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  1. Intermitent, Graphic card is slowing down
  2. is it possible to have different resolutions for pc & tv?
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  4. can't read text in catalyst control
  5. Blue screen while playing
  6. Solved Would like your educated opinion on Crossfiring
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  8. How do I turn off hardware acceleration?
  9. GTX 680 ($500) or 2x GTX 560ti/570 (~$400/$500)
  10. Updated to Windows 7 - Graphics Card not Detected
  11. Solved Upgrading to a newer Card
  12. Laptop screen starts flickering once HDMI cable is connected to TV
  13. Solved How can i set my NVIDIA GT 525M as primary display
  14. Solved Graphics Card Problem
  15. Solved best graphics card for up tp $400
  16. all programs and games crashes to desktop
  17. My videos card is not set up correctly?
  18. Solved Blue pixels on my screen
  19. Solved ACER HDMI doesnt connect to TV after changing from Vista to 7
  20. help! display driver stopped responding during startup
  21. Sony Vaio NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Win7 x64 Drivers needed
  22. NVIDIA Version 186.47 has stopped working
  23. Radeon HD6770 wont POST, maybe a motherboard issue?
  24. Solved Latest NVIDIA drivers (296.10) installation fails.
  25. i have a black border around desktop all over the scereen
  26. Nvidia GeForce 6200 - won't extend displays to second monitor
  27. Don't know what games I can run?..but running them anywhere.
  28. Solved Triple monitor IGD+PEG
  29. Brookdale-G graphics chip accelerated vga BIos only 640x480
  30. Video hardware error
  31. Can't open Intel Extreme graphics control panel suddenly
  32. Suggested Process To Install A Replacement Card
  33. MY windows dont recognize my graphic card.
  34. Solved No video to Samsung PDP530 over HDMI after adjusting NVIDIA Settings
  35. basic graphics card
  36. Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem
  37. Solved Video Card- Dual Monitor
  38. GefForce gtx 560-nvlddmkm has stopped responding and recovered(or not)
  39. Can't Seem To Adjust to The Right Resolution From PC to TV
  40. Mouse freezes when connecting laptop to projector
  41. Sharpness tool / Nvidia GTX 285 / some tricks
  42. Help! Catalyst 12.2 wont open.
  43. Solved Extended desktop problem -- i7 and Asus P8Z68-VPRO/GEN
  44. Video hardware error
  45. Solved Saphire HD 5670
  46. Solved cant find win7 32bit driver for GeForce 8400M GT (Vaio VGN-FZ290)
  47. Solved Nvidia Geforce GT 220 Overheating Alot
  48. Windows DVD Movie Maker - Video card error.
  49. What is the difference between these 2 XFX Radeon 6870s?
  50. Solved catalyst control center 12-2 PROBLEM
  51. Turned off AMLdeviceInstall.lmx will that be a problem?
  52. is it not possible to buy a 6970 anymore?
  53. No signal input
  54. VGA driver for IBM thinkpad T42 running windows 7
  55. Any way to set a lower resolution in full screen?
  56. GeForce GT 440 newest Driver
  57. Nvidia settings and MSI Kombustor
  58. Solved HDMI on HD4670/Win7-64 = Black Screen on Start-Up! (works on XP-SP3?)
  59. Windows Doesnt recognize my video card Ati radeon 5650 HD
  60. [fixed] what do you think graphics WEI scor for Intel HD 4000 will be?
  61. GTX 480 vs GTX 560TI
  62. Solved Where I can buy a GDDR3 card SLI compatible with a 9800GT ?
  63. switching between graphics card.. gpu and nvidia
  64. need a little info about my graphics card
  65. Intel GMA 4500MHD Enable Software Processing?
  66. Windows 7 Black Screen Appearing Withing a Minute of Start Up
  67. Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset
  68. Properer sequence for replacing a video card
  69. Solved W7 Black Screen
  70. Sapphire HD5770 Viper-X: high GPU utilization watching HDTV
  71. Occasionally dots are visible on my display
  72. Dual Mon. Win7 logo question?
  73. Yet another problem I've been facing, first I can't get my PC..
  74. Unigine Heaven DX11 Benchmark 3.0 Released
  75. Any "significant" differences between the ATI Radeon 6850 & 6870?
  76. What vid card would be an upgrade from HD 2000?
  77. Solved Radeon HD 6570 problem
  78. How to download video driver for Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit?
  79. Pixelated, and strange colors in pictures.
  80. I cant change the resolution on one of my 2 monitors
  81. NVIDEA GeForce GT 540M not appearing in dxdiag
  82. Problem XFX HD6950 1GB, 99% activity while running no programs
  83. Enabled "Hardware Acceleration" causes "green screen"
  84. Video Card Help Not Being Detected Everything Else seems to work fine
  85. Windows 7 32-bit, Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, on Bootcamp
  86. Sapphire HD 4650 AGP problem
  87. Extended display over 3 monitors
  88. Amd 12.2 and AODDriver4.1 event error help plz
  89. Explain baking the GPU in the oven concept
  90. Will not detect second monitor NVIDIA
  91. CCC runs, but CLI.exe stops/no gui
  92. Random Video Problem (Screen goes black, no signal)
  93. can the amd apu's support dual monitors
  94. Having Issues Setting Up Dual Monitors
  95. Solved Display Freezes in some games, works pefectly the rest of the time
  96. Acer Aspire 5349 Graphics
  97. ati 5770 hdmi output not working
  98. Solved Extra large icons & gadgets on start up.
  99. Is the XFX Radeon 4650 compatible?
  100. Solved I want to ugrade my graphic card for my laptop
  101. 2nd Monitor not detected w/ vga to dvi-d adapter
  102. Solved 2x 560 ti's or 2x 7770's or 1x 7970?? Suggestions anyone?
  103. Netflix causes computer to freeze, popping and buzzing noises
  104. Solved Reinstalling Graphics Drivers Problem
  105. Solved Deciding on a GPU
  106. where can i buy a pcie x16 2.0 interface for aspire 5315
  107. How do i enable aero in intel 915 gm
  108. Windows 7 ultimate - HDMI problem, please help
  109. Solved Monitor resolution, opinions on new monitor/tv
  110. Resolution problems on Windows 7 Ultimate
  111. New GTX 560 Ti doesn't display
  112. Radeon HD 7770
  113. Glitch with screen resolution
  114. Nvidia GTS 360 in Asus g60jx
  115. Black line on screen.
  116. VGA display issues, unknown cause.
  117. New graphics card on an iMac with a Windows 7 32-bit partition?
  118. Dual screen, unable to full screen on second monitor
  119. Setting up triple monitors, trying to run 2 graphics cards?
  120. Solved Computer PCI will not work after reboot.
  121. Solved Can my old card help?
  122. Undetectable Graphics card on Windows 7 Ultimate
  123. ATI Radeon HD 3850 Install Error
  124. Vga input broken
  125. AMD Catalyst Mobility drivers installation fail
  126. Solved AMDCatalyst Mobility Display driver installation failure on HDMI audio
  127. How can I limit refresh rates?
  128. Solved ATI 4850 and HDMI Audio
  129. CCC.exe won't work, win 7 64bit
  130. Solved Native resolution doesn't appear
  131. Solved Device Manager shows my graphic card as Standard VGA
  132. Black screen after reboot from driver install G310M
  133. Solved want a low cost graphics card for pcie x1 slot
  134. Installing dedicated video to my laptop
  135. Run same programs on same comp with 2 monitors, different resolutions
  136. How do I increase screen resolution
  137. This furmark score seem low considering specs?
  138. 3 resolution settings and generic non-pnp monitor problems. ...
  139. No Aero after Nvidia 295 driver update, tried all conventional fixes
  140. Solved 6790/6870/gtx 560
  141. Solved Windows 7 - Screen resize at startup
  142. Upgrade advice
  143. Installed new video card now no boot and no beeps
  144. Intel HD Graphics - Power plans issue
  145. Solved Graphics Card to HDTV via HDMI Cable Even Possible?
  146. BSOD on windows boot using radeon HD 6950 . Ongoing.
  147. aspect hdmi
  148. "Display driver stopped responding and recovered" error
  149. What can my GPU be upgraded to?
  150. Solved Radeon or Nvidia?
  151. Recent problems with running games - Intel GMA X3100
  152. Is this the slot for a graphics card? (Other questions as well)
  153. What's happening?[GT440]
  154. HDMI Cable Connection Showing Background Only
  155. About intel hd graphics 3000
  156. Graphics Card Problem - NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS
  157. Solved Video graphics error in skyrim, BCCode: 117 ?
  158. cantswitchfrm stamnatospeedmode nvidiacard nt detctd no lght switchin
  159. Drivers problem ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 Series
  160. Solved Making it easier to switch from one display to another
  161. Solved New Graphics card causes black outline around screen
  162. Action Centre advising Driver download but it's already installed
  163. Article: Power Consumption of Contemporary Graphics Cards
  164. Solved RE-Need a Graphics Card to fit PCI Expres x1 on Dell Dimension 5150
  165. Solved Need a Graphics card to fit PCI Express x1 on Dell Dimension 5150
  166. GTA 4 and GTS 250
  167. Would like some feedback about graphic cards
  168. New Build Vid Card showing as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter"
  169. ccc screen flicker since 11.0
  170. How to change screen resolution in windows 7...
  171. Good graphics card for gaming, high fps (MineCraft)
  172. Another "Display driver has stopped responding..." AMD Radeon 6850 new
  173. ATI SurroundView not working for third Monitor
  174. Solved Two Radeon HD 6350 (HDMI) not supporting three monitors
  175. Dual Monitor setup questions
  176. Disable Hotkeys for display focus
  177. Nvidia GTS 450, PC freeze, weird color problem !
  178. Multiplayer Battlefield - Radeon 6870 - 6850oc - Gtx 460oc
  179. How to enable Theater Mode on Win7 for ATI/AMD
  180. issues with AMD vision control center.
  181. 3D movie while connecting to TV!
  182. amd catalyst 2.1
  183. Non Responsive Dispaly After Turning Off The Tv or Monitor
  184. nvscpaisvr.exe process eating ram
  185. Dual monitor with intregrated intel card and Nvidia 8500GT
  186. Windows 7 PC to TV with HDMI setup.
  187. First time using Graphics Card
  188. Most Powerful Video Card for 150$ - Radeon 6870
  189. Help with Graphics Card on p2250
  190. Integrated Graphics
  191. 3 Monitors - duplicate or not? ATI HD Radeon 5670
  192. Solved HDMI with just one Monitor
  193. Resolution configuration problem with HDMI port
  194. Solved GPU Artifacts and crashing. (idle and gaming)
  195. Projector and TV receives VGA-signal but doesn't realize it
  196. MSI Built In GPU
  197. New AGP grapics card to buy
  198. PSU/Graphics fit?
  199. Compatibility, VGA Standard Generic Non-PnP Driver.
  200. Solved Dual display setup help
  201. Help Me Help My Son Play KOTR
  202. Screen goes black UNTIL windows turns on: Can't get into BIOS
  203. Solved Issue with Radeon HD 5450 graphic card
  204. It detects a nonexistent second monitor - the cursor goes out of view
  205. AMD Catalyst 12.4 and Monitor Signal Cut out
  206. 3 Monitor setup with Nvidia GT 240 + ?
  207. Two ATI cards, different genus, diff drivers. Will it work?
  208. Lines appearing on screen when using VGA but not when using HDMI.
  209. Solved Upgrade from a Radeon HD 5670 to an HD 6750?
  210. Help in GTX 570 sli
  211. Not sure of this GPU
  212. Solved How Do i find my Amd Catalyst program (ATI Radeon HD 3650)
  213. Nvidia 9500 GS gaming problem
  214. Resolution stopped working properly
  215. Sapphire HD 3450 AGP Bios
  216. HIS Radeon HD 6670 after processor overheat
  217. change dedicated video memory on TOSHIBA L645
  218. HP DV6 Only Mobile graphics is shown and not ATI Radeon 6490
  219. Catalyst Wont Open, aswell as occasional Crahses
  220. looking for a graphics card, need help picking one out
  221. Could my pc sli a Palit GeForce GTX 550 Ti OC Sonic 1GB?.
  222. Screen resolution different in Windows and 7MC
  223. Solved Attempting to crossfire 6950s...warning led?
  224. Fresh install OS, Radeon HD 6870 runs louder and hotter
  225. Can't update my drivers (win7/vaio/8400M GT)
  226. Need help choosing a Video Card please
  227. I think I turned my video drivers off, how to turn back on?
  228. Suggestion new Graphic card
  229. Solved Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor
  230. Solved Whats approximately equivalent to the Radeon 6970
  231. Solved Want to Try HDMI
  232. Cant get games to display full screen, even with 'maintain ratio'
  233. Asus gtx 560 not performing what i expected?
  234. Solved Very strange problem when gaming!
  235. VGi problem, tv,windows, 7 help please!!!!!!!
  236. How do I output to my HDTV???
  237. Sli Zotac gtx 560 amp?
  238. hat is pixel shader and can we increase pixel shader virtually
  239. Onboard video chipset
  240. pls sugest me some low price graphics card
  241. Solved Black screen on booting windows 7
  242. Graphics card drivers
  243. New laptop, resolution limited to 1366x768. Any way to increase this?
  244. Having problems swaping displays (AMD RADEON with Catalyst Control)
  245. Can I connect a graphics card with 6pin power connector, to a 4pin?
  246. Suggest a Mid Range Graphic Card for these Specs
  247. ATI driver 12.1 Stereoscopic 3D for 6970?
  248. How to disable onboard graphics ?
  249. Solved Gigabyte 4550 Bad Choice?
  250. AMD Radeon 6670 vs 6870