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  29. HDMI - HDMI gettting fuzzy display on HDTV.
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  31. resolution changes to minimum after game exit
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  36. 3 monitors, 2 identical graphics cards, windows 7. Four questions.
  37. Need ideas for graphic card
  38. Help with Graphics card crashing.
  39. can i change the video card in samsung r580
  40. is my motherboard xfire ready
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  43. asus radeon eah6450 not recognized on Windows 7 32 Home Premium
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  45. High Refresh Rate LCD/LED Monitors For Gaming
  46. Please explain nVidia nvvsvc.exe and nvxdsync.exe processes.
  47. WES7, Intel 945GSE, Ghost Monitor / LVDS issue
  48. BSOD and then Graphics card error code:43
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  50. horizontal lines scrolling down the screen when watching a video
  51. Solved After MS update and Game install Video driver fails every 10 secs
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  53. PowerColor Radeon HD 4890 (DVI) Static on Screen?
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  55. PC to TV, Set up assistance please
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  57. Are the GPUs in the new Intels any good for basic htpc/server use?
  58. upgrade help
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  79. Video Cable, Can It be Extended
  80. Solved some help pls.. nvidia geforce 8600gt ..dell inspiron 1720 ..
  81. Solved No Issue, Just a Question About A Setup Idea
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  83. GT 520 as dedicated PhysX
  84. Solved Is it possible to fix No Display Video card?
  85. 450 GTS to LG 47LK530 through HDMI
  86. What graphics card is beter or should I go crosswire?
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  99. Freezing
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  103. My screen resolution got messed up.
  104. Windows 7 and Old(er) Video Cards
  105. Solved smb2030 displays in 4:3 and no resolution in 16:9
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  108. Unable to run Eyefinity.
  109. Problem with custom resolution on multiple displays 72 Hz
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  111. 3 Monitors - ATI eyefinity
  112. ATI Radeon Mobility 6370m showing as Standard VGA Graphics DM4t
  113. Graphic Card Performance Lost switching from 64 bit from 32
  114. Failing to find a driver/update.
  115. GTX 570 HD display driver keeps crashing... fails to recover sometimes
  116. Solved How to have dual views with Inno3D GeForce GT240?
  117. Gigabyte GTS 450 Crashes on Windows 7 64 Bit Startup
  118. dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX
  119. old gfx cards work ... new ones dont...
  120. Want to add a ATI Radeon 5570 to my ACER Apsire x1420G-U5832..
  121. Graphic cards 8800 gts and 9600 gso not tv signals
  122. New Video Card Recommendations for Battlefield 3
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  125. Games not running 60 FPS on GTS 450
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  127. Reward if you can take the challenge to fix this
  128. Graphics Card Upgrade
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  130. Choice of Displays-Intel & Nvidia
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  132. I need advice for new graphic card to replace my onboard
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  135. AMD Catalyst Help
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  141. Black screen
  142. Geforce 440MX AGP8X and Windows 7 64bits
  143. Acer TravelMate 4060 graphic driver for Windows 7
  144. Underscanning issue at PC Boot
  145. Having trouble with ATI Radeon HD 2400
  146. Best card for < $200?
  147. Problem with dual monitor selection
  148. Problem With 3D Softwares
  149. Solved Problems with changing screen resolution.
  150. Black Screen After Nvidia Driver Update
  151. HTPC resoultion problems on pj W5000
  152. Solved Physx on cpu
  153. How to get back to 1280x1080?
  154. Solved Amaze ATI Radeon HD 3650
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  156. Graphics card after installation
  157. frozen display
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  159. Are PowerColor Video cards any good?
  160. Freeze problem with new GPU...msi gtx560ti hawk
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  162. Windows 7 not giving me the 2 moniter option both are showing same ima
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  168. Multi Screens
  169. Monitor Tint
  170. Solved Accelero Xtreme Plus II Fan problem
  171. AMD A8-3850 with ASUS F1A75-V PRO FM1 AMD A75
  172. Solved Is crossfire worth it
  173. Catalyst is lying to me...?
  174. Radeon HD 4870 X2 and 4890 Crossfire?
  175. Wallpaper graphical Issue
  176. DirectX Problem
  177. Solved issues between nvidia 450 GTS and Win 7 Home
  178. Solved MSI Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 graphics card
  179. Crossfire
  180. Video Card Suggestions
  181. How much do these GPU's cost nowadays?
  182. GPU for Acer Aspire 5253-BZ661
  183. Solved Dual Monitor Boundary Issue
  184. GTX 560 Ti Long Term Graphics Issues
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  186. Palit GeForce GTX 560 and msi afterburner help
  187. Solved Snow Leopard-VirtualBox-Windows 7 screen resolution
  188. Screen resolution problem
  189. How-To Config AMD Catalyst Control Center
  190. New Card- Perf Goes Down?
  191. Might be a dumb question...
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  195. nVidia Control Panel help please!
  196. Slow scrolling?
  197. Force refresh rate
  198. Solved Common problem
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  200. Low system rating
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  203. What do game developers use to run their games?
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  206. Increasing the gdi objects available
  207. Laptop Graphics Card
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  210. Second Monitor Blacks after Unlock
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  213. LG E2750 Monitor and HDMI cable
  214. shopping for a GeForce GTX 550 Ti need advice
  215. Solved Burn a Disk
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  223. Solved Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
  224. Dual monitor issue Lenovo x220
  225. Solved Advice with crossfire
  226. HD4870 and GTX260 crash system, HD2350 doesn't. Why?
  227. BSOD 116---Help, please!
  228. Sapphire RADEON 9250
  229. MSI GTX 560 Ti artifacting ONLY in WoW
  230. could not initialize graphics system. make sure that your video card..
  231. ATI Radeon Sapphire HD5670 512mb
  232. Using Safe Mode default monitor settings
  233. Solved Can a particular driver "zap" a card?
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  239. crossfire help
  240. Quick Question
  241. Problem with my Graphic card
  242. Will this graphics card work on my computer?
  243. My ACER installs two graphic drivers.
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  246. idle speed disadvantage
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  248. What is texture fill Rate?
  249. Inno3d Versus Galaxy
  250. geforce 430 gt video file help