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  1. low volume on speaker and on mic
  2. Muffled Sound and can't hear talking.
  3. Creative HS-420 headset mic not working
  4. audio breaks up/stops while typing
  5. Speech Recognition Won't Open
  6. Front panel headphone won't mute speakers and transfer audio
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  10. Audio device not installed
  11. Solved Envy 24 5.1 sound works in vlc, the control panel but not in wmp wmc
  12. Sennheiser PC363D Headset - Good Buy for $200?
  13. sound card louder?
  14. Microphone Quality Problems
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  16. No sound on windows 7 running dual monitors
  17. Rocksmith 2014 Edition: Realtone Guitar Adapter won't go enabled
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  19. Solved Jacks picked up by computer but still no sound, checked control panel
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  21. QSB Speakers stopped working
  22. Crackling white noise sound when connecting Laptop to TV
  23. Solved Logitech G35 headset..
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  25. Computer stuttering once every few minutes.
  26. Solved Where does the phantom music come from
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  28. Sound Devices Have Disappeared
  29. Renaming Controller Information for USB Headset
  30. Doubling up tracks
  31. Solved Broken headphone jack stuck, how to play through speakers?
  32. Solved Streaming audio stutter in video while buffering
  33. Windows 7 no output audio device installed red cross
  34. Amplification adjustment of microphone
  35. Solved Audacity
  36. my sound doesn't work no longer
  37. My mic doesnt work
  38. No Sound
  39. Solved Sounds mutes every minute or so
  40. USB Sound Card or DAC
  41. New Computer: Sound card not detecting speakers.
  42. Music is fine but voice is distorted? Corsair HS40.
  43. Cancel audio from microphone
  44. Microphone doesn't work
  45. Can Audio Service be activated in Safe Mode?
  46. Rosewill N300 PCI Wireless Card Broke my Realtek HD Audio
  47. Solved No Sound from Laptop Speakers
  48. windows audio: error 1075 the dependency service does not exist or has
  49. Bluetooth headfones with a good range?
  50. Solved How to connect wireless headphones to PC
  51. Windows 7 volume mixer per application issue.
  52. windows 8 sound issue
  53. Internal microphone failure (not working)
  54. Solved Windows Audio Service doesn't start until I adjust volume
  55. Non-usb headphone set, microphone not working
  56. windows keep swapping activation of speaker/headphone
  57. Windows detecting headset as generic USB, will not allow use of 5.1
  58. Windows 7 - Use two different sound profiles, is it possible?
  59. Not detecting speakers?
  60. How To Stream Different Audio To Different Sound Outputs?
  61. Solved Using a Graphic Equaliser With Realtek Audio?
  62. Static in Speaker
  63. Realtek ALC887 suddenly decided to stop working at all...
  64. Computer won't play sound, "One or more audio service isn't running"
  65. 2 x 2 stereo signal on Win 7
  66. Solved no sound fox news web site
  67. PC does not recognise a microphone
  68. Your built in microphone volume keeps changing itself on skype
  69. audio service not working, dependency service does not exist...
  70. Solved Sound Issue - Help ASAP!! :(
  71. Windows sounds won't turn off?
  72. Solved Ear/headphones notworking, speaker fine.
  73. Realtek Audio and THX TruStudio. Together.
  74. Headset Mic Jack not working
  75. Solved Installing Audio on MSI motherboard
  76. Sound Goes Loud and Quiet Continuously!
  77. Dell XPS M1333 clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate, and now NO sound
  78. Just installed Ubuntu, now Windows doesn't recognize my speakers.
  79. Solved Sound not working
  80. Is it possible to script frequent changes to monitor/sound settings?
  81. Solved HDTV audio device disabled, then vanished
  82. Dolby surround of my sound card doesn't work properly
  83. Laptop Inbuilt Microphone
  84. New Keyboard Causing Constant Beep In Headset
  85. no sound windows media player and vlc, youtube fine
  86. High Definition Help
  87. No Sound - Have to keep re-plugging in speaker connector
  88. No sound after HD update on ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 MB
  89. IE11->audiodg.exe->itopens files for am AMD on an Intel i7 box
  90. WinFast DTV Dongle H Plus crackling sound
  91. How to get the best audio from xonar dgx
  92. No sound over HDMI to hdtv
  93. MP3's lag and jitter regardless of the player I use.
  94. Muting HDMI Sound
  95. Microphone does not work with skype
  96. Line-Out jack full mono?
  97. AC 97 front audio cables on this mb front audio? msi ms-7548
  98. Windows Update causes error code 52 for audio driver in Device Manager
  99. Solved How can I use 2 audio outputs at once?
  100. Can't get sound to work on both PC & TV (SB0730)
  101. Audio Reverb after Mplayer shutdown
  102. Alienware m15x IDT Microphone echo?
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  104. Windows lowers volume for Steam phone call, will not go back
  105. Custom System Sounds Change Not Working?
  106. Help with Skype and Teamspeak needed
  107. Front Panel Mic not working with Sound Blaster Z
  108. No HDMI audio shows in the panel?
  109. Solved Windows Won't Recognize Headset
  110. Solved No sound when i plugged in micromax modem
  111. No sound when headset is plugged in
  112. Solved Front mic port not working/shown in sounds
  113. Can´t find the driver for audio card, win 7 64bits
  114. Solved Stereo Mix Via High Definition not picking up sound.
  115. Solved hear my pc
  116. Asus X54C sound not working
  117. New Creative wp-450 headset microphone not in recording devices.
  118. Stereo Mix Not Detecting Sound
  119. How do I connect two audio devices to the computer using bluetooth?
  120. Solved ASUS XONAR DS 5.1 on Win7
  121. Using two audio devices the same time...
  122. Solved 5.1 system in-built soundcard Speaker-fill not working
  123. Problems with Audio Playback with STR-DN1020 Receiver & NVIDIA Drivers
  124. Problem with my sound, got delayed 0.5s randomly
  125. Windows sound spiking with a microphone.
  126. AMD HDMI Output - Not Plugged In
  127. Problem with 7.1 setup Radeon HD 5770 and Onkyo TS RX608
  128. i have a dual monitor display and want sound from both monitors
  129. All audio output choppy
  130. Random sound
  131. Solved W7 does not recognize wireless headset
  132. Default Audio Device keeps switching using Razer Virtual Surround.
  133. Windows 7 balance needed, NOT volume control for each speaker
  134. Windows volume icon disappeared and no longer accessible
  135. SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Mic not working
  136. Solved Looking for an equalizer?
  137. How to get the most out of Integrated sound cards in recent boards?
  138. Solved No Sound with HDMI connection
  139. Solved All system sounds are the same
  140. Solved Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output
  141. Ripping Audio from DVD
  142. Chrome remote desktop sound if speakers are default, no sound on spdif
  143. Streaming Flash audio static and choppy?
  144. Solved All speakers work. Its just this dang control panel.
  145. Solved Sterownik audio płyta główna P5VDC-X Windows 7
  146. Built-in Laptop Mic won't register sounds except for my Sound Recorder
  147. Sound output asleep after about 20 - 30 minutes
  148. Solved Repairing a missing idtcpl64.cpl file
  149. How can I find out which speaker system I have on my laptop
  150. Solved No audio at all
  151. System cannot recognize headphones and microphone
  152. Headphones dont work on skype
  153. Record and play audio on windows media center
  154. Solved No 2.1 audio channels
  155. Realtek Audio Drivers stuck installing
  156. Audio Drivers Enabled and Visible, yet no Sound.
  157. Accidental Removal of Sound Device
  158. Intermittent popping/crackling noise during audio playback
  159. sony vaio laptop
  160. Realtek mic problems :(
  161. Solved Windows Audio Service won't start
  162. Windows Encountered Problem Installing Bluetooth Audio Driver
  163. Speakers not plugged in but they are and working on other PCs
  164. HDMI audio issues from HP laptop to tv
  165. Realtek HD Audio Manager not there/problem with headset
  166. Solved "Sound" window (from taskbar) very slow to open
  167. Not Receiving Any Sound
  168. microphone port problem
  169. Solved Noise when touching laptop keyboard or bezel
  170. Embedded Midi Files Windows 7 vs Android Device
  171. Solved Windows doesn't detect my speakers? Detects headsets/headphones
  172. No sound in front panel jack
  173. Solved burning audio cd
  174. Microphone(Handheld) has 1/4 - 1/2 second delay
  175. Windows shows an audio device but doesn't play any sound. (Realtek)
  176. Solved How to use my digital speakers with an analog out PC
  177. Feeding the webradio into the house speakers ??
  178. Headphones show up as Speaker/HP
  179. Sound through jack output works randomly
  180. USB audio device equalizer...
  181. Audio Interference Problems with my DAW
  182. Sound randomly turns off after multi tasking
  183. Solved Windows Update Breaks RealTek Audio
  184. Log on screen sound/music?
  185. klipsch promedia 5.1
  186. New Subwoofer Help
  187. My Space Music Not Playing in IE 11 (2)
  188. Missing 'equalizer' in Realtek HD audio manager
  189. Solved Sound Randomly stops
  190. Why does sound stop at times--can't be heard and yet....
  191. Computer only plays sound through one speaker/headphone.
  192. Corsair Vengeance 1500s Not Disabling Speaker, Whine When Mic Used
  193. Headphone speakers acting like a mic??
  194. Installed DAC - now mute button doesn't work
  195. Sound breaking up
  196. no audio device installed
  197. Annoying static like "pop" from speakers
  198. Sound Recorder time limits
  199. Solved 'make sure file or folder not protected' message
  200. Help! Realtek HD audio manager cant run in my pc!
  201. Solved Howling and Squeeling when recording
  202. My Thoughts on Creative's Soundblaster ZXR Sound Card
  203. Solved Suggestions for cubase 7 professional sound card for Asus z87pro mobo
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  205. Solved Headphones Not Recognised In Playback Devices, Please Help.
  206. Solved Sound no longer works
  207. Popping/crackling noises after changing mobo
  208. Atheros AR938X Wireless Network Adpt Settings ?
  209. Logitech G35, Logitech G930, or Corsair Vengeance 1500?
  210. Solved no sound out of earphone jack
  211. Solved My Space Music Not Playing in IE 11
  212. Solved Crackling/Scratchy Sound in my Netbook
  213. Solved Headphones with built-in mic only works sometimes
  214. Solved Logitech Z205 laptop speakers
  215. Speakers crackle and pop
  216. Deciding On Mid-Range Headset Options
  217. Windows 7 Realtek HD and Logitech z906 Problem
  218. Microphone is not recording my voice!
  219. Solved 1 or more audio services not running
  220. Annoying BASS Bug,,,Ummm, Really Really Annoying Bass Bug.....
  221. Intermittent sound on new installaton with new mobo
  222. Recording problems!
  223. internal microphone no working in my compaq presario cq 42
  224. Prevent W7 Switching Audio Device When Connecting/Disconnecting USB De
  225. Solved Microsoft can't detect Audio Devices
  226. High Definition Audio Controller Disabled
  227. No Audio Output device is installed
  228. Can't Hear Midi Files on Hard Drive
  229. Solved RealTek sound not recording
  230. Integrated Audio Jack broken?
  231. Solved Desktop only outputting Left audio. Right does not come out.(Speakers)
  232. Sound problem
  233. Solved Input device not available
  234. Trying to change default playback device - nothing happens
  235. Sound will play from headphones but not speakers. (Desktop)
  236. No audio output device is installed...?!
  237. Is there a freeware software-based volume amplifier for Windows?
  238. x fi elite pro settings
  239. Headphones work laptop speakers dont--my fix-it attempts so far
  240. How to toggle between default sound device using hotkey
  241. Internal and External Microphone
  242. Solved Difference between Realtek HD Audio Manager & Realtek HD Audio Driver
  243. Solved No audio output device is installed
  244. Sound schemes for Windows 7
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  246. Solved Sound intermittently stops
  247. Dell vostro 3300 headphones problem?
  248. Sound lags/stops working when running certain Programs
  249. Solved Sound on desktop stopped working; see repair attempts
  250. Trying to record internal sounds, no signal detected in Windows