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  1. Sayonara, VAIO: Sony sells off PC business to focus on mobile
  2. Microsoft starts testing Visual Studio 2013 Update 2
  3. Australians scrap Microsoft XP usage faster than US, UK users
  4. Bill Gates: What Microsoft can learn from its co-founder
  5. Firefox 27: Faster, more secure and more social
  6. Google Now, coming to a desktop near you via Chrome beta
  7. Satya Nadella Officially Named New Microsoft CEO
  8. An Update Regarding OCZ's Warranties
  9. Microsoft gives Access Store apps the general-availability green light
  10. Internet Explorer 11 to get new 'enterprise mode'
  11. Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms
  12. "Threshold" to be Called Windows 9, Ship in April 2015
  13. Old-school Wi-Fi is slowing down networks, Cisco says
  14. Two-thirds of Americans surf the Web at less than 10Mbps
  15. Microsoft goes public with what's next for Windows Intune
  16. Microsoft Office Web Apps to be renamed 'Office Online'?
  17. Microsoft rechristens 'SkyDrive' as 'OneDrive'
  18. Microsoft Reports Record Revenue of $24.52 Billion in Second Quarter
  19. SanDisk's ULLtraDIMM is an SSD on a memory stick
  20. The Macintosh is 30 years old today: How Apple changed the desktop com
  21. 2014: The year of Windows 7?
  22. Toshiba has bought OCZ Storage
  23. Changes to LogMeIn Free
  24. Microsoft retracts Windows 7 PC end-of-sales deadline
  25. Remote PC Access Client LogMeIn Cancels Free Service
  26. Super-fast Wi-Fi coming: 802.11ac-2013
  27. HP promotes Windows 7 PC sales; says they are "back by popular demand"
  28. Intel introduces nine new Core i5, Core i7 Haswell mobile processors
  29. ATMs Face Deadline to Upgrade From Windows XP
  30. Appeals Court Strikes Down Open Internet Rules
  31. Windows 7 update prevents crashing
  32. Register now for Build 2014
  33. Microsoft to share Windows Threshold plans at Build 2014 show: Report
  34. New themes… and a peek behind the scenes of the Open Call
  35. Man Jailed for Gmail Invite to Ex-Girlfriend
  36. Nvidia's G-Sync monitor tech makes PC games look smooth as silk
  37. Razer's modular Project Christine makes building PCs as easy as...
  38. Intel Edison is a full computer on an SD card, launching in 2014
  39. Windows 8.1 update images pop up online
  40. Bill Gates becomes world’s richest person again
  41. What's on Microsoft's conference calendar for 2014
  42. A non-Windows OS? Microsoft drops clues
  43. Microsoft 2013 year in review: It was (almost) all about 'Blue'
  44. SATA-IO announces 16Gb/s SATA 3.2 specification
  45. IE11 Virtual Machines Now Available on modern.IE
  46. Microsoft won't name new CEO until early 2014
  47. Windows 9 concept: Saving Windows from itself with a focus on ‘little
  48. Microsoft: Skype runs on Windows Azure; SkyDrive up next
  49. Intel Haswell-E Engineering Sample With 8 Cores and 3 GHz Clock Speed
  50. Mark your calendars: Build 2014 will be April 2-4 in San Francisco
  51. Outlook.com makes it even easier to switch from Gmail
  52. Samsung unveils mSATA version of the 840 Evo solid-state drive
  53. Samsung launches 1TB SSD for Ultrabooks and tablets
  54. New security features added to Microsoft accounts
  55. More on Microsoft's SKU-morphic Windows vision
  56. Microsoft Telepathwords
  57. PC laptops and accidental damage: Best and worst warranties 2014
  58. Microsoft Windows 7 support and sales cutoff dates
  59. Intel unveils 72-core x86 Knights Landing for exascale computing
  60. Mozilla takes another stab at elusive multiprocess Firefox
  61. Advanced Windows Update Notification for December 10th 2013
  62. Beijing leans on Microsoft to maintain Windows XP support
  63. New USB plug coming: Good news, bad news
  64. Microsoft codename 'Threshold':The next major Windows wave takes shape
  65. Windows 7 gains more market share than Windows 8 and 8.1
  66. Microsoft makes sweeping changes to its volume-licensing plans
  67. Office 2013 Service Pack 1 coming early next year
  68. Microsoft releases fix for failed Exchange Server 2013 backups
  69. OCZ Filing for Bankruptcy
  70. 2013 in Review: Tech Turkeys of the year
  71. Microsoft: We aren't going to have three different versions of Windows
  72. Microsoft still open sources more technologies than many think
  73. Western digital releases a new kind of dual hard drive.
  74. Intel talks new strategy by Expanding Atom with SoFIA and Broxton
  75. After 15 Years Of Whipping The Llama’s Ass, Winamp Shuts Down
  76. Microsoft Windows 8.2 Scheduled For January 2014
  77. Microsoft updates SkyDrive for iOS, Facebook
  78. Blubbering Ballmer admits HE was Microsoft's problem
  79. DDR4 Next-gen memory. Next-gen performance.
  80. Google's JavaScript replacement, Dart, hits 1.0 release
  81. Next-gen HTTP 2.0 protocol will require HTTPS encryption...
  82. IE11 Makes Over 40% Web More Secure While Sites Still Work
  83. Intel Creater of New Innovation W.I.L.L.I.A.M
  84. The Gimp abandons SourceForge due to installer wrapper
  85. Google Apps End of support for Internet Explorer 9
  86. How to Plan a Successful Migration to Windows 8.1
  87. Advanced Windows Update Notification for November 12th 2013
  88. IE11 for Windows 7 Globally Available
  89. Microsoft giving away free IT training -- and a job -- to soldiers
  90. Microsoft and Apple unleash thermonuclear war on Google and Android
  91. Microsoft on Kinect on Xbox:You should not expect any level of privacy
  92. Facebook: Removing "Who can look up your Timeline by name"
  93. Skype explains why third-party apps and accessories will die in Dec.
  94. Review : North Korean tablet
  95. FAA to Allow Gadget Use During Takeoff, Landing
  96. Facebook Tests Software to Track Your Cursor on Screen
  97. Mozilla releases Firefox 25, includes Web Audio support
  98. Mysterious floating barge in SF Bay could be secret new Land of Oz
  99. Microsoft erects a giant Surface tablet in the center of London
  100. Apple new free operating system.
  101. Google becomes more valuable than Microsoft,as shares surge past $1000
  102. Windows RT 8.1 update taken offline due to installation issues
  103. Microsoft's new iOS and Android Remote Desktop apps...
  104. European homes now have 100 percent broadband coverage
  105. Google Extending Chrome support for XP users until April 2015
  106. Windows 8.1 now available!
  107. Enterprises will snub Microsoft's faster release tempo by sticking...
  108. On the brink of acceptable battery life in mobile
  109. Google's Terms of Service changes boil down to privacy, security
  110. Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD
  111. Easier Browsing for the Blind and Visually Impaired in IE11
  112. Microsoft reportedly wants to replace the cookie
  113. Toshiba: 99 percent of our business sales are Windows 7
  114. Update is available that enables you to delete outdated Windows update
  115. Microsoft updating Skype for new Kindle Fire tablets, iOS 7 devices
  116. Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  117. Microsoft's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk
  118. Everything to know about Windows 8.1 upgrade options
  119. Microsoft rated as America's "most inspiring" company
  120. Mozilla edges closer to replacing Flash with JavaScript
  121. New Cinebench r15 released
  122. Internet Explorer 6 Market Share Finally Falls Under 5%
  123. FAA advisory panel clears Wi-Fi for takeoff
  124. Microsoft opens Windows 8.1 preorders before Oct. 18 launch
  125. Bill Gates Under Pressure to Quit Microsoft
  126. No text? No problem for Chrome's search by image
  127. Microsoft adds subscription-pricing option to its Office Store
  128. Steve Ballmer's intense, tearful goodbye to Microsoft
  129. Microsoft shows off its vision for gesture-controlled PCs
  130. Microsoft company meeting: More on Rio, Moorea and Remix
  131. IPv6 gathering momentum
  132. AMD unveils 'Hawaii' Radeon R7, R9 generation of GPUs
  133. Bill Gates admits Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, blames IBM
  134. Live Event: AMD GPU 14
  135. Chrome puts NPAPI plugins on death watch
  136. Please, let Windows XP die with dignity
  137. Google to replace cookies with anonymous identifier for ad tracking?
  138. IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 Now Available
  139. Firefox 24 fixes many serious vulnerabilities
  140. Brazil Looks To Break From US-Centric Internet
  141. Microsoft Revamps Bing, Unveils New Logo
  142. Pricing and Packaging for Windows 8.1
  143. Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM Now Available To Volume License
  144. Windows XP is the most used OS in eight countries, including China
  145. System Builder: Windows 8 confusion and frustrations
  146. Microsoft fixes bad patch detection
  147. Dell bought out by Michael Dell: going private within months
  148. What's next for Microsoft's MSN.com?
  149. Outlook.com now has IMAP
  150. Microsoft pulls buggy Outlook 2013 update
  151. New version of ie10 released
  152. Windows 8.1 RTM Released to Technet & MSDN
  153. Google's Trojan horse: how Chrome Apps will finally take on Windows
  154. Microsoft works to save face after Xbox backlash
  155. SharePoint Online upload limits raised to 2GB files, allows .exe
  156. Windows XP post April 2014: Non-Microsoft support emerges
  157. Intel says: Let there be light!
  158. Skype adds video messaging to its Windows Phone 8 app
  159. Xbox One to Launch on November 22, 2013 in 13 Markets
  160. Hdmi forum releases version 2.0 of the hdmi specification
  161. Online Attack Leads to Peek Into Spam Den
  162. Microsoft Extends TechNet Subcriptions - 90 Days
  163. Microsoft has purchased Nokia for 7.2Billion
  164. Intel previews SSD overclocking
  165. Microsoft abruptly pulls 'masters' certification; hints a replacement
  166. Office 365 outage Thursday night
  167. Exchange Online mailbox sizes are doubling
  168. BT Pulls the plug on 56K dial up.
  169. Photos on SkyDrive get smarter with Bing-powered OCR
  170. Microsoft reissues Windows Media, Exchange Server patches
  171. SkyDrive Pro increases storage and ease of sharing
  172. Office 2003 soon to lose support too
  173. Today is the RTM for Windows Server 2012 R2!
  174. Why retiring Steve Ballmer deserves more credit than gets
  175. Readying Windows 8.1 for release
  176. Rise and fall of Windows mobile under Ballmer
  177. LEAKED: German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8
  178. Steve Ballmer Retiring in a Year
  179. Chrome - Smarter omnibox suggestions for all
  180. Which Web browser crashes the most?
  181. Windows 8 banned by world’s top benchmarking and overclocking site
  182. Microsoft merges Skype with Outlook in several countries
  183. ICANN has decided to ban the use of dotless domains
  184. Microsoft warns Windows XP users risk 'zero day forever'
  185. Microsoft pulls more Patch Tuesday updates
  186. Microsoft KB2859537 Update Causes BSOD on Windows 7
  187. Microsoft Outlook, SkyDrive outages hit users worldwide
  188. Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!
  189. The triumph of Patch Tuesday
  190. Microsoft's Windows 8.1: When will users get the final bit
  191. It’s time to get excited about flexible screens
  192. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for August 13th 2013
  193. Firefox 23 nixes support for outdated blink HTML tag
  194. Firefox Makes it Easy to Share Your Favorite Content
  195. Flash memory successor announced
  196. USB 3.1 Spec Approved, Brings 10Gbps Speeds
  197. Microsoft details new Office 365 upgrade options
  198. Microsoft adds two-factor authentication support to Lync client
  199. Can you imagine a 1 TB DIMM? It's coming
  200. Sony and Panasonic team up to create 300GB discs of the future
  201. Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirmish
  202. Microsoft debuts Office Mobile app for Android smartphones
  203. Microsoft to roll out one more update to Visual Studio 2012
  204. Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview Now Available
  205. Microsoft readies IE 11 for Windows 7, too
  206. Yahoo to take Flickr offline for six hours
  207. Google bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Instagram combined
  208. Microsoft predicts another cruel quarter for PCs
  209. OpenCL 2.0 brings new graphics-chip power to software
  210. Google Wallet allows money transfers as Gmail attachments
  211. Why Wait 10 Seconds Before Rebooting Your Router
  212. ‘Superman’ crystal memory could outlast civilization
  213. "Enterprise fanboys" push back on TechNet subscription shutdown
  214. Google finalizes Chrome App Launcher for Windows
  215. Another Patch Tuesday that caused problems for Windows 7 users!
  216. Microsoft's reorg memo hints at InfoNav, Moorea, new meeting tech
  217. Bill Gates says Microsoft Bob will make a comeback
  218. Microsoft adds a Lab of Things to its HomeOS
  219. Mozilla’s Flash Player replacement looks impressive...
  220. One Microsoft: Company realigns to enable innovation at greater speed,
  221. Chrome gets high-resolution screen support on Windows, too
  222. Coffee shops look to oust 'laptop hobos'
  223. Heaps more patches due
  224. Windows 8.1 Preview Now Available in English (UK)
  225. Father of the Mouse
  226. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for July 9th 2013
  227. What's behind Microsoft's pending reorg?
  228. Microsoft loses 'SkyDrive' trademark case in EU
  229. Microsoft to shut down TechNet subscription service
  230. This e-mail will self-destruct in five seconds
  231. Microsoft confirms Internet Explorer 11 is coming to Windows 7
  232. Google gooses Chrome with network speed-boost idea: 'QUIC'
  233. Microsoft makes Windows Azure services generally available
  234. W8.1 Preview now available on Technet
  235. Microsoft delivers new Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5.1 previews
  236. ZDNet introduces India edition, writers
  237. New Firefox earns full WebRTC
  238. Microsoft to send Bing to school this year
  239. ISPs to include porn filters as default in the UK by 2014
  240. Internet Explorer 10 Provides Safer Browsing
  241. Gigabit Wi-Fi: 802.11ac is here: Five things you need to know
  242. Samsung Ativ Q tablet runs both Windows 8 and Android
  243. XBOX One - Microsoft-pulls-180-removes-restrictions
  244. Microsoft delivers biggest update to date to TypeScript
  245. Nvidia to license its graphics
  246. AMD to launch its first ARM chip
  247. Microsoft killing off Outlook.com linked accounts in favor of aliases
  248. Skype launches video messaging to all users
  249. Microsoft revs speedier, smarter speech recognition for phones
  250. The build up to Microsoft's Build 2013