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  8. please help me
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  14. Experience with HT Omega Striker 7.1?
  15. Speakers Not Working
  16. Need sound (microphone) boosted / amplified
  17. No Sound from Speakers with Onboard Audio
  18. Sound help
  19. Adding microphone input to stereo mix
  20. intermittent sound output :s
  21. No audio??
  22. alienware sound theme
  23. Solved No Audio service / problems with Graphics card
  24. Solved Just because it's not been asked before (?) - "Stereo Mix"
  25. USB Headphone Jack Volume Issue
  26. Audio Mutes and Unmutes
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  28. Most Popular Web Cams
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  31. Sound Recorder: I can't hear the sound
  32. Dell Inspiron 6400 Microphone Problem!
  33. headphones mode audio problem
  34. Solved Microphone problem
  35. No sound
  36. external speakers have no bass but internal ones do
  37. SteelSeries USB Siberia Sound Card Problems
  38. Good audio for my new system
  39. no sound using HDMI GT 430 in win7 x64
  40. adjust bass/treble - is there a download i can install?
  41. Wireless Headset issue
  42. Audio&Video Stuttering on my homemade PC
  43. need the right sound driver! FAIL!~!
  44. HP dv6 No Vocals through headphones *Help*
  45. Just installed windows 7, No sound
  46. Acer Aspire 5741 "no audio output device installed"
  47. mobo audio input help
  48. choppy sound
  49. New windows7 system-no sound
  50. need help like mad going crazy
  51. Sound quality while using webcam
  52. HDMI Sound problem.
  53. No Sound After Booting (sometimes)
  54. all of my sound drivers are gone!
  55. No sound with onboard audio
  56. microphone on Toshiba L450D Laptop not working
  57. very loud scratching noise when viewing youtube vids
  58. HDMI and speakers simultaneous ?
  59. Asus D2x Frying Sennheiser RS120/140
  60. Broken piece of a headset is messing with my outputs!
  61. Program not appearing in Volume mixer
  62. Realtek HD Annoying prompts
  63. Problem converting song
  64. Karaoke Option to Transpose Music in Windows 7
  65. Weird Random application muting
  66. windows 7-64bit upgrade no sound
  67. hear differnt apps through headset n speakers 2gether
  68. How to save audio profile when doing HDMI extended ?
  69. No audio output device installed
  70. ALC 888 // No audio output device is installed
  71. media player classic
  72. Help Speaker compare
  73. Uneven sound
  74. headphone jack unplugged
  75. Burry Sounds-Need Help
  76. I've a problem with Realtek ALC885
  77. Recording sound and it's complications -.-'
  78. Audio card choice
  79. Problem with windows media player..
  80. HDMI Audio Issue
  81. Silencer and Voice-FX on X-FI Titanium
  83. Creative sound blaster X-FI audio card PCI Express - Options Missing
  84. HDMI Sound issue
  85. Strange microphone problem, is heard by Windows, but not Skype, Steam
  86. no sound after install
  87. Microphone Background Noise Annoyance
  88. Mic is not working on 7
  89. Speaker to Headset help..
  90. Dell Bluetooth awful
  91. DVDs but not Cds
  92. Headset Help
  93. Solved What is the best mic ?
  94. Using Chrome : Fuzzy Noise / Crackle
  95. Cannot change the default playback device
  96. Microphone volume won't stay put
  97. Solved Lost Audio
  98. Help needed on hearing my voice in the head set.
  99. Weak Line-in signal using Xonar DX with discontinued Dell C521
  100. No sound coming out of my TV monitor
  101. Windows 7 Ultimate Installed... No Audio! :(
  102. Crackling and Poor Sound on Win7.
  103. Microphone Low Playback
  104. Command Line Utility Change Sound Device
  105. How do you turn off all sound effects?
  106. Low sound after SP1
  107. USB Trouble Since Update
  108. Right Speaker not working: Asus Xonar D2X
  109. Upgraded from Vista to Win 7 Ultimate (NO SOUND!)
  110. Confuse on Audio Issue...
  111. Digital sound connection issue
  112. Customizing audio profiles and shortcuts
  113. USB Condenser Mic Recording Volume Level
  114. SRS Premium Sound, Audio not playing natural.
  115. No sound after hibernate/sleep
  116. Headset not detected
  117. Poor Audio Quality in Windows 7
  118. volume symbol gone
  119. Sound Test works, but speakers wont work
  120. Replacement for Nero Sound Tracks?
  121. "You have disconnected something from the audio jack"
  122. Looking to purchase studio headphones, Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitorgood?
  123. Realtek installed but NOTHING happening!
  124. Can hear the others but they can't hear me
  125. "What u hear" - Low sound volume
  126. USB headset
  127. French voice?
  128. I still have crackling/hitching/popping in all applications
  129. Scrambled Noise At Higher Frequencies
  130. Win 7 changed my chosen sound profile
  131. Multiple programs running sound
  132. No sound in Microsoft Headphone
  133. X-fi Titanium Problems: EMI etc.
  134. recording phone calls in my laptop
  135. Help I can't find any Intel D865GLC Audio Driver for Windows 7 32-bit
  136. Solved Recording internally?
  137. 5.1 Setup Right Surround Playing Through Left Surround
  138. I can hear someone else from my speakers
  139. Headphone/Default Speaker Volume control
  140. Windows sounds only through one speaker
  141. 2 questions about codecs.
  142. Sound Properties Box Appears on Startup
  144. no bass coming out of my subwoofer
  145. Stereo Mix Distortion (Win7x64 HT Striker 7.1)
  146. Solved Is The Razer Mako 2.1 Speaker system good?
  147. Solved I've looked and looked
  148. Sony vaio no sound through hdmi
  149. No sound from LG 50PS30FD Plasma TV from Windows 7
  150. How can I keep Win7 from turning off my sound when idle?
  151. Bit Rate in HD Audio Device
  152. I lost my sound
  153. How do I keep the sound playing while laptops closed
  154. Delta 44 only working in 24khz
  155. Windows doesnt detect Sound Card
  156. Windows doesnt detect Sound Card
  157. Help
  158. HDMI no sound on tv
  159. Solved Why does my audio mess up a bit when I launch my browser?
  160. Solved Mind boggling audio cracking
  161. Can't Use MicroPhone
  162. I can't get mic to play through SPDIF...
  163. Cable for digital audio out for SB Audigy 2 card
  164. Solved all soud stopped working
  165. Windows 7 & PodProducer
  166. Have no sound at all
  167. New Sound Blaster 5.1 VX card crackling and low volume...
  168. Solved Cannot get Realtek 2.58 to install!
  169. laptop does play sounds on lid open/close
  170. No Audio Devices Installed, Help !~!
  171. Cant Install Sound drivers That Used To Work.
  172. Audio Issues in Win 7 Home Premium
  173. Realtek audio working for 64 bit, but not 32?
  174. TheBest Audio Manager??? Recommendations
  175. Can only use default recording device
  176. Accidently UNINSTALLED HD CONEXANT!?!?
  177. How the HDMI Audio works from my GTX 560TI to my Asus HD Screen(MS228)
  178. compaq internal mic not working after installing windows 7 ultimate
  179. Problems to hear myself on the microphone - delayed sound feedback
  180. Kinyo UC-270B speakers not working
  181. Sound Blaster Xi-Fi MB Drivers
  182. Line-in Troubles
  183. built in microphone for Latitude E5510 not working
  184. Swap left/right audio channels
  185. Latency fixes for win 7?
  186. no 5.1 out HDMI or Fiber optic?!
  187. Solved start navigation sound and internet explorer 9
  188. Bluetooth Headset disconnected itself every 1 min while using Voip app
  189. Just bought a new soundblaster 5.1 VX but no sound...
  190. Cracking, dragging sound, causes video lag..struggling for 6 months!!
  191. Solved USB mic settings
  192. No HDMI Audio Signal
  193. Settings - full range speakers not staying on restart
  194. 5.1 Sound card not working
  195. Another Realtek Crackling Problem
  196. Can't display Sound "Volume" icon?
  197. No audio output device is installed...
  198. No audio driver found
  199. sound dips in and out whenever it feels
  200. Sound/music playback stops entirely after some time
  201. microphone sounds in headphones
  202. Headset vs External Speakers
  203. midi
  204. Copy music fron CD to Memory card.
  205. H67 PCI issues anyone else?
  206. Recording What You Hear
  207. Onboard audio - Stellar or not?
  208. Card for Inspiron 580S
  209. windows media player problems
  210. help my headset/stereomix
  211. New Email sound
  212. Solved I Need help with 7 sounds
  213. Can't stop recording from headphones
  214. Asking :SOUND DRIVER High Definition Audio Device Driver
  215. Automatically mute new applications...?
  216. No sound after installing windows 7
  217. input to output
  218. How to disable hp volume splash screen
  219. Laptop muting itself
  220. Too Noisy Background
  221. HTPC - no HDMI 5.1 output
  222. i cant record sounds!
  223. two external audio devices?
  224. No sound on recordings' playback - clip recorded on this PC!
  225. input latency with rocket fish on w 7
  226. Creative audigy 4 crackling recorded sound HELP :((
  227. Solved Front headphone jack does not mute rear speakers
  228. No Sound Through Speakers, Different theories
  229. Stereo Mix not working
  230. MP3 Player that WORKS in Win7 Ultimate x64
  231. Microsoft sound drivers?
  232. Sound issue (Conexant sound driver)
  233. What's the point of adjusting sample rate and bit depth?
  234. USB headset cracking/popping during music playback
  235. Need help with Front Panel HD Audio
  236. Problem with Sony Soundforge 7 on Windows 7
  237. Acer aspire 6930G sound prob
  238. Creative sounder blaster audigy card.
  239. PLS Help* Headphones realtek Audio Manager
  240. Replacing internal laptop speakers?
  241. Microphone problems.
  242. No sound in windows 7 after BSOD, tested with 3 different soundcards
  243. HP + IDT HD Audio = Selective Headphones
  244. For Users of the Crosshair IV Formula Motherboards
  245. Enable applications to control system volume
  246. Realtek driver question
  247. Need help x.x
  248. My microphone doesnt work
  249. Sound distorting after win7 install
  250. Problem I am having after upgrading from XP Home