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  7. can't enable
  8. windows 7 audio mixer
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  10. I really need someone to help me with HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO CONTROLLER
  11. Forcing playback device
  12. No Audio Output Device Installed
  13. No Audio Output Device
  14. no audio output device - realtek ac '97
  15. best speakers ?
  16. nokia ovi player fails to install
  17. Defaults to Stereo
  18. Mic doesnt work
  19. Windows 7, Realtek, Far Cry = No 5.1
  20. Audio glitch
  21. Realtek onboard sound card: Static/Crackling noises
  22. Sound Won't Work "Error failed to play test tone"
  23. NO Audio Output Device is installed.
  24. Welcome Sound Delays?
  25. Win7 on Bootcamp/Mac - no sound
  26. Sennheiser PC 350 Problem? Win 7?
  27. Audio Popping/Crackling
  28. realtek HD help please
  29. MPC audio static and picture probs.
  30. Solved Help! Accidently disabled sound playback
  31. No USB Audio windows 7 x64
  32. ASUS Mobo - No sound
  33. Onkyo 608 HDMI sound issue, help!
  34. What audio player?
  35. System sounds are not loud enough
  36. Satellite L300D Emitting High Frequency Sound Constantly
  37. Windows 7 sounds
  38. Bios disables Realtek HD on wake from sleep
  39. Can't play music while gaming
  40. disable volume adjustment click in bootcamp
  41. Conexant Pebble High Definition SmartAudio PROBLEM!!!
  42. Headphones problems/audio
  43. 'Select Full-range Speakers' option in windows 7
  44. Where should i put my subwoofer?
  45. Problem with Sigmatel Audio Driver for Inspiron 1525
  46. Crackling, static w/ Realtek onboard after switching to Win 7
  47. No Sound
  48. How do i stop the sound from my headset being heard in my mic?
  49. Microphone only works through StereoMix
  50. Volume level continuously changes
  51. speakers muted automatically with some reason
  52. HELP! music is playing in the background but no music program is open!
  53. Can't figure it out
  54. No audio on 2nd display
  55. No "What U Hear/Stereo Mix" on new computer?
  56. audiodg memory leak?
  57. Intermittent sound problems x64
  58. Detect the communication activity
  59. IP webcam audio in W7?
  60. Laptop speakers arn't muting when headphones are in
  61. loss of sound and computer running slow
  62. Ventrilo Lag
  63. Is There a Quick Toggle for 'Loudness Equalization'?
  64. no stereo mixture
  65. Sound system not working
  66. Problem selecting Default Audio Device
  67. Suggest me some quality, loud 2.1 /5.1 speakers
  68. Ok, this time another newbie question
  69. Stereo Mix problem-can't seem to record any sound?
  70. terrible glitchy sound problem
  71. Microphone volume unusably quiet under Win 7.
  72. Sound setting problem.. please help
  73. Loudness Equalization returning odd results...
  74. Onboard Soundcard (ADI AD2000B) 5.1
  75. Bluetooth Headset and Tv Tuner problem
  76. Recording
  77. ASUS Supreme FX II
  78. Headset isnt being detected
  79. No keyboard sound control.
  80. Name Not Available In Sound Mixer. Radio Station???
  81. What happened to the Visual showing how loud the sound is?
  82. Audigy 2 ZS and Microphone problem
  83. Problem with my microphone
  84. 5.1 sound system problems.
  85. Mute the audio mixer application programmatically
  86. Media Synching
  87. interchanged sound problem
  88. random .wav file played
  89. open app and sound goes to 5%
  90. Use different audio device for each app
  91. Useful Firefox addition for YouTube viewing
  92. Splitting Outputs to use Skype and Music Playback simultaneously, HELP
  93. Hercules digifire 7.1 sound card
  94. Audio Honks with WinAmp/Firefox
  95. Sound goes off after 10 minutes, with screen
  96. Really big and annoying problem with mixer!
  97. What is the default microphone level in W7
  98. Sound cropping while browsing internet
  99. Uncontrollable Volume Fluctuations
  100. June 2010 Drivers for EMU20k1 XFI cards (PCI) on the creative site.
  101. Digital Output with Realtek Audio
  102. Gateway NV53 minor problem
  103. Defining tracks with Sound Forge
  104. Audio program questions
  105. Setting Up Win7 Sound in Control Panel Please Help!
  106. No Sound - Realtek HD Manager Misreading
  107. Trie installing 2 types of audigy updates, still no sound
  108. Win7x64 & Creative audigy se audio
  109. Audio Won't Start Back Up
  110. HDMI audio problem when connecting LCD TV to PC via HDMI
  111. How to turn off/disable/mute cable modem speaker sound?
  112. Creative Audigy 5.1
  113. Audio Mutes and .dll file Opens Itself
  114. Low Sound, need booster.
  115. Subwoofer very low sound
  116. Fresh Build No Sound
  117. Sound issues
  118. Sound Problem.
  119. Solved What are proper audio practices?
  120. Is There A Music Program That Rivals Musicmatch Jukebox?
  121. No Sound
  122. another sound issue
  123. Sound issues
  124. Built In Mic Not Working HP DV2815NR Windows 7 Ultimate
  125. Only F/L Speaker working...
  126. no sound from movie/card/w/e
  127. Fixing audioDg High cpu usage
  128. Cannot get sound on my TV
  129. WMP12 refuses to convert files when syncing
  130. IBM Lenevo 3000 N200 built-in mic problem on Windows 7
  131. How do I get Stereo mix working when usb device is default device?
  132. Installed sound themes are OK; not so if I modify
  133. Desperate need of help
  134. Auto audio silencer
  135. I need a virtual Stereo Mix device
  136. External Microphone Volume goes low automatically
  137. Toshiba NB200 - too slow for Skype
  138. STRANGE problems with laptop and sound
  139. [Sound crackling ] VPN client messed up my sound settings
  140. Volume turns down by itself
  141. How do I move music files from Download to Media Player ?
  142. RealTek ALC 892 sound problems
  143. Remove Sounds in Control Panel
  144. No output device/ no sound video game controller
  145. Windows 7 HDMI sound not working
  146. Both 'What U Hear' and 'Stereo Mix' not picking up anything
  147. The Audio Service is not running
  148. Rocketfish 5.1 Surround Sound Card / Volume issues
  149. No sounds on Droid downloads
  150. No audio in Pinnacle Studio 14
  151. Sometimes, Win7 starts up without any sound at all
  152. Win7 MC Audio synch problem
  153. Speech Recognition and Remote Desktop
  154. Gigabyte EX58-UD3R (Realtek ALC888) - What is wrong with Realtek?
  155. Problem with Realtek ALC662 @ SiS High Definition
  156. Just bought a new card - any install advice
  157. My headets are picking up radio interference.
  158. Different Sound for Different Displays
  159. Extremely low volume on headphones but high volume on speakers
  160. Need Audio Driver for Windows Seven.
  161. 'No Audio Output device is installed' Problem
  162. Sound Blaster audigy 2 Value malfunction
  163. Volume control icon
  164. 5.1 channel speakers works now with Windows 7!
  165. recording from my sound card
  166. 5.1 chanel windows 7 NOW WORKING WITH MY SOLUTION
  167. New S/C recommendation for W7 (64Bit) (Music Producer Only)
  168. Choosing A New Sound Card
  169. Mute no longer Works
  170. able to hear microphone through my speakers
  171. USB headphone/mic vs speakers
  172. Microphone will not work after installation
  173. ATI HD3470 Mobility HDMI Audio output not working!!!
  174. Please help me set up SPDIF
  175. No sound after windows 7 !
  176. Streaming audio help.
  177. No Sound from HDAD
  178. Audio service problem
  179. sound card issue
  180. Aureon 5.1 fun disconnects everytime the computer restarts
  181. Realtek Digital Output Problem
  182. Speech Recognition won't start
  183. Cannot install any sound driver
  184. SubWoofer Not powering off on shut down
  185. Headphone Issues
  186. No "What u Hear" recording option.
  187. Strange sound in laptop
  188. [Dell] Realtek HD Audio won't work with Windows 7 x64 Pro
  189. No sounds at all in Windows 7
  190. How to direct "line in" to both channels?
  191. Solved Acer AOA150 microphone trouble (ASAP)
  192. No more micro after installation of win7 !
  193. Need help installing my sound card
  194. Audio files don't play but other sounds do...
  195. Upgrading drivers from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 for X-Fi Elite Pro
  196. Weird Problem (Realtek ALC 883)
  197. No 5.1 Sound
  198. The sound has mysteriously stopped working on my pc
  199. mic recording volume re-adjusting itself
  200. Are there any alternative Win 7 drivers for this card
  201. Microphone issues (over recording/clipping)
  202. no sound
  203. audio service is not running in hp dv6-2150us laptop
  204. music stutters
  205. Utility to level sound output Win 7
  206. Win 7 64 Sound Glitches
  207. Philips Brand New screen build in sound does not work, HELP!!!
  208. Multiple audio output selection.
  209. Mic voice coming through speakers
  210. Help with choppy sound from older wav files?
  211. Voice chat in Steam over second Sound card
  212. Streaming Audio/Stero Mix and Mic at the same time HELP!
  213. Record what you hear; a new problem
  214. Mixer behavior
  215. volume controls itself. help please!
  216. SRS Sandbox suddenly producing only static and crackling sounds!!
  217. no surround sound windows 7
  218. no sound at all altough installed corectly
  219. Solved No sound in Office programs
  220. Sound crash
  221. HDMI audio
  222. sound through headphones but not through inbuilt speakers
  223. System Scan Sound files...
  224. No sounds when playing Flv Videos
  225. Realtek HD custom mode for headphone
  226. Can't play some audio files.
  227. microphone problem
  228. can't decide what to do
  229. Laptop will play system sounds but no other audio!
  230. How to play in other playback device?
  231. popping sound on windows startup
  232. I am hearing someones mic sound through my speakers
  233. 5.1 Realtek Problem
  234. Win 7 Balancing problem
  235. Bought a new monitor! Causing sound problems..
  236. IDT ADAT Drivers in Win7
  237. Last note of music keeps going after program shut down
  238. xfi elite pro recording question
  239. Volume decreasing automatically
  240. Keep Audio Settings
  241. Realtek AC 92 W732 no sound from green jack.
  242. Can't open sound control panel
  243. Mic playback
  244. Probs With Laptop Speakers...
  245. hooking up midi keyboard over jostick port in windows 7
  246. Bluetooth Headset Help...
  247. Crackles and pops after running a hardware monitoring p
  248. PRODUCTION TIPS - Sound Cards
  249. Can't access or change System Sounds?
  250. Headphones as playback device.