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  41. Solved Mom.implentation could not be found.
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  49. Solved soft to manage launching of soft on 5760*1080 and manage, its so panic
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  51. GTX 680 fit Alienware x51
  52. replace Nvidia 8800gts video card
  53. Ati 3850 on Win 7 64bit
  54. Gtx 670
  55. Is Nvidia dual monitors a poor cousin to Windows 7 dual monitors?..
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  64. NVidia display driver stopped responding and has recovered
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  70. I need help, please.
  71. Question about GPU Performance
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  81. Using OCCT to verify if GPU Is bad, not sure about results
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  84. changing the native resolution on my graphics card
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  86. Help Help Help! HDMI ISSUES!
  87. Solved How do I get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor?
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  104. New Hd 6770
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  108. Losing Connection With Display When Booting Whith Usb Device Connected
  109. Approx total memory n/a
  110. Solved Having trouble with a pink tint on my screen?
  111. Video card and RAM (on Windows 7 32Bit)
  112. Looking for GPU for PCIe 1.1
  113. Black border's around screen when in bios or safe mode
  114. Blurry Text problem, EDID and registry editing problem on an AMD card.
  115. HP G72t-b00 laptop, windows 7 video problem
  116. Blurry Font
  117. total war GPU driver may need to be updated if using windows 7!
  118. Solved Any problematic experience with Sapphire Hd7770 Ghz Ed?
  119. How to add GPU to n5030 inspiron
  120. Recommendation on external graphic card.
  121. Disable shared RAM
  122. Anyone suggest a graphics card?
  123. Monitor wont reactivate after turning off and on again
  124. Laptop with two graphics cards - how to lock to the best?
  125. Radeon 7870 Driver Causing Graphics Glitch (Outside of games)
  126. New GPU, monitor won't display native res over DVI, but VGA works
  127. Solved Will upgrading the gpu make a lot of difference in a old comp?
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  132. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 drivers not working
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  135. GTX 780 - Slated for May 23 release
  136. Need suggestions
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  140. My NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti overheating while playing games
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  142. Primary display corrupts when watching YouTube videos.
  143. Solved Second monitor on Nvidia 7600 GO goes dark after couple minutes
  144. Nvidia GPU not showing up in DxDiag
  145. shared graphics memory
  146. Radeon HD 7850 User Review
  147. the version of your graphic adapter is not supported error
  148. Native Resolution Problem
  149. Restarts overnight?
  150. safe mode online video works excellent, normal mode awful, unwatchable
  151. Best suitable graphics card update for my computer
  152. Solved MSI GTX660 HDMI outout.
  153. Windows 7 not detecting my second monitor
  154. Do I have a bad Graphics card or what is it causing this problem?
  155. 1024x768 blur screen
  156. New MSI GTX 660 installed
  157. Wondering if this GPU can run on my MB.
  158. What program do i use to change fan speeds
  159. I got the "Graphics Card Blues" Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  160. GT 9800 failing need replacement recommendations please
  161. GeForce GTX 470 directx driver errors
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  165. Monitor not Recognized after Windows Update
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  167. Solved multiple monitors
  168. 670 vs 670
  169. HP Graphics Video Check detected an issue while running.
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  171. Finally bought an AMD 7870
  172. Screen Distortion and Graphic Driver problems
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  174. Geforce 7300 LE - Blue screen of death - Multiple lines down screen.
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  176. Can't change gamma
  177. Second monitor only detected after sleep
  178. Updating graphics driver
  179. Solved Dual monitors using wrong graphics cards
  180. Cannot update AMD 7570
  181. AMD Display Driver got crashed when i try to hibernate
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  183. Buffering Videos
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  185. Solved Graphics Card
  186. Solved New GPU-Z version out
  187. PC Gamer, looking for best card deal, technicall help also needed
  188. Critical error - No suitable graphics devices found
  189. Solved Intel Graphics Driver
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  195. Video hardware error
  196. Display Text becomes blurry
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  203. Other than Samsung, what other monitor brands offer software control?
  204. Display driver amd driver stopped responding...
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  206. 6970 with 4 monitors
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  208. Computer won't boot after inserting graphics card?
  209. Video Card not detected...
  210. which GTX?
  211. Solved Minecraft Sonic Ethers shaders lag
  212. ATI 7850 from an ATI 3850, interface question
  213. Solved Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions?
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  215. EVGA GTX 680 2GB Nvidia Surround
  216. updated to catalyst 13.3 but it still shows 13.1
  217. Gamma correction not holding
  218. Worst problem I've ever ran into (Win 7 black screen w/ movabl cursor)
  219. GTX 660 not recognized in x16 only in x8 slot
  220. Multiple Crashes while watching videos/playing any games
  221. Solved How do I set custom resolution on Intel GMA?
  222. Solved Will NVidia9500GT benefit i3 3220 & Z77 motherboard?
  223. Solved Display produces artefacts and crashes at start up, maybe corrupt OS
  224. Dell Inspiron N7010, intel HD: need help sorting driver / HDCP / HDMI
  225. Solved how to enabled 4th display on HD 7950OC ?? while 3x eyefinity is on.
  226. N75SL, 635M GT - not doing video rendering
  227. Is 400W enough for my future Graphics Card
  228. Hardware acceleration is disabled or not supported by your video
  229. Cannot install Catalyst Control Center after switching motherboards.
  230. Solved No video signal after card upgrade
  231. Solved New GTX 670 Upgrade
  232. New Graphics Card Purchase Decisions
  233. Purchasing help.
  234. which GTX should i get?
  235. Please help me decide
  236. My drivers need to be updated?
  237. HD Radeon 7750 Gaming issue; Freezes
  238. Black screen of death in Win 7 64-bit Ultimate - Graphics Card Issue?
  239. help!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  240. Solved nVidia GeForce GTX 500 Series SLI Advice
  241. 3 month old Graphic Card Overheating.
  242. Error 0xc0000e After installing a new Video card
  243. Solved NVIDIA VS ATI when it comes to driver fact(Who is best for long run)?
  244. Solved PCI-E x16 Graphics Card to Fit a PCI-E slot.
  245. Unigine Heaven 4 Benchmark scores
  246. my screen asus monitor says vga no signal
  247. Running monitor and tv from AMD 6870 concurrently displaying different
  248. ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 HDMI Detection
  249. Help
  250. Nvidia driver update guide help