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  1. Microsoft Desktop Player Beta Released.
  2. Windows 7 SP1 beta leaked!
  3. Win 8 Server Will Support Exclusively 64-Bit (x64) CPU
  4. EU browser ballot sometimes hidden by IE wizard.
  5. HP’s Slate Device Delivers a Holistic Mobile Experience
  6. April 12: Will Microsoft Pink finally make its debut?
  7. Why Microsoft did the right thing in ditching XP for IE
  8. Microsoft pulls the plug on future Itanium support
  9. March Out-of-Band Security Bulletin Webcast
  10. Opera still unhappy with browser-ballot
  11. Download Windows 7 Desktop Optimization Pack Refreshed.
  12. Windows Drops the "Series" From Mobile Phone OS
  13. Windows Reduces Upgrade Pricing
  14. All Windows 7 RTM Driver Kit Resources Republished.
  15. Windows Server 2008 R2 to Phase Out Itanium
  16. IE sees small usage drop in first month of browser.....
  17. China to Google: Censor or 'pay the consequences'
  18. No Relabeling for Microsoft Security Essentials
  19. Win 7 Market Share Twice That of OS X, 10 Times........
  20. Retailers offer Anytime Upgrade Deal starting next week
  21. R.I.P. Microsoft Office.
  22. Microsoft runs fuzzing botnet, finds 1,800 Office bugs.
  23. Microsoft: 90 Million Copies of Windows 7 Sold
  24. IE9 Platform preview
  25. Microsoft: Google Chrome doesn't respect your privacy.
  26. Microsoft cuts Zune HD prices, 64GB model hits on April
  27. Microsoft planning full-screen Windows Live Messenger..
  28. Microsoft extends free Windows 7 trial
  29. CoApp: An open-source package-management system........
  30. Could there be a free, ad-supported Windows in MS......
  31. Microsoft looking to "shake hackers and crackers off..
  32. Emergency IE update patches 10 critical security holes
  33. Windows 7 Less Vulnerable Without Admin Rights.
  34. Win 7 Warning re certain LG Notebooks Relacing Battery
  35. Reading the Microsoft advertising tea leaves for 2010.
  36. Forrester: Windows 7 Early Adopters Were Satisfied Upgr
  37. Microsoft teams with Google in name of privacy.
  38. Java 6 update 19 released/Security Fixes
  39. Are you a piler, filer, or purger?
  40. Security Bulletin MS10-018 Released
  41. Early adopters very satisfied with Windows 7.
  42. March edition of MS codename tracker now available.
  43. The Windows Enterprise 90 Day Trial Has Been Extended
  44. IE8 and IE7 Standards Documentation.
  45. Windows 7, No Security Barriers, Just Defense in Depth
  46. Email in a world of social networking
  47. Where in the world are Microsoft's datacenters?
  48. Why does www.avast.eu take me to the Avira website?
  49. Just say no to bogus Messenger invitations
  50. IE Cumulative Update Releasing Out-of-Band
  51. Windows 7 Desktop Optimization Pack 2010
  52. Windows Phone 7 Series Icon Pack
  53. MSFT Hands Out Free Windows 7 to 54,000 Russian Schools
  54. Microsoft Research TechFest 2010: NUI and the cloud....
  55. NVIDIA’s First DirectX 11 capable GPUs coming to market
  56. IE9, IE8, IE7, and IE5 Cocktail in the Platform Preview
  57. New Windows Anti-Hacking Technologies Cooking.
  58. Windows 7 SP1 Already Getting Love from MS Partners.
  59. Standards Documentation for IE7 and IE8
  60. DOM Level 3 Events support in IE9
  61. Protecting Browsers with Defense In Depth Techniques
  62. Public safety fee on wireless users a challenge........
  63. Microsoft talks upcoming Bing updates
  64. MS JSMeter: A new way to analyze and affect JavaScript
  65. Filing a Great Bug
  66. Windows Activation in Development Environments
  67. Sharing 2.0
  68. Italian police close access to The Pirate Bay
  69. iPhone, Safari, IE8, Firefox fall on day one of Pwn2Own
  70. Secret Service paid hacker $75k a year
  71. New TechNet activation webcast!
  72. Microsoft Women Worth Watching.
  73. New Microsoft Online Services Sign In Released.
  74. BizTalk Server 2009 R2 Rebranded as BizTalk Server 2010
  75. Help Shape the Next-Gen Forefront Server Protection Sol
  76. Coordination Is Key to the Future of Technical Standard
  77. 32 Gig ScanDisk 32 Gig Memory Card
  78. Dell announces object-based storage, de-duplication
  79. Cyberattacks
  80. Microsoft Turns 35
  81. Firefox gets a boost from browser choice in Europe
  82. Historic milestone: Mobile data traffic surpasses voice
  83. Windows 7 Battery Notification Messages - MSDN Blogs
  84. Introducing IE9’s User Agent String
  85. Adobe Creative Suite 5 to be unveiled April 12
  86. Accessing your Office files from any PC with SkyDrive
  87. Windows Home Server – Your genie in a box
  88. Behind the scenes: photo sharing on SkyDrive
  89. Hotmail. Tools for the New Busy.A new campaign from MS.
  90. Windows 7 Crashes when Oversized Dynamic VHDs Are Used
  91. Microsoft Is Dogfooding OfficeTalk.
  92. Time-Out for Firefox on Windows Phone 7.
  93. Eclipse IDE Evolves into First-Class Windows 7 Citizen
  94. MIX Session Videos Now Available
  95. BizTalk 2009 R2 gets a new name; still due in 2010.
  96. Several SP1 Releases for Windows Embedded Standard 7
  97. Can Microsoft really build a better browser?
  98. Why Microsoft really, really, hates the cloud
  99. Google nixes China search site; Sales and R&D to stay
  100. Facebook password reset themed malware campaign
  101. If You Use BitDefender
  102. Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 leaked.
  103. Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 RC.
  104. New Visual Studio 2010 RC VHD Releases.
  105. Free Bing Maps for Broadcast.
  106. Germany warns against use of Firefox browser!
  107. Sierra Warless Announces Device Stage Support for AirCa
  108. At last! Broadband for all in the UK.
  109. 25% off TechNet subscriptions in US
  110. The Problem With Microsoft’s Windows 8 Timetable.
  111. IE 9 Beta Next – New IE9 Builds Every 8 weeks
  112. Is Win 7 RTM so good that SP1 needs no real improvement
  113. Microsoft’s Patent Portfolio Dwarfs Rivals’ IP.
  114. Photosynth, a Microsoft technology.
  115. Bing Maps Is Full of Stars.
  116. Silverlight Now on 60% of All Internet Connected Device
  117. Can new browser give Microsoft its mojo back?
  118. Google Chrome 5 Beta Review
  119. Windows 7 SP1, the Evolution
  120. Mozilla confirms critical Firefox bug
  121. The CSS Corner: About CSS corners
  122. The Internet Explorer Testcenter welcome page: Clarific
  123. Windows PC Scout gets HD Zoom with Seadragon Technology
  124. Multicore requires OS rework, Windows architect advises
  125. IE9, standards, and why Acid3 isn't the priority.
  126. Day Against DRM: Tuesday, May 4th 2010
  127. Microsoft to appeal $106 million VirnetX patent verdict
  128. SVG in IE9 Roadmap
  129. The New JavaScript Engine in Internet Explorer 9
  130. MS lowers Win licensing costs for virtual desktops.
  131. Windows 7 SP1 is just a minor upgrade
  132. Announcing Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Service
  133. Microsoft’s Approach to Virtualization & It’s Role in Y
  134. Talking About Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows
  135. Windows XP Mode now accessible to more PCs
  136. IT's 'love affair' with Windows XP ending, says survey
  137. More Standards Documentation Available
  138. Test drive 104 new Professional-grade tests for web sta
  139. Businesses Starting To Embrace Windows 7 With Open Arms
  140. Videos of MIX10 Windows Phone sessions
  141. Expression Blend 4 Beta Released.
  142. IE9 Platform Preview Feedback
  143. Vulnerability in Virtual PC?
  144. About the Platform Preview
  145. Office 2010 Assessment & Planning
  146. Internet Explorer 9 at MIX10
  147. Internet Explorer 9 developer preview
  148. MS avoids being lost in translation with new fra
  149. Windows Phone 7 browser is based on Internet Explorer 7
  150. Can Windows Phone 7 multitask?
  151. The Windows 7 RTM Rogue Pixel.
  152. Windows 7 UNIX Free Resources Available for Download.
  153. Windows 7 RTM Now at Almost 10,000 Compatible Apps.
  154. Apple’s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal
  155. First Dot-Com celebrates 25th anniversary today!
  156. Microsoft Workers Hide Their iPhones.
  157. Murdoch: illegal downloading is like stealing a handbag
  158. MIX10 begins tomorrow!
  159. Icelandic and Welsh Language packs now released for W7
  160. MS’s Wind and Google’s Linux (Android), ...............
  161. Microsoft set to launch beta of Silverlight for Symbian
  162. Microsoft admits Office patch gaffes.
  163. Microsoft loses second appeal in Word patent case.
  164. Rage3d.com attacked!
  165. How SmartScreen looks at URLs
  166. For Windows.New Kodu Beta Released.
  167. 82% of Open Source Software Plays Nice with Windows.
  168. Update on Security Advisory 981374
  169. The Internet is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
  170. Windows XP’s Death Won’t Come from Windows 7.
  171. MS Virtual Senior Center Has Win 7 at the Core.
  172. Windows Browser Ballot, What really happens.
  173. MS readies open-source analytics framework.............
  174. The Secret Origin of Windows
  175. Getting a reputation: How SmartScreen looks at URLs
  176. Windows 7 has nearly caught Vista in worldwide installs
  177. Bing Grows, Google Stagnates, Yahoo Loses Market Share.
  178. Windows Live Solution Center Evolves.
  179. Ignore Windows 7, Stick with XP and It Will Cost You.
  180. Evaluate the New Forefront Identity Manager 2010
  181. See the Brand-New TechNet
  182. Microsoft Application Virtualization
  183. Develop for Windows
  184. RSA 1024-bit encryption cracked
  185. Vodafone distributes botnet
  186. The Cloud Mouse for 3D Navigation from MS Research.
  187. 2 PCs Are Enough for Volume Licensing from Microsoft.
  188. Windows 7 Resets Taskbar to Default.
  189. Windows 7 SP1 (Service Pack 1) at the End of 2010.
  190. MS Shares Insights into Effective Security Practices.
  191. MS adds XNA Game Studio 4.0 to its Windows Phone 7.....
  192. Working with the HTML5 Community
  193. Hard drive evolution could hit Microsoft XP users
  194. Microsoft starts rolling out new MSN homepage
  195. March 2010 Security Bulletin Release
  196. Security Advisory 981374 Released
  197. Report: MS moves up Windows 7 SP1 release date.
  198. MS Bing Earth Day Photo Contest.
  199. Microsoft: $9.5 Billion for R&D in 2010.
  200. Record Bing Maps 6.7 Million Sq Km Imagery Update......
  201. Incredible. Windows 7 file copy works across reboots!
  202. Microsoft changes algorithm behind its browser ballot.
  203. Netbooks: RIP?
  204. Intel ivestigates: Newegg Sold Fake Intel CPU!
  205. ACTA leak: ISPs to be bound by new rules
  206. Make Windows 7 look like a Commodore 64
  207. The Anti-IE: F'fox 3.6, Opera 10.50, Chrome 4.0, Safari
  208. Latest Microsoft Courier details leaked.
  209. IE8 SmartScreen Filter - Protecting Users at Internet S
  210. IE6 RIP – IE9 Comes into Focus.
  211. Internet Explorer 8 Still the Best at Staying Safe
  212. Windows 7: 300 Million Sold Copies in 2010.
  213. Windows 8 Will Make USB 3.0 Mainstream, Says Intel.
  214. New IT Trends Bring Change to Mid-Market Product Line
  215. W3C HTML Working Group Publishes New Drafts
  216. NVIDIA 196.75 drivers can kill your graphics card
  217. Get Office for Today or Tomorrow
  218. News on what is happening at MS
  219. News from Microsoft Springboard Series Insider
  220. WAT: an unauthorized inside look
  221. Microsoft & the Cloud
  222. Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on the Bleeding Edge.
  223. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Gets New Features.
  224. Windows 7 Lessons from Early Adopters.
  225. Win Users Need to Patch Once Every 4.8 Days on Average.
  226. Windows 7 Service Pack 1(SP1) Beta in Mid-April 2010.
  227. Tab Isolation
  228. MS Pink phone reportedly exists, coming to Verizon.
  229. March 2010 Bulletin Release Advance Notification
  230. Microsoft cranks out new identity management software.
  231. Microsoft OneAlbum: Find your photos in friends' albums
  232. Could (and should) Microsoft buy Twitter?
  233. MS Security Advisory - Don't press F1 in Windows XP
  234. Internet Explorer 6 is dead
  235. Should Windows get the 'Metro' Windows Phone 7.......
  236. The generation gap: Windows on multicore
  237. Microsoft offers subscription licensing for small...
  238. CSS Crunch: new IE Extension for developers
  239. MS Outlines Progress Toward a Safer, More Trusted I'net
  240. MS's Ballmer: We'll beat Google ... someday.
  241. MS open-sources clever U-Prove identity framework.
  242. Forrester provides tips to Windows 7 early adopters
  243. Windows 7 SP1 leak tomorrow!
  244. Creating a Safer, More Trusted Internet
  245. Microsoft mobile search cache enables 'search on the go
  246. Skinput Turns Your Body Into a Touchscreen
  247. Microsoft wants to put infected PCs in rubber room.
  248. A Developer's First Look at Windows 7
  249. MS's security chief suggests 'Net tax to clean computer
  250. Introducing the New End to End Trust Microsoft Site.