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  11. 5.1 Two Rear Speakers Not Working
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  13. Visual Question (icons)
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  16. only one speaker working
  17. Idt high definition audio codec
  18. New computer - Mic doesn't work
  19. Help fixing hd audio device on ultimate please -have tried other fixes
  20. Albums come and Go
  21. Can' Play CDs in Media Player
  22. Sound on music files but not on videos
  23. Splitting Sound Outputs
  24. Front Jack problem
  25. Registry Current Control Set
  26. Sound disappears!
  27. How to change the Windows 7 startup sound?
  28. Equaliser for Sound Card?
  29. Asus P5P43TD PRO audio problem
  30. MSI GT680 - Internal microphone issue
  31. No sound
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  33. Maestro-1 support?
  34. Blue Eyeball microphone dont work
  35. Left and right channels are mixed together
  36. audio driver
  37. Windows 7 Sound gone after Sleep mode Help
  38. 5.1 Audio System
  39. Laptop microphone doesn't work
  40. Solved Sound issue...new Dual Monitor Setup
  41. windows 7 sound latency
  42. Smart Audio Equalizer
  43. ASUS Laptop Windows 7 Audio Issue (Distorted/Crackling) Please Help
  44. Annoying Default Bug
  45. change audio device from realtek
  46. easy help get inside !!!
  47. Low sound volume Playback through Headphones
  48. soundmax
  49. How to adjust microphone / line in volume levels
  50. wifi speakers needed?
  51. Question about audio connections
  52. Problem with codecs
  53. Cannot set 5.1 config with SB Audigy 2 ZS
  54. ASUS Motherboard - Detects headphones but no sound
  55. nVIDIA + Realtek = conflicts
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  57. Audio Equalizer???
  58. Sound Wave - Reducing help!
  59. One PC, Two monitors. Two Audio outputs possible?
  60. No Speaker Volume Control with HDMI Monitor
  61. SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum and Win 7 ?
  62. Audio is slow and choppy
  63. Sound comes and goes
  64. Can one of you gurus help me out ?
  65. Headphones/earphones don't work
  66. hdmi audio
  67. Audio stops working when using microphone!
  68. Speaker system question-Altec Lansing ADA995
  69. Quickly switching between Stereo/Quadraphonic speakers
  70. Audio Purgatory -how i got here and why my head hurts
  71. Danger in running Windows' volume all the way up to 100?
  72. [Recording] Stereo Mix Available, Sound Recording Not
  73. [Win 7 32bit] Weird hangups usually when playing sounds
  74. Gaming Headset
  75. Problems with Stereo Mix/Wave
  76. volume goes up, and then drops back down to zero
  77. The Audio Service is not running
  78. WMA Audiobook/Overdrive Media Console
  79. Computer sounds coming through the speakers
  80. Lagging, "Flickering" sound in videos and more
  81. Left Channel Very Quiet with Analog Audio
  82. Volume Mixer Being Pissy
  83. X-Fi Platinum Champion Series issue
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  85. No Sound. PC not regestering drivers or card itself.
  86. Realtek high definition - bad sound quality
  87. If i select all MP3 in one folder only one file play, How to solve it?
  88. Realtek problem, always says unplugged...
  89. Built New System - Cannot Record
  90. audio issue
  91. Extremely low sound from earphones...Help!
  92. Realtek ALC889
  93. Windows 7 upgrade, now mic doesn't work (soundcard problem)
  94. HDMI output No Audio after Windows 7 install
  95. Windows 7 mic not working
  96. Static on built in Conexant Microphone
  97. Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Championship Series Crackle/static/pop
  98. No sound for my events
  99. IM notifications muting Pandora One desktop app
  100. Recording issue - "Show Disabled Devices" does not work
  101. recording sound in Win 7 64bit
  102. System Sounds are gone!
  103. Sound Problem Under Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
  104. Realtek HD Audio Manager Help! Sound not working, only subwoofer.
  105. W7 64bit: mp4 Codec for WMP
  106. Having problems with hdmi audio
  107. probleme commande du son sur clavier de portable
  108. Windows 7 x64 All Sound Skipping
  109. Solved Volume Mixer keeps resetting.
  110. No sound through HDMI?
  111. Problem keeping (blue) line in as Front out
  112. Dual audio drivers?
  113. system crash/freeze/restart while playing audio
  114. Sound Stopping
  115. no sound from rear spkrs p6x58-e realtek
  116. WIN AMP alternative
  117. Painful Noises in Headphones
  118. Line in (blue) issue
  119. Unwanted clicking sound when surfing the net?
  120. I cant locate audio drivers
  121. Overdubbing - 2nd recording sounds "phase shifted"
  122. Volume control not working?
  123. Windows 7 sound, microphone device only
  124. Solved Radeon HD 5750 no HDMI sound
  125. No sound after deleting (Visual Basic 6)
  126. conexant high definition smartaudio 221 ??
  127. Any way to improve the computer's internal mic?
  128. mic not working on front panel
  129. Stereo Mix-How To Record Microphone and Music
  130. Common DLL not working... and I have no sound
  131. Help! Recording audio with my sound recorder
  132. NO AUDIO: Dev. Man. = installed; Everything else = not installed
  133. How To Let The Volume Change When Plugging In Headphones?
  134. Can't use bluetooth headphone with my wired earpiece!!!!
  135. No Sound :(
  136. still "no speaker or headphones plugged in", even with brand new card
  137. Windows Doesnt detect when I unplug my headphones
  138. any advice
  139. Microphone sound level?
  140. Dolby Bluray sound able to convert to 2 channel
  141. No audio, (AC97, onboard soundcard ASUS mobo)
  142. Sound Levels Constantly Changing on their own
  143. Suddenly lost volume from You-Tube......
  144. How to set blue audio port as line-out?
  145. Cracking/intermittent audio and lag.
  146. Sigmatel High definition audio codec help
  147. Installing Realtek Audio Manager
  148. Solved Glitchy Sound
  149. No HDMI output in Playback device list
  150. VIA HD AUDIO DECK sound distortion
  151. Cpu says that headset Mic isn't plugged in
  152. Better Conexant drivers?
  153. Problem with creative hs-1000
  154. Windows 7 Sound Distortion
  155. Sound Icon in Systray will not open Sound Dialog
  156. System sounds won't stay muted
  157. Two mics in Skype.
  158. No Sound Anomaly
  159. Sound lag
  160. why do i have to change default format (sound hz )
  161. Changing Jack in VIA HD Audio Deck
  162. Easy to use midi software
  163. Sound Occasionally Doesn't Work (Win7x64Ultimate)
  164. Where can you download the realtek hd audio manager?
  165. Inspiron 9400 upgrade from XP Media to 7 Ultimate - now no sound!
  166. No audio
  167. HP Dv 9000 (dv 9740eo) No Sound ! HELP !!!
  168. No auto-detect output for Realteck on Windows 7 device
  169. Strange "directional" audio problem
  170. Got sound from my headphone jack abut nothing from speakers
  171. Issues with built-in microphone.
  172. stereo mix doesnt catch sound
  173. Sound spike and lag, skid off
  174. Volume Bar Missing
  175. Have video but no Audio, when streaming live
  176. Microphone not working on X-Fi XtremeGamer
  177. No audio!
  178. very strange sound problem in windows 7
  179. Line In - Problem on Realtek HD ALC888
  180. SRS Premium Sound Control Panel can't find other devices?
  181. Speaker/Mic Issues with Windows 7
  182. Solved Sound recorder
  183. Help on Asus P4V533-MX Audio Driver
  184. Auto switch to headphones from HDMI audio?
  185. ASUS Xonar DS Advice
  186. Sound Skipping, Rarely, But Sometimes
  187. Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, you guys know this
  188. No sound through left speaker
  189. no sound due to missing PCI input device
  190. Bink audio stutter
  191. Audio Devices Not in Mixer; nor Audacity
  192. My microphone doesn't work
  193. Xonar Essence STX
  194. No bass with 5.1?
  195. microphone static please help
  196. No audio output device is installed
  197. Realtek Sound - Odd Issue
  198. Talking Book - what format for older Portable CD player
  199. Realtek ALC892 SPDIF ports are disabled?
  200. Enabling stereo mix on windows 7
  201. Realtek Audio not detecting analog inputs
  202. switch between headphones and speakers?
  203. Realtek audio output limited to default setting.
  204. Speakers are not plugged in even tho receiver is turned on from sleep
  205. Installed win 7 64 bit now sound wont work
  206. Solved Help needed to stop Windows sound
  207. GTX460 and sound difficulties
  208. no audio output device is installed
  209. Solved Sound Popping during gaming
  210. Using Stereo Mix without speakers
  211. Speaker has not working in Dell Vostro 320
  212. Speakers to loud. Help?
  213. Old SB LIVE Drivers
  214. 5.1 speaker problem
  215. High Definition Audio Controller not working after Windows 7 Update
  216. Microphone is being monitored by headphones even when muted
  217. Problem with Lifechat LX-3000
  218. Speaker Prob in 7 ?
  219. windows startup sound
  220. Sound and video stuttering.
  221. Advanced Audio Settings/Controls
  222. W7 x64 - poor sound levels
  223. Surround Sound from laptop
  224. ASUS's VIA vs Realtek
  225. Audio is not working
  226. Media Player in Win7 is a simplified version?
  227. Static background noises with my headset plugged in to sound card
  228. Solved Another No Audio Output Device Is Installed thread
  229. Issues with my audio options
  230. Extremely low volume in headphones/speakers
  231. No audio recording device
  232. System Event - Changing sound makes a sound, how to mute it?
  233. Make the error sound stop.
  234. How do you Install Sound scheme
  235. fuzzy sound,massive lag and high cpu usage
  236. Extracting system sounds
  237. How do i turn up my center speaker to hear voice better?
  238. Acer Aspire 6920G and 5.1 Speakers Setup
  239. No Audio, HDMI (unplugged), No Audio device listed
  240. Virtual Midi Controller + Midi Keyboard w/ Reason
  241. Sound Stuttering on Audio CDs
  242. Realtek win7 x64 Tried it all will not install Get BSOD
  243. Incorrect Sample Rate on Playback
  244. I have sound for approx. 1 day... then it's gone
  245. Solved No sound
  246. Realtek HD come from one speaker
  247. Reset Audio (Devices and or Settings)
  248. How to keep audio output on when screen goes off?
  249. SRS Premium Sound problem
  250. sound card isn't working