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  1. HDMI Audio not Plugged In... not all the time
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  4. Possible to Change Sound Scheme via Command Line?
  5. USB Headphone and mic, picking up electronic noise.
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  7. Micro
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  10. Realtek HD Audio
  11. Experiencing severe audio lag when doing things graphically intensive.
  12. Staticy Sound output (only over Realtek Device)
  13. Solved Hdmi & vga
  14. Onboard Realtec Sound Recording
  15. External USB Speakers suddenly not working on my Asus laptop
  16. Solved How can I use two seperate headsets w/microphones simultaneously?
  17. How to limit max. volume windows 7?
  18. Realtek Vs Nvidia
  19. Audible Caps Lock won't function
  20. How can I record Audio AND Vision from my Sonar X1?
  21. No Sound on Dell Laptop
  22. Solved cd region code?
  23. Windows Do Not Trigger Thier Sounds (Maximize, Minimize, Close)
  24. I am missing my audio device, need help please...
  25. File Name /song does not play in car after editing?
  26. DELL inspiron n4010 sound's problem
  27. Cant change the default recording device
  28. Realtek HD audio manager interface not showing advanced settings
  29. Solved No Sound When Connecting via HDMI
  30. Solved Need help enabling Realtek audio device.
  31. Make MP3 file louder
  32. Windows Sound event not working
  33. Not a W7 problem, but a wanted 'how-to' if poss
  34. Mic issue!
  35. Laptop Headphone output not working properly (Win7)
  36. No sound in Razer Tiamat 2.2
  37. Solved No sound
  38. Need help my sound stop working how to fix?
  39. Solved No sound on my desktop
  40. Acer 8930 - 5.1 cinematic surround not working
  41. USB Headphones showing as speakers & Realtek not recongising either.
  42. Sudden burst from Headphones
  43. Audio jack for headphones not being found
  44. Steelseries 9h usb soundcard. Motherboard: ASUS Z87-A. Dont work
  45. Volume beeps when it reaches maximum but no audio sound on PC, Win 7
  46. Help Needed. Audio Problems
  47. IE loads page with sound, causes audiodg.exe to load 100s of files
  48. How to disable audio jack?
  49. Microphone picking up sounds, but not voice.
  50. Solved Windows 7 Ultimate, equalizer settings issue.
  51. Sound problem stops
  52. Headphones working as speakers
  53. Solved Realtek ALC887 sound issue
  54. Mute key won't work since upgrade to x64
  55. Sound Intermittent
  56. Solved edited mp3's won't play on XP
  57. USB Headset louder with one USB port than the other
  58. Microphone Question
  59. Headphone sound very low
  60. No Stereomix On windows 7 And Later Operating Systems Easy Fix
  61. The Windows Audio service is stuck on stopping and won't restart.
  62. I sound like I'm talking from a fishbowl
  63. Are there any good programs to change mic EQ?
  64. Solved Windows Audio service stops itself.
  65. Toshiba Laptop Sound turns off
  66. I just brought a SteelSeries Siberia V2 - And It doesn't work.
  67. Static noise in background when headphones plugged in?
  68. AMD High Definition Audio (Not plugged in) or not recognized
  69. Device is not plugged in.
  70. Audio crackling/stuttering on Windows 7, latency problems
  71. Solved Win7 realtek audio balance not working
  72. How to Change IDT audio driver to Realtalk ?
  73. No sound on YouTube in Chrome (only)
  74. No Output device is installed, audio not working
  75. Solved Sound Card stops Windows from starting
  76. Sound randomly Changes
  77. conexant HD audio not working windows 7 64 Bit
  78. Sound to TV Has Stopped
  79. Laptop speakers vs bluetooth wireless using google voice
  80. Sound not working anymore!!
  81. Realtek HD problems...
  82. Distorted sound
  83. Realtek HD Audio - Speakers "Not plugged in"
  84. Solved Stereo Mix giving awful echos - tried everything...
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  86. audio not working leading to blue error screen and restart. help!
  87. Computer Detects Headphones That Aren't There
  88. Sound pls really need help
  89. Solved System Notification Balloon Sound Won't Play
  90. Solved Window 7 from XP audio driver changed.
  91. Acer 6530 running Windows 7, can't get Dolby to work
  92. Solved Sound issue !
  93. Audio Recording Level of G-Track Mic Jumps up randomly to 100%
  94. Sound with welcome screen
  95. Realtek audio manager missing
  96. 5.1 audio system problem
  97. Can't hear any sound for no apparent reason
  98. No Speaker audio - Headphone audio okay
  99. Solved Windows 7 Soundcard Needed
  100. Record live stream audio
  101. Analog Sound is not working(probably after multiple power outages)
  102. Sound jumping from normal volume, to extremely low.
  103. upgrade soundcard
  104. Realtek Event 1000 Application Error
  105. Some System Sounds Won't Play
  106. Headset speakers play whatever sound the microphone picks up
  107. Controlling volume on wireless headset and logitech keyboard
  108. Headset not detected after launching Day Z
  109. Asrick FM2A88X onboard Blown Now Sound Card? Help!
  110. cmd line way to mute line in realtek hd audio card
  111. HDMI Audio Device No Longer Appears as Playback Device
  112. sound scheme: where can i find other sounds?
  113. Default Sound Device changes on restart
  114. Solved No equalizer - what can I do?
  115. Experiencing (Very) Low Sound Output on ASUS A8He
  116. Mic white noise when recording
  117. Fix The Onboard Audio Or Stick With Sound Card
  118. Microphone not recording anything but white noise
  119. Live feed on Line-in and Skype on mic
  120. Unable to configure speakers on Laptop.
  121. Asrock Computer Outputs Not Sound
  122. How do I set an audio file to play daily at a set time
  123. No/limited audio after waking pc
  124. Solved New Headset
  125. Sound card problem - headphones work, notebook speakers don't
  126. Solved Distortion sound using onboard realtek sound card on windows 7ultimate
  127. Bluetooth mic barely audible, Intel Centrino 2230
  128. Distorted and crackling audio
  129. lookin for
  130. Paired bluetooth speaker does not show as audio device windows XP
  131. Sound Drivers.
  132. Audio Driver
  133. CD does not start automatically when inserted
  134. Windows7 asio priority is causing processes to block each other.
  135. Beats audio
  136. Sound gone on Sony Vaio SVF15A1M2ES
  137. Sennheiser Mic is way too quiet, but with mic boost on it has static.
  138. sound card increace volume?
  139. Built in audio recorder on laptop no longer recognized
  140. Solved Baffling audio problem in Chrome
  141. Havit™ Microphone not working,Saying its not plugged in.
  142. High DPC Latency, causing Audio STUTTERING after a couple hours uptime
  143. Difference between Audio Cable and Aux Cable
  144. Trouble with right front speaker: crackling/popping sounds
  145. need "always on top icon & msg for "default audio input/output device"
  146. "Error Starting New Recording" Windows 7
  147. Acer laptop sound not working
  148. Sound latency in live monitoring
  149. Razer Kraken 7.1 vs Steelseries Siberia V2 3.5 USB
  150. Start a program when bluetooth headset turned on???
  151. Solved Realtek issue
  152. Burned CD music skipping--multiple culprits possible
  153. rear channel audio issues
  154. Solved Microphone Vol not turning up in windows..
  155. Riviera Turtle sound card isn't being recognized during CD install?
  156. Soundblaster dont work anymore after switch PCI-E Slot
  157. Creative Sound Card not found in Win 7 Ultimate
  158. MP3 tracks playing beyond the seek bar
  159. Razer Kraken Microphone volume really low
  160. Solved Crackling and popping audio.
  161. Sound low, even when maxxed out.
  162. Solved Have music played in WLM
  163. Stop Hardware adjusting audio?
  164. Solved Windows Audio Service crashes constantly on any "sound" action
  165. Solved acer 5552 speakers stopped working after installing audio driver
  166. Can't output to two devices now on Windows 7?
  167. Use two PCI soundcards on W7
  168. Solved TV pop up audio
  169. Need help installing old sound blaster live onto windows 7
  170. Solved HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO Drivers for the Motherboard GA-8I915PM
  171. cant use headphones with computer, pretty sure its not the headphones.
  172. Realtek HD audio output gone
  173. "Scan for Hardware Changes" fixes audio problem, but problem returns
  174. Solved XtremeMusic PCI Card No Sound After Reboot
  175. No sound, cant fix it, dont know whats wrong.
  176. Audio device disappeared
  177. A few Creative Sound Blaster Z problems. (Sleep Mode, Front Ports)
  178. 5.1 Speakers, Subwoofer Not Working.
  179. Looking 4method or software 2increase the volume of front speakers
  180. Problem with disappearing audio in a Windows 7 machine
  181. Microphone No Audio Input Device Found
  182. Solved Headphones with mic
  183. Staic background noise. Win7x64
  184. Need EQ software for SB Audigy SE
  185. No sound from rear audio jacks after installing W7
  186. Microphone not working after upgrading from vista to windows 7
  187. Solved How Can I Create a Mic Mute/Unmute Key on my Keyboard?
  188. My Computer Speakers (2.1) do not work
  189. Internal Microphone Suddenly Not Working After Windows Update
  190. Friend Can't Hear Me On Skype
  191. Audio Device Not Installed / Cannot Start
  192. Can I use microphone port on MB to feed output to amplifier?
  193. Solved Controlling which Frequenzy Each Part Of Sound system Controls?
  194. Solved Upgraded MUTE PC
  195. Audio only works for a few minutes
  196. Can head friend's background noise on mic (fans, game, etc)
  197. low volume on speaker and on mic
  198. Muffled Sound and can't hear talking.
  199. Creative HS-420 headset mic not working
  200. audio breaks up/stops while typing
  201. Speech Recognition Won't Open
  202. Front panel headphone won't mute speakers and transfer audio
  203. Solved Can't get the sound to work on a new system
  204. cant record & no sound with audacity
  205. Sound cutting off at random times
  206. Audio device not installed
  207. Solved Envy 24 5.1 sound works in vlc, the control panel but not in wmp wmc
  208. Sennheiser PC363D Headset - Good Buy for $200?
  209. sound card louder?
  210. Microphone Quality Problems
  211. Solved No Audio output Devices Sony Vaio Wgn-fs730
  212. No sound on windows 7 running dual monitors
  213. Rocksmith 2014 Edition: Realtone Guitar Adapter won't go enabled
  214. Solved Music distorts when using wireless mouse
  215. Solved Jacks picked up by computer but still no sound, checked control panel
  216. Solved No audio input device problems
  217. QSB Speakers stopped working
  218. Crackling white noise sound when connecting Laptop to TV
  219. Solved Logitech G35 headset..
  220. Solved No sound whatsoever coming out of my PC.
  221. Computer stuttering once every few minutes.
  222. Solved Where does the phantom music come from
  223. Solved VIA VT8237R Integrated Direct Sound AC'97 audio for windows 7???
  224. Sound Devices Have Disappeared
  225. Renaming Controller Information for USB Headset
  226. Doubling up tracks
  227. Solved Broken headphone jack stuck, how to play through speakers?
  228. Solved Streaming audio stutter in video while buffering
  229. Windows 7 no output audio device installed red cross
  230. Amplification adjustment of microphone
  231. Solved Audacity
  232. my sound doesn't work no longer
  233. My mic doesnt work
  234. No Sound
  235. Solved Sounds mutes every minute or so
  236. USB Sound Card or DAC
  237. New Computer: Sound card not detecting speakers.
  238. Music is fine but voice is distorted? Corsair HS40.
  239. Cancel audio from microphone
  240. Microphone doesn't work
  241. Can Audio Service be activated in Safe Mode?
  242. Rosewill N300 PCI Wireless Card Broke my Realtek HD Audio
  243. Solved No Sound from Laptop Speakers
  244. windows audio: error 1075 the dependency service does not exist or has
  245. Bluetooth headfones with a good range?
  246. Solved How to connect wireless headphones to PC
  247. Windows 7 volume mixer per application issue.
  248. windows 8 sound issue
  249. Internal microphone failure (not working)
  250. Solved Windows Audio Service doesn't start until I adjust volume