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  1. Microsoft Surface, the Perfect Home for the Digitized..
  2. Microsoft and HP: Love on the rocks?
  3. MS on Adobe: Flash has "issues" but remains important.
  4. ActiveSync, SSL coming to Hotmail.
  5. MS Web N-gram Services Public Beta Opened to Academia.
  6. Download Silverlight 4 RTW Deployment Guide
  7. Volume Activation Management Tool 2.0 released
  8. Introducing Windows Live Messenger Connect
  9. What scared MS into scrapping a secret tablet project?
  10. Android and Windows 7 tablets coming in June… Why?
  11. Microsoft Going On A Bus Tour To Promote Windows 7
  12. Security Advisory 983438 Released
  13. The Evolution of Microsoft’s Style.
  14. Windows 7 RTM Fix for Batch Deletion of over 1,000...
  15. HTML5 Video
  16. America top of spam table, UK is ninth
  17. Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh!
  18. FREE WEBINAR: Win7 Lessons Learned From Early Adopters
  19. Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office.
  20. MS's new directory-federation services finally...
  21. MS signs agreement to contribute to Joomla....
  22. Windows Embedded Standard 7 brings Media Center to TVs,
  23. Messenger across the web
  24. Former Microsoft Security Analyst Probes......
  25. Windows Summit 2010
  26. Palm finally sinks, acquired by HP for $1.2 billion
  27. Preview of the new Windows Live Messenger
  28. XP Attracts Twice More Attacks than Win 7 and Vista
  29. Softpedia: Windows 7 “thriving” against competitors
  30. 'The most exciting product we'll bring to market this
  31. Free Windows 7 RTM Copies via the 'Get On The Bus Tour'
  32. Windows Embedded Standard 7 Overview .
  33. Windows API Code Pack – Past, Present, and Future
  34. Judge tosses Microsoft's 'Psystar' antitrust defense.
  35. iPad Users Targeted by Backdoor Dissembled as iTunes Up
  36. MS10-025 Re-Release Ready
  37. Windows 7 now fastest-selling Windows OS
  38. another Pad
  39. The First Free Software Blu-ray Encoder
  40. Windows 7 RTM and Vista SP2, Not XP SP3, the Apex.....
  41. Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 8.
  42. Make Your Apps Windows 7 Compatible with AOK4SMB
  43. Feedback on the IE9 Platform Preview
  44. NVIDIA to unify desktop and notebook driver releases
  45. 13 Million PCs Infected with Fake Antivirus Cleaner
  46. Windows Home Server Code Name "Vail" public preview
  47. Microsoft SQL Azure – A Database for the Cloud.
  48. New chapter to be written in print
  49. German appeals court upholds MS Long File Name patent.
  50. 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) of Office 2010?
  51. Is Windows 7 finally halting the Mac migration?
  52. Google Tweaks
  53. New Win Phone 7 videos illustrate Office..........
  54. Microsoft survived Vista, says analyst.
  55. Bing fails to boost MS online business.........
  56. More than 10% of all PCs worldwide now on Windows 7
  57. The super-green Sony VAIO W Mini Notebook
  58. Meet WOFF, The Standard Web Font Format
  59. Blippy users' credit card #s show up in Google
  60. Windows 7 RTM XP Mode (XP SP3) Duplication Tool Availab
  61. Time Is Running Out for Windows 7 RC Build 7100
  62. 80% of Organizations Plan to Upgrade to Win 7 in 2010.
  63. Bing Celebrates Earth Day with a Taste of Nectar.
  64. Under-the-radar tidbits from Microsoft's third-quarter
  65. Microsoft recommends the use of 32bit Office 2010
  66. More than 10% of all PCs worldwide now on Windows 7
  67. IE9 Developer Tools: Network Tab
  68. MS Conference - Unraveling Software Piracy.
  69. Microsoft earnings propelled by Windows 7, PC upgrades
  70. 50 percent of iPad owners use Windows.
  71. Microsoft delivers Docs app for Facebook
  72. SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM Available for Purchase in May
  73. Microsoft TechNet Wiki has launched !!!
  74. Windows Live Wave 4 test bits due in 'the coming weeks'
  75. Microsoft adapts Office Web Apps for Facebook.
  76. Is Microsoft Docs really a 'Google Docs killer'........
  77. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 Now Available
  78. MS10-025 Security Update to be Re-released
  79. Microsoft drops enterprise end point security suite.
  80. SP1 is Windows 7’s “Snow Leopard”
  81. Getting ready for Windows Live Wave 4
  82. eEye Digital Security:Microsoft more secure than Apple
  83. Will Windows 8 Be Faster and Smaller Than Windows 7?
  84. Microsoft Offers Office Web Apps Guide for IT Pros
  85. Microsoft slates June update to block IE8 abuse.
  86. Google Scolded By Privacy Officials.
  87. Firefox 3.6.4 Beta Public Downloads Live
  88. Germany named Europe's top computer virus culprit
  89. Microsoft Courier coming in 2011.
  90. Another EU browser ballot bug: now it's not random.....
  91. Microsoft throws its weight behind Web Open Font format
  92. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Released.
  93. Download Free Win 7 RTM (PoC) Proof of Concept.........
  94. High Price of Office 2010 for Aussies
  95. Screenshots of new UI concepts for Firefox 4
  96. Update on the Windows Intune Beta
  97. Windows Live completes the Windows Experience
  98. Are you ready for Skinput?
  99. Attackers hit Google single sign-on password system
  100. Intel's profit soars, beats estimates
  101. MSDN, TechNet get Office 2010 this week.
  102. Universities Ban iPads
  103. Guidance on Internet Explorer XSS Filter
  104. System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 RTM Eval....
  105. Eye on Earth Could Evolve with Biodiversity............
  106. Office 2010 Beta As Massive As Win 7’s, 7.5 Million....
  107. Microsoft launches beta of cloud-based Windows.........
  108. Understanding User State Virtualization Improvements In
  109. Konrad who? Unsung computer pioneer remembered
  110. Nine year-old blamed for US school system hack
  111. Microsoft Takes Desktop Management to the Cloud: Intro
  112. Sata 6Gbit/psec - does it double your speed?
  113. .NET Framework 4 RTM Migration Issues on MSDN
  114. Windows 7 Federated Search
  115. Bing Offers More Clicks and Conversions.......
  116. Add-On Feature: Social Networking Made Easier with IE8
  117. Ireland: Filesharers to have internet cut
  118. New Windows 7-Based OS Release on April 27
  119. New Windows 7 DirectX 11 Resources to Feature Updated
  120. Office 2010 Reaches RTM!
  121. Microsoft adds repair shop to Windows (Beta)
  122. Xbox LIVE Support for the Original Xbox Ended
  123. RIAA/MPAA Want Government-Mandated Spyware
  124. Join Us For Our Next Springboard Series Virtual Roundta
  125. Win a Free Windows 7 RTM Upgrade from Microsoft
  126. Repeated Windows 7 Aero and Basic UI Swaps
  127. Win7 safer after axing Admin rights
  128. MS investigates as sweatshop spotlight shines on.......
  129. Machines left unpatched so MS can avoid BSOD déja vu.
  130. Samsung Embraces Microsoft PlayReady.
  131. New Real-Time Bing Social Search Features Rolling Out..
  132. Internet Explorer 9 Facets: IE9, IE8, IE7 and IE6
  133. Intel not planning USB 3.0 until 2012
  134. Microsoft to patch unhackable Windows 7 bug later today
  135. Office 2010, our approach to delivering the best produc
  136. Microsoft starts adding Twitter feed to main Bing
  137. Same Markup: Writing Cross-Browser Code
  138. Intel demos Light Peak equipped laptop at IDF
  139. Windows 7 Programming Guide – Libraries Update
  140. Silverlight 4.0 to be released this month
  141. Windows 7 Gets Some NUI Magic from Microsoft Surface.
  142. Running today’s different markup
  143. Hear In Your Language in Office 2010
  144. New Windows SDK 7.1 for Win 7 and .NET Framework 4
  145. End of Support for Windows Vista with No Services Packs
  146. April 2010 Security Bulletin Release
  147. First 1TB SSD drive hits market
  148. The Common Opensource Application Publishing Platform
  149. Google Docs gets Faster, Real-Time Collaboration.
  150. New email address for Microsoft security email notices
  151. Microsoft Springboard Series
  152. MS Talking About Service Pack 1 for Windows 7
  153. Windows Summit 2010 May 25 – 27.
  154. Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4 released
  155. Microsoft slates 25-patch Windows update for next week
  156. Bing posts its tenth consecutive search-share gain
  157. Microsoft deletes Aussie tech blogger's posts
  158. Windows 8 Faster, Smaller, and More Responsive than Win
  159. WD TV Live earns Compatible with Windows 7 Logo
  160. All aboard the Microsoft tour bus.
  161. First Windows 7 SP1 Beta Video
  162. Article from 2008 that needs a revisit
  163. Microsoft Zune HD 64GB debuts early
  164. Microsoft Research shows off "Pen + Touch" input.....
  165. Silverlight heads to set-top boxes, TVs, Blu-ray player
  166. Benefits of GPU-powered HTML5
  167. Microsoft to release 11 patches next week
  168. Excel 2010 Sparklines: Fitting the Big Picture........
  169. Second Bing Theme Available for Windows 7
  170. Microsoft's web privacy push: 'We're the anti-Google'
  171. New Windows 7 RTM Proof of Concept Deployment Resources
  172. Digital Economy Bill Passes
  173. Internet Explorer 8 – Add Ons Account for 70% Problems.
  174. April 2010 Bulletin Release Advance Notification
  175. Win7 Security: Download the Security Compliance Manager
  176. MSN Glo, a New Lifestyle Destination for Women.
  177. Silverlight 4 to launch April 13.
  178. Microsoft details Exchange Server 2010 SP1.
  179. Intel Says Windows 7 Is Superior to XP SP3.........
  180. A Closer Look at IE 9 Hardware Acceleration
  181. New resources to help business deploy to Windows 7
  182. Office’s Support for ISO/IEC 29500 Strict.
  183. Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Beta Expiration on April 5
  184. Office 2010 Technical Beta Closing Down.
  185. Microsoft Desktop Player Beta Released.
  186. Windows 7 SP1 beta leaked!
  187. Win 8 Server Will Support Exclusively 64-Bit (x64) CPU
  188. EU browser ballot sometimes hidden by IE wizard.
  189. HP’s Slate Device Delivers a Holistic Mobile Experience
  190. April 12: Will Microsoft Pink finally make its debut?
  191. Why Microsoft did the right thing in ditching XP for IE
  192. Microsoft pulls the plug on future Itanium support
  193. March Out-of-Band Security Bulletin Webcast
  194. Opera still unhappy with browser-ballot
  195. Download Windows 7 Desktop Optimization Pack Refreshed.
  196. Windows Drops the "Series" From Mobile Phone OS
  197. Windows Reduces Upgrade Pricing
  198. All Windows 7 RTM Driver Kit Resources Republished.
  199. Windows Server 2008 R2 to Phase Out Itanium
  200. IE sees small usage drop in first month of browser.....
  201. China to Google: Censor or 'pay the consequences'
  202. No Relabeling for Microsoft Security Essentials
  203. Win 7 Market Share Twice That of OS X, 10 Times........
  204. Retailers offer Anytime Upgrade Deal starting next week
  205. R.I.P. Microsoft Office.
  206. Microsoft runs fuzzing botnet, finds 1,800 Office bugs.
  207. Microsoft: 90 Million Copies of Windows 7 Sold
  208. IE9 Platform preview
  209. Microsoft: Google Chrome doesn't respect your privacy.
  210. Microsoft cuts Zune HD prices, 64GB model hits on April
  211. Microsoft planning full-screen Windows Live Messenger..
  212. Microsoft extends free Windows 7 trial
  213. CoApp: An open-source package-management system........
  214. Could there be a free, ad-supported Windows in MS......
  215. Microsoft looking to "shake hackers and crackers off..
  216. Emergency IE update patches 10 critical security holes
  217. Windows 7 Less Vulnerable Without Admin Rights.
  218. Win 7 Warning re certain LG Notebooks Relacing Battery
  219. Reading the Microsoft advertising tea leaves for 2010.
  220. Forrester: Windows 7 Early Adopters Were Satisfied Upgr
  221. Microsoft teams with Google in name of privacy.
  222. Java 6 update 19 released/Security Fixes
  223. Are you a piler, filer, or purger?
  224. Security Bulletin MS10-018 Released
  225. Early adopters very satisfied with Windows 7.
  226. March edition of MS codename tracker now available.
  227. The Windows Enterprise 90 Day Trial Has Been Extended
  228. IE8 and IE7 Standards Documentation.
  229. Windows 7, No Security Barriers, Just Defense in Depth
  230. Email in a world of social networking
  231. Where in the world are Microsoft's datacenters?
  232. Why does www.avast.eu take me to the Avira website?
  233. Just say no to bogus Messenger invitations
  234. IE Cumulative Update Releasing Out-of-Band
  235. Windows 7 Desktop Optimization Pack 2010
  236. Windows Phone 7 Series Icon Pack
  237. MSFT Hands Out Free Windows 7 to 54,000 Russian Schools
  238. Microsoft Research TechFest 2010: NUI and the cloud....
  239. NVIDIA’s First DirectX 11 capable GPUs coming to market
  240. IE9, IE8, IE7, and IE5 Cocktail in the Platform Preview
  241. New Windows Anti-Hacking Technologies Cooking.
  242. Windows 7 SP1 Already Getting Love from MS Partners.
  243. Standards Documentation for IE7 and IE8
  244. DOM Level 3 Events support in IE9
  245. Protecting Browsers with Defense In Depth Techniques
  246. Public safety fee on wireless users a challenge........
  247. Microsoft talks upcoming Bing updates
  248. MS JSMeter: A new way to analyze and affect JavaScript
  249. Filing a Great Bug
  250. Windows Activation in Development Environments