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  1. Bluetooth Audio Dropout
  2. Solved Getting 5.1 to work w\ subwoofer.
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  7. downloaded driver for wireless keyboard and mouse and lost my sound
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  10. PCI vs PCI-E for sound card bus.
  11. Sound drop outs.
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  13. Can't set up 5.1
  14. No sound output from rear speakers (Creative A500)
  15. External microphone not detected
  16. Audio becomes dead after connecting modem on win7 professional (64 bit
  17. PC to TV no sound
  18. audio device isn't set as default, can't make it default
  19. Internet Sound Problems
  20. Cannot record my in game Audio anymore
  21. Creative Fatal1ty headset + built-in laptop microphone problem
  22. Very low audio levels in Windows 7
  23. Realtek Soundcard Pitch Probleme mit Stereomix
  24. Microphone stopped working after Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  25. Google chrome with windows 7 home premium
  26. Audio not working
  27. Tascam US-144 Recording Interface (no USB audio)
  28. Sound Crackling and Distortion through Speakers and Headphones
  29. Easily change settings for audio devices
  30. SoundBlaster Drivers
  31. Need help finding a specific driver
  32. Crackling and distorted sound in Win 7
  33. Solved Speakers fitted in monitor and can't hear a thing
  34. When starting win 7 the speaker makes noise until audio driver is used
  35. "Stereo Mix" to record sound from card missing.
  36. Help seting up Audio through HDMI to HDTV
  37. My Volume icon no longer shows on my taskbar, ( Picture included )
  38. USB spekears not detected...
  39. Solved Realtek HD Audio EQ settings problem
  40. I am Puzzeled by my PC's Sound system... help!
  41. sound VERY low
  42. Solved No HDMI audio after running Win 7 audio trouble shooter
  43. No Sound After Reinstall except through HDMI
  44. Volume controls on K800 Keyboard do not work with Headphones
  45. Solved 5.1 system with Win7?
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  47. Volume extremely low, found no fix via google
  48. Sound crackle when online
  49. No speakers or headphones are plugged in, HP620
  50. Solved Bass and subwoofer not working in Windows 7 64 bit
  51. Broken mic just after logging out
  52. Solved Stereo Mix
  53. can't play sound after reinstalling windows 7.. plz help
  54. No Audio Output Device is installed
  55. Different Realtek HD audio managers?
  56. Solved I'd like to have sound output through 2 sets of speakers at same time
  57. sound not matching picture
  58. Realtek audio crash
  59. Searching for broken Creative E-MU 1820m SoundInterfaces
  60. Sound Problem in Windows 7
  61. Is there any way to lock the sound controls?
  62. Volume Mixer Adjusting Individual Applications (Adobe Flash Player 11)
  63. Nvidia HDMI "not plugged in" (greyed out), video, but no audio
  64. "no headphones or speakers connected"
  65. Sound static problems!
  66. Lenovo U400 Conexant Internal Microphone Receives Static Input
  67. USB headset doesn't work anymore
  68. SPDIF disables itself overnight
  69. Audio not working,cant play files and when i try says:Server execution
  70. ILBC format
  71. Can't Install Realtek HD Audio, new installation
  72. Problems with windows 7 and Sony AMP setup
  73. No Sound
  74. Built in Microphone does not work
  75. Realtek HD Audio: Equalizer not working properly
  76. Speakers only work with headphones plugged in
  77. Can't locate speakers, realtek drivers won't install properly, etc.
  78. Asus onboard audio no longer working since enabling front panel audio.
  79. my sound will not record loud enough
  80. Sound is blocked on Radio
  81. New mobo, new install, no sound
  82. Microphone output ridiculously low, unhearable
  83. Sound randomly switching between headphones and laptop speakers.
  84. Looking to buy a 5.1 surround sound for computer, questions first
  85. Can't play any music files, error 0x80070057
  86. noise from lineout, problem with Realtek ALC1200 Audio V6
  87. Solved Windows 7 No Sound. But Mic Bars Full And No Mic Plugged In HELP!
  88. Low bit rate only available for a high definition audio device.
  89. Stuttering sound + Sound mixer "System Settings" flashing in and out
  90. My SPDIF Output sends bad data
  91. Solved Cant Install Audio back onto my computer
  92. Solved No audio output devices installed, after new boot of 7
  93. HDMI lead for Acer Aspire 5742Z
  94. BT HiFI Headset ever-e T909s pairing wont connect
  95. Solved Had 2.1 detection via Optical out and lost it.
  96. Alienware Not Automatically switching between headphones and speakers.
  97. Help, I can't hear sound from my headset nor my speakers.
  98. Solved Audio Playback (Default Device Realtek) Knocks Out SRS Audio Sandbox
  99. Solved No sound from Inegrated Audio
  100. Help. Audio is much quieter in right speaker/headphone.
  101. Windows Audio/Windows End Point Services crash
  102. HDMI Audio issues with cable and gfx card...
  103. My laptop doesn't register headphones.
  104. Laptop Sound Stutter
  105. My laptop sound stutters
  106. Internal Mic not working o a HP Compaq Presario CQ61
  107. X-Fi Titanium HD looses sound.
  108. RealTek ALC888 - Low volume issue
  109. Solved Cant get Microphone to work on Xonar D1?
  110. sound suddenly not working
  111. Solved Headset and volume controll
  112. No sound on TV when connected to laptop
  113. conextant internal laptop soundcard problem
  114. Surround 5.1 only 2 speakers working
  115. Solved Audio jack not working properly
  116. Realtek AC'97 Audio - Cant hear any sound from headphones or speakers.
  117. Fixing that 'underwater mic sound' on Realtek's ALC892?
  118. Solved Cannot get two audio outputs from one soundcard
  119. What is the recommended sound driver?
  120. Solved Playing Wav Files
  121. Sound Lagging
  122. No sound when waking PC from sleep.
  123. Realtek audio unplugged eventhough it's physically plugged
  124. Solved Audio devices suddenly "not installed"
  125. Beat Audio Setup
  126. Asus Xonar D2X no sound
  127. Solved ATI HD HDMI kein Sound AV Receiver
  128. Cannot get audio on any jacks.
  129. Solved Headphones Plugged in And Sound coming Out of the Computer
  130. Solved Realtek ALC1200: How can I get 5.1 audio from optical?
  131. Logitech z-906 5.1 surround speakers
  132. Sabertooth 990FX onboard Microphone..
  133. Solved Sound Enhancements tab missing from recording device properties.
  134. Solved Problems with Mircophone Array
  135. headphones does not work
  136. Solved Sound Card not detected in Windows 7 x64
  137. sound signal does not appear on task bar in W7
  138. cyber acoustics surround system 5150 5.1
  139. No sound from media player
  140. Solved Mic has feedback and really shouldn't..
  141. How to play different audio from two separate devices
  142. Sound issues w/ all lots of information. Please help.
  143. Problems with 5.1 sound on a realtek Realtek ALC892
  144. Mic's audio in playback is very quiet in every software..
  145. Weird sound on the other end using Skype / Raidcall
  146. Asus Xonar DS vs Xonar D1 Query
  147. audio is out of sync
  148. No Audio after reinstalling Windows 7
  149. Output gamesound through two outputs at the same time
  150. Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments Laptop
  151. Can no longer find "USB Audio Codec" when device plugged in
  152. No Sound in Seven or XP
  153. ADPCM.missing.file.error(0x).VIST.XP.7
  154. All audio stops while playing video games.
  155. Which speakers for PC should I buy?
  156. Please a help with my microphone
  157. My new computer will not detect any headphones plugged in
  158. Sound still comes out of speaker when headphones are plugged in
  159. Solved Asus X72VR sound card problems, cooling the chip?
  160. My in built microphone doesnt work!
  161. Built-in MIC for Aspire 6935G not working with WIN 7 64bit professiona
  162. Surround 5.1 problem, Only subwoofer produces sound
  163. how to get 5.1 surround sound through TV's USB
  164. How to keep my surround sound headphones configured to 7.1 not 5.1?
  165. Problems With Turtle Beach Ear Force Z2 Gaming Headset
  166. No audio output device is installed, but I do have one
  167. Problem with sound device with audio input.
  168. Need some help !
  169. Solved How do i fix the sound problem
  170. Solved Problem with my computer making the Windows Error sound?
  171. Sound starts after a few seconds
  172. Solved Realtek HD Audio volume
  173. Realtek AC '97 Jack Reassignment
  174. problem with sound
  175. Only the left speaker works, I have tried many common solutions
  176. Solved Realtek HD Audio Manager Completely Missing After Clean Install
  177. ACL888 not allowing 5.1 bitstreaming through SPDIF ???
  178. Windows NOT automatically reducing sound when in VoIP
  179. Vista audio device not present
  180. Can't get Stereo Mix to work!
  181. Solved Bad sound and view using vlc/wmp
  182. Windows makes weird sound
  183. Variable to bad playback audio quality in windows live movie maker
  184. Phantom High Definition Audio Device
  185. Nvidia GeForce GT 610 HDMI Audio Issue
  186. save the sounds of some installations
  187. Solved change sound of shutdown
  188. Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum ex does not sound in Win7x64
  189. Headset is not working?
  190. Speakers inop after Windows 7 Upgrade
  191. Crackle/Ticking sound Toshiba Laptop computer
  192. volume slider not attached to taskbar but still functional
  193. Solved Speakers Randomly Change volume, Click, and/or Become Muffled.
  194. Microphone started to act up
  195. Sound error "no audio output device is installed"
  196. Solved VIA HD Audio Deck - Front panel headphone device not producing sound
  197. .MTS files no sound
  198. Solved Cannot enter Realtek Audio Manager
  199. Buzzing noise with new headphones.
  200. Solved Ventrilo causing loss of audio on all applications, fix on reboot.
  201. Acer Aspire 5515 Windows won't detect audio device.
  202. Microphone issues with loud buzzing/robotic sounding voice
  203. Dell IDT microphone not working
  204. Internal speakers not turning off while inserting headphones
  205. audio is distorting
  206. Realtek is installed but can't run it nor find it on the pc.
  207. No front Panel audio detected but Rear Audio works on Asus P8H 61-M LX
  208. How do I find a Recording Device Win 7 64bit Pro
  209. Solved Creative sound blaster X-fi FATAL1TY Platinum question
  210. Volume Swings During Songs with Beats Audio
  211. Cant find Realtek Hd audio manager program on my pc
  212. whenever i plug in an audio device the computer crashes
  213. Anyone using Cool Edit Pro with Win 7?
  214. Assign applications to multiple sound devices
  215. Solved Port got used by enabling HDMI Sound and cannot enter Game
  216. Looking for a way to automatically switch playback device on bootup
  217. Solved No sound on laptop speaker
  218. speakers dont work when connected to my computer!!
  219. Realtek HD Audio not recognizing speakers.
  220. Microphone stopped working...
  221. NO SOUND and my Realtek HD Audio will not open from the control panel
  222. Asus Rampage IV Extreme Realtek ALC898 Stopped working
  223. Help with creative fatal1ty headset
  224. CREATIVE XFI SB 0460 do not run with WIN 7 64
  225. How do I make my volume mute when my headphones come out?
  226. Altec Lansing in-built Speakers not working?
  227. Easiest or any way to?
  228. Usb to Midi cable fault (Input doesn't register)
  229. When I highlight more than 15 files, only option is "Play with WMP"
  230. Line Level Input Recording Volume LOW / QUIET
  231. Sound Carries Through After Closing Video Window
  232. MIDI out
  233. Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 - Audio cutting out
  234. Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset - Mic Issues
  235. Headphones sound switches automatic to speakers
  236. No audio output device installed [Terryfing thread]
  237. How can I disable Windows from detecting my HD6870 as a sound device?
  238. Solved Can not install Realtek AC'97 Hi Definition Driver
  239. xonar d2x sound card loud buzzing noise problem
  240. I can't hear music when I try to listen to an internetCD
  241. Headphone volume too low !!
  242. GA-990XA-UD3 Front Audio - Headphone and Mic - not working
  243. New computer, volume fluctuates in certain media files
  244. New vid card, no sound. BIOS enabled, drivers updated, device active..
  245. Solved Multiple Monitors, Sound output limited to one?
  246. No Sound In Windows 7 With Medion PC.
  247. Gaming Headset, Microphone not Recognized
  248. Sound and speaker problem
  249. Solved Rear audio jack not working properly
  250. Bad sound quality ( high pitched, almost acoustic sound etc.) integrat