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  1. The top threats for 2013, as seen by McAfee
  2. Ransomware scammers push panic button with bogus claims
  3. Microsoft fixes faulty OpenType security patch
  4. Four security trends defined 2012, will impact 2013
  5. Fake ‘Change Facebook Color Theme’
  6. New Trojan Recruits Mouse-Clicking PC Users to Do Its Dirty Work
  7. Privacy leaks are still rampant in kids’ apps, FTC reports
  8. Update to Alleged Information and Security Issue with Mouse Position
  9. IE flaw allows attackers, advertisers to track cursor movement
  10. Outlook.com gets extra anti-phishing and scam-deterrent support
  11. Microsoft gobbles up AV ground
  12. Apple hires former Windows Hacker away from Microsoft
  13. Zitmo Trojan Variant Eurograbber Beats Two-Factor Authentication
  14. Chrome Playing Hard to Get with Blackhole Exploit Kit
  15. 80% of attacks are redirects from legitimate sites
  16. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for December 2012
  17. Twitter SMS bug lets hackers tweet via other users' accounts
  18. Worm Tries AutoRun, Then Social Engineering to Infect
  19. Google Chrome leads the browser pack at preventing phishing
  20. Microsoft Security Essentials loses AV-TEST certification
  21. Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification
  22. Patched browser - false security or security utopia that exists?
  23. Xtreme RAT malware targets US, UK, other governments
  24. Digitally signed ransomware lurking in the wild
  25. Hacked Go Daddy sites infecting users with ransomware
  26. "Real time" testing of different Anti-Virus ........
  27. Top 5 Security Predictions for 2013 from Symantec
  28. Malware uses Google Docs as proxy to command and control server
  29. Brainwaves as passwords; secure and near reality
  30. Security team finds malware that hijacks USB smart cards
  31. Microsoft pushes IE 9 tweak via Windows Update to close three critical
  32. Opera homepage spotted redirecting visitors to Blackhole kit
  33. Beyond antivirus software: Eclectic PC security tools for system-wide
  34. Some sobering reading
  35. Skype fixes account hijacking vulnerability
  36. Malwarebytes releases Anti-Rootkit beta
  37. Patch Tuesday.... Critical patches for Win8
  38. VM's secure? Rude awakening .....
  39. Zero-day vulnerability found in Adobe X
  40. 9 popular IT security practices that just don't work
  41. Twitter: Oops, we reset passwords we didn't need to
  42. Almost 1 in 8 home networks compromised with Malware...
  43. Jacksbot Java malware can take control of Windows, Mac, and Linux
  44. Top 10 vulnerabilities list
  45. Georgia outs Russia-based hacker—with photos
  46. Malware infects 13 percent of North American home networks
  47. Wi-Fi chips in phones, tablets, vulnerable to DoS attack
  48. Researchers deliver fix for Java 0-day to Oracle
  49. Why your bank's website might go down soon
  50. Kaspersky promises the impossible: A fully secure OS
  51. Steam URL protocol can be abused to exploit game vulnerabilities
  52. Adobe Reader and Acrobat get another layer of security
  53. Kaspersky and Norton Earn AAA Protection Rating
  54. miniFlame discovered, designed for targeted cyber espionage
  55. India is world leader in spam output
  56. Searching for images on Bing? Beware malicious search engine poisoning
  57. Ransomware resurrects the SOPA specter
  58. Windows XP is still Microsoft’s biggest security headache...
  59. Mozilla 'temporarily' pulls Firefox 16 to address security flaw
  60. Windows update spells end for short RSA keys for encryption
  61. Beware the Bad Piggies: Fake games hit 82k Chrome users with adware
  62. New TDL4 rootkit successfully hiding from AV
  63. Phishers are becoming smarter, more targeted: Websense
  64. Ten simple, common-sense security tips
  65. To catch a thief, with spyware
  66. Windows 7 malware infection rates balloon 182% in 2012
  67. Trojan disguised as image delivered via Skype messages
  68. Cybercriminals plotting massive banking Trojan attack...
  69. Ransomware encrypts files claiming SOPA piracy charges
  70. New security for Adobe Flash and Air
  71. Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for October 2012
  72. Trusteer Identifies Universal Man-in-the-Browser Attack Technique
  73. Middle East cyberattacks on Google users increasing
  74. Web security protocol HSTS wins proposed standard status
  75. DotNet flawed sample code has crippling authentification exploit
  76. Security hole exposes Twitter accounts to hacking
  77. What's the Meaning of This: Adobe Certificate Attack
  78. Military Smartphone Malware Designed to Steal Your Life
  79. Study finds IE9 is better at blocking malware than others combined
  80. Adobe to revoke code signing certificate for Windows
  81. Microsoft Security Essentials Client Update Package - KB2754296
  82. Another critical Java vulnerability puts 1 billion users at risk
  83. Twitter users may be victims of direct message malware
  84. Microsoft plays up e-mail security features in next Exchange releases
  85. Microsoft releases critical updates for Internet Explorer flaws
  86. A newbie app / system
  87. Sophos antivirus detects own update as false positive malware
  88. Microsoft to ship emergency IE patch to thwart active attacks
  89. Microsoft promises fix for IE security flaw in next few days
  90. German government tells public to stop using Internet Explorer
  91. Microsoft releases security software for IE vulnerability
  92. Malwarebytes offers enterprise anti-malware detection, prevention
  93. New Internet Explorer weakness already exploited in attacks
  94. Flame Malware Details Surface, Point to More Viruses
  95. 'CRIME' attack abuses SSL/TLS data compression feature to hijack HTTPS
  96. Google identifies The Verge as malware host
  97. Tiny Trojan Targets Turkish Users
  98. Microsoft Intercepts 'Nitol' Botnet And 70,000 Malicious Domains
  99. Cybercriminals Turn to Supply Chain, Infect New Computers with Malware
  100. Oracle confirms existence of another critical Java flaw
  101. Every third computer in North America attacked while online
  102. Honeypot reveals mass surveillance of BitTorrent downloaders
  103. Cybercrime costs consumers $110 billion
  104. McAfee: Malware Threat Biggest in 4 Yrs, Puts "Mac Fanboys" on Notice
  105. Difficult for PC viruses to stay invisible indefinitely
  106. Rogue Microsoft Services Agreement Email Lead to Latest Java Exploit
  107. New vulnerabilities found in latest Java update
  108. Cross-platform Wirenet Trojan targets Mac and Linux users
  109. AV-killing worm spreads via Facebook chat and IM clients
  110. Latest Java software opens PCs to hackers: experts
  111. Oracle issues major Java security fix; recommends immediate action
  112. Cross Platform Trojan steals Linux and Mac OS X passwords...
  113. Java zero day vulnerability actively used in targeted attacks
  114. Crisis Trojan Makes Its Way onto Virtual Machines
  115. Flash Player vulnerable again a week after patching
  116. Using VMware? Think your VM is safe? You may just want to read this..
  117. RSA Key Blocking is Here
  118. McAfee Antivirus Update Causes Problems for Home/Enterprise Customers
  119. Microsoft Security Advisory (2743314)
  120. Antivirus Suites Struggle to Block Exploit-based Attacks
  121. Adobe Reader Patches 'Incomplete'
  122. Shamoon Malware Threatens to Wipe Your Drive
  123. Bafruz Trojan wreaks havoc on infected systems
  124. Sirefef infections explode due to new infection technique
  125. Serious Vulnerabilities Remain in Reader After Huge Patch Release...
  126. Invisible iFrame drive-by malware attacks explained [VIDEO]
  127. Gauss Malware: What You Need to Know
  128. Windows security highlights through the years (images)
  129. Adobe patches critical security bugs in Flash, Reader, Acrobat
  130. Researchers Lift Lid on Government-Distributed Cyber-Spy Trojans
  131. New financial malware targeting banks avoids AV detection
  132. How to Protect Your Social Network Accounts from Hackers
  133. Swiss Scientists Develop Algorithm to Sniff out the Source of Malware
  134. Dorifel Malware Encrypts Files, Steals Financial Data...
  135. Patch Tuesday: Microsoft to fix five critical security flaws
  136. Is Your Computer Infected With Gauss Malware?
  137. 6+ million malware samples created in the last 3 months
  138. Adobe warns of critical holes in Reader, Acrobat
  139. Mat Honan: How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking
  140. Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer 1.0 released
  141. HTML5 WebSockets Identified As Security Risk
  142. Microsoft: Windows, Mac malware gets in via Adobe, Java, Office
  143. Researcher Creates Proof-of-concept Malware That Infects BIOS, NIC
  144. SQL injection attacks up 69%
  145. Mahdi Malware Makers Push Anti-American Update
  146. More Than Half Of Major Banks Infected With Conficker, Zeus, Fake AV..
  147. New Mac 'Crisis' Trojan Taps Into Webcam, More
  148. Brute Force Attacks: Beyond password basics
  149. Twitter Hit With 'Is This You?' Photo Malware
  150. Microsoft: Update Java or kill it
  151. New Android malware tricks users with real Opera Mini
  152. Mahdi malware creators add new features
  153. Microsoft implements BlueHat prize tech
  154. RSA Key Blocking is Coming
  155. Mozilla Closes Security Hole in Firefox's New Tab Window
  156. Security Gurus Knock Out Grum Botnet, Curtail Spam by 18 Percent
  157. Virus warning: Someone tagged or added a photo of you on Facebook
  158. One in five Microsoft logins are in hands of hackers
  159. A little news from Nvidia about a problem.
  160. Yahoo Voice Hack Attack Compromises 453,000 Passwords
  161. Multi-platform backdoor malware targets Windows, Mac and Linux users
  162. Microsoft Urges Users to Shut Down Windows Gadgets or Risk Attack
  163. FBI kills DNSChanger network, but how many will be affected?
  164. How to detect and fix a machine infected with DNSChanger
  165. Microsoft to patch 9 security vulnerabilities on Tuesday
  166. Gen Y: The insecure generation?
  167. Intel/McAfee: What's the Future of Security?
  168. Web users beware: DNSChanger victims lose Web access July 9
  169. Researcher Warns Of Security Hole In KeePass Password Manager
  170. The Apps Users Don't Patch
  171. Data Snatchers! The Booming Market for Your Online Identity
  172. OPSWAT Global Anti-Virus Market Share - June 2012
  173. 12% of Fortune 500 infected with DNSChanger malware
  174. Zeus malware strain infecting 1 in 50 PCs
  175. The Hidden Security Risks of P2P Traffic
  176. Massive crime ring automates bank fraud, steals tens of millions
  177. The dangers of open wireless networks........
  178. Apple Quietly Pulls Claims of Virus Immunity
  179. Those sneaky teens: What they're really up to online
  180. Malware Gets Snoopy
  181. Flame can sabotage computers by deleting files, says Symantec
  182. Is your printer spewing gibberish? Could be malware
  183. Code crackers break 923-bit encryption record
  184. Google: 9,500 New Malicious Sites Appear Each and Every Day
  185. One Minute Of Global Botnet Traffic
  186. Patch: critical Java security vulnerabilities
  187. 64-bit OS & VM Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Attacks on Intel CPU
  188. 'State-sponsored attackers' using IE zero-day to hijack GMail accounts
  189. Microsoft scrambles as it patches 26 bugs, warns of active attacks
  190. Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update Pre-Release Announcement - June 2
  191. How Quickly Can Your Password be Cracked?
  192. Microsoft to repair IE flaw discovered at hacking contest
  193. IXESHE Is Dangerous, Hard-to-Detect Malware, Trend Micro Says
  194. Flame malware collision attack explained
  195. Google Warns Gmail Users Over 'State-Sponsored Attacks'
  196. 6.5M LinkedIn Passwords Posted Online After Apparent Hack
  197. Facebook warns users of the end of the Internet via DNSChanger
  198. Microsoft issues Update to stop "Flame"
  199. Stuxnet: How USA and Israel created anti-Iran virus, and then...
  200. Top Web Browsers Vulnerable To Rogue Download Vulnerability
  201. Experts dispute threat posed by backdoor found in Chinese chip
  202. FBI warns of joint threat by ransomware and banking Trojan
  203. Tiny but deadly banking Trojan discovered
  204. Nearly a Fifth of U.S. PCs Have No Antivirus Protection, McAfee Finds
  205. New Trojan - Iranian and Syrian dissidents targeted by spyware
  206. Is Israel behind the Flame cyber-attack?
  207. Beware of Olympic Themed Emails Carryin a Payload, F-Secure Says
  208. Internet Defense League Crafts 'Bat Signal' for the Web
  209. Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Middle East
  210. AV-TEST Mar-Apr/2012 Product Review and Certification Report
  211. Malware Threat Level Hits 4-Year High
  212. Bug Bounty Hunters Reveal Eight Vulnerabilities in Google Services
  213. Google Warns Users Infected w/ DNSChanger as 'Internet Doomsday' Nears
  214. McAfee sees 'malware explosion' across desktop, mobile platforms
  215. Users of 64-bit Windows Anti-Viruses are being left behind
  216. Cross-browser worm spreads via Facebook, security experts warn
  217. Banking Malware Monitors Victims by Hijacking Webcams and Microphones
  218. Facebook account cancellation is malware, not Adobe Flash
  219. FBI 'looking at' law making Web sites wiretap-ready, director says
  220. Banking Trojan masquerading as Chrome installer
  221. Cyber Spies Exploit Java and Flash Flaws
  222. Sorting the Great British Firewall
  223. Avira Issues Fix, Offers Details on PC-Crashing Update Bug
  224. Apple QuickTime update for Windows only; Macs already secure
  225. Wikipedia Warns Users About Malware Injecting Ads Into Its Pages
  226. Avira Antivirus update cripples millions of Windows PCs
  227. When I say 'virus,' you know exactly what I mean
  228. APT Attackers Are Increasingly Using Booby-trapped RTF Documents
  229. Panda Security: Viruses Are the Least of Your Worries
  230. Half of all Macs will not be Up to Date by this summer
  231. UK Ministry of Defence: Hackers Have Breached Top Secret Systems
  232. MS Patch Tuesday heads-up: 7 bulletins, 23 vulnerabilities
  233. Intel, McAfee Promote Dynamic Plan for Securing the Cloud
  234. Skype bug allows capturing of users' IP address
  235. Check Point Rolls New ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Firewall Protection
  236. Flashback malware exposes big gaps in Apple security response
  237. An interesting case of Mac OSX malware
  238. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA): A FAQ
  239. Mac Flashback Flaw Reused by New Malware Campaign
  240. Kaspersky: Mac security is '10 years behind Microsoft'
  241. Microsoft: Conficker Worm Remains 'Ongoing' Threat
  242. Microsoft rushes out fix after hackers reset passwords to hack Hotmail
  243. Majority of web apps vulnerable to most frequent exploits
  244. A tangled web...
  245. Criminal websites are taken down
  246. First portable malware intelligence system
  247. Nuke the Box: Push Underway to Clean up 300,000 PCs With DNS Virus
  248. Sophos: 20 Percent Of Macs Hide A Chlamydia-Like Risk For Windows PCs
  249. CISPA Amendment Would Give DHS Unprecedented Access to Web Traffic
  250. Microsoft Security Essentials 4 Now Available to Download