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  1. On-demand webcast: Microsoft Cloud Briefing
  2. Outlook.com is testing a new drop down menu
  3. Samsung's 840 EVO update fixes slow reads with old data
  4. Sharing your OneDrive for Business files through email
  5. Pale Moon 25 Major Changes, Add-on Issues
  6. Now easier to find friends and chat using Skype for Outlook.com
  7. Advance Notification for October 14th 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  8. Improved Skype desktop clients for dynamic new chat experi
  9. Microsoft’s FlexSense Project Is A Thin Sensor Layer To Make Your...
  10. New OneDrive iOS App Updates Available
  11. HTTP/2: The Long-Awaited Sequel
  12. W7 Market Share Surges, W8 Series Falls
  13. "What's ahead for Microsoft's Cloud"? on October 20th
  14. Skype will block local calls in India starting November 10th
  15. Need help? Microsoft Stores offer free tech support, PC tune-ups,...
  16. 64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future
  17. Skype improves high-definition video call quality
  18. Is this why Microsoft named it Windows 10?
  19. Announcing Office Sway: reimagine how your ideas come to life
  20. Microsoft reveals Windows 10, Well this is awkward!
  21. Windows 7 to Windows 9 Upgrade to Cost $30 – Report
  22. No, Microsoft isn't killing Windows 7 on October 31st 2014
  23. Announcing the return of WinHEC
  24. Apple iPhone 6 Plus bends in buyers' back pockets, launches #bendgate
  25. New Skype Version Improves Audio Quality
  26. Hard Drive Reliability Update – Sep 2014
  27. Give inbox personality with Advanced Rules in Outlook.com
  28. What happens to Windows 7 on October 31, 2014?
  29. Students and teachers: May be Eligible to get Free Office
  30. Internet of Things: 10 unanswered questions
  31. Nvidia's New GeForce GTX GPUs Are All About Energy Efficiency
  32. Toshiba throttling down consumer PC efforts
  33. iPhone Users Now get 30 GB of Free Storage with OneDrive
  34. Bing: Beginning the Next Phase of Image Search
  35. Reports of another wave of layoffs rekindle bad press for Microsoft
  36. Browser comparison: How the five leaders stack up in speed, ease of us
  37. Screenshots of upcoming Office version leaked, new dark theme
  38. Microsoft Announces New Tablet Keyboard, Other Accessories
  39. Microsoft Shakes Up Its Board, Boosts Its Dividend 11%
  40. Microsoft to fundamentally change way Windows is shipping
  41. A SCORCHIO fatboy SSD: Samsung SSD850 PRO 3D V-NAND
  42. Win 9 Release Date: Sept. 30 (?)
  43. Microsoft buys MineCraft
  44. DisplayPort 1.3 details announced
  45. Microsoft pulls September 2014 OneDrive Update for Business
  46. SanDisk unveils 512GB Extreme Pro card
  47. Wire-free PCs, tablets and phones coming in 2015 says Intel
  48. Western Digital readies first 10TB Hard drive
  49. OneDrive now supports 10 GB files
  50. Build the future of the web, one standard at a time
  51. Raspberry Pi Foundation bakes a custom, optimized browser for the $35
  52. Microsoft paying NFL millions to use Surface, but it went downhill
  53. AMD Launches new FX CPU,s
  54. AMD FX-8370 Claims New World Record
  55. Broadcom doubling its mobile Wi-Fi speed with new chip
  56. China gives Microsoft twenty days to respond to antitrust inquiry
  57. Windows 8 gains market share as XP drops slightly
  58. Microsoft increases OneDrive 2GB upload file size limit
  59. The keyboard of the future will know just how you feel
  60. Intel builds 'world's smallest' 3G modem
  61. MSN Messenger to end after 15 years
  62. Emerging standards, and questions, about the Internet of Things
  63. How we’re addressing misleading apps in Windows Store
  64. Windows XP 'Unofficial Service Pack 4' brings updates to Microsoft's..
  65. Intel finally releases Haswell-E Extreme Edition processors
  66. Follow the path to new Windows themes
  67. What went wrong with Microsoft's August updates?
  68. Mozilla's first low-cost smartphone - $33 - £19
  69. HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement
  70. Why Are PC Sales Up And Tablet Sales Down?
  71. What Microsoft won't tell you about Windows 7 licensing
  72. Retrospective on Aug 14th Visual Studio Online outage
  73. Munich considers switching from Linux back to Windows and Office
  74. Opera Mini Now Default Browser on Microsoft Feature Phones
  75. HP still pushing Windows 7 laptops well into Windows 8's second year
  76. Steve Ballmer Steps Down As Board Member At Microsoft
  77. Internet tops cable TV in subscriber numbers for the first time
  78. Microsoft Azure Services Interruption
  79. 9 things you should know about surge protectors
  80. Android, iOS gobble up even more global smartphone share
  81. Modial Dialog Performance Fix for Internet Explorer [August 14, 2014]
  82. Internet Explorer on Android or iOS? Not in Microsoft's current plans
  83. Windows 'Threshold' tech preview around late September
  84. Microsoft considered renaming Internet Explorer to escape its...
  85. Microsoft Black Tuesday Patches Bring Blue Screens of Death
  86. Microsoft's Visual Studio Online outage hits users worldwide
  87. Announcing new F12 dev tools features in August update
  88. Bing: Let’s Have a Conversation
  89. Internet hiccups today? You're not alone. Here's why
  90. August updates for Internet Explorer
  91. Next gen reversible USB system released
  92. August 12th 2014 Security Updates for Windows
  93. Microsoft outlines plans to replace Select Plus with MSPA license
  94. Stay on Top of Recent Windows Licensing Changes
  95. AMD to launch Radeon R7 branded SSDs this month
  96. China anti-trust regulator conducts new raids on Microsoft, Accenture
  97. AV-Test proves antimalware apps can restore infected computers
  98. Stay up-to-date with Internet Explorer
  99. Advance Notification for August 12th 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  100. Windows 'Threshold' expected to add virtual desktops, drop charms
  101. Internet Explorer begins blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls
  102. OneDrive: Now available for Kindle Fire and Fire phone
  103. Surface damage mounts at Microsoft as red ink reaches $1.7B
  104. Op-Ed: Tablets really are the new PCs; nobody needs to buy them...
  105. Chrome passes 20% share milestone, locks up 2nd place
  106. Windows platform developer August updates
  107. 10 technologies that will transform PCs in 2015 and beyond
  108. How long before Microsoft Windows XP disappears?
  109. The next data center dinosaur: Traditional storage
  110. 11 unforgettable Windows themes
  111. Windows XP still runs at more than half of businesses surveyed
  112. Announcing the Chrome 64-bit Beta Channel for Windows!
  113. Researchers eye vision-correcting displays for devices
  114. Why PC Sales Have Stalled
  115. Verizon to begin throttling some users with Unlimited 4G LTE data plan
  116. Microsoft says government officials make sudden visits to China office
  117. Internet of Things starts to gain a developer following
  118. Microsoft wants you to forget Windows 8
  119. Microsoft moves Yammer under Office 365; Co-founder David Sacks is out
  120. Wi-Fi security boost just over the horizon
  121. Intel Locks Down New Enterprise SSDs
  122. Microsoft is looking to patent Google Glass like headset
  123. Russian government is looking to dump Microsoft for homegrown software
  124. Something Odd going on at Linedrive Cloud Storage
  125. Google will fix battery-eating 'bug' in its Chrome browser
  126. TrueCrypt: Development has ended
  127. Microsoft CEO: losing 18,000 jobs makes us “more agile”
  128. Fonts In Chrome For Windows Will Look Better Soon
  129. Chrome's been eating your laptop's battery for years, but Google...
  130. Microsoft plans price war to stymie Chromebook growth
  131. Microsoft to Announce Job Cuts as Soon as This Week
  132. Your OneDrive just got bigger
  133. Google reverses 'real names' policy, apologizes
  134. Windows themes from dawn to dusk
  135. Microsoft exec admits new reality: Market share no longer 90%, it's 14
  136. July 2014 Security Bulletin Webcast and Q&A
  137. Rumor: Windows 9 May Be Revealed Next Week
  138. Sales of Big Smartphones Are Totally Killing Tablets
  139. Study: Most apps in the App Store are “zombies”
  140. What are all those other Microsoft updates?
  141. Microsoft CEO Nadella: 'We will reinvent productivity'
  142. Products Reaching End of Support in the Second Half of 2014
  143. Firefox web browser popularity wanes
  144. Advance Notification Service July 9th 2014 Security Bulletin
  145. Why Windows Phone cannot rebound
  146. Windows 8, Now Microsoft Office Banned by China
  147. Microsoft: Advancing encryption and transparency efforts
  148. Microsoft puts an end to ‘Patch Tuesday’ email alerts
  149. Windows 'Threshold': More on plan to win over Windows 7 users
  150. Russian government decides all new PCs will use ARM chips
  151. OneDrive keeps getting better on Android and iOS
  152. Chrome Alone: Why Google’s OS Is Both Better and Worse Than Windows or
  153. Kingston and PNY found changing SSD components
  154. Increase to OneDrive storage plans announced
  155. Update for OneDrive and Office.com shared links
  156. Researchers target new form of RAM from rare materials
  157. Technology exhibition
  158. Chinese gov’t reveals Microsoft’s secret list of Android-killer patent
  159. Microsoft to implement 'Catapult' prog. processors in datacenters
  160. Announcing Internet Explorer Developer Channel
  161. US to auction seized Silk Road Bitcoins worth $18m
  162. June Public Update issue affecting Click-to-Run users
  163. Microsoft updating terms of use and privacy statement
  164. HP May Have Invented A New Kind Of Computer
  165. June 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  166. Keep Internet Explorer Up-To-Date For More Secure Web Browsing
  167. Internet Explorer 12 to feature 'substantial changes'...
  168. Microsoft stock price hits 52-week high...
  169. Windows themes to make your desktop foxy (for real)
  170. Microsoft is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7
  171. Why Microsoft is betting big on consumer cloud services
  172. Chrome overtakes IE to become most popular browser
  173. Microsoft fights back, calls out China on its Windows 8 claims
  174. Sergey Brin said involvement in Google+ was "a mistake"
  175. Microsoft: Software update unlocks more GPU bandwidth on Xbox One
  176. China escalates rhetoric in campaign to ban Windows 8
  177. Violin and Microsoft Jointly Develop a High-Performance, All-Flash...
  178. Kinect for Windows v2 sensor available starting today
  179. Advance Notification Service for June 2014 Security Bulletin
  180. Google Chrome Goes 64-Bit, Promises Better Stability, Security And...
  181. Days are numbered for decade-old hard drive connection tech
  182. Normal service is resumed as Windows 7's growth once again.....
  183. Computex 2014: Intel says Moore's Law drive next era in computing
  184. Visual Studio 14 Community Technology Preview Available
  185. Making photos on OneDrive better
  186. Launching status.modern.ie & Internet Explorer platform priorities
  187. Microsoft warns against Windows XP security update hack
  188. Rebooting Windows for a new era of computing
  189. Microsoft demos breakthrough in real-time translated conversations
  190. The Revolutionary Quantum Computer That May Not Be Quantum at All
  191. SSD breakthrough means 300% speed boost, 60% less power usage...
  192. Inside the US government’s war on tech support scammers
  193. Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1 Available
  194. China bans use of Microsoft's Windows 8 on government computers
  195. Intel says Broadwell processors will be available for holidays
  196. Microsoft forecasting clouds - for everyone.
  197. Outlook.com introduces the most sophisticated rules in webmail
  198. May 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  199. May your desktop bloom with Windows themes
  200. Mozilla To Introduce Advertising Into Firefox
  201. DDR4 memory for desktops expected to arrive in third quarter
  202. Prenotification Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
  203. Bill Gates says he would support dumping Microsoft's XBOX One
  204. Updating OneDrive: Five New Features You Asked For
  205. The Windows Unplugged Tour
  206. How 'One Microsoft' mission is changing Microsoft Research
  207. Silicon Valley defies subpoena secrecy requests...
  208. Internet Explorer 11 passes 9 and 10 combined
  209. Worldwide tablet sales drop 35.7% after the holidays
  210. Mozilla Introduces Firefox 29 the Most Customizable Ever
  211. Microsoft begins rolling out free Skype group video calling
  212. New Microsoft VP consigns the PC to irrelevance
  213. Creator, Gundotra, leaves Google.
  214. Microsoft reissues SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1
  215. Join us for webinar on Office subscriptions and Office 365 Personal
  216. Clicking 'Like' can cancel your right to sue a company
  217. Intel paints bleak picture for Windows tablets vs. Android
  218. Windows XP lives on: Avast survey shows 27 percent of its XP users...
  219. How a Comcast-Time Warner Merger Will Make Your Cable and Internet Wor
  220. Microsoft Abandons Windows 8.1
  221. 44 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted, says report
  222. Sony warns users its Vaio Fit 11A may burst into flames
  223. Join us for Tuesday’s webinar: All about watermarks
  224. Proposed law seeks to make retailers financially responsible for data
  225. 5 tips for running Windows XP relatively safely
  226. 9 new Windows themes take you around the world
  227. Send off Windows XP by blowing it up with Microsoft's help
  228. Microsoft ends support for custom domains in free email service
  229. Intel culls 1,500 staff as it struggles to win PC market battle
  230. Forget the XPocalypse: Sticking with Windows XP can be a smart move
  231. Firefox OS 2.0 UI Gets Exposed, Looks Pretty
  232. Was Windows 8 a Mistake? Microsoft Seems to Think So
  233. Internet Explorer 11 Now Helps Customers Stay Up To Date
  234. Wi-Fi Protected Setup now supports NFC for tap-to-connect access
  235. Microsoft shows off next-gen Windows for connected cars
  236. April 2014 Internet Explorer Updates
  237. Windows XP No-Support Deadline Has Arrived -- Ignore At Your Peril
  238. UK Government Pays For Extended XP Support
  239. Windows XP still going strong despite looming end of support deadline
  240. USB-IF posts first photos of new reversible Type-C connector
  241. Microsoft's universal Windows apps run on tablets, phones, Xbox, and..
  242. Barking and Dagenham switches from Windows XP to Google Chromebooks, s
  243. MS Bringing Back Start Menu (again), Making Windows Free
  244. Microsoft to highlight its 'One Windows' progress at Build 2014
  245. Still on Windows XP? Here’s Some Bad Advice
  246. Revealing Kinect for Windows v2 hardware
  247. NVIDIA Introduces the new GeForce GTX Titan Z
  248. Windows 7 ISO downloads links down again for 5 days
  249. Microsoft to rebrand 'Windows Azure' as 'Microsoft Azure'
  250. Microsoft Sweetens 'Buy a New PC' Deal for Windows XP Users with $100