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  52. how to apply a specific sound to a specific action
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  75. The Mind-Boggling Thing That's Every Happened To Me.
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  95. default devices
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  107. Best video converter
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  124. sound problem
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  128. HDMI audio echo
  129. Volume control on left channel only - Asus Xonar Essence STX & win7
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  131. Multi-Channel Cards
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  144. what is the "file type" of a dvd??
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  152. Please Help : This device cannot find enough free resources that it
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  157. Computer does not output any audio.
  158. conexant high definition audio and intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI
  159. windows sometimes disables my laptop speakers
  160. No audio input device found
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  162. Subwoofer sound sent to front/center
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  166. Sound Fading Out
  167. How to get System Tray Sound icon to show mixer
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  175. How do i change jack option
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  181. no sound or mic
  182. Microphone not Working
  183. Speakers and Headset wont work
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  186. On screen volume indicator
  187. Multimedia Theory Wanted: references, theory of operation, etc.
  188. Windows doesn't disable automatically volume control
  189. Audio doesn't work during Skype.
  190. What is the highest sample rate and bit depth in the shared mode ?
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  192. VAC: Splitting the System Audio
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  196. changing sound levels on multiple video's at once
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  198. Front Panel on both builds not working
  199. Stereo Mix not Working
  200. Solved no sound wav message arrival (microsoft outlook 2010)
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  207. 5.1 Output
  208. Internal speakers/headphones issue...
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  239. general: sound system
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  249. Virtual Playback Audio Device - How?
  250. Does setting the "subwoofer" to 100 actually produce any improvements?