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  1. My Virtual Build (Not so virtual any more)
  2. Time for new PC
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  4. ASUS K61IC high temps under idle and load
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  12. Razer Marauder StarCraft II Edition any good?
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  14. Having issues with backup system - need help
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  16. Solved partition
  17. Solved Having problem with fan connector
  18. Server build good?
  19. Solved not seeing a difference?
  20. Solved Memory for Z87 sabertooth/i1-4770k?
  21. Solved Motherboard temperature questions.
  22. How hot should the MOBO DRM's Be?
  23. Ram comparison With and Without X.M.P!
  24. Is this worth the price
  25. Solved Boutique PC $1500-2000
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  27. Monstrosity-i7 (New Build)
  28. First Build (AMD)
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  30. Issues with RAID and AHCI
  31. Braided Cables Help
  32. Solved Need advice on cpu upgrading
  33. Custom built PC, illogical fails
  34. Solved Thoughts on a new motherboard, please
  35. Holly cow I can't believe how high these cards crept up
  36. Finally after three months
  37. Computer Upgrade
  38. Solved A question about a specific computer case
  39. CPU fan that isnt too tall
  40. Project water cool!
  41. questions about pc build
  42. Computer POSTs but only stays on for a few seconds then shuts off
  43. How to clean computer fans
  44. factory applied thermal grease question
  45. Lookin to build myself a nice machine for $1500 ADVICE PLEASE
  46. Solved 1439mhz ram
  47. For all you gpu clockers
  48. MSI AB & Voltage
  49. Solved Newegg Bundle
  50. Core Parking
  51. Overclocking GPU
  52. 1080p+ non 27" monitors??
  53. Solved HP ZR30w died (sad face)
  54. New to computer fans, how to choose the best one?
  55. It's time to upgrade
  56. No post, most likely because CPU not supported by shipped BIOS version
  57. Solved Can anyone explain voltage's to me ?
  58. DYI VRM cooler I made out of a ram cooler.
  59. M5A97 R2.0 Underclock/Overclock
  60. How many case fans do I actually need?
  61. How loud is the reference R9 290s?
  62. Computer Problems
  63. HDD Help
  64. Building my PC
  65. Is OC Genie II from MSI dangerous?
  66. Solved FX 8350 - Inaccurate Core Temperature
  67. Water Cooling of CPU...Too Risky or just Paranoid?
  68. Fan noise & motherboards
  69. Solved Strange PSU fault.
  70. When swapping out mobo, do you need those foam pads for the backplate?
  71. 2011 or 1155 or 1150
  72. Corsair H60 buzzing.
  73. System Freezes and not stable after installing Crosshair RAM?
  74. AMD 16 core prosseror in 2016
  75. Recommended fan setup for coolermaster 430
  76. AMD A10 5800k HD 7660D VS Intel i3 + GT 630
  77. Overclocking problem
  78. What ssd to buy Samsung 840 EVO or Kingston HYPERX 3K
  79. How much can I OC my FX 4100 w/ a Hyper 212 EVO ?
  80. modify keyboard ps2 to usb
  81. Who's built or building a Windows 8 machine?
  82. i7-4770R vs i5-4470R vs A8-7600 vs A10-7850K? (moderate gaming)
  83. GabeN Jr.
  84. Corsair Air 540
  85. Need more RAM
  86. MSI Z87-G45 Gaming a good mid range board?
  87. EVGA - What would you pay for PCIE cables?
  88. Solved i7 4770K Running 49-52 deg Celsius on BIOS?
  89. ThrashZone's PC build suggestions
  90. Solved So I got my new case that I ordered...
  91. Building custom PC need some help deciding on the spec.
  92. Solved 5 Questions about graphics card,overclocking,temperature,RAID and case
  93. Solved 200W PSU enough?
  94. Solved Overclocking speed
  95. Help deciphering fiddley case plugs---->mobo
  96. Questions with my cpu clock
  97. Help flashing BIOS
  98. Solved How is this build?
  99. How to change case fan speed?
  100. ram heatsinks
  101. Solved voltage bouncing from A to B
  102. Solved What happens if you add more ram then supported?
  103. Solved Asus and 3770k OCing
  104. Solved Flow meter - impeller or pressure differential
  105. Need a PC build to plat Planetside 2
  106. Found an interesting piece about CDC vs Direct Contact (air cooling)
  107. Solved good idea to overclock intel i7
  108. Motherboard / CPU compatibility
  109. Solved New prossesor won't work, PC lights and fans turn on.
  110. Gonna buy new case what do you recommend?
  111. am i using my turbo?
  112. Intel Mobo for 3770K
  113. Corsair's H100i Link Software update
  114. Buying a new gaming PC, needing advice on a pre-built
  115. AMD CHipsets and CPU's
  116. Best PSU Brand
  117. Solved Is a 1000w PSU enough for this setup?
  118. Building my first computer, need all the feedback i can get :)
  119. Solved Will a Corsair H80i be compatible with a ASUS p9x79 WS motherboard?
  120. Where to put thermal display wire?
  121. Solved Upgrading my Alienware Area 51 ALX
  122. 7850 Overclock?
  123. Tips for a new water cooler.
  124. Cheap cooler for AMD FX 8350 for 100% load for about an hour?
  125. Time for a new PC, opinions?
  126. Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2, Question
  127. CPU Lag - You'll Like This
  128. Solved New PC need a check and advice
  129. Solved Trying to figure out Power supplies
  130. OCing RAM & CPU/NB
  131. HAF 922 fan setup
  132. The taking of Phenom II
  133. Thermal Compound - Is One Better Than The Other?
  134. Building a new computer need all the feed back I can get
  135. Solved Overclocking the A6-3670K
  136. upgrade air cooler
  137. Rumour Mill AMD to stop making CPU's
  138. Considering Laptop Purchase-Would Like Some Advice
  139. Stress testing info needed
  140. Question about a 2mm thermalpad and what I can use it for.
  141. Solved AMD Phenom II X6 1055T max temperature?
  142. Looking to Upgrade LGA775 Processor
  143. mini itx case
  144. Solved Custom Build Desktop, looking for good, compatible motherboard
  145. Amd fx-8150 sudden fps drops gpu usage bouncing around
  146. Solved PSU requirements for graphic cards
  147. All benchmarks moved and in one place.
  148. Solved advice on new custom build pc
  149. Can you guys help me with using OCCT?
  150. i5 4570 vs FX-8320 based gaming rig
  151. Solved will Noctua NH-U14S fit on this build?
  152. Solved Rampage IV Black Edition
  153. Had an idea I would like to share
  154. Solved Question about NB and Bus auto vs manual and voltage
  155. Testing my rig
  156. Solved Question about Best HDD Storage Device
  157. Other peoples Audio Setups ?
  158. Intel RAID Controller or Intel X79 RAID?
  159. Thoughts on Corsair's H100i Cooler
  160. CPU-Z v167.1 November 13th released.
  161. Solved fans on NB
  162. Laptop Help : Compaq CQ58 - 260sa : Bios Help
  163. New PC build- are these components good?
  164. Cooler Master Elite 430 help install fan?
  165. AMD Bulldozer Build - Gigabyte - Kingston RIG
  166. Rampage IV Black?
  167. Solved opticle drive for gaming.
  168. Solved Z87 Motherboard Suggestions?
  169. Server or Desktop or Workstation (for video rendering)
  170. EVGA Classified vs HOF GTX 780
  171. Case Cooling?
  172. Solved Are these compatible?
  173. piece by piece upgrade of an old computer?
  174. Laptop cooling video
  175. Solved How do i OC my RAM?
  176. What Intel Batch Numbers Mean In This Thread
  177. VID vs. VCORE
  178. Haswell Overclock stats voltage is everything okay
  179. Solved Question about using voltmeter sensors
  180. case fans
  181. OC-ing my rig
  182. Ram causing BSOD when overclocking at right timmings
  183. AI Suite III Voltage
  184. Need a little help with overclocking my fx-6100
  185. H80i water cooling - Temperature issues
  186. Solved Aida/64.....
  187. Thoughts on a 200r Side panel
  188. soundproofing
  189. whats better? cases.
  190. Is my Toshiba Satellite C665 over heating?
  191. Solved Question on crossfire and Power Supply
  192. Solved CrossChill MVIF
  193. Can you mix ali with nickle
  194. My New R9 280X
  195. Trying out AMD
  196. Cooler Master's new All-in-One Liquid Cooler
  197. First Attempt On Overclocking
  198. New build will automatically start from being shut down
  199. Got a new Rig
  200. Solved Would Like Some Uses For Older Computers
  201. Solved antec one s case fan
  202. New to OC. Suggestions for geforce gtx 650?
  203. Solved Would like to have some opinions
  204. HAF Stacker Case
  205. 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4770 Haswell
  206. Laptop Is heating over 80 % F
  207. suggestion for liquid cooling
  208. Did I OC safetly?
  209. New build
  210. Help required - Building a new PC
  211. Official Seven Forums Overclock Leader boards [2]
  212. device that connects to TV that i can stream to via ethernet
  213. Solved OC Help
  214. Solved PC Shut off
  215. PC shutdown itself need help
  216. Need advice on OCing my 4670K
  217. what tool to use to OC
  218. motherboard FM2A85X-ITX views ?
  219. Solved thermal paste removal. aftermarket cpu cooler
  220. Is overclocking a wow effect?
  221. leds in a computer case
  222. My Monster..
  223. e6600@2.9GHZ
  224. Show Us Your Rig [6]
  225. When applying Tim
  226. 700$-810$ Gaming PC.
  227. Solved Specs for the fastest computer
  228. Build ive built on UKPartPicker
  229. Solved NZXT Kraken CPU Header 'blinking'
  230. Cooling a i5 ITX
  231. AMD FX 4100 Overclocking help
  232. [Q] Laptop cooler pad - DIY
  233. So I finally started to OC the CPU, some simple questions.
  234. Is this any good?
  235. Looking to upgrade my PC for Battlefield 4, any help?
  236. The most expensive monitor!
  237. Solved Need Help Determining UPS VA/Watts
  238. Solved Difference between Club3D 7950 '13Series and RoyalQueen/RoyalKing
  239. How to get the JEDEC value that is listed under SPD?
  240. Solved Planning to get desktop - 1500 budget
  241. PC Build around $1100
  242. what have done - and HOW!?
  243. How to upgrade memory RAM for WIN7?
  244. Solved Temps problem (Again)
  245. PC Random Restarts
  246. Going to be building a new Computer
  247. Any AMD APUs that perform better than Nvdia 620m?
  248. The most beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted PCs you'll ever see
  249. Solved How can i make my graphics card better?
  250. Solved Wondering about my temps....