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  1. No HDMI audio from new Gigabyte (NVIDIA) GT220 graphics card
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  13. Solved Whats really the best sound. file format?
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  21. srs technology
  22. Sounds are coming out of my speakers even i plugged in my headphones
  23. Can't hear the music after saving with Sound Recorder
  24. Computer Recognizes Headphones and Mic, but neither work
  25. Windows Default Sounds
  26. Logitech Z 506 5.1 stereo>surround
  27. codec problem
  28. Monitor Speakers not working when connected via HDMI to laptop
  29. Problem about playing sounds in my headphones only
  30. USB Midi Won't Work Anymore
  31. Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio: Speakers pop when I click some things
  32. Play one audio source through Speaker and the other on Headphones
  33. audio issue with windows 7 home edition/realtek
  34. Looking for mp3 to ac3 audio conversion software (freeware or paid)
  35. Latest realtek driver made my audio system sound terrible
  36. SRS Audio Essentials takes over my Realtek sound...
  37. How to fix the latency?
  38. All other sound Stop playing when I talk to someone on Skype
  39. k lite or windows 7 codecs ?
  40. Audiojack not being recognised
  41. Crackling sound while playing music, games etc.
  42. Solved One of my audio devices is installed, but not listed as a default dev
  43. Sound control panel configuration
  44. AC'97 Sound (Microphone Device) Suddenly Not working
  45. Yamaha MIDI driver install fails
  46. HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone
  47. How do I change the default volume pop up for windows 7?
  48. trying to get this sound to stick
  49. Audio Service Is Not Running - Power Service Non-Existent
  50. Microphone and Speakers Problems (IDT Audio)
  51. Very annoying hissing noise (Any device that is plugged in)
  52. sound blaster audigy + m-audio fast track pro - remove?
  53. Stereo Mix - getting reverberation, no driver SFX enabled.
  54. accidentally deleted built-in mic and cant retrieve it Help
  55. Solved ac 97 realtec drivers in win 7
  56. Solved "No audio output is installed" error
  57. Installing two audio drivers
  58. Unable to record using microphone, not a hardware problem
  59. Changing default sound device with a macro?
  60. Intex IT-4800W not working as it should
  61. wma pro audio
  62. all sound stops
  63. Windows Media Player can't find audio files now
  64. Solved digital conversion w/ car pc
  65. Solved How do i use both headphones and speakers at the same time?
  66. Solved Why doesn't Realtek on my laptop recognize headphones?
  67. Solved front panel headphones not working
  68. How do I change my audio jacks from under one playback device option?
  69. microphone problem
  70. Solved Speaker mode (unable to change to Headphones)
  71. Sound problems using VIA VT1708S 8-channel High-Definition Audio Codec
  72. RealTek odd behaviour when using Pandora?
  73. Sound Card Seems to Shut Off After a Certain Amount of Time
  74. Disable/Re-enable Sound Acceleration possible..?
  75. sound card
  76. Extern AudioCard: signing Output channels to Applications?
  77. foobar2000 related issues
  78. Stereo mix is good, but gives me a secondary problem. - Any1 help?
  79. Gapless flac playback in WMP 12?
  80. ASUS P5KPL-AM Sound Randomly Stopped Working
  81. Audio dosen't sync with video in windows live
  82. Realtek / AC97 ? Does this soundcard really Suck
  83. Sound problem
  84. Crackling
  85. Earforce DX11 turtle beach no sound output./3.5mm jax issues
  86. Sound/Mixer icon has red cross. No Audio Output Device is installed.
  87. Asus P5VDC-X Windows 7 X32 Sp1 No Sound!
  88. Solved Are there any cables to connect my 5.1 surround sound to tv?
  89. Can I hook up my laptop to an older Pioneer home theatre 5.1 system?
  90. internal speakers not showing on playback devices
  91. Volume increasing automatically!
  92. mic not working help!
  93. Creative Audigy SE Bass management
  94. No 5.1 speaker config
  95. Downloaded .wav file will not play in sound effects
  96. capture m-audio fast track sound using my notebook
  97. cant hear anything through the headphones
  98. Windows 7 Audio Reduces itself
  99. No sound with Creative Labs CT4810
  100. Windows does not recognise new soundcard
  101. Problem while executing console launcher for creative sound blaster.
  102. high dpc latency 3.8 seconds! ataport.sys intermittent a/v buzz/freeze
  103. Sound
  104. Using Stereo Mix with USB headset?
  105. no audio when connecting hdmi to syncmaster 2333hd monitor
  106. Gigaware USB headset sound cuts out randomly
  107. Solved Cannot Realtek HD Audio Manager GUI/settings
  108. Background music during Windows 7 Setup
  109. Can't set HDMI audio as default
  110. Solved How do I turn off the clock chimes
  111. Microphone stops with applications when I plug in my speaker.
  112. Solved Application Volumes Changing on Add/Remove Device
  113. skipping first 2 seconds in program/ system audio
  114. XFi Titanium, W764Pro, Hollow/Flat sound
  115. Windows 7 5.1 problem
  116. Low volume when using headphones
  117. Solved Srs Audio Sandbox
  118. external sound card advice for use with monitor speakers
  119. Sound Dipping in and Out with Click
  120. Subwoofer doesn't seem to work
  121. Solved No recordable sound
  122. Solved Windows 7 5.1 Surround sound help
  123. No Audio Output Device is Installed
  124. Need sound to come out through 2 devices at the same time
  125. Windows 7 5.1 Surround.
  126. Solved No sound on HDMI TV Output
  127. Mic stopped working with programs, works fine with monitor check?!
  128. Solved Wireless headphones give no sound after new Monitor Installation
  129. Razer Mako - Realtek & 2.1 Speakers
  130. Sound delay in Windows Explorer
  131. 5.1 surround doesnt work
  132. Multiple Headphones?
  133. microphone picking up very little sound, checked basic causes
  134. sound card
  135. Wireless Headphones
  136. Genius Sound Maker Value 5.1 Crackling Sound
  137. IDT integrated soundcard. Need to change jack assignment?
  138. Sound trouble, could be a memory issue? (Dell Inspiron 1545)
  139. Playback Devices Problem "Headphones Disabled"
  140. Sound Card recommendations
  141. No Audio Windows 7
  142. Bad sound occuring when sending audio to second monitor
  143. convert WAV file to TXT file
  144. Does anyone know of a PCI ,PCIe card (or USB) That is a AM Radio Tuner
  145. Problem with getting my Griffin radio shark to work on windows 7
  146. Stereo Mix Doesn't Pick Up Computer Audio, Picks Up Mic
  147. I do not see a spdif interface
  148. Bad sound quality, have realtek drivers installed.
  149. No sound with Windows 7 Home Prem. x64 on Acer Aspire 5742G
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  151. Interference when playing music
  152. Beats Audio
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  154. windows 7 choppy sound after recording with synth
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  156. looking for a good pair of headphones for skiing
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  158. Odd microphone problem.
  159. 'Speakers: Not plugged in' issue. No sound from speakers/headphones?
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  162. Creative sound card, windows 7 compatible volume control?
  163. problems with headphone port and non working speakers Dell Inspiron
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  165. Audio Device Disabled (tried all normal approaches)
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  167. Soundblaster card problem
  168. Volume control gone.
  169. Turtle beach x41 headset not being picked up by windows 7 64bit
  170. Problems with realtek sound
  171. H61M-E33 (MS-7680) No Sound Windows 7 32Bit
  172. SB0460 Not Working on Dell T5400 With Windows 7 64
  173. Sound issues when using Sonar 8.5 with x fi fatality champion card
  174. Audio driver dilemma (Stereo mix problem)
  175. Win7 x64 bit isn't detecting Mic for my headphones
  176. Cmedia 8770 not outputing 5.1 on Win 7
  177. Static problem
  178. Realtek High Definition Audio Troubles - Not Detecting Anything
  179. No sound while using usb modem on Win7 Professional 64 bit machine
  180. No Sound in 2 Rear speakers
  181. Realtek ALC888S onboard audio, no analog detected
  182. how to connect 4.1 creative M4500 subwoofer to dell N5010 lap
  183. My laptop sound sometimes disappears
  184. Audio Problems, XLR to 3.5mm MIC constantly on, FL not recognising MIC
  185. Speakers play ONLY when headphones are plugged in
  186. Applying sound enhancements to all audio
  187. Problem - Audio Devices Disappear (video inside)
  188. Solved Accidentally deleted audio driver.
  189. creative labs-Extigy Sound card--help !
  190. Solved Recording audio
  191. Microphone not giving any input.
  192. Using sound recorder with a USB microphone
  193. No Audio Devices Are Installed in Recording Tab
  194. Audigy 2 craps, Asus Xonar DG 5.1 or Diamond XtremeSound 7.1/24 bit?
  195. Sound card drivers show as working but still no sound
  196. device conecting sound
  197. PC Audio output to Mic
  198. windows 7 realtek sound disappears after restarting pc
  199. Solved I have opened up my laptop, and now I need urgent help, audio jack brk
  200. problem installing supreme xf2 soundcard
  201. Audioses.dll Error when sound is going to be used
  202. Reducing wav file size (audio file) for powerpoint?
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  204. Acer Aspire 3690 w/ Conexant: "No Audio Output Device is installed"
  205. Annoying Sound Issue, Very 'Moody' Speakers
  206. Temporal, recurring noise on microphone (maybe an unwanted boost?)
  207. Volume/Audio Fluctuates in & out Windows 7
  208. Sound drops during game play
  209. Buzzing, Hesitating Media Files
  210. Soundmixer cofiguration
  211. Components required for installing audio in multiple rooms?
  212. is it possible? Keeping sound on in sleep mode?
  213. strange boing noise
  214. Broken Headphone Jack
  215. Adobe Audition will not record sound from internet, or desktop mp3's
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  226. Internal microphones not working
  227. Cant seem to record with audacity?
  228. Auditorium Sound
  229. No internal microphone after Windows 7 reinstall
  230. Looking for a Text to speal from a command line
  231. No Sound HELP. Windows Seven Ultimate
  232. sound issues windows 7
  233. No sound through PC speakers but headphones working - Acer Aspire 5336
  234. Win 7: Ultimate 64bit - silent microphone
  235. problem with audiodg.exe
  236. Empty Audio Enhancements tab
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  238. Mic & Speaker
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  240. headphones help
  241. How to stop play sound via both Headphone and Speaker [Urgent]
  242. Can't change any file properties, error 0x80004005
  243. Playback Devices - Multiple Outputs
  244. Solved Microphone works on Teamspeak, Skype etc. not on GFWL.
  245. No sound in speaker but in Headphone for IDT Codec
  246. Realtek ALC892 + Headphones
  247. WMP Duplicating Files Problem
  248. VST bit bridge for foobar2000
  249. Sound -> Recording -> Stereo Mix -> Listen to this device, causes echo
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