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  1. Real-World Antivirus Protection Test: Winners and Losers
  2. Government-grade malware in hacker hands
  3. Almost a million fake apps are targeting your phone
  4. Multiple Cisco home products vulnerable to exploit
  5. CNET user database stolen by Russian hacking group, auctioned for $600
  6. How to burn a password into your brain
  7. Arrests made after keyloggers found on public PCs at US hotels
  8. Google “Project Zero” hopes to find zero-day vulnerabilities before...
  9. Advanced Evasion Techniques wreaking havoc on network security
  10. Fake Google Messenger Reads Your Texts, Records Your Calls
  11. Beware Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers
  12. The game isn’t over yet for Gameover malware
  13. “Severe” password manager attacks steal digital keys and data en masse
  14. Gmail users on iOS at risk of data interception
  15. LastPass Finds Security Holes In Its Online Password Manager...
  16. Oracle to release 115 security patches
  17. Cyberwarfare, you never know who is in control...
  18. Google changing Chrome malware, phishing warnings
  19. Evolving Zeus malware used in targeted email attacks
  20. Emergency Windows update revokes dozens of bogus Google, Yahoo SSL...
  21. International law enforcement operation disrupts Shylock banking malwa
  22. Adobe Flash: The most INSECURE program on a UK user's PC
  23. Your favorite mobile apps leave a trail of cookie crumbs
  24. Crypto certificates impersonating Google and Yahoo pose threat...
  25. Botnet brute-forces remote access to point-of-sale systems
  26. Security Advisory 2982792 released, Certificate Trust List updated
  27. Chinese hackers are infecting shipping scanners
  28. Patch alert: Update browsers' Flash ASAP to block log-on theft
  29. Vulnerability in AVG security toolbar puts IE users at risk
  30. Fridge hacked. Car hacked. Next up, your LIGHT BULBS
  31. Microsoft increases Outlook and OneDrive security and opens a transpar
  32. Attack on Dailymotion redirected visitors to exploits
  33. Norton Security (NIS & NAV) Beta released.
  34. Inside the secret digital arms race: Facing the threat of a global cyb
  35. Five WordPress Plugins You Should Update Right Now
  36. Your Android phone is a SNITCH: Wi-Fi bug makes you easy to track
  37. Conficker: Still spamming after all these years
  38. Microsoft slates critical IE, Windows patches for Tuesday
  39. The scary truth about data security with wearables
  40. Secret code indicates NSA tracks users of privacy tools, report says
  41. CosmicDuke will steal your login data and own your network
  42. RSA: Brazil's 'Boleto Malware' stole nearly $4 billion in two years
  43. Cybercrooks breed SELF-CLONING MUTANT that STEALS your BANK DETAILS
  44. How to spot and avoid installing potentially unwanted programs
  45. Millions of dynamic DNS users suffer after Microsoft seizes No-IP...
  46. Active malware operation let attackers sabotage US energy industry
  47. New malware program hooks into networking APIs to steal banking data
  48. Microsoft takes on global cybercrime epidemic in tenth malware...
  49. Comcast XFINITY WiFi: Just say no
  50. Rare text message worm targets Android devices
  51. Serious Android crypto key theft vulnerability affects 10% of devices
  52. Running WordPress? Got webshot enabled? Turn it off or you’re toast
  53. Up to 5 million Android users have malware issues
  54. Researchers bypass PayPal's two-factor authentication system
  55. Phishy Steam Guard File Steals SSFN
  56. Hackonomics: Cybercrime's cost to business
  57. Luuuk Trojan snatches €500,000 from European bank in one week
  58. Update to Microsoft Update client
  59. Real Time Cyber Attack Map
  60. Nearly 80 Percent of Flappy Bird Clones Contained Malware
  61. App clones help spread malware, study reveals
  62. Researchers expect surge of rootkits targeting 64-bit PCs
  63. How governments devise custom “implants” to bug smartphones
  64. Researchers Go Inside HackingTeam Mobile Malware, Command Infrastructu
  65. The ‘Fly’ Has Been Swatted
  66. Battling The Bot Nation
  67. New Havex malware variants target industrial control system and SCADA
  68. Google Glass Snoopers Can Steal Your Passcode With a Glance
  69. Fake Amazon Local Emails Deliver Malware
  70. Even encrypted Web traffic can reveal highly sensitive information
  71. Driving a Collectively Stronger Security Community with Microsoft...
  72. Dropbox becomes a vehicle for ransomware
  73. IE users get new protection against potent form of malware attack
  74. Thousands of Ottawa bureaucrats fail phishing scam test
  75. The EFF wants to improve your privacy by making your Wi-Fi public
  76. Heartbleed Isn’t Dead Yet
  77. What's next for ransomware? Cryptowall picks up where CryptoLocker...
  78. Password protected Zbot malware in the wild
  79. Advanced Exploit Techniques Attacking the IE Script Engine
  80. Darkness Still Lurks
  81. Dyreza - The Banking Trojan is Back
  82. ZeroAccess Botnet: Is It Preparing Its Next Attack?
  83. Heartbleed was just the beginning as more vulnerabilities appear
  84. Android 4.4.4 Fixes OpenSSL Connection Hijacking Flaw
  85. Interactive exploit kit redirection technique
  86. Following TrueCrypt’s bombshell advisory, developer says fork is...
  87. Bank not liable for customer's $440,000 cybertheft
  88. Thousands of secret keys found in Android apps
  89. iOS Safer Than Android? Maybe Not
  90. Hackers use YouTube to sell stolen credit card numbers, group says
  91. New powerful banking malware called Dyreza emerges
  92. Hostile state-sponsored hackers breached government network
  93. People will happily run malware if paid ONE CENT – new study
  94. Android smartphone shipped with spyware
  95. The paranoid computer user's guide to privacy, security and encryption
  96. Intelligence firm Stratfor wasn't very smart about data security
  97. Android Ransomware Encrypts Your Files. Don't Pay Up!
  98. Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2974294
  99. Microsoft strips some Windows 7 users of IE11 patch privileges
  100. Why online tracking is getting creepier
  101. AT&T breach allowed customer data to be used to unlock smartphones
  102. Hacker claims PayPal loophole generates FREE MONEY
  103. Nasty mobile banking Trojan gets ransomware features, starts targeting
  104. Online Trust 2014 Honor Roll - Twitter & American Greetings
  105. Malwarebytes: With Anti-Exploit, we'll stop the worst attacks on PCs
  106. Gmail Bug Could Have Exposed Every User’s Address
  107. The life and untimely demise of TrueCrypt
  108. Feedly, Evernote And Others Become Latest Victims Of DDoS Attacks
  109. Powerful worm on Twitter unleashes torrent of out-of-control tweets
  110. Israel develops wireless-malware-injection-by-smartmobe tool
  111. Poison PDF pusher released to public
  112. Malware uses Windows security feature to block security software
  113. Adobe updates Flash, fixes several vulnerabilities
  114. Redmond patches 66 flaws on Patch Tuesday
  115. Microsoft withholds monster IE update from Windows 8.1 dawdlers
  116. Play Store Permissions Change Opens Door to Rogue Apps
  117. Report: 2014 DDoS Trends - Botnet Activity is up by 240%
  118. Organised cybercrime groups are now as powerful as nations
  119. Is your PC infected by gameover zeus?
  120. Google app "Nearby" - your presence will be known
  121. You should know about this malware exploit before buying a Smart TV
  122. XPocalypse, not now
  123. A ‘Nightmare Scenario:’ Vodafone Reveals Huge Global Snooping Program
  124. Kaspersky Cyber Stats
  125. Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods
  126. They Hack Because They Can
  127. Facebook app now listens and records audio when you post updates from
  128. They’re ba-ack: Browser-sniffing ghosts return to haunt Chrome, IE, FF
  129. Still reeling from Heartbleed, OpenSSL suffers from crypto bypass flaw
  130. Botnets coming soon to a smart home or automated building near you
  131. Comcast to Start Encrypting Email Traffic with Gmail...
  132. Linux users at risk as ANOTHER critical GnuTLS bug found
  133. With So Many Older Bugs Around, Why Bother With Zero-Days?
  134. ISPs urged to quarantine infected computers
  135. Governments disrupt botnet“Gameover ZeuS” and ransomware “Cryptolocker
  136. Google boosts Chrome encryption amid email warning
  137. Russian Malware Virus
  138. Thieves Planted Malware to Hack ATMs
  139. Malware creation breaks all records! 160,000 new samples every day
  140. New attacks defeat Secure Boot and brick PCs
  141. Some Antivirus Tools Wildly Effective Against Zero-Day Malware
  142. Cyber Scammers Still Beating the Good Guys, Survey Finds
  143. Root backdoor found in surveillance gear used by law enforcement
  144. Spotify warns its Android app users of breach, says to download new V
  145. Chrome For Windows Will Now Only Install Extensions From Web Store
  146. EBay flaw could be used to hijack accounts, researcher says
  147. For TrueCrypt Users.
  148. Meet myBulletins: an online security bulletin customization service
  149. New banking Trojan 'Zberp' offers the worst of Zeus and Carberp
  150. Which Countries/Regions Encountered the Most Malware in 2013?
  151. Android: apps can take photos with your phone without you knowing
  152. AVAST forum offline due to attack
  153. EBay Demonstrates How Not to Respond to a Huge Data Breach
  154. Internet 'Do Not Track' system is in shatters
  155. Microsoft has yet to fix a known IE8 zero-day exploit after seven mont
  156. Android apps can use your camera without you knowing
  157. Hackers lay claim to exploit that defeats iPhone anti-theft tools
  158. Popular Websites' Password Policies Leave Consumers Exposed
  159. eBay hack could result in social engineering schemes
  160. One of world’s more pricey trojans is veritable Swiss Army knife...
  161. Study: 97% of companies using network defenses get hacked anyway
  162. Chrome 35 Fixes 23 Security Flaws
  163. Ebay Compromised
  164. First Aid for Android: How to unlock your ransomed phone
  165. Android "police warning" ransomware - how to avoid it, and what to do
  166. Global Raids Target 'Blackshades' Hacking Ring
  167. Microsoft MVP says Tor can't foil NSA surveillance or cyber crooks
  168. Malware authors target Android phones
  169. Linux gets fix for code-execution flaw that was undetected since 2009
  170. Windows XP die-hards can slash attack risk by dumping IE
  171. Dropbox and Box leak files in security through obscurity nightmare
  172. Advance Notification for May 13th 2014 Security Bulletin Release
  173. CryptoLocker Ransomware Moves to Android
  174. SATCOM terminals ripe for malware exploitation
  175. Malware Infections Tripled in Late 2013, Microsoft Finds
  176. Microsoft Calls Out Malicious Downloaders
  177. Antiphishing Feature Fails in Beta Chrome Browser, Security Company...
  178. SIRv16: Cybercriminal tactics trend toward deceptive measures
  179. Antivirus is Dead: Long Live Antivirus!
  180. Sneaky Windows Folder Poisoning Attack Steals Access Rights
  181. Antivirus pioneer Symantec declares AV “dead” and “doomed to failure”
  182. Hackers Capture Dynamic Data to Prepare for Effective, Stealthy Attack
  183. Australians' private government details at mercy of hackers, say IT...
  184. Yahoo is the latest company ignoring Web users’ requests for privacy
  185. Secure OS Tails Emerges From Beta
  186. What Does Your Security Suite Know About You?
  187. Google’s Chrome browser “blindly” trusting Heartbleed affected sites
  188. Out-of-Band Release to Address Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983
  189. 'Triple handshake' bug another big problem for TLS/SSL
  190. Zero-day Flash bug under active attack in Windows threatens OS X,Linux
  191. AOL confirms security breach from spam attack
  192. Heartbleed bug turns cyber criminals into victims!
  193. Adobe Update Nixes Flash Player Zero Day
  194. Mozilla to strengthen SSL certificate verification in Firefox
  195. Understanding The Top 5 Mobile Banking Trojans
  196. Hackers seize Internet Explorer bug, no patch for Windows XP
  197. Steve (GRC) Gibson's take on IE's 0day Attack
  198. Hardly detected malware hides as PDF in ZIP, executes through shortcut
  199. Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2963983
  200. Inside the ‘DarkMarket’ Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize
  201. Netgear Patch Said to Leave Backdoor Problem in Router
  202. Heartbleed Prompts Joint Vendor Effort to Boost OpenSSL, Security
  203. Android Heartbleed Alert: 150 Million Apps Still Vulnerable
  204. Windows XP is a much greater risk than Heartbleed
  205. Russian SMS Trojan for Android Hits US, Dozens of Other Countries
  206. Attackers have Their Sights Set on the Cloud
  207. Free Scanning Tool Promises To Find Heartbleed On Any Device
  208. Bots Attack US Mainly During Dinnertime
  209. P2P Zeus Performs Critical Update
  210. Major Security Flaws Threaten Satellite Communications
  211. Most But Not All Sites Have Fixed Heartbleed Flaw
  212. Even the Most Secure Cloud Storage May Not Be So Secure, Study Finds
  213. Testing for "reverse" Heartbleed
  214. Heartbleed Attack Targeted Enterprise VPN
  215. WordPress vulnerability puts mobile visitors at risk
  216. Phishers Bypass Steam Guard Protection
  217. Vulnerability in SSL/TLS could allow information disclosure
  218. The Woops of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) raises its ugly head again
  219. LaCie admits to year-long credit card breach
  220. Critical Java Update Plugs 37 Security Holes
  221. Akamai Heartbleed patch not a fix after all
  222. U.S. charges nine with distributing Zeus malware
  223. In Heartbleed's wake, Comodo cranks out fresh SSL certificates
  224. Heartbleeding Out: Internet Security Bug Even Worse Than First Believe
  225. Google Chrome Bug Could Allow Websites To Snoop On Conversations
  226. Google adding continuous rogue Android app scans
  227. Breaches expose 552 million identities in 2013
  228. Pro tip: Use Malwarebytes to check app privacy
  229. Heartbleed Bug: What Can You Do?
  230. 'Heartbleed' computer bug threat spreads to firewalls and beyond
  231. Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched
  232. Anatomy of OpenSSL's Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug
  233. Google Chrome now remembers the passwords your bank doesn’t want it to
  234. How a website flaw turned 22,000 visitors into a botnet of DDoS zombie
  235. UPATRE Ups the Ante With Attachment Inside An Attachment
  236. Office, IE, Flash fixes accompany Windows XP's final Patch Tuesday
  237. Adobe issues Flash security update
  238. Heartbleed bug: how to avoid this massive web hack
  239. What Is Heartbleed? The Video
  240. Heartbleed - users might want to reset passwords
  241. 6 ways the Internet of Things will transform enterprise security
  242. Scamming still works better than mobile malware: Symantec
  243. Massive Security Bug In OpenSSL Could Affect A Huge Chunk Of The Inter
  244. The April 8th 2014 Security Updates
  245. 18 million email addresses and passwords stolen in Germany
  246. XPocalypse Now: Security experts size up the cyberthreats
  247. CryptoDefense: The story of insecure ransomware keys and...
  248. OldBoot Bootkits – Advanced Android Malware
  249. Adware: A new approach
  250. How much is a security bug report worth to Facebook? About $2,100