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  12. Please help me screen resolution.
  13. Aero Not Working - Graphics Card Does Not Support Aero - HELP
  14. AMD Overdrive
  15. 4 independent monitors on SLI?
  16. how to determined shader model of my pc
  17. G73jh - BSOD under video card usage.
  18. HP 2509B Monitor HDMI Mode
  19. DOS raid option screen on boot after ATI diver update
  20. Need help not sure what kind of graphic card to get
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  22. Out Of Focus Problems In Some Windows In New Win 7 Computer
  23. How to disable direct x11??
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  29. Integrated Graphics performing faster than ATI?
  30. Graphics Card Recommendation?
  31. Solved XFX HD 6770 and Acer Monitor on DVI - Input not supported.
  32. Windows 7- Cant play downloaded games with standard vga graphics adapt
  33. BSOD after "Windows is starting up"
  34. Help regarding NVIDIA GeForce 310m Win 7 -32 bit
  35. Laptop black bar
  36. Connect computer to TV
  37. Nvidia gtx 580 or AMD 7970
  38. Solved New Asus laptop with driver problems
  39. atikmdag.sys BSOD
  40. Monitor Choosing Wrong Resolution
  41. Display driver has stopped responding
  42. AMD 7000 Series
  43. igp and gpu conflict (the long version)
  44. Dual Monitor Troubles( does not extend)
  45. Performance issue with GeForce GT 520?
  46. Dedicated video ram?
  47. Real VNC Resolution Problem with headless macmini
  48. Solved HDMI Output "Not Plugged In"
  49. send display to either TV OR Computer via hdmi
  50. Dying/overheating graphics card??
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  54. Intel X3100 Gpu Not Using 384mb graphics
  55. Win7 Display adapter stuck at 600x800
  56. Should I / can I get HDMI?
  57. Solved Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup.
  58. Resolution Issue when connecting Laptop to Monitor via HDMI cable
  59. Switched dvi connection from discrete radeon to i3-2120 gpu "no signal
  60. Thoshiba HDMI Out Working one one TV wont on another that it did!
  61. HP Envy 17"
  62. Problem with the Ati CCC
  63. Solved Resolution Problem on HP L2208w
  64. Graphics drivers issues after reinstall, black stripes and slow redraw
  65. HDMI Cable only shows screen on TV?
  66. Problems with AMD graphics driver.
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  68. Intel HD graphics 2500 vs 3000/4000?
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  71. Gigabyte 6950 - BSOD only when viewing Youtube videos.
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  73. EVGA GeForce 6200 AGP card shows as 0x instead of 8x.
  74. HDMI-out stopped working, Win x64, Radeon HD 3200
  75. Solved Not sure if right driver & can't set resolution
  76. Yellow screen when using dual monitor
  77. Solved Where do I find a windows 7 video driver for my Acer Aspire 5000
  78. Solved Multiple Monitor Issue- how do I configure up/down?
  79. Gigabite Ge Force 6600 driver install causes compute to not boot???
  80. Disable Display Acceleration Ati Radeon hd 5570
  81. Extended monitor on TV gives deformed image
  82. Testing a graphic card
  83. Nvidia geforce 210
  84. 5M long VGA Cable giving low resolutions
  85. Need Screen Resolution Help Please!!!
  86. Solved Looking for a Replacement Graphics Card
  87. Adjusting Windows 7 brightness - what's the best way?
  88. Using DVI splitter to get video on two monitors
  89. Solved GC has gone missing on my GA-Z68AP-D3 rebuild issues
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  91. What graphics card do i have?
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  93. Help: Turn GPU on, using onboard CPU stead of GPU
  94. New Gateway Desktop. Will not recognize second Monitor after boot scre
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  96. Solved I need your opinion!
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  99. [APU & CrossFire] I have an idea, core graphic + two desktop graphics
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  101. Opinions on gainward gpu's
  102. Comments about Nvidia GeForce GTX 220 Ti (fermi)?
  103. no signal from pc to hdtv
  104. getting LAG in CS 1.6 while playing in openGL
  105. Solved High GTX 260 Temps
  106. How to config my VGA to increase fps
  107. Solved Black Frame around everything on my desktop/in games.
  108. Multiple display with DVI and HDMI not working
  109. win 7 ulimate 64bit and HD6450
  110. While playing SA-MP,Computer screen goes randomely black 5 minutes in?
  111. Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family
  112. I Have Issue For Graphics Card On LCD TV Problems!!
  113. Screen Flickering
  114. Solved ATI Radeon 3000 vs PCI-e x1 cards
  115. Graphic Card Compatible With Windows 7 Old Computer!
  116. Graphic turns off on boot up
  117. Sapphire x1550 problem
  118. Graphics resolutions on Asus Radeon HD3850 x2 - Dual link display
  119. Solved Heatsinks to bring down GPU temps
  120. Dual Monitors, HDMI monitor doesn't display BIOS
  121. My screen freezes then goes black every 5 minutes
  122. Need advice about a new graphics card
  123. 6870 display driver has error every 3 mins
  124. Solved Need Help for Graphic Card Installation
  125. Solved How to completely remove AMD (ATI) Applications
  126. Generic PnP Monitor issue, Screen resolution is off
  127. Solved New Monitor hooked up via DVI, but Win7 says analog?
  128. Windy strange noise in windows when instaled quadro graphic card
  129. Triple monitor set up
  130. graphics card recomendations?
  131. ATI Radeon 4870 slowing down ( intermittent)
  132. Can Dual 8400GS (PCI-E and PCI) work together?
  133. Solved Disable ATI radeon switchable graphics or use Intel HD by default
  134. Solved [AMD-Ati Graphic Card's Driver] How update? [rookie seek hlep]
  135. GMA HD Video Playback Glitching (Youtube, windows media player etc.)
  136. PCI or AGP low profile grapics card?
  137. Using 2 Monitors on PCI GPU and Onboard GPU
  138. Dual monitor layout randomly reverting in Windows 7
  139. Signal out of range?
  140. Solved GeForce GTS 240 update install failure
  141. Checking my graphics card specs
  142. 1080p videos only play upon restart, not boot-up.
  143. AMD driver v12.3 causes BSOD
  144. Laptop switches to TV, to laptop, and back again every 5 sec.
  145. Graphics freeze and restart during MW3 on new build machine
  146. VGA error or something else , computer stop immediately !!!
  147. Catalyst control center wont install with the newest drivers
  148. Random BSOD, Stop Code 116, Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 6950
  149. Acer S231HL(Analog) Issue with screen size.
  150. Solved MSI Afterbunner error
  151. EVGA GTX 560ti SC and FurMark
  152. Solved Can i upgrade to GT 440?
  153. Cannot connect laptop to TV
  154. Upgrading video card and power supply
  155. cant get 3 monitors with my Gygabite Radeon 6950
  156. How do i view my pc screen on my tv via s-video on win 7
  157. ati radeon family crash, and other assorted errors.
  158. Graphic driver crashes when watching youtube. ( Randeon 7770 HD)
  159. New Graphic's card
  160. What graphics card and PSU would you recommend for the CPU I have?
  161. Does anybody understand extended displays?
  162. Messed up screen resolution
  163. Flickering/solid colors..help!
  164. My Computer monitor doesn't show anything when I turn my computer on.
  165. Atikmpag.sys BSOD on ATI HD5970
  166. Direct3D 9 ALU assessment Shut Down/other
  167. Solved Confusion with graphics card driver software
  168. Solved Does it matter if you use a DDR2, DDR3, etc video card?
  169. geforce gtx 550 ti vga to analog?
  170. Extended Display - Application will not remember which monitor to open
  171. not getting display via single link dvi d cable
  172. Solved Monitor not recognized when computer resumes from sleep mode
  173. INNO3D GeForce GTX 570 or msi 560ti
  174. Solved Problem with my screen, everything is stretched out (not screen res)
  175. Solved Would a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX work with my computer
  176. Solved Please can someone tell me why?
  177. Some Noob Questions for Catalyst, Please Help!
  178. WIN 7 / NVIDIA GeFroce GTS 250 Card - Error: Display Driver Stopped...
  179. Windows 7 showing programs on a monitor that doesn't exist.
  180. Windows 7 boots with Windows Vista boot screen
  181. "Signal out of range" on my samsung tv
  182. New GPU, black screen and no POST
  183. Extended display will not hold after restart
  184. Solved Would this work?
  185. pci express 2 / gtx 460
  186. After installing new Radeon GPU and drivers, Windows stuck at starting
  187. Windows 7\Control Panel\Display greyed out my resolution change option
  188. Dell Dimension 2400 Windows 7 Screen resolution stuck at 480 x 640
  189. Problem with desktop interface
  190. Solved windows 7 wont find my nvidia geforce 6800
  191. Black screen on boot.
  192. GTS 450 resolution changes after reboot - while logging in
  193. Triple screen monitor set-up
  194. Solved Graphic Card not working in a computer but working on another.
  195. Problem in playing 3D movies
  196. No display on dell laptop
  197. What are safe graphics card temps? Is there a chart?
  198. Not enough dedicated video RAM
  199. Is my Nvidia 8300gs card dying?
  200. game characters
  201. Intermitent, Graphic card is slowing down
  202. is it possible to have different resolutions for pc & tv?
  203. NVIDIA GeForce 9100 Control Panel Not Working
  204. can't read text in catalyst control
  205. Blue screen while playing
  206. Solved Would like your educated opinion on Crossfiring
  207. Solved Dell Inspiron resolution problem after updating NVIDIA
  208. How do I turn off hardware acceleration?
  209. GTX 680 ($500) or 2x GTX 560ti/570 (~$400/$500)
  210. Updated to Windows 7 - Graphics Card not Detected
  211. Solved Upgrading to a newer Card
  212. Laptop screen starts flickering once HDMI cable is connected to TV
  213. Solved How can i set my NVIDIA GT 525M as primary display
  214. Solved Graphics Card Problem
  215. Solved best graphics card for up tp $400
  216. all programs and games crashes to desktop
  217. My videos card is not set up correctly?
  218. Solved Blue pixels on my screen
  219. Solved ACER HDMI doesnt connect to TV after changing from Vista to 7
  220. help! display driver stopped responding during startup
  221. Sony Vaio NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Win7 x64 Drivers needed
  222. NVIDIA Version 186.47 has stopped working
  223. Radeon HD6770 wont POST, maybe a motherboard issue?
  224. Solved Latest NVIDIA drivers (296.10) installation fails.
  225. i have a black border around desktop all over the scereen
  226. Nvidia GeForce 6200 - won't extend displays to second monitor
  227. Don't know what games I can run?..but running them anywhere.
  228. Solved Triple monitor IGD+PEG
  229. Brookdale-G graphics chip accelerated vga BIos only 640x480
  230. Video hardware error
  231. Can't open Intel Extreme graphics control panel suddenly
  232. Suggested Process To Install A Replacement Card
  233. MY windows dont recognize my graphic card.
  234. Solved No video to Samsung PDP530 over HDMI after adjusting NVIDIA Settings
  235. basic graphics card
  236. Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem
  237. Solved Video Card- Dual Monitor
  238. GefForce gtx 560-nvlddmkm has stopped responding and recovered(or not)
  239. Can't Seem To Adjust to The Right Resolution From PC to TV
  240. Mouse freezes when connecting laptop to projector
  241. Sharpness tool / Nvidia GTX 285 / some tricks
  242. Help! Catalyst 12.2 wont open.
  243. Solved Extended desktop problem -- i7 and Asus P8Z68-VPRO/GEN
  244. Video hardware error
  245. Solved Saphire HD 5670
  246. Solved cant find win7 32bit driver for GeForce 8400M GT (Vaio VGN-FZ290)
  247. Solved Nvidia Geforce GT 220 Overheating Alot
  248. Windows DVD Movie Maker - Video card error.
  249. What is the difference between these 2 XFX Radeon 6870s?
  250. Solved catalyst control center 12-2 PROBLEM