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  1. Win7 x64 Realtek audio, on high bass notes, audio goes way down
  2. Yet Another X-Fi install problem in Windows 7 64bit
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  4. trying to set up my phone into mic port
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  7. Headphone seems to be broken suddenly
  8. Surround sound
  9. Multiple sound output
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  11. No Stereo Mixer in Recording Devices
  12. Solved How do I enable front panel audio ?
  13. Microphone Won't Transmit All of A Sudden
  14. Solved Boost audio output
  15. volume turns off when i play solitaire or email for a long time
  16. Headset is messed up...
  17. Sound playing too fast
  18. Problem with the "Print Complete" sound
  19. Windows 7 Home Premium 32,No sound and can't browse any sites
  20. Sound Blaster Xi-fi Titanium and Microphone Noise
  21. Creative inspire 5200 5.1 on Realtek ALC 892
  22. Speech recognition icon to turn mic on/off is missing
  23. Solved Help no sound just installed windows 7 x64
  24. No sound PLEASE HELP...
  25. Annoying "open lid" sound.
  26. Laptop connection to TV - No Sound (Qwaves HDMI Quicklink)
  27. No speaker or headphones are plugged in and Realtek HD Audio Manager
  28. Suggestions for buying 5.1 Surround Sound System!!!
  29. Microphone is really quiet
  30. Sound is suddenly low
  31. Headphones vs Monitor: HDMI audio, SRS for Monitors, & Realtek ???
  32. ripping cd with win7
  33. Sound Card upgrade?
  34. Solved Need help with bad(?) Realtek driver update
  35. Windows 7 update disabled audio
  36. Mbox 2 mini not showing up in PT10
  37. Solved Cannot access Dell/Realtek Sound Manager
  38. Playing recorded sound through the mic input
  39. Windows 7 Sound ?
  40. Gearhead headset drivers for Win 7
  41. audio on laptop dragging while playing videos and music
  42. External Powered 5.1 Sound Card
  43. incompatable driver for sound card
  44. Where do i get Resltek HD Audio Driver 5.1
  45. Solved Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Cannot detect my sound card!
  46. Option to choose audio device for specific program?
  47. Audio - Everything fine but Choppy Voices
  48. USB Headset showing as speakers, LOUD!
  49. Realtek HD Audio Limiter? (Setting a limit on max volume)
  50. Eliminate ambient noise while recording? Missing audio settings?
  51. Sound card or not to sound card, that is the question?
  52. Very low sound in HP Mini 2140, Win 7
  53. New Diamond Xtreme Sound 7.1/24bit (XS71DDL) - no sound.
  54. Solved New sound card, can't setup 5.1
  55. Speakers stuck in headphone mode
  56. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI - microphone problem
  57. How to get both audio devices working together?
  58. This device cannot start (code 10)
  59. Thinkpad R60 - Microphone not working; sound barely audible
  60. Sound from right side only after windows wakes up
  61. Microphone Not Working Realtek Audio Asus M5A88Mevo Motherboard
  62. HDMI Socket not working
  63. Popping noises over headphones/speakers at F/B panel !!! HELP!!!
  64. No Sound Realtek HD - ASUS N53SV
  65. HP dv6-2170us will not play sound from either onboard speakers OR
  66. Sound Recorder Not Finding Existing Recording Devices
  67. Does windows 7 equalize sound output?
  68. Solved S/PDIF Optical out - No sound from receiver (onboard and sound card)
  69. Solved Xonar ds sound volume fading in and out issue
  70. Unable to open RealTek HD Audio Manager on Windows 7
  71. no microphone
  72. Stereo Mix not recording
  73. Microsoft Money Sounds
  74. Headset mic ssshhh/squeaking noise.
  75. Sound driver
  76. Solved Stereo Mix sounds like a mic
  77. Just cant get sound drivers to work
  78. Recording Devices crashing!
  79. Solved How do I change sound mute key in W7 Pro
  80. No Sound From Speaker Or Headphone, Realtek ALC665 AC'97 -Windows 7 64
  81. How to activate additional built-in laptop speakers(4+1)?
  82. Sound problem in Compaq C794wu with windows 7 ultimate x64
  83. Solved Driver for sound won't install
  84. Auzentech Prelude wrecks Sibelius 7 due to ctaud2k.sys by Creative
  85. Windows 7 Audio Enhancement Tab problems
  86. Bose Companion 5 - how to increase treble/mixer?
  87. No sound to HiFi speakers when HDMI Cable Connected
  88. Sound Card & driver?
  89. AMD high-definition device switching HDMI/Local-Speakers/Headphone
  90. Solved I lost my volume control
  91. Line-in recording device gone. Want to record from my external stereo.
  92. Solved HDMI playback, system sounds nearly inaudible
  93. Bose Companion 5 with USB Headset - Compatibility Issues
  94. New Computer + Compaq S2021 = No Sound
  95. Solved System sounds quieter than the rest of the audio
  96. 8400 GS no sound via HDMI
  97. Sounds still plays through speakers when headphones plugged in
  98. speaker crackle when hdd is working
  99. Outgoing Mic Too Quiet, Possible Solution?
  100. Microphone recording digital audio
  101. Solved Need to know Good sound qualizer?
  102. stereomix recordings and static noise
  103. Microphone playing output
  104. Solved Where to find Realtek
  105. cant find driver for my sound card
  106. Realtek HD audio front output jack, no sound.
  107. New Computer, No Sound What so Ever
  108. Realtek Hd Device problem on my Windows 7.
  109. Audio Volume
  110. "No Audio Output Device Is Installed", but I HAVE installed one?
  111. Solved Built in Microphone not being recognised after a install of windows 7
  112. Sound from HDMI and pc speakers at the same time
  113. Windows Audio Driver Enhancement
  114. Logitech 2.1 -- sub slider in C.C. speaker settings does nothing!
  115. "No speakers or headphones are plugged in" Win7 ult. x64 HDMI>AVR>LCD
  116. Sound Popping
  117. Please help getting 5.1 SS in games with Omega Striker sound card
  118. Problem with playbacking sound.
  119. Going seriously POTTY with persistent audio 'tizz-ling' on new build!!
  120. Front panel to motherboard connection
  121. Left Earphone Not Working When Plugged Into My Laptop
  122. RealTek OnBoard Sound Issue - No Sound
  123. Sounds cut short
  124. Realtek HD Audio/Motherboard Not recognizing any Audio Devices.
  125. Can't get Rear Audio jacks to work While cable connected to front jack
  126. Laptop Make Weird "Click" Sound
  127. Stereo Mix not functioning properly in Win7
  128. Cannot find Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows 7
  129. IDT Audio Drivers Won't Install - Win7x64, clean install
  130. No audio/video via HDMI on the TV - mobile intel chipset drivers issue
  131. My Sound is too loud how do i tone it down a bit?
  132. How do I remove Lenovo HD Audio Manager?
  133. Speech recognition in guest account - Problem
  134. dvd movies no sound with dolby dvds on wmp...
  135. If SmartAudio stops working try this.
  136. Solved realtek problem
  137. Is it possible to mix my own sound?
  138. Windows not detecting input from headset
  139. "You just unplugged a device from the audio jack" upon loud sounds
  140. Buzing, sizzling sound playing in the background constantly
  141. HDMI device in Sound manager
  142. HP Pavilion 1117dx G4 problems..
  143. Windows 7 Sound Mixer not retaining settings
  144. Solved Best SteelSeries Siberia uSB sound card settings?
  145. Music Producer needs help get rid of CPU overloads
  146. No sound In Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, but wmp works
  147. Solved Quickly switch default audio from speakers to HDMI and visa versa
  148. Problems opening sony sound forge and windows media centre live tv
  149. Setting up 5.1 surround sound using only red and green audio jack.
  150. The Realtek Audio Driver stops working,want to record Music
  151. How to create a desktop shortcut (or hotkey) to speaker setup page?
  152. top 5 music players
  153. 9xxPlatronix Bluetooth headset connection conondrum
  154. New Motherboard, No Sound
  155. Sound problem. Plz help.. images attached..
  156. Vinyl restoration help for Sony Sound Forge 10.0
  157. voice/effect sounds low to non existent error
  158. Microphone doesnt work?
  159. Speakers quietly screech when games are loading from hard drive
  160. Solved How do you check the version of the lame encoder?
  161. Solved Speakers Error, Please Help! It's urgent
  162. Log in to windows 7
  163. DSP Plugins
  164. Stereomix enabled despite being disabled... frustrating and baffling.
  165. SPEAKER Out Jack is not detecting in WINDOWS 7/VISTA !!! any HELP?
  166. Sound
  167. MSI 790fx-gd70 no sound
  168. Front I/O Audio Jack not working.
  169. MP4 Files
  170. Solved Gaming Microphone Randomly Stoped Working! Help Please!
  171. Strange problem with audio playback devices. Headphones not showing up
  172. Static in front audio, only when windows is running?
  173. Windows Event Sounds Do Not Play
  174. Audio right channel not working at all after installing windows 7
  175. Missing Sound Video & Game Controller in Device Manager, no sound
  176. Cant get 5.1 audio configuration over HDMI for Windows 7 (64bit)
  177. No sound from speakers or headphones, computer shows them as unplugged
  178. CD ripping question using WMPlayer
  179. How do I increase maximum volume?
  180. Solved Missing Sound Mixer In Audio Options
  181. Realtek Audio Only Stereo
  182. No 5.1 audio configuration over HDMI Windows 7
  183. Periodic no sound from HDMI
  184. Sound crashes after upgrading to windows 7 from vista
  185. HELP!!! please i need some help about my audio without sound
  186. My IO shield is routing noise through my computer speakers.
  187. Sample Rate questions, what should they be set to?
  188. No sound in Flash or HTML5, works in everything else
  189. Need +30DB to be heard when using microphone.
  190. Front Jack is broken,The back one isn't shown in Audio Prospeties.
  191. Having trouble switching from Stereo to 5.1 in Win7x32
  192. Solved swf files
  193. Speakers not showing up
  194. Lack of Line-in icon in record panel
  195. M.A.D.?
  196. Audio settings not saving after shutdown
  197. Diamond XS51 + Logitech Z506 not working properly
  198. Default Communication Device
  199. Solved Connecting my Computer to LG TV no SOUND through HDMI
  200. Upgraded to 7 Ultimate from Home Premium, and now no sound.
  201. speakers started making this weird anoying sound i can't stop it
  202. Question about getting best quality files off a CD
  203. Sound devices auto-changing
  204. headphone speaker does not work but my mircrophone does HELP!
  205. Solved Media player opens but audio or video file won’t play
  206. WMP 12 cant play music CD
  207. AVI file playing video and not audio
  208. Solved Logiteck X530 rear left is sub woofer
  209. Computer audio is being picked up by mic input.
  210. Solved No sound after after new motherboard installed
  211. Audio Scratchy with video and full screen view, such as boston.com
  212. Windows 7 x64 kernel probs with RME Fireface 400
  213. IDT HD Sound getting alot of feedback unless headphones are plugged in
  214. help findin adapter to enable both 5.1 devices to connect but select 1
  215. how to use intel hd audio
  216. How to use a phone's output audio in Windows
  217. Monitor sound problems
  218. Best Sound Editing Program?
  219. What microphone is AnandTech using in this video review?
  220. I Need Help Choosing a New Sound Card
  221. Winamp Trouble
  222. Solved Srs audio essentials & Srs hd audio lab?
  223. Trying to use front audio jacks for teamspeak 3 only
  224. speakers & sound card?
  225. Muting specific audio devices with hotkeys/macros
  226. Solved Audiophile 2.1 sound system for Xonar D2X sound card.
  227. Solved Aimp 3.00 build 976
  228. No sound after upgrading from WINXP home SP3 to WIN7 Home premium SP1
  229. Skype sends my audio output to call participants
  230. No sound (code 10 error) windows says I have best drivers, any help?
  231. Bush USB Turntable CTT6-PCR
  232. Solved How to disable windows sound completely
  233. Sound on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit not working?
  234. Headphones Bluetooth pairing but no sound
  235. Realtek microphone problem
  236. configuring system with two sound controllers installed.
  237. Solved Safe place to get sound drivers from?
  238. No ingame sound when using skype or teamspeak. HELP!
  239. Solved no stereo mix option,help?
  240. Distorted Sound on Toshiba Laptop
  241. Asus Xonar D2/PM Install Problems
  242. Solved carputer sound issues
  243. No headphone or speaker device.
  244. Solved Problems with headphone virtualization
  245. Realtek HD Audio Manager Download
  246. Using stereo mix & built in mic together:Need help configuring proper
  247. Solved Need help saving audio software while I do revert to original specs
  248. No Windows 7 Startup Sound
  249. Sound stops working a few minutes after boot up
  250. No sound after RAM upgrade - Windows 7 64-Bit