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  15. AMD Crossfire microstutter
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  19. Computer crashes after changing monitor channel
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  29. According to Device Manager I have 3 graphics cards...
  30. Switch Display Drivers.
  31. Solved Issue with detecting multiple monitors.
  32. Windows 7 Ult and Nvidia Geforce 8400m gs problem
  33. Laptop Has 'Fixed' Resolution
  34. Dual Monitor | 1 Works 1 Black screen
  35. SLI Performance issues (Nvidia GTX 480)
  36. acer veriton usb/graphics question
  37. which driver
  38. VGA to DVI-I.
  39. Windows 7 GeForce 8200M G graphical error
  40. Solved Problem when connect my led monitor with hdmi
  41. Solved Found a $300 GTX 580 - Is it worth skipping 600 series?
  42. Windows 7 doesn't recognize second monitor.
  43. Is a 128-bit graphics processor Bad?
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  45. Asus K53TK - Dual Graphics And Overclock questions
  46. EVGA Superclocked GTX 660Ti
  47. Nvidia Driver no longer works. Graphics card broke???
  48. Standard VGA Graphics Adapter reports "tv_ConfigMgrErr14"
  49. Nvidia NDG.exe runtime error at startup
  50. NVIDIA control panel unaccessible
  51. problem watching High Def Videos
  52. Graphic cards
  53. Connecting Laptop to TV using HDMI? Settings wrong.. how to fix?
  54. Solved Screen Problem, when entering full screen.
  55. Solved No VGA/DVI signal for monitor with new gpu? Confused.
  56. Asus k42j graphic cards
  57. Solved Display driver
  58. Recommended Resolution
  59. Solved AMD Radeon HD7700 32" TV Resolution Problem.
  60. what card should i get
  61. Reflective ghost image of white windows on screen.
  62. 3-month old 7750 Graphics Card -GSOD/buzzing with 3d video/gaming
  63. Solved dual Screen strat up problem. one monitor stys black
  64. DirectX problem
  65. D3DERR_DEVICELOST error?
  66. XFX Radeon HD4670, no signal on monitor when used.
  67. Monitor doesn't work with my computer after trying Dual Monitors
  68. SLI gtx 560ti
  69. How can I get past 1024 x 768 resolution?
  70. stuttering while listening to music and playing games
  71. Dual-Monitor Connections on Graphics Card
  72. Need help buying new card? PCIExpress x16? PCI 2.0?
  73. Windows 7 - Stuck on "Shutting down screen" - Nvidia 110.70 beta drive
  74. Fresh install win 7 x3100 WEI score is lower than before
  75. New Video Card Drivers work in Vista but not Windows 7 Dual Boot.
  76. Is it the right time to go with the Radeons?
  77. Radeon HD 7770 1GB or GTX 650 2GB
  78. Windows 7 32bit seeing Nvidia 8400M GT as Standard VGA, Sony Vaio
  79. Red Screen now no Audio!!
  80. Video Card Error while playing MMO
  81. HD 4350 for 250W
  82. Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. Code 37
  83. Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers
  84. PC Monitor: Random white & blue green screen displays?
  85. Problems with using dedicated graphics on laptop
  86. Asus gt440 1gb ddr5
  87. Booting W-7= Video card problem
  88. Solved Recent Duo Monitor Problems
  89. what's the difference?
  90. 650w PSU, how much power should be left to things other than graphics?
  91. display driver problem again
  92. Graphics Card on my Motherboard - will it work?
  93. Solved PSU requirement for Nvidia GTX 650
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  100. GTX 550 ti vs HD 7750 on core 2 duo 2.93 Ghz :)
  101. Windows 7 won't detect second monitor.
  102. Solved Windows 7 logo stuck at boot loading screen graphics card SLI ?
  103. Dual Monitor's 2nd monitor blurry
  104. help with 'HTPC' graphics options
  105. How do I prevent an app creating a start menu folder at boot?
  106. Can't Install ATI Drivers Once I Uninstall Previous Driver
  107. Solved PCI-e 3.0 GPU + MoBo + Ivy CPU = PCI-e 2.0 ???
  108. Zotac GTS 450 or HD 6670 ddr5
  109. New video card install, but password stops install
  110. cant install Radeon X800 GTO error code 38
  111. 3 monitors
  112. Blue patches/spaces appear everywhere in Windows &, LAPTOP
  113. can't update amd apu (a6-3400m) graphic card
  114. Solved How do I switch from integrated graphics?
  115. GTX 680 not sending signal to monitor, needs reset to fix.
  116. Flickering During Sims 3 Gameplay
  117. Error: "Primary Display's Adapter Does Not Support NVIDIA 3D Vision"
  118. Greenish blueish colored screen with vertical lines
  119. eyefinity monitor questions
  120. Resolution got changed over lunch, cannot revert back to prev. setting
  121. G-force 8400 gs driver fail
  122. "Noise" display - loss of sync? refresh problem? cause?
  123. Solved How to Prevent GPU fan from failing again
  124. TouchSmart 310-1126 Stops responding & Display Fades to White
  125. NVIDIA 8400M GT Problem
  126. Second monitor remains black
  127. Is it possible to add more memory to AMD Radeon 6470M?
  128. How can i tell my graphics card is failing?
  129. how do i regain my video memory size? Memory Size 0 Byte
  130. Window width restricted to 1920px (one display width)
  131. dxdiag does not show nvidia 310m gfx card
  132. Can this graphics card help me?
  133. Switchable graphics question
  134. Upgrade help
  135. A problem with the ATI Display Driver, Random black lines?
  136. Extended desktop - unable to save display settings?
  137. Solved Standard VGA Adapter problem.
  138. when installing new driver do i need to uninstall the old ones?
  139. Possible GPU or MoBo problem?
  140. His 7850 or should i crossfire the 7770
  141. Resolution Problems
  142. Intergrated or dedicated graphics for gaming and mutltaking use?
  143. Want to upgrade video card, do I need a power supply?
  144. PSU Smoking and Graphics card not working
  145. Windows 7 Slow-motion fix
  146. New graphics card
  147. Solved Mix Nvidia GT560 & ATI HD 4850
  148. Why HDMI is Not Working for my Monitor?
  149. Windows VPN dual monitors
  150. my screen resolution keeps changing
  151. AMD graphics with Window color. :(
  152. How to set up dual screen one vga other htmi
  153. Solved f1a55 m lx bios problem
  154. Club 3D 7950 Royal King Review
  155. Dual Screen, Dual DVI GPU vs. 2 Single DVI GPUs
  156. Solved Which graphics card to choose?
  157. Going dual screen, GPU recommendations?
  158. Screen resolution issue
  159. Solved Question about BESTEC Power Supply
  160. Solved Help ME.Catalyst C Centre Is Making My Life Hell
  161. Problem with Aero properties..
  162. Solved ASUS VE248Q Monitor - No VGA Signal & HDMI not working
  163. Solved Graphics Card PCI Bus express compatiblity
  164. Solved AMD ATI Catalyst 12.10 Error detecting .NET 4 ??
  165. Problem installing GPU
  166. Can I increase my monitor's refresh rate?
  167. How do i use presets in CCC ?
  168. Solved Bought the wrong cables is there a adapter for my mistake?
  169. Solved Pinned Programs-Catalyst Control Centre(missing)
  170. How To Check Which Version Of Catalyst Control Centre I have
  171. Looking for an Upgrade
  172. Best Graphics Card for my system???
  173. Solved Video card & transparency
  174. Win7 dual monitor resolution resetting randomly
  175. Radeon HD 6520g Desktop Display Shows Ribbons
  176. Video not working without system RAM full? Really need some ideas...
  177. hd 6850 to hd 7850 2GB problem possible dead videocard
  178. Display Drivers Crashing
  179. Solved gtx 660 SLI on asrock z77 extreme 4
  180. Atypical issue with 9660GSO card with a new twist
  181. Need help with PCI video card upgrade on and old Dell 4500S
  182. After installing leshcat drivers: AMD card doesn't work
  183. dell vostro 360 do i need to upgrade
  184. Computer freezes when playing games
  185. monitor not displaying
  186. GPU Issue
  187. How to Increase my dedicated video ram ?
  188. Solved Minecraft Doesnt work, Pixel Format not accerated please help
  189. asus hd 7770 2gb5d graphic card not displaying 3 monitors
  190. Windows 7 on Celeron 2.0,no aero?
  191. Need something more powerful than xfx radeon hd 4850 1GB card
  192. How do i increase my Dedicated Video RAM
  193. Red dots
  194. Freezing with Colored Vertical lines
  195. Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - Hp Pavilion DV7
  196. Any graphics card which provide different resolutions?
  197. Win7 basic graphical tearing,Acer Aspire One Netbook/Intel 3600 series
  198. Computer freezes after installation of a new graphic card.
  199. dvi conversion
  200. AMD Driver has Stopped Responding
  201. AGP help!
  202. Solved Recent Display Error: "stretched display"
  203. Solved Help needed to remove 3d Application Profiles in AMC CCC
  204. My graphic card doesn't work as it should.
  205. Solved how to connect any Programe with ASUS N-Nvidia 550tigpu
  206. Solved Full Screen Wallpaper on Both Monitors?
  207. BD Playback stops because of graphic problem
  208. nVidia Quadro NVS 135M problem
  209. Windows 7 installing wrong driver for graphics card.
  210. Second monitor not detected
  211. Graphics driver not taking after install...restarts after install
  212. ATI HD 5770x2 or an ATI 6870?
  213. Does Biostar P41D3 Support GeForce GTX 660?
  214. the monitor of laptop does not turn off
  215. Desktop picture resolution differs from primary display
  216. What is the best connection type for what I am using?
  217. Solved 1GB dedicated vRAM or 2GB dedicated vRAM
  218. Problem With Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor In Windows 7 Ultimate
  219. Games will not display for me in Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  220. Deciding on a video card requires suggestions
  221. Solved can't find the desktop button
  222. Solved I7 3770K Bottlenecking?
  223. HD 4870 X2: PSU issue
  224. What kind of PCI slot for video does this MB have? 1,4, 16?
  225. attaining 1024x768 on asus eee 1015b
  226. Moving context menu links?
  227. Screen Resolution Problem
  228. Re-installed Windows7. Video card not detected :( geforce 560ti
  229. Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7
  230. Nvdidia Graphics Card Program Chooser
  231. Gt610 2gb
  232. Is a PCI-E16 1.0 Mobo compatible with a PCI-E 2.0/3.0 video card?
  233. Pop-down cell freezing on Dell Studio One screen.
  234. Help with chipset
  235. acer aspire m5630 hardware acceleration
  236. Random screen flickering, no known reason
  237. Windows 7 "changed highest screen resolution" WTF?
  238. display driver problem
  239. Laptop stopped recognizing offboard GPU
  240. Monitor shuts down before Windows 7 finishes loading
  241. ATI Radeon HD 5450 Driver problem!
  242. Gtx 650
  243. HHDMI: No signal when system is off.
  244. I am not able to Dual display. Monitor 1 loses signal after startup
  245. AMD Radeon HD 7520g-7670 dual driver error
  246. Solved second graphic card dont send output signals
  247. Video Ram issue.
  248. not increase/decrease the screen brightness
  249. How Can I Use 12 LED 46" TV's as My Display?
  250. Solved I've got a Asus GTX 560 Ti and i want the optimum performance for it.