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  30. Creative SB X-FI Xtreme Gamer / upgrade
  31. Could you recommend a good mic that catches bass great?
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  35. problem on my PC with no sound, with OS Windows 7 Ultimate PT-pt
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  37. Solved Volume Control There are no active mixer devices available error
  38. WaveShop: free open-source audio editor - fast and bit-perfect
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  40. Microphone is NOT working?!
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  42. active monitors 2.0, please help me
  43. no soundmax audio present
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  45. headphones / 5.1 / gaming
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  47. How to enable the speakers
  48. Roland SCC1
  49. Realtek Soundcard No Backpanel Detection
  50. no audio output device installed
  51. can't change default sound device
  52. There's no Realtek in Device Manager
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  55. Solved Sound Scheme Window Problem
  56. Solved Catastropic Failure and now speakers will only work if I say I have 7.
  57. How do I make my Home Theater work on my PC
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  82. Media Card Reader
  83. Solved MY Computer Knows When I go to Walk Away?
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  85. Realtek Audio Manager Line In (Apple Headphones)
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  87. Solved My built in mic is not working
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  89. Microphone missing enhancements on recording tab
  90. Headphones cause the sound to lower
  91. High Audio Latency (Pops/Cracks/Stutters)
  92. sound off sometimes
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  105. Sound card advice
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  107. hdmi playback sound card or onboard?
  108. Sound problem perrsists even after new sound card
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  111. Recording sound from sites and Playing in Chatrooms
  112. Tascam us 144 and machine issue
  113. Distorted audio with IDT High Definition audio codec
  114. "Listen to this Device" option is not working; using USB headset
  115. whenever I plug portable HDD or USB or phone to PC , songs stops help
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  117. Crackling/Distorsion using SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatality
  118. Troubleshooting Severe Latency Issues
  119. Sounds randomly turning off while playing game.
  120. "No Audio Output Device is installed." after HDD clone
  121. Which speakers are better for music?
  122. My wired and wireless network connectors are killing my sound:
  123. Solved Is it possible to play sound both from PC speakers and out via TV?
  124. Solved Sound not working since deleting audiodg.exe
  125. Solved DR create error + Win Media Player can't play file: sound device prob
  126. selective Multi-device outputs. (internal)
  127. Creative Sound Blaster 2 Z5 - Mic Not Functioning
  128. Headphones registered no sound
  129. headphones ! ! ! !
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  132. Audio drivers problem
  133. Front panel Realtek HD stop working out of the blue?!
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  142. no sound need help
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  146. buzzing sound and a little video drag
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  152. Sound Off, not really............ :-(
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  154. Distorted sound while playing music.
  155. Speakers wont turn off when headphones are plugged in
  156. Windows 7 lowers game sound when starting skype call
  157. Now I Have these Speakers
  158. have a problem with the speaker
  159. Solved No audio on my new PC
  160. creative soundblaster recon 3d
  161. Audigy Soundblaster 2 Mic issues
  162. How can I get more control over bass boost?
  163. Solved Editing the sound in Control panel
  164. Bluetooth headset connected but no audio
  165. Sound not working, no specific reason.
  166. Help with pci / pcie on soundcards
  167. Various sound issues after using USB headphones
  168. Intermittent/random audio (speaker&headphones) [Dell Mini 9, Prof x32)
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  170. Had a weird issue with MP3s skipping, but my PC used FM to fix itself.
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  172. no audio device is installed
  173. Can't set Independent Headphones as default device
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  175. Windows 7 sound card problems
  176. Realtek HD Audio Manager and Dolby Home Theater V4
  177. Solved Speaker working but builtin microphone not working.
  178. No sound from Blue Snowflake USB mic
  179. re a problem with unpluging and pluging in the headphones
  180. Computer thinks it has no sound card unless headphones plugged in
  181. Multiple Speaker Systems from One Computer
  182. Problems with SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio on ASUS P5Q Deluxe
  183. Microphone keeps muting itself/Starts muted.
  184. Solved realtek audio just stopped working
  185. How do I get audio from PS3 and computer using 1 Monitor?! Help
  186. Sound crackling and distortion, Asus P8Z68-V, Realtek and SB X-Fi Ti
  187. setting sounds on computer
  188. Stereo Audio Output Inverted on Realtek Front Panel and Firewire Card
  189. Realtek Drivers Uninstall automatically.
  190. Solved How to force Win to use AMD HDMI Sound Drivers
  191. Dual monitors, different audio outputs?
  192. windows 7 HDMI sound to tv
  193. laptop picking up unwanted background audio
  194. Disconnecting bluetooth headphones
  195. Bluetooth device not recognised
  196. Everything related to sound crashes
  197. Realtek Audio Jack Output Assignment Troubleshooting
  198. Solved Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit laptop will not detect headphones!
  199. CME UF5 Controller Keyboard with Windows 7, Sonar X2, RME Babyface
  200. No Audio!
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  209. Settings on Skype aren't working correctly
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  211. Feedback through headphones, but sound through speakers
  212. Sound from speakers when headphone plugged in
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  214. Solved Steelseries Siberia v2 Frost Blue USB headset
  215. error C00D11BA
  216. Solved Everything is plugged in except there is no sound comming
  217. muted/uninstalled Realtek Hd audio manager but still get static popnoi
  218. Laptop to TV Audio not working-Using Y adapter
  219. Default Startup volume?
  220. My PC doesn't detect my soundcard after Windows 7 re-install.
  221. How do i use the line level audio input port?
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  224. Creative Sound card problems
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  229. Can't get front mic to work
  230. New laptop, speakers not working with latest drivers installed?
  231. Realtek Audio on Intel DZ77GA-70K - no controls
  232. USB Sound card recommendations
  233. When I load my CD nothing comes up on the monitor
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  235. sound plays through speakers and headphones at the same time
  236. NVIDIA HDMI audio not working Win 7. Worked on Ubuntu
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  238. strange tapping sound
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  244. Speaker/Headphone problems.
  245. Increasing mic volume over 100%?
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