
  188. USB Drive Not Initialized and Unallocated
  189. Unable to give a name to USB flash drives
  190. Solved Memory upgrade
  191. Inaccessible Hard Drive
  192. Trust Wireless Mouse suddenly stopped working.
  193. Form Factor Computer Case and Motherboard.
  194. Hardware Video Error: BCCode 117
  195. Solved Hw monitor temps
  196. External HDD Logo Changed???
  197. Solved Help! Error loading Operating system /deleted partitions
  198. Main hard drive suddenly full after running chkdsk (400-500 GB lost)
  199. Solved HELP -Windows / SSD Reporting Two Free Space Values??
  200. my Dell Laptop gives steady Amber light, never starts again
  201. Solved Memory Compatability Question
  202. PC Hangs, unsure of cause, friend thinks it could be network drivers.
  203. New Mushkin ram 1600 advertised as cl9, is cl11, what can be done?
  204. Solved memory & motherboard compatability questions
  205. Drives not showing up in My Computer
  206. Solved How do I reformat a HDD that W7 doesn't recognize?
  207. ASUS K50IJ notebook problem dead or not?
  208. Transfer iPhone 5 contacts to WIN7 without iTunes
  209. Any benefit in using my standard hd along with my ssd?
  210. Solved NTFS or FAT32
  211. IDE to SATA converter-Vantec?
  212. Compaq laptop "plugged in, not charging"
  213. Flash drive
  214. Marvel controller on Asus P8z68-v pro gen3 wont set 6gb/s
  215. Would this be possible?
  216. Biometric Devices not showing up in Control Panel
  217. Mouse Lag
  218. Info Post - BIOS Update fixed USB 3.0 Problems on a Gigabyte MB
  219. Do I need a new Motherboard?
  220. New MB and CPU & Windwos Star up Failed
  221. Seeking Guidance: Will my current setup be able to support SSDs?
  222. New SSD - best way to install..??
  223. Solved Windows 7 not allowing keyboards to work
  224. Installing a Brother printer, error 0x00000704
  225. Network printer (WSD) keeps going offline
  226. 20 GB HDD worth 40 euros?
  227. PSU info
  228. Device connect fail sound after startup
  229. Unexpected reboot and remains looping
  230. High Pitched Sound from Laptop
  231. System reboots after clicking on shutdown
  232. External HDD enclosure not shutting down
  233. Solved which sata2 socket to connect a ssd to on GigaByte p55m-ud2 board
  234. memtest86 and memory assistance
  235. Solved can i avoid to update drivers when i plug an usb stick?
  236. Can anyone explain please win 8 hdd factory settings
  237. Default keyboard setting in windows 7
  238. Upgrading from 2.53Gz to 3.0gz
  239. Laptop beeps loudly on powering on. Can be avoided by pressing f10.
  240. Services
  241. Windows can't recognize USB device at start up
  242. Solved How to revive a dead portable drive?
  243. menu 'devices and printers' is searching crazy
  244. Solved Accessing each drive from different OS.
  245. printer help
  246. motherboard is not detecting hdd
  247. What port do I use to send information to a piece of hardware?
  248. Roku
  249. Solved Wi-Fi setup for a Canon MG3222
  250. Toshiba Ext. HDD Not appearing in My Computer or Disk Management