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  1. Apple QuickTime update for Windows only; Macs already secure
  2. Wikipedia Warns Users About Malware Injecting Ads Into Its Pages
  3. Avira Antivirus update cripples millions of Windows PCs
  4. When I say 'virus,' you know exactly what I mean
  5. APT Attackers Are Increasingly Using Booby-trapped RTF Documents
  6. Panda Security: Viruses Are the Least of Your Worries
  7. Half of all Macs will not be Up to Date by this summer
  8. UK Ministry of Defence: Hackers Have Breached Top Secret Systems
  9. MS Patch Tuesday heads-up: 7 bulletins, 23 vulnerabilities
  10. Intel, McAfee Promote Dynamic Plan for Securing the Cloud
  11. Skype bug allows capturing of users' IP address
  12. Check Point Rolls New ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Firewall Protection
  13. Flashback malware exposes big gaps in Apple security response
  14. An interesting case of Mac OSX malware
  15. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA): A FAQ
  16. Mac Flashback Flaw Reused by New Malware Campaign
  17. Kaspersky: Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft'
  18. Microsoft: Conficker Worm Remains 'Ongoing' Threat
  19. Microsoft rushes out fix after hackers reset passwords to hack Hotmail
  20. Majority of web apps vulnerable to most frequent exploits
  21. A tangled web...
  22. Criminal websites are taken down
  23. First portable malware intelligence system
  24. Nuke the Box: Push Underway to Clean up 300,000 PCs With DNS Virus
  25. Sophos: 20 Percent Of Macs Hide A Chlamydia-Like Risk For Windows PCs
  26. CISPA Amendment Would Give DHS Unprecedented Access to Web Traffic
  27. Microsoft Security Essentials 4 Now Available to Download
  28. FBI: Computers Infected w/ DNSChanger Trojan Lose Internet Access July
  29. Analysis: Flashback Spread Via Social Engineering, Then Java Exploits
  30. Fake "Steam Cracker" steals user credentials
  31. 5 Reasons the CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Should Be Tossed
  32. Mozilla Blocks Java in Firefox for Some Mac Users
  33. Understanding MS Anti-Malware Softwae
  34. Apple, Oracle, Google Lead Major Vendors with Software Vulnerabilities
  35. Phishers Up to Their Old Ways Using New Tricks, ESET Warns
  36. New version of Sabpab Mac Trojan emerges, spread via Word documents
  37. Verizon Business DataBase Investigative Report 2012
  38. The malware numbers game: how many viruses are out there?
  39. Kaspersky Lab Suspends Buggy Flashback Removal Tool
  40. New targeted Mac OS X Trojan requires no user interaction
  41. New ransom threat
  42. Adobe warns of Reader X security holes (4/11/12)
  43. Sophos finds unauthorized RATs on server, takes partner portal offline
  44. Microsoft readies patch for gaping IE browser security holes
  45. Son of Stuxnet
  46. Doctor Web exposes 550,000 strong Mac botnet
  47. Malware Tricks Facebook users into exposing credit card details
  48. Critical Java hole being exploited on a large scale - Update
  49. Targeted domain controller attacks increase 150%
  50. MasterCard and Visa payment processor compromised, up to 10 million...
  51. Visa, MasterCard Security Breach
  52. MacControl Trojan Being Used in Targeted Attacks Against OS X Users
  53. Kaspersky Knocks Down Kelihos Botnet Again, But Expects Return
  54. Latest Flash Player streamlines update process 3/29/12
  55. Richard Clarke: China has hacked every major US company
  56. AVG Adds Do Not Track Feature to Free and Paid Antivirus Software
  57. Kaspersky PURE 2.0: commercial release (build
  58. A tad unethical?
  59. New wave of phishing attacks serves malware to PCs and Macs
  60. India: 112 government sites hacked in 3 months
  61. New Mac OS X Malware Variant
  62. 40% of U.S. Government Web Sites Fail Security Test
  63. Microsoft says hacking code could have leaked
  64. Microsoft Urges Users To Patch Critical Remote Desktop Vulnerability
  65. 30,000 Wordpress Sites Infected to Redirect to Fake AV Sites
  66. Adobe warns of 'critical' Flash Player security holes 3/6/12
  67. Bogus "Scan from a HP OfficeJet" notifications lead to malware
  68. XSS Flaw discovered in Skype’s Shop, user accounts targeted
  69. Nasty little app
  70. New Zeus/SpyEye makes bots function as C&C servers
  71. bad DNS servers to be shut down
  72. Report: Internet Explorer 9 leads in socially-engineered malware prote
  73. Adobe plugs critical holes in Shockwave Player
  74. Comcast/Xfinity Alureon alert
  75. Modern AV systems no use against THIS type of attack
  76. Credit Card Info May Have Been Swiped in Last Year's Steam Security Br
  77. Google expands security bug bounty program to Chrome OS
  78. Avast Introduces Streaming Updates with New Antivirus Software
  79. Adobe puts Firefox Flash plugin in the sandbox
  80. DDoS Attacks: Size doesn’t matter
  81. Avast false alarm hits Steam's weekend gamers
  82. New Digital Spam: How Bad Guys Try to Trick You; How to Avoid the Trap
  83. German Federal Office of Information Security recommends Chrome
  84. How the latest Malware avoids detection
  85. FileVault 2 easily decrypted, warns Passware
  86. A peek into the Sykipot campaigns
  87. Hackers pounce on just-patched Windows Media vulnerability
  88. O2 sends phone numbers to Web Sites
  89. Watch Out for Booby Trapped QR Codes, AVG Says
  90. Judge says defendant must decrypt files, Fifth Amendment not at issue
  91. Vulnerabilities Patched in McAfee SaaS for Total Protection
  92. College hit by viruses for 10 years.
  93. Zappos.com hacked, 24 million users affected
  94. Oracle to Patch Dozens of Security Flaws Tomorrow
  95. Chinese using malware to attack US DoD smart card security
  96. DNSChanger malware used till Nov.2011
  97. Symantec accused of using 'scareware' tactics
  98. Banks unite to battle online theft
  99. Zeus returns, SpyEye banking malware, Fake Kim Jong-il video
  100. Adobe Plans Critical Security Updates for Reader, Acrobat Next Week
  101. EFF: Don't use the new AOL Instant Messenger
  102. Patch Tuesday heads-up: Windows security holes
  103. A new, advanced cyber weapon
  104. Norton Users Beware !
  105. Ramnit Worm Goes Social, Steals 45,000 Facebook Passwords
  106. Mass SQL injection attack affects over 200,000 URLs
  107. Us old guys who HATE Facebook aren't always Dinosaurs.
  108. Japan develops virus to counter cyber-attacks: But can it be used?
  109. Major Flaw in Wi-Fi Protected Access Discovered
  110. It's Time to Get Rid of Java, Feels F-Secure
  111. Win7 64bit/
  112. Emerging Win7 x64 BSOD Vulnerability
  113. Web malware exploitation kits updated with new Java exploit
  114. Young employees frequently ignore IT policies
  115. Sykipot Trojan takes advantage of Adobe Reader zero-day flaw
  116. Patch Tuesday, Dec 13 2011
  117. Google-Funded Study Awards Security Crown to Chrome; Firefox last
  118. Reports Emerge of New Flash Vulnerabilities
  119. Microsoft releases Windows Defender Offline Beta.
  120. Delivering banking Trojan via malicious boot loaders
  121. Attackers Hit New Adobe Reader, Acrobat Flaw
  122. Fortinet Reveals Top 8 Security Predictions for 2012
  123. New Facebook worm spreading
  124. Java Continues to be Hackers' Darling
  125. Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Now Available to Download
  126. Hackers Now Likely to Set Your Printer on Fire from Afar, Researchers
  127. AV-Comparatives.org, bullying, censorship and financial deals with AV
  128. No, it isn't the Blaster Worm
  129. iTunes Malware Alert
  130. What are the World’s Worst Passwords?
  131. New Version of Stoned Bootkit Said to Bypass Windows 8 Secure Boot
  132. Hackers: Attack on City Water Station Destroys Pump
  133. Attackers Get Sneakier With Encrypted Malware
  134. Researchers Discover Link Between TDSS Rootkit and DNSchanger Trojan
  135. New MSE Beta on the way
  136. Fake Microsoft Office tool hides worm
  137. Flash Player dirty dozen: Adobe plugs code execution holes
  138. Beware: Steam Hacked, Database Containing Credit Card & Password Info
  139. Microsoft Security Advisory, Fraudulent Digital Certificates
  140. SCADA systems flaws exploited to open prison doors
  141. Feds: Cyber Criminals Hijacked 4 Million Computers
  142. Shockwave - Security update
  143. LastPass 1.8 released with support for Google Authenticator
  144. Security Bulletin Advance Notification for November, 2011
  145. Microsoft issues temporary 'fix-it' for Duqu zero-day
  146. ‘Socialbots’ Invade Facebook: Cull 250GB of Private Data
  147. Patch Tuesday: Fix for 'Duqu' zero-day not likely this month
  148. Windows kernel 'zero-day' found in Duqu attack
  149. Facebook says 600,000 account logins compromised every day
  150. Hackers attacked U.S. government satellites
  151. Security researcher finds major security flaw in Facebook
  152. Test your online security
  153. Four websites for testing browser security
  154. Quiz: Cisco tests your cybersecurity knowledge
  155. Watch out for DNS sub-domain hijacking
  156. World's Most Sophisticated Rootkit Is Being Overhauled
  157. H Bomb
  158. Flash Flaw Allows Remote Activation of Webcam, Mic
  159. Stuxnet 2.0? Researchers find new 'cyber-surveillance' malware threat
  160. Sexy women coax passwords out of hackers
  161. MSE Update Set For Oct 18 2011
  162. Microsoft Launches New Browser Security Test; Declares Themselves.....
  163. Online game trading - sometimes more than you bargained for
  164. MSRT October ’11: EyeStye
  165. Malvertising lifecycle case study 1--OpenX compromise on speedtest.net
  166. Microsoft Intelligence Report Downplays Prominence of Zero-Day Threats
  167. Zeus gets more sophisticated
  168. Computer virus hits US Predator and Reaper drone fleet
  169. Microsoft: October Patch Tuesday to Bring 23 Security Fixes
  170. If your PC picks up a virus, whose fault is it?
  171. Mozilla blocks McAfee Firefox extension, citing "explosive crashes"
  172. Beware of Fake iPhone 5 Emails Containing Malware
  173. Browsers tackle the 'BEAST' Web security problem
  174. Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 vs. Kaspersky, Avira, AVG, Symantec,
  175. Microsoft AV nukes Chrome browser (from The Reg)
  176. Windows Malware Infections Result from Outdated Software
  177. Polymorphic Malware Increased in September
  178. New AntiVirus Test Results Declares Best and Worst AntiMalwares
  179. Operation b79 (Kelihos) and Additional MSRT September Release
  180. Symantec: Scammers Spreading Malware Via Spoofed Scanner Attachments
  181. Rustock Case Update
  182. Google Developing Chrome Patch Protect Against TLS/SSL-Ravaging BEAST
  183. Adobe rushes out emergency fix for critical bug in Flash 9/21/11
  184. Researchers Break Open SSL/TLS Decryption
  185. Malware Hidden in Windows Help Files
  186. Mebromi: the first BIOS rootkit in the wild
  187. McAfee introduces anti-rootkit security beyond the OS
  188. Hackers Booby Trap uTorrent Downloads with Malware
  189. Morto: Not your average creepy-crawly worm
  190. Adobe to ship critical Reader, Acrobat patches September 13, 2011
  191. Bill Could Impose Stiff Fines on Companies With Lax Online Security
  192. 5 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be Miserable Without an Antivirus
  193. Security Bulletin Advance Notification for September, 2011
  194. Patch Tuesday arrives early, apparently by mistake
  195. Danger! Hackers Can Pwn Your Car
  196. Rent-a-Bot Networks Tied to TDSS Botnet
  197. Flash Cookies – Spyware By Any Other Name
  198. AVG Internet Security 2012 released
  199. Fraudulent Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing
  200. According to Microsoft there are Security Holes in Google and Apple ..
  201. Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool Focuses On Families – ....
  202. ICSA Labs to certify broadband home routers
  203. Have you been hacked this month?
  204. Improper SSL Implementations Leave Websites Wide Open to Attack
  205. Facebook releases official Security Guide
  206. SpyEye Trojan Code Leak Likely to Promote Rapid Proliferation
  207. Mass injection attack compromised 20,000+ domains, delivers fake AV
  208. Kaspersky: 12 different vulnerabilities detected on every PC
  209. Android malware masquerading as Google+ app
  210. With Kaspersky’s Free TDSSKiller You’ll Have A Fighting Chance
  211. IE9 blocks up to seven times more socially engineered malware
  212. Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Can’t Be Dodge
  213. Kaspersky Security Report Praises Windows, Gives Adobe the Stink Eye
  214. Who makes the best Windows security software? Surprise ...
  215. Patching Policy for x64-Based Systems
  216. The cyber crime tide is turning
  217. CSI:Sophos by Tavis Ormandy
  218. Cisco warns over warranty discs of EVIL
  219. Users turning off UAC put their PCs at risk, says Microsoft
  220. Why malware networks are beating antivirus software
  221. Researchers Find Chrome OS Vulnerability
  222. Why Hackers Write Computer Viruses
  223. A History of User Security That's Brought Us To Needing A New Approach
  224. Operation Shady RAT
  225. Microsoft tweaks location services in response to privacy fears
  226. Sophos Mid-Year Security Threat Report
  227. Skype + Facebook = critical security vulnerability
  228. Why Smart People Fall for Scams
  229. Understanding Encryption – What is Encryption?
  230. HTML5 Being Used to Set Persistent Cookies, Study Finds
  231. Counterfeit Windows XP Breeding Malware
  232. Facebook Launches Bug Bounty Program
  233. Does Windows Security Essentials Conflict with Other Security Tools?
  234. Trojan Tricks Victims Into Transfering Funds
  235. Avast: Windows XP Accounts for Nearly 75 Percent of Rootkit Infections
  236. Passware Kit Forensic Decrypts TrueCrypt Hard Disks in Minutes
  237. MS Security Essentials Client Update Package
  238. Secunia's Half Year Report for 2011
  239. Google:Two Million PCs Infected by Search Hijacking Malware
  240. The Universal Password?
  241. Google Finds Your Malware
  242. MS announces new anti-malware engine for 20 Jul 11
  243. IE9’s New Malware Blocking Features Leave Competition in the Dust
  244. Mozilla BrowserID The Better Single Signon Login Identification System
  245. Another Fixit-Diagnose and Fix Security Problems
  246. Stuxnet: the exhaustive 'final word' ?
  247. Critical vulnerability in Sun Java
  248. MS Security Center search results poisoned
  249. Twitter phishing attack spreads via Direct Messages
  250. Remove Windows Vista Fix (Uninstall Guide)