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  1. Weird display on my screen, kind of striped view
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  15. MY Graphics Card is faulty [Please Help]
  16. Quadro FX 3700 PCIE card, slow death R.I.P?
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  18. "Your computer does not contain a proper graphics adaptor"
  19. Why does my Acer Laptop screen goes blank and comes back on?
  20. Problem with resolution on my external screen
  21. Can I run two PC's at the same time with one monitor
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  23. Duplicate screen not working
  24. Solved Upgrading my GPU
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  26. HDMI output not supported?
  27. Solved Problem with "D3D" or "Direct3D"
  28. Solved Sapphire R7 240 multimonitor problem
  29. Color/Gradient Banding... Completely at a loss. Tried everything I can
  30. Solved upgrade from windows xp to windows7
  31. NVIDIA Driver Issue (code 31) - unable to access HD
  32. can't find my graphic card on the device manager
  33. Problem with EVGA GTX 680, very worried.
  34. kernel mode safe or not ?
  35. AVI works, DVI no input to monitor. Troubleshooting?
  36. PC picture went crazy. Need some help to recognize this
  37. Solved Desktop performance for windows 2.6
  38. Graphic Card Driver issue
  39. How Graphic Card Works ?
  40. Solved Display deteriorating, drivers updated, cable good...help identify thx
  41. Multiple GPUs - how do they work?
  42. Cant use 70Hz despite AMD CCC Reports Maxium is 70.
  43. Resolution too big for screen
  44. graphics card help
  45. Dual monitor software
  46. gray screen with horizontal lines at start up or wake from sleep
  47. how do I remove a drive lock?
  48. Latest Nvidia 9800GT Drivers that work with Windows 7?
  49. Laptop will no longer Detect external display (LED TV)
  50. Green flecks appearing after update?
  51. GPUs.....
  52. 1920x1080 not an option on second monitor?
  53. Please Help
  54. VGA Connection Issue
  55. No sign of output from computer
  56. Two PCI-E cards - only one is recognised
  57. Should I buy the new amd graphic card?
  58. PC to monitor correct cable?
  59. Switching between color profiles, multiple monitors
  60. HDMI out suddenly stopped working. Don't know how to troubleshoot.
  61. Video Memory increament
  62. Can I maximise performance of 2 cards?
  63. Solved Install GTX780 in Other PCIE Slot, Card not found??
  64. AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series 2.7 GB Suddenly stopped responding problem
  65. Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Help.....
  66. nvidia cart not detected (asus n55)
  67. Overclocking 680 SC ?
  68. How works display identification in Windows 7
  69. Graphics or Windows problem - not sure
  70. New gpu issue
  71. Graphics Card Possibly Failing
  72. How does AMD Catalyst actually work?
  73. Little issue with my video card (Radeon HD 6xxx Series)
  74. Display not refreshed when scrolling excel spreadsheet
  75. Change main graphic card
  76. Windows Experience index error after upgrade new graphics card
  77. Solved SLI 250 VS single 6950?
  78. Nvidia or AMD? GTX 760 or HD 7950?
  79. Solved Cannot increase refresh rate above 60Hz
  80. Solved whats the difference?
  81. Solved CCC.exe wont launch
  82. GTX 760 vs. R9 280x
  83. HDMI not recognised by monitor.
  84. Graphics Card in Device Manager showing with Caution? ! in a triangle
  85. HDMI cable makes startup freeze, VERY weird.
  86. New AMD V Cards
  87. Monitor not detected after sleep
  88. Display driver stopped responding and has recovered on two machines??
  89. NFS Most Wanted Graphics Issue in Win7
  90. Solved Amd hd8000
  91. Graphics card reset after crashing
  92. VGA Problem
  93. hdmi "out" problems with media pc
  94. Problem with windows 7 installation time again and again
  95. New GPU problem pc shutdown
  96. Solved Correct resolution but very blurry text, non pnp problem through DVI
  97. Solved AMD Crossfire Screen flicker when NOT in game 13.10 driver
  98. No input signal
  99. Solved 2 GPU's - Cant install driver for the gaming gpu
  100. Need help with graphics driver stopping new drive to boot
  101. Can't Get New Installaton Out of Standard VGA Mode
  102. Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC vs Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC
  103. Garbled Text -- is this a video chip (on the Mobo) problem?
  104. [INFO] - Flickering monitor not connected to KVM
  105. Monitor settings
  106. SyncMaster 204b Connected to Laptop. Recognized, but black screen
  107. Primary Monitor fails to turn on
  108. How to change Brightness and Contrast in Registry...
  109. Solved Monitor connections
  110. external monitor not being recognized via vga cable...
  111. Driver crash, nvldmkm Error 4101, 2x GTX670 SLI
  112. No Graphics Card Detected
  113. Dell N4010 Win 7 x64, freezes on restart after installing video driver
  114. Monitor Not detecting DVI
  115. Is my graphic card gone? (Sapphire Radeon HD 5570)
  116. What's happening to my screen (image included)?
  117. Solved White is not showing up as white on laptop
  118. Difficulty Using VGA & DVI On Startup
  119. Radeon 6800 gpu running extremely hot
  120. Videocard driver have crashed a lot lately, also sudden fps drops.
  121. My Computer wont detect my gpu
  122. GTX 760 and Acer Predator Win7 - no boot / no BIOS problem
  123. Solved amd radeon hd 6670 random freezes
  124. Resolution stuck on 800x600
  125. GTX 660 lag in games on cold boot
  126. Solved Bright green screen
  127. Solved ssd wont load Win7 after graphics driver installed.
  128. Gtx 780
  129. Can't set resolution to 1920x1080 !
  130. Just upgraded to nvidia 760, audio and TF2 lag.
  131. Windows 7 upgrade from XP ... Cannot update graphics driver
  132. Graphic card for intel board
  133. Trouble with second monitor.
  134. Imaginary invisible screen always stuck left of Main Display
  135. Can i upgrade my laptop graphic card.
  136. ATI Radeon 7700 Problems
  137. Intel hd graphics keeps on crashing!!!!!!
  138. I cant enable direct draw acceleration
  139. Solved Generally speaking of course
  140. Solved Radeon HD 4350 problems - DWM fails
  141. Solved Which graphics are better? Intel HD or Nvidia Pls give an idea.
  142. Solved WDDM compatible driver for aspire 3610
  143. Need to figure out my video card for update.
  144. Solved Laptop Display black, but I see backlight
  145. Dual graphics cards and BIOS display
  146. Screen goes black for a few secs randomly
  147. Duplicating my PC to my TV
  148. monitor resolution problem.
  149. Solved 2nd monitor screen is blank
  150. Solved Unable to install video drivers
  151. I need help with adjusting my screen.
  152. Solved No BIOS splash screen on bootup
  153. Problem locating Catalyst control centre in windows 7 ultimate 64bit
  154. 7950 Crossfire Enabled but not (if that makes sense)
  155. Solved (Desktop with two monitors) + Laptop
  156. Need idea on what is the best video card to buy?
  157. Solved Video card changed after re-installing windows.
  158. flickering screen & spotty Start menu
  159. Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers stopped & recovered
  160. Can't explain weird display problem
  161. Which GPU to buy?
  162. Solved Display error
  163. Is GTX760 good for multi monitor gaming (Ex. BF3)
  164. 3 monitors
  165. Display driver stopped responding and has recovered
  166. GeForce 8600T: Issues with new Win7 installation
  167. Laptop Graphics Card Question
  168. Solved Amd sapphire 7770 high activity while idle
  169. Solved 2nd Video Card Issue
  170. HD 3650 on a 250w power supply?
  171. Nvidia GeForce 210 Series Driver Problems.
  172. Glitches in Worms Clan Wars (Old Video Card, Can I make it work??)
  173. cannot install ati drivers . crashes system
  174. New graphics card having problems
  175. Intel GMA 3100 Border Problem.
  176. Solved Drivers for ATI Radeon HD 6480G/Driver installation help
  177. Solved Computer says I have Standard VGA Graphics Adapter after switching HDD
  178. AMD Radeon HD7900 Power Option
  179. Solved Wanted: simple way to set resolution
  180. Solved One display on two monitors
  181. Reccomended temp range for GTX 570?
  182. WoW crashing on Sager np9150
  183. Dual Monitor Configuration - HD6850
  184. how do i get intel graphic and media control panel
  185. Upgrading my grapics card from ATI RADEON HD 5850
  186. PC screen shrinking
  187. Graphical corruption in browser window.
  188. Can I download Intel(R) Graphics Driver??
  189. Is my HD 7850 underclocked?
  190. Solved ATI Driver stopped responding New install
  191. GPU Tweak Profiles Not Set
  192. dual monitor alignment problem
  193. Display changes
  194. Can't start Windows DVD Maker - video card does not meet system req
  195. new gaming netbook (with eGPU) suggestions
  196. Win 7 black screen defies resolution... here's what I have tried...
  197. Will a Ph II 965 (3.4) bottleneck a GTX660TI SC?
  198. Nvidia software update PC won't boot!
  199. I Can't Fix Error Code 43 on my GTX 560 TI
  200. Solved AMD HD 7850 issues
  201. AMD Drivers Suddenly Broken on Upgrade
  202. [HELP] Display driver has stopped responding. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6
  203. Screen turns off, computer frozen.
  204. Solved Lines and dots showing on display
  205. Will any gpu work in motherboard?
  206. screen works fine in 1280x1024 but goes to sleep on 1440x900
  207. Pricing my Graphics Card
  208. how to change my display adapter to nVidia GeForce 8600
  209. No option for scaling with ATI catalyst control center
  210. Solved Intel graphics kernel mode driver
  211. System Restart any games if monitor is shut down NVStreamSVC SVC Error
  212. Ati driver install can't get to log on without black screen
  213. Amd radeon not working good with euro truck simulator.
  214. Intel Q8400 Motherboard Comparison!
  215. New graphics card not working
  216. Solved Doesn't work video driver
  217. GTX 650 - 2nd monitor detected but no display
  218. removed Gigabyte GTX 670 oc to clean it and case now BSOD ERRORS
  219. Lag/Laggy animations with multiple displays (Extend desktop)
  220. Driver Problem
  221. Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645?
  222. Solved Second Monitor Resolution problem with new cable
  223. HDMI connection to second monitor has stopped working
  224. Solved Nixeus Vue 30 blank with resolution 2560 x 1600, 1920 x 1200, etc.
  225. Set default graphics card
  226. 2nd monitor recognized but black
  227. problem with my notebook driver~
  228. Thermal Pads for 7870 GPU
  229. Pls help~How can i install nvidia display driver??
  230. How to install New NVIDIA drivers offline.
  231. Solved driver problem
  232. VGA driver
  233. AMD Desktop Color profile resets after screensave/sleep.
  234. Solved Graphics card not showing in device manager
  235. Need help with CatalystATI Mobility Radeon X1600 drivers
  236. Need help on how to revert to old nvidia driver withought rollback
  237. Bypass DWM and Desktop graphics resource saving?
  238. Docked laptop using screen as second display
  239. Computer Blue screens shortly afte boot. Graphics card might be cause.
  240. Video card drivers
  241. Solved How do I turn monitor 2 into monitor 1
  242. Solved graphic card VGA cant get rid windows 7 64 bit
  243. Solved VTX 7850 eyefinity setup x3 monitors
  244. Internet videos (streaming) freeze
  245. GPU usage drastic drops while gaming
  246. Is there a way to save monitor set up profiles?
  247. Solved my geforce gt 630 4GB sddr3 wont work in my msi (cuba) ms-7301 Mb
  248. Graphic Card very hot = danger
  249. Can't Change Dual Monitor Assignments
  250. Upgrading Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit?