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  1. Office 365 outage Thursday night
  2. Exchange Online mailbox sizes are doubling
  3. BT Pulls the plug on 56K dial up.
  4. Photos on SkyDrive get smarter with Bing-powered OCR
  5. Microsoft reissues Windows Media, Exchange Server patches
  6. SkyDrive Pro increases storage and ease of sharing
  7. Office 2003 soon to lose support too
  8. Today is the RTM for Windows Server 2012 R2!
  9. Why retiring Steve Ballmer deserves more credit than gets
  10. Readying Windows 8.1 for release
  11. Rise and fall of Windows mobile under Ballmer
  12. LEAKED: German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8
  13. Steve Ballmer Retiring in a Year
  14. Chrome - Smarter omnibox suggestions for all
  15. Which Web browser crashes the most?
  16. Windows 8 banned by world’s top benchmarking and overclocking site
  17. Microsoft merges Skype with Outlook in several countries
  18. ICANN has decided to ban the use of dotless domains
  19. Microsoft warns Windows XP users risk 'zero day forever'
  20. Microsoft pulls more Patch Tuesday updates
  21. Microsoft KB2859537 Update Causes BSOD on Windows 7
  22. Microsoft Outlook, SkyDrive outages hit users worldwide
  23. Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!
  24. The triumph of Patch Tuesday
  25. Microsoft's Windows 8.1: When will users get the final bit
  26. It’s time to get excited about flexible screens
  27. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for August 13th 2013
  28. Firefox 23 nixes support for outdated blink HTML tag
  29. Firefox Makes it Easy to Share Your Favorite Content
  30. Flash memory successor announced
  31. USB 3.1 Spec Approved, Brings 10Gbps Speeds
  32. Microsoft details new Office 365 upgrade options
  33. Microsoft adds two-factor authentication support to Lync client
  34. Can you imagine a 1 TB DIMM? It's coming
  35. Sony and Panasonic team up to create 300GB discs of the future
  36. Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirmish
  37. Microsoft debuts Office Mobile app for Android smartphones
  38. Microsoft to roll out one more update to Visual Studio 2012
  39. Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview Now Available
  40. Microsoft readies IE 11 for Windows 7, too
  41. Yahoo to take Flickr offline for six hours
  42. Google bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Instagram combined
  43. Microsoft predicts another cruel quarter for PCs
  44. OpenCL 2.0 brings new graphics-chip power to software
  45. Google Wallet allows money transfers as Gmail attachments
  46. Why Wait 10 Seconds Before Rebooting Your Router
  47. ‘Superman’ crystal memory could outlast civilization
  48. "Enterprise fanboys" push back on TechNet subscription shutdown
  49. Google finalizes Chrome App Launcher for Windows
  50. Another Patch Tuesday that caused problems for Windows 7 users!
  51. Microsoft's reorg memo hints at InfoNav, Moorea, new meeting tech
  52. Bill Gates says Microsoft Bob will make a comeback
  53. Microsoft adds a Lab of Things to its HomeOS
  54. Mozilla’s Flash Player replacement looks impressive...
  55. One Microsoft: Company realigns to enable innovation at greater speed,
  56. Chrome gets high-resolution screen support on Windows, too
  57. Coffee shops look to oust 'laptop hobos'
  58. Heaps more patches due
  59. Windows 8.1 Preview Now Available in English (UK)
  60. Father of the Mouse
  61. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for July 9th 2013
  62. What's behind Microsoft's pending reorg?
  63. Microsoft loses 'SkyDrive' trademark case in EU
  64. Microsoft to shut down TechNet subscription service
  65. This e-mail will self-destruct in five seconds
  66. Microsoft confirms Internet Explorer 11 is coming to Windows 7
  67. Google gooses Chrome with network speed-boost idea: 'QUIC'
  68. Microsoft makes Windows Azure services generally available
  69. W8.1 Preview now available on Technet
  70. Microsoft delivers new Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5.1 previews
  71. ZDNet introduces India edition, writers
  72. New Firefox earns full WebRTC
  73. Microsoft to send Bing to school this year
  74. ISPs to include porn filters as default in the UK by 2014
  75. Internet Explorer 10 Provides Safer Browsing
  76. Gigabit Wi-Fi: 802.11ac is here: Five things you need to know
  77. Samsung Ativ Q tablet runs both Windows 8 and Android
  78. XBOX One - Microsoft-pulls-180-removes-restrictions
  79. Microsoft delivers biggest update to date to TypeScript
  80. Nvidia to license its graphics
  81. AMD to launch its first ARM chip
  82. Microsoft killing off Outlook.com linked accounts in favor of aliases
  83. Skype launches video messaging to all users
  84. Microsoft revs speedier, smarter speech recognition for phones
  85. The build up to Microsoft's Build 2013
  86. Samsung mass producing speedier solid-state drives
  87. Google is launching Internet-beaming antennas
  88. Google retiring Chrome Frame plugin for old IE
  89. AMD's new APU Kaveri showcased, first with HUMA
  90. Best Buy to open hundreds of Windows stores within its stores
  91. AMD new fx-9000 series CPUs run at 5 Ghz
  92. Why Flash and HTML5 need each other
  93. One-third of Americans now own a tablet, Pew finds
  94. Patch Tuesday: 23 vulnerabilities fixed; IE, Windows, Office
  95. Microsoft backs Windows 7 PC deal for Brits on benefits
  96. Windows XP diehards: Can you survive the April 2014 deadline?
  97. Patch Tuesday: Microsoft to fix one critical Internet Explorer flaw
  98. AMD breaks from Windows exclusivity, adopts Android and Chrome OS
  99. Fridge fault causes Telstra mobile network blackouts
  100. Why we'll see even more disk drive choice
  101. Ballmer at work on Microsoft restructuring, report says
  102. Tablets to Top Laptops This Year, All PCs in 2015
  103. Google: Security flaws not fixed in a week should be made public
  104. Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild
  105. Microsoft delivers first phase of Lync-Skype integration
  106. Ending the headaches of Wi-Fi
  107. Chrome 27 fixes 14 flaws and enables spoken conversations with Google
  108. New Flickr sets the bar high with 1 TB of free cloud storage
  109. Next Xbox reveal - Xbox One
  110. IBM takes System/z to the cloud with COBOL update
  111. Why I use Outlook.com for my custom email accounts
  112. Firefox 21 release adds to Social API, closes security holes
  113. Microsoft building touch-screen feature into Chrome
  114. IE10 Up, FF Returns To Second Place
  115. Microsoft confirms Blue to be free for existing Windows 8 users
  116. Windows Blue gets official name: Windows 8.1
  117. With Windows Blue, Microsoft may (finally) do the right thing
  118. Google Drive triples free storage to 15GB
  119. Skype updates for Windows Phone 8, Windows desktop
  120. New SkyDrive photo timeline and uploads 2x faster
  121. A perspective: developers vs Microsoft
  122. Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems
  123. India: Government can now snoop on your SMSs, online chats
  124. Microsoft Mulling Nook Media LLC Purchase For $1 Billion
  125. May's Patch Tuesday to fix two critical flaws in Internet Explorer
  126. Google builds push notifications into Chrome, Chrome OS
  127. Microsoft confirms public preview of Windows Blue in late June
  128. Windows 8 at 6 months: Q&A with Tami Reller
  129. Spam's birthday and Hotmail's closure lead email milestones
  130. Microsoft readies 'Mohoro' Windows desktop as a service
  131. Skype now available for Outlook.com for users in the UK
  132. Intel confirms 'Haswell' chip intro at Computex
  133. It just works: Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux Ultrabook review
  134. Google: More government takedown requests than ever before
  135. Google extension puts Office docs in secure Chrome container
  136. After almost 20 years, GPU benchmarking is moving past FPS
  137. Ubuntu 13.04 Review: Linux for the average Joe or Jane
  138. A Windows 8 rebuild plan for Microsoft
  139. MS released update to previous failed update
  140. Post-PC era spooks Blackstone into dropping Dell bid
  141. Security certificate problem trips up Bing Web site
  142. Under CISPA, companies can't promise to protect your privacy
  143. Microsoft rolling out two-factor authentication across product line
  144. Microsoft's view of the post-PC world: 'I'm not bovvered'
  145. Google services go down, access spotty
  146. The future of digital is… paper
  147. Microsoft's Windows 8 Plan B(lue): Start button back, boot to desktop
  148. The Internet is a surveillance state
  149. Sorry, PC Industry: You’ve Apparently Managed to Perfect the PC
  150. AMD - No DirectX 12
  151. AMD prepping Centurion FX processor to take on Intel Core i7 Extreme
  152. Microsoft pulls security update over software conflicts
  153. Windows 8 has put the world's PC market to sleep
  154. Windows APIs: Microsoft's hidden guide to architecture
  155. Five operating system alternatives to Windows 8 and XP
  156. Fraunhofer tests an LED lamp that will light up your PC at 3 Gbps
  157. Microsoft wins, even if the PC loses
  158. Google Fights FBI's Secret National Security Letters
  159. House committee to amend CISPA in secret, again
  160. Intel confirms USB bug in 'Haswell' chipset
  161. Flash: Back from the dead again?
  162. Windows 7 without SP1 is out; Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is in
  163. WebKit fracture puts a pinch on open-source browser efforts
  164. Micron’s 320GB/sec Hybrid Memory Cube comes to market in 2013...
  165. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for April 9th 2013
  166. When will Microsoft pull the plug on your version of Windows or Office
  167. Blink, Google's new Chrome browser engine, comes to life
  168. Firefox 20 improves private browsing, fixes three critical flaws
  169. Hard drive prices - and innovation - decline
  170. Latest OS share data shows Windows still dominating in PCs
  171. Countdown clock: Microsoft marches toward its Messenger phase-out
  172. Dell blames 'uncertain adoption' of Windows 8 for some of its financia
  173. Why Windows Blue heralds the death of the desktop
  174. Google Chrome takes spell checking into the cloud
  175. Microsoft's Office 'Gemini': Windows Blue's twin
  176. Microsoft working to bring natural language, speech input to Excel
  177. Google Glass: Expect widespread usage bans over privacy concerns
  178. Microsoft: Australians think our pricing is fair
  179. Flash memory chip built out of single-atom-thick components
  180. Google undeletes RSS extension for Chrome browser
  181. Google scraps Chrome's RSS extension along with Reader
  182. Windows 7 SP1 to start rolling out on Windows Update
  183. The Non-Touch Windows 8 Offers a Worse Experience than Windows 7, Says
  184. A hidden Patch Tuesday gem: A Windows 7 hotfix rollup
  185. Outlook, Hotmail are back up following lengthy outage
  186. Start8 and ModernMix -- Windows 8's last, best hope for normality
  187. Windows 7 RTM (with no service pack) will no longer be supported as of
  188. FBI 'secretly spying' on Google users, company reveals
  189. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notice March 12th 2013
  190. Why Moore's Law, not mobility, is killing the PC
  191. Microsoft pulls last lever, discounts Windows 8 to OEMs to spark sales
  192. Google to add password sync to new version of Chrome
  193. Office 2013 now transferable
  194. Microsoft fined by European Commission over web browser
  195. Seagate stopping production of 7,200rpm laptop hard drives...
  196. 30 years of PCWorld, 30 pivotal moments in PC history
  197. How SSD power faults scramble your data
  198. Microsoft's Windows Blue may have just hit milestone 1
  199. Microsoft launches updated Office 365 for business users
  200. The best Windows browser today: IE 10 or Chrome 25?
  201. Reminder – Register & Redeem Windows Upgrade Offer promo by Feb 28th
  202. IE10 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses
  203. Mid-2013 expansion for Internet names targeted
  204. Outlook.com outage leaves users locked out of accounts
  205. Microsoft admits was hacked, and for an unknown period of time!
  206. Microsoft’s Cloud Goes Dark Across the Globe
  207. Pointers on Microsoft's Hotmail phase-out
  208. Google launches Chrome app launcher for Windows
  209. Coming Soon: Holographic hand motion technology
  210. Office 2013 and Office 365 installations and transferability
  211. Microsoft moves Outlook.com out of preview
  212. Microsoft's Outlook takes aim at Google's Gmail
  213. Facebook had a Sophistocated security hacker problem
  214. Microsoft preps early delivery of IE10 for Windows 7
  215. Ex-Microsoft Exec Attacks Ballmer, Gates
  216. Time to install SP1
  217. Skype rolls out 6.2 updates for Windows, Mac
  218. Opera embraces WebKit in browser brain transplant
  219. Intel: 'Packet of death' problem 'isolated to a specific manufacturer'
  220. Apple, Microsoft, Adobe summoned by Australia pricing inquiry
  221. Windows Live Mesh users must switch by Wednesday
  222. Linux Foundation releases Windows Secure Boot fix
  223. LibreOffice 4.0 Released
  224. What is "Super Wi-Fi?"
  225. Chrome, Firefox now on speaking terms
  226. Bing rolls out five apps for Office 365 and Office 2013
  227. Fujitsu develops new data transfer protocol that is 30 times faster
  228. Richer Google Now notification system arriving in Chrome
  229. Samsung Laptops Bricked by Booting Linux Using UEFI
  230. Students to get Windows 8 upgrade discount
  231. Office 365 updates for new business users not until February 27
  232. Microsoft to launch the new Office commercially on January 29
  233. Eight Pro downgrade rises Feb 1 to $99, now $30 via NewEgg
  234. Direct X 11.1 not available for Win7, only Win8
  235. Microsoft: Grasping touch in enterprise productivity
  236. Microsoft profit dips despite Windows 8 sales boost
  237. Employee Outsources HIS Work to China - !!!
  238. Microsoft Surface Pro expected to arrive in 'weeks'
  239. Why does crapware still exist?
  240. Google touts speech in new Chrome beta, releases API for devs
  241. The BIG browser benchmark (January 2013 edition)
  242. More Than 3 Out of 4 Enthusiasts Reject Windows 8
  243. OWC is readying a 2TB, 3.5-inch form-factor workstation SSD for 2013
  244. Firefox 19 betas: Built-in PDF viewing, broader Android reach
  245. FCC plans to free up spectrum, boost Wi-Fi speeds
  246. Improved sharing & new HTML5 features for SkyDrive.com
  247. Microsoft to kill the Messenger on March 15
  248. IonMonkey delivers a faster Firefox
  249. 2013: The year tablets finally outsell notebooks?
  250. 2013: The year Gigabit Wi-Fi arrives