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  1. Control Panel Display Settings
  2. how can i get hd output in my video players..
  3. Upgrading Integrated Card without a new PSU
  4. Windows 7 driver
  5. NVidia Optimus problems.
  6. Outdated Graphics Driver
  7. Solved nVidia 7300 gives black screens, Win7 will not load
  8. 1440x900 not on resolution list?
  9. S24a350h or s23a550h?
  10. Solved Why i Can't ..
  11. How to Display H10p in VGA standard ?
  12. GPU Overheating
  13. Multiple Monitors and Resolution
  14. Can I run GTX 560 with this PSU
  15. Upgrading video card
  16. Solved Upgrading Monitor/GFX Card
  17. Reset Dual Monitors
  18. 1080p output
  19. (Radeon HD 6850 x 2) WEI score decline after windows reinstall.
  20. power control slider apeared after ati driver update
  21. Solved 8800 gtx could be almost dead bsod gtx 560ti (upgrade)???
  22. Solved Cant change resolution after reboot, fine before!
  23. Have lost view of desktop on main monitor!!!
  24. XFX 5770 severe flickering at 1080p
  25. Seeking help with dual monitoring
  26. GTA IV full graphic memory not displayed
  27. Windows 7 ATI Graphics Card Not Recognized
  28. New Hardware Detected After Updating Video Driver
  29. Help me pls
  30. nVidia 8400 GS and ATI Radeon 9200
  31. Nvidia Gforce GT 240 512MB Texture-Problem
  32. Graphics card/windows 7
  33. Upgrading intel r 865G Video Card
  34. graphics card
  35. ASUA EAH 4350 1 gb manages resolution 1900'1200 or 1680*1050
  36. Solved Two Monitors in One Computer Not Extending
  37. Annoying problem with G41 Chipset
  38. No Windows Aero Supported
  39. Solved confused,monitor/graphics card or windows issue?
  40. Acer Iconia W500 HDMI not working on one TV
  41. faint lines when in full screen games. using d3doverider calms it alot
  42. Solved Need a driver for my Video Card
  43. Solved A white square on the left top corner
  44. Graphic Card dead due to High Temperature, Any Solution?
  45. Game lags despite graphics card is not at 100%
  46. Solved Overclocking Ati Radeon 5670
  47. I need help with installing the latest AMD Catalyst Video Driver
  48. What are the equivalents of my GPU?
  49. CCC (Catalyst Control Center) Won't Start - How To
  50. ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe with 2 EVGA GTX 580 SLI
  51. dxdiag debug mode
  52. Toshiba P750 with Nvidia GT540 performance problem
  53. Need Some Help Period
  54. SLI on dual psu
  55. Replace old video card
  56. Solved Screen tearing AMD HD 6570 Catalyst 11.11 after SSD install
  57. Solved AMD/ATI Crossfire Compatibility Chart
  58. upgrading gpu from gts 250 1gb?
  59. Radeon 9250 128mb video card not working
  60. Solved Opinions regarding monitor
  61. Installed new graphics card have question
  62. DirectX11 incomplete detection
  63. Solved Dualview/Extended Display Issues
  64. AMD VCC LCD overdrive help
  65. Windows 7 64bit doesn't recognize my Geforce 9800GT
  66. Solved Dual Graphic Card
  67. Solved Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered-onboard video
  68. Solved Dual Monitor Screen Resolution Problem
  69. Dell Optiplex 760- Intel 4 Graphics Issue
  70. EAH HD6870 multiple display problem
  71. Solved How to connect additional DVI monitor to HDMI port
  72. can i sli two nvidia gtx 295 on a ASUS P5E3 Deluxe Wi-Fi motherboard.
  73. Hp Dv6000 window 7 64bit and nvidia geforce 6100 go driver problem.
  74. Driver has stopped working and has recovered
  75. Solved 23inch versus 27inch
  76. My Graphic card is not detected instantly ..!!
  77. Coil Whine worrying me....
  78. suggest a graphic card for SAMSUNG SyncMaster SA550
  79. Monitor resolution keeps changing
  80. Dual monitor issues!
  81. Graphics card question for Acer X1420G-U5832; is this a good upgrade?
  82. Suggestions For A Good 2D Video Card
  83. Which card is better
  84. Monitor crashes
  85. ATI 11.10 Drivers = Overscanning on external HDTV
  86. Nvcpl.dll
  87. I need an upgraded card for my HP Slimline s5200.
  88. Solved "Code 12" on laptop GPU; stuck on 16 colours and 800x600 resolution
  89. 2 AMD 6970 in Crossfire or AMD 6990
  90. Solved Please suggest me powerful graphic card...
  91. Solved Radeon ATI Mobility Graphic Control Center Issue
  92. set the size of a maximized window?
  93. Solved GXT560 and GTX570 comparison
  94. Solved Nvidia old and new model comparison help please.
  95. Suddenly no image in live or recorded TV.
  96. Geforce GT520;screen saver in b&w
  97. Nvidia GTX 570 Fermi causing fps lag, BSODs
  98. Solved MSI R6770 an upgrade fro 9600gt?
  99. Solved 1st GPU 25% load 2nd GPU 99%, Lower end graphics
  100. Nvidia 9400 gt Black screen after Hibernate
  101. Asus K53SV SX520D Windows rating issue
  102. Solved Monitor detection AMD versus Nvidia
  103. Nvidia on Windows 7
  104. two monitors problem
  105. Possible problem with GTX 560Ti
  106. Disabling Screen Rotation Hotkeys
  107. differences between these
  108. Which Graphics do i need to run 720p movie
  109. Solved Aero effect doesn't work on my Radeon X1300 :(
  110. Solved I need the Best Graphics For HP dc5100mt using windows7 ultimate 32bit
  111. Resolution "fit-issues" on my second monitor/TV.
  112. Nvidia Crashes then collapses
  113. Solved Too much yellow color!!!
  114. Problems setting screen resolution for an aditional monitor in a noteb
  115. HIS hd 6970 and XFX hd 6970 crossfire???
  116. Solved Fix - Catalyst Control Center - CCC - will not open/install
  117. Resolution Cap on VGA? and HDMI output issues.
  118. Event ID 4101: Display Driver Stopped Working
  119. Acer m5100 Windows 7 upgrade, can't boot from CD error AND no graphics
  120. 16 bit color
  121. A unique issue - Multiple displays dont share resolutions
  122. Solved Dual monitor Setting
  123. Display port signal 1923x1080
  124. Resolution setting
  125. Windows 7 Booting to Secondary Monitor?
  126. Can't get Rage to play on default monitor.
  127. Solved Will a dual slot card fit?
  128. Solved "New Hardware Found" 9500 GT Not Responding
  129. Solved pcie 2.0 video card on pcie 1.1 slot
  130. Solved Card possibly not working.
  131. What ATI Driver are you running Battlefield 3 Successful with?
  132. Nvidia GTX 560 Ti in SLI Mode
  133. Confuse with Two ATI on Device Manger
  134. ATI Radeon, Horrible Artifacts in 3D Games
  135. running hot, just started happening now
  136. Radeon 8960 vs Quadro FX 1400
  137. Solved 2nd Monitor nightmare!
  138. Computer won't boot...
  139. BSOD after installing the latest NVIAIA driver for Battlefield 3
  140. BSOD during intense Gaming sessions
  141. Solved Finding all the specs of cards confusing in selecting a new card
  142. ASUS GT520 Silent problem
  143. Looking for compatible video card for my Inspiron 570
  144. Should I install ATI CCC Or Just The Vid Driver
  145. Should i sell my Dual Ati Radeon 5970's to get 1 Ati Radeon 6990 4gb?
  146. New ATI video drivers
  147. No video On Specific Display
  148. Dell Gx260 will not boot when PCI GeForce 6200 card is installed
  149. DVI and Analoge Duel Head devises SWAP primary and Secondary
  150. Solved Graphics card issue
  151. Solved Areo stopped working, Geforce 6200
  152. second monitor turns off on reboot, have to re-enable every restart.
  153. Loss of video signal reboot only
  154. ATI FireMV 2400 multi monitor card
  155. Solved I Want to SLI GTX580, need help on how to.
  156. ATI Radeon HD 6770 awful fonts in Windows browser and reboot problems
  157. Video CArd not detected
  158. System Text In Windows 7 Look Blur(Un Readable)
  159. pc to tv connection-Correct? How to hook up-MDMI or VGA?
  160. My Nvidia device is not listed in Device manager
  161. graphics card doesnt detect monitor correctly
  162. What did Dell do to this Radeon 6770?
  163. GTX275 No output from VGA
  164. Nvidia GT420 or 520?
  165. HDTV Resolution on Asus 5670 1GB
  166. Samsung T260HD with GTX260 won't display on most startups
  167. setting the resolution on Iiyama after reinstallation windows 7
  168. Weird Monitor Refresh Problem
  169. Monitor problem! Can't figure out the cause...
  170. GTX580's in SLI causes BCCode 116
  171. Second monitor will not come on after sleeping
  172. Pls Help Catalyst, 6970Xfire setup 1900x1200 not selectable resolution
  173. Video Card causing Theme or Windows Desktop Manager to stop?
  174. Nvidia geforce 240 gts graphics card issue
  175. [Help] Can't detect graphics card or install drivers
  176. Problems with resolution in W7
  177. Solved Recommended resolution issue
  178. Solved Looking for a new card
  179. Solved Remove "generic" Windows 7 x64 graphics driver before installing new?
  180. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 will Not output 1920x1080 over VGA.
  181. 3DLabs Oxygen VX1-1600SW, can not get driver working
  182. Solved Will Radeon HD 5450 work in PCI-e 1x16 graphics slot?
  183. Solved Geforce GT 210 or Radeon HD 5450..better in gaming??
  184. Graphics card error - Monitor buzzing and display driver failure
  185. Compatibility With XFX HD-667X-ZAF3 Radeon HD 6670...
  186. Solved Need advice for new computers graphics card XFX Radeon HD 5570
  187. BLack Background windows 7
  188. Solved Good News from Diamond Multimeadia
  189. Why my volume level don't apprear equalizer
  190. Solved Upgraded gfx card but getting fps lag - please help
  191. Help, graphic card fit in
  192. Solved Graphics Driver for nVidia GeForce GT216?
  193. Solved GeForce 8800 GTS 512 Drivers will not install
  194. video drivers wont boot
  195. Gt440 vs 7950 gx2
  196. Graphics adapter not seen by Win 7
  197. Flicker after installing latest NVIDIA 8600M GT driver
  198. Solved BSOD after installing Latest AMD Catalyst Video Driver for Windows 7
  199. Geforce 9600 GT significant underperforming after..
  200. gpu is brilliant windows seven is brilliant However ever since i creat
  201. Problem with video quality after formatting
  202. Solved weird problem with dxdiag regarding display memory.
  203. ATI's CCC has stopped opening
  204. Solved Tried to run minecraft on my desktop and says Bad video card drivers
  205. Solved New graphics card - low graphics memory ?
  206. Looking for advice on Video cards.
  207. Solved Failed install C++2010 installing any CCC driver
  208. Windows 7 reporting the wrong optimal resolution (need 1900 x 1200)
  209. New video care and Lucid Virtu install?
  210. Solved How Do I Make 1024x768 the Actual Display Size?
  211. Solved Windows 7 Video Memory Problem
  212. Solved Asus EAH4870 X2 artifacts
  213. Solved Screen flickering in games after pc upgrade
  214. Solved I, too, cannot get 1680x1050 resolution
  215. ATI radeon xpress 200m wddm drivers install, how?
  216. Solved Poor graphics performance on one of two displays
  217. Screen Flickering in Crysis 2
  218. Problem with Native Resolution
  219. gigabyte 6870 driver problems
  220. Screen getting a slight shadow.
  221. Solved XFX HD4350 reset overdrive?
  222. Solved Dual Monitor Issues
  223. Tv No Signal
  224. Input signal out of range!! When upgrading to windows 7
  225. I'm stuck on how to do dual monitors.
  226. Solved Error when installing ATI Catalyst!!! event id: 35 App: sidebyside
  227. Solved need help in choosing a new graphics card
  228. Ati 2100 low quailty
  229. nvidia optimus question
  230. Setup NVidia resolution as part of build
  231. Ati 4850 upgrade ?
  232. How can I tell if I'm using both graphics cards?
  233. Building a Rig. Monitor.
  234. win 7 ultimate x64 can't recognize my intel hd graphic card
  235. BSOD with my new Powercolor 4870.
  236. Screen gets really blurry when set to 120hz
  237. Fault in my 5870?
  238. Screen resolution problem (1024x768)
  239. Solved Computer not loading desktop after upgating GPU Drivers
  240. problem after changing of GPU
  241. Solved ATI Radeon X1400 under windows 7: resolution problem
  242. Not sure if my crossfired AMD 6870s are working as they should
  243. Solved Gts 450 SLI vs Gtx 560 vs Gtx 470
  244. 3rd Monitor Not Working (Quad Monitors)
  245. Solved INVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS card crashing, some Qs b4 I update driver?
  246. Solved ATI 6950 on LG TV
  247. new gpu advice
  248. Same monitor refresh rates on A/C and battery
  249. Screen flicker when overclocking video card
  250. Reduced Performance