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  35. how to update sony vaio z227 graphics driver
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  37. Blue Tinted screen issue
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  41. no signal before or after booting
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  52. Catalyst Control Center missing/Wont install
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  55. What affects fps?
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  83. new graphic card for my old computer
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  128. Red Rectangle on screen
  129. possible gfx card problem!
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  133. Origin giving a FREE game.
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  147. So long, Eyefinity...
  148. Standard VGA graphics adapter
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  150. Generic Non-PnP Monitor-Not recognizing Sansui SLED2453w
  151. Solved "1366 x 768" on Philips 246EL2SBH - black strips?!!
  152. Enable Turbo Cache
  153. Solved How to reset my monitor refresh rate?
  154. asus engtx560 oc
  155. BSOD Error 0x0000001A
  156. Crashes unless I underclock my GPU.. Help narrowing down the problem?
  157. Direct3D error
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  160. Solved Problem After Upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista.
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  165. NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT PROBELM
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  174. Problem with swap from 4350 to 4850
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  180. Hp Pavilion dv5000 Windows 7 32bit stuck in 1024 X 768 reso
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  184. 150 new gpu
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  187. Question on new nvidia driver and install with clean option
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  190. Upgrading pc
  191. ASUS laptop not recognizing monitor thru HDMI, but HDMI works!
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  193. increasing fps
  194. Is it possible to put 2 video-cards in one pc?
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  196. Which latest ATI/Nvid Graphic Cards still have Theater modes?
  197. Is it necessary to remove older drivers
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  200. TDR BSOD While Rendering + Fullscreen Game 0x116
  201. Add New Screen Resolutions is disabled
  202. Solved Programming FAILS
  203. Driver Clash Withnew Grapics Card. Please Help!
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  207. SLI Really Worth It?
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  213. Amd Drivers Question ?
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  215. Which is the best graphic card within 3500Rs range?
  216. OpenGL issue when running Half Life, or HL mods. Intel GM965.
  217. What is the highest resolution of my graphics card?
  218. Solved Choosing a graphics card
  219. Motherboard not recognising GPU
  220. Some games freezing on laptop
  221. Windows 7 will not show dual monitors
  222. Game minimizes and opens display settings
  223. AMD Overdrive?
  224. Graphic card lag in playing any game
  225. flashing msi r6950 froz r III
  226. need help with installing xfx radeon hd 6770 with amd fx 4100
  227. Solved KA-Blam goes my graphics card. Bye bye PSU.
  228. Sapphire HD 6850 is Compatible to a PCI 3.0 Motherboard?
  229. I got a new MSI HD6850 and it saying video hardware error
  230. Annoying text jumping and fading since Feb updates
  231. Issues with HD 7750
  232. Solved Help me to get CCC to load
  233. how to make font setting permanent
  234. HDMI resolution problem
  235. windows 7 Hdmi output is only availible when it is off
  236. Solved Choosing a new graphics card
  237. Solved Replace 512MB GeForce 7950 GT
  238. dual monitors, one generic in device manager
  239. Will hd3450 agp work with nf3 and w7?
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  244. Updated graphics drivers - can't see screen or enter safe mode etc
  245. Wierd Issue with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
  246. Can Dedicated Video Ram be increased?
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  249. Possible to use motherboard as 3rd monitor?
  250. Restoring Hp 6735en to vista after windows 7 upgrade