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  1. Help please help !!!!!!
  2. 7770 or the 560
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  4. blocky video and pixellated games
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  6. About the HP 2211X
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  9. GTX 550 ti Problem
  10. Display Driver Stopped Responding
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  15. Need help buying GPU
  16. ATI Radeon 3000 Dedicated Video RAM
  17. Graphics card to HDTV issues
  18. New hd 7850 is causing weird artifacts only on desktop
  19. Is a GTX 550 ti a good gaming card.
  20. Solved Help me set primary adapter on AMD Catalyst 6520G+7670M
  21. Difference between GPU carriers?
  22. How do I reset the screen resolution
  23. Windows Resolution always switching on startup, graphics card updated
  24. strange behavior between same graphic cards.
  25. GPU on the way out?
  26. GTX 460 stagering in BF3! help/advice!
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  29. Nvidia trade in
  30. Monitor 2010i Red Background
  31. Need help with Nvidia 9800 GT graphics card
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  33. How do I use my vizio TV as a monitor for my dell Inspiron n5050 (VGA)
  34. Solved Sony Vaio laptop display error
  35. After monitor turns off, computer won't turn back on.
  36. display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recove
  37. Finally Finished my first build
  38. New Nvidia Beta Drivers = Slow system
  39. 1920x1080 Resolution Problems - XP 32bit
  40. Forcing Screen Resolution Higher Than Native Resolution
  41. Pci Video cards that will work with Windows 7 64-bit
  42. Ati radeon 7670m problem
  43. GPU Memory downsizes in Dxdiag w RAM upgrade
  44. Black Screen after updating graphics driver
  45. Solved Windows 7 x86 video driver for dell d800
  46. Solved 550ti SLI Flickering. Please Help?
  47. Black Screen death-Linked to Graphics Card!
  48. HD RADEON 5450 Freezing issue while playing games
  49. Onboard graphics card not working after BIOS update!
  50. BSOD error 0x0000009f Driver_Power_State_Failure
  51. graphic card problem
  52. 1280 x 720 on Intel 965GM
  53. Anybody know a reasonably costing graphics card for upgrading?
  54. Problems with AMD 12.8 and AERO
  55. Help.I need help from pros
  56. Suggest me suitable graphic card or any other solution
  57. Black Screen After Nvidia Driver Update
  58. BIOS Not loading full screen - 1900x1080 - Please Help
  59. One higher priced gpu or 2 lower priced cards on sli ?
  60. Windows 7 Monitor receives no signal after a while of functioning
  61. How to use 3 Monitors, Different Branded Graphics Cards
  62. Dell 23" u2312 16:9 or 24" u2412 16:10...please help
  63. Is theNVIDIA GeForce GT 630 2GB DDR3 128bit Good for gaming
  64. Dual Graphic Card Problem
  65. New card(s) help needed
  66. Is this Graphics card any good?
  67. Solved Resolution reverting back to 640x480 everytime computer is restarted
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  69. Dual monitor - One VGA, one HDMI
  70. Is EAX1600 Pro/TP/512M/A Good for gaming
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  72. Youtube video so slow
  73. Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding on 6770m
  74. ATI 7770 Shakes Busy Cursor Icon?! ._.
  75. No GPU acceleration in Chrome.
  76. Quick question : What video card does safe mode use?
  77. ASUS M2V MX SE suitable video driver for windows 7
  78. 1GB 550gtx ti card issue?
  79. Solved Catalyst control center help please!
  80. Driver stopped responding while playing Saints Row 3, then BSOD.
  81. Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality
  82. No settings that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center.
  83. Solved Differences between GTS 450 and GTS 450 OEM?
  84. laptop connection not detecting from HDMI to LCD
  85. quick quastion .. Nvidia 525m .. is it good for heavy games ????
  86. Solved Nvidia Queery
  87. Dell xps m1710
  88. Resolution issue on mbp win7x32 localhost vs online
  89. Solved Found a fix for my Nvidia driver problem
  90. max payne BSOD
  91. Second monitor not detected through dongle / splitter
  92. Solved screen flickering while gaming
  93. need help nvidia physx in intel300
  94. Solved i purchased TES: Skyrim for my laptop but it won't work!
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  104. PSU issue with GPU 680
  105. no signal on monitor
  106. AMD driver keeps going unresponsive
  107. Solved which is better ?
  108. two differant monitors in an Eyefinity settup
  109. A good graphic card for minecraft and gaming
  110. No Output from HDMI to External TV
  111. Any way to add more dedicated video ram?
  112. Dedicated Graphics Memory
  113. Solved Help to replace Graphics Card....Prior DIED!
  114. Which card is the equivalent to..
  115. Solved Intel HD video memory
  116. Help to fix my NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ 9300M GS on Sony Vaio VGN-Z12GN
  117. I am having some troubles with my 2 Radeon HD 7950's
  118. Solved Nvidia Get Force6150SE Udate?
  119. How do I update to 301.42 WHQL Driver on my laptop?
  120. Curser and screen locks up
  121. ATI RADEON 9600Series Crashes as I install Catalyst CC and Latest Driv
  122. Latest Intel HD4000 drivers drops WEI score
  123. Solved GTX 690 4GB + GTX580 3GB(PhysX)
  124. BSOD Caused Graphics Card to disappear from Device Manager
  125. Should I flash my Graphics cards BIOS before I return it?
  126. AMD Radeon 6870 help
  127. Nvidia Driver currupted, cannot uninstall or install over
  128. External Graphics Card Causing Slow Home Page Loads
  129. Is it necessary for me to update my AMD Radeon HD 6800 Now?
  130. Windows 7 Not Detecting PCI Slots after Format
  131. The graphics score is low in WEI scores !
  132. Computer does not see either of my video cards, just VGA compatable.
  133. Lower resolutions don't fit screen properly
  134. My ATI RADEON HD reads only 996MB
  135. Cannot switch on to 1920x1080 resolution...
  136. Can't display half of my resolutions
  137. 2x2 Configuration in NVIDIA Dual Graphics Card
  138. Can't display720p
  139. Solved Having trouble installing any and all Nvidia drivers.
  140. Graphics Card Advice Needed
  141. Fullscreen aspect ratio problem (black bars on lower resolutions)
  142. having trouble with my videohardware
  143. AMD display driver keeps failing
  144. Xfx radeon hd 4850 1gb gddr3
  145. Computer only "seeing" 2nd display via HDMI cable intermittently
  146. Catalyst Control Center keeps reverting back to older version?
  147. Advice on pc upgrades
  148. Question on Flickering Horizontal Black Bar
  149. Lenovo S10-3 external display (TV) problem
  150. Solved HOW to set up dual monitors in Ati HD RADEON 4600
  151. Weird thing going on with the Radeon 6670 GPU
  152. Best Monitor Tuner
  153. Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 - Crashes when using videogame application.
  154. Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor vs Nvidia 2X GeForce 8600M GS Driver
  155. Wanting to increase Dedicated Video RAM, in order to play Skyrim
  156. Maximized Windows On Second Screen Shows Edges On First Screen.
  157. Graphics card failing
  158. GTX 460 card crashing/freezing in games
  159. GTX560 Ti overheated to plus 100c
  160. screens run draggy like trails
  161. Toshiba Laptop Stretched Display, after Windows Upgrade
  162. My TV is not being recognised by MSI R7770 graphics card anymore.
  163. 70 celcius graphic card? is this normal temp?
  164. Windows doesn't recognize Radeon HD6310 in AsRock E350M1/USB3
  165. Solved What graphics card will be enough power in SLI with gtx 560
  166. SiS Integrated Corps. Mirage3 Graphics Update reinstall
  167. graphics card not detected
  168. 3 screens, 2 videocards, what are my options and how?
  169. Built new computer, getting video crashes randomly.
  170. New W7 user experiencing resolution problems
  171. Graphic Card
  172. Crossfire'd 5970 - $600 good value?
  173. if i increased the ram will the VRAM increase?
  174. How can i change setting for Gaming in Full screen?
  175. Gaming Notebook shutdowns during gameplay
  176. ATI Overscan settings take 5 minutes to load at startup.
  177. nvidia isn't installing latest driver
  178. Solved Please tell me do i have 1 gb nvidia geforce 210 graphics card?
  179. Aero lag on a dual-video card laptop
  180. Solved New build cannot find MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC card
  181. Problems with GeForce GTX 680M - BSOD
  182. various sudden fps drops related to dwm.exe with new HD5450
  183. Solved Two cards, SLI
  184. only signal i get is from vga
  185. HDMI cable not working with laptop to 32" Vizio tv
  186. Solved What do you think about X2-7950's vs getting X2-7970's
  187. New NVIDIA card causing freezes and driver-crashes
  188. R- hand display goes black for 2-3 seconds
  189. Reduce GPU Temprature by 10° C
  190. Solved Selecting the graphics card on my laptop
  191. External monitor problems
  192. Ati Radeon HD 5650 Driver Windows Seven 64 Bit !
  193. Solved Dual monitor problems
  194. Low GPU usage until restart
  195. nvidia gt 520 detected wrong in windows 7
  196. One of the two monitors setup randomly goes blank/dark
  197. problem upgrading the graphic card
  198. AMD Radeon HD 6570 VGA Port Not Working
  199. Solved Purchase upgrade HD6850 should I buy?
  200. Solved how to use both ssd and hhd drives in conjunction
  201. Solved whats the differece in 8x8 sli and 16x16 sli configurations on mobo's
  202. What kind of graphic card be upgraded on this computer?
  203. Nvidia video card crashes in 3D - error report and files attached.
  204. Is this a good graphics card?
  205. Windows Explorer 9 rendering fonts improperly?
  206. Resolution Stretch fit screen issue.
  207. What should I know before overclocking this graphics card?
  208. 680 vga card
  209. Setting up 3 monitors on Radeon HD5450 without adapters?
  210. GPU Problem!
  211. Graphic Card Guidence Help
  212. is integrated GPu can be a dedicated in laptop
  213. How to keep HP dv6 cooler without losing processor power
  214. Help enable display adapter win7 ultimate
  215. Anybody know the equivalent AMD Radeon card?
  216. Nvidia geforce graphics card 320 overheating
  217. Intel Graphic card not listed in my Device manager
  218. nvidia geforce gt630m driver update problem
  219. Window 7 display problems
  220. Help With Dual Screen / Monitor
  221. Hooking up PC To TV (1080P) Questions!
  222. Solved BSOD playing games(UT3, Tribes:Ascend etc) Graphics or hardware issue?
  223. Ribbon siz
  224. HP Pavilion 9540us Windows 7 OS, won't detect Nvidia Graphics Card
  225. Max payne 3 BSOD
  226. Solved Nvidia GT525M issue in Dell Inspiron Core i5
  227. Can't Boot Windows in PCI-e Slot 1
  228. Problem Moving Folder Windows
  229. Not able to update catalyst on hp dv6t
  230. Screen resolution
  231. Windows kernal driver stopped responding and has now recovered?
  232. Need halp with nvidea 525M
  233. AMD fuel service
  234. Solved problem upgrading graphics card
  235. Problems with Dual Monitors - Help would be awesome.
  236. Problems with Dual Monitors
  237. Solved ASUS vs MSI - GTX 580
  238. Solved Need help picking a vid card
  239. GfxUI has stopped working
  240. (Help) Disabled the monitor
  241. Solved Cant enable dx 11 in amd catalyst center
  242. Sudden drop in GPU memory
  243. Intel HD Graphics 64mb - 1696mb Dynamically allocated question
  244. How do I change the video output from my laptop
  245. Generic PnP Moniter
  246. Dedicated video ram
  247. cant connect my tv with my computer to use as monitor
  248. Solved Secondary monitor resets on reboot
  249. Dell inspiron 1121/ m101z w/Intel HD: HDMI no output. how to???
  250. Graphics card died..... Should I bake it??