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  1. Sound not working at all after clean install of Windows 7
  2. Solved What is level in Sound Properties?
  3. speakers and usb jacks and headphone and mic jack not working
  4. Solved Sound card causing static noise on microphone
  5. Dolby Enhancements Tab is missing
  6. Logitech Z-5500 audio issues.
  7. Need Help [Urgent]
  8. Sudden sound crash BUT mic still working, have to restart to temp fix
  9. Incorrect or no sound output selected
  11. Windows 7 32bit High Definition Audio Controller not working (code 10)
  12. Volume on computer is ridiculously low....Pleas help.
  13. How to switch between audio output devices?
  14. Solved Cannot record from front or rear jack
  15. Realtek HD Audio Manager wont open?
  16. Solved Sound looping and frame freeze during gaming
  17. Strange noises from my speakers
  18. Strange noise , glitch, crack coming out of speaker / headphone
  19. 5.1 surround doesn't work properly in all apps .
  20. Missing microphone boost with USB mic
  21. Old Sound Blaster Live Resurrected & Working in Win7!!! NO REVERB!!!
  22. Audio Issue When Switching Profiles in Windows 7 Ult.
  23. audio Distorts now and then
  24. Latitude e5410 Stereo mix problems
  25. Connecting "HD audio" cable from front panel to sound card
  26. MP3 Audio Burning Question
  27. Have overall volume control ignore/apply to specific programs
  28. Analog Speaker not detected. USB speaker works
  29. Recommend Audio Editing Software
  30. Sound Not Working, Not Matter What I Try. I Need Serious Help People.
  31. No audio over HDMI via Graphics Card port (GIGABYTE Radeon 7770 HD)
  32. "No speakers or headphones are plugged in" Error
  33. Need help with audio configuration between xbox and computer
  34. My laptop speakers are working fine, but the headphone jack is not!
  35. How good is the onboard Intel HD Audio?
  36. No sounds or music in games
  37. Line In Dialog when Tray Volume Icon is Clicked
  38. Solved Front Panel audio not working correctly
  39. "HD Audio" drivers keep installing - disabling my recording sound card
  40. Turning off volume during ads on websites.
  41. Found this microphone, have no idea how to make it work
  42. Surround sound, where have you been all my life?
  43. VLC and windows media player getting stuck while playing mp3 and avi's
  44. hdmi cable to LG tv no audio
  45. Where is bass management
  46. Solved Require advice on audiophile/music headphones
  47. How do I reset application-specific sound levels?
  48. Solved sound is low when listening on my earphones
  49. How to stop mic from picking up audio out
  50. Windows 7 will not detect my microphone.
  51. ASUS Rampage Extreme IV - Onboard Sound not working.
  52. Speakers Make Occasional Pop/click noise independent of volume
  53. Need help
  54. Windows Shell Common Dll
  55. Problem with Windows 7 and Microphone Volume
  56. Lost sound, but windows thinks I still have it
  57. Solved Why does WMP takes so much CPU/RAM?
  58. No output device detected after installing Windows 7
  59. Can't set default recording device :|
  60. Problem of Burning an Audio CD using WMP
  61. Windows Easy Transfer, no sound on video files transferred
  62. Sound unmanageably loud
  63. Installing Audio Drivers Causes Desktop Location Error
  64. Windows System Sounds
  65. Solved Case's audio panel microphone doesn't work
  66. Subwoofer doesn't work windows 7, realtec audio.
  67. No audio - Faulty mobo ?
  68. Error using Stereo Mix
  69. Solved HP 2009m speakers not working
  70. HP620 No sound from speakers only headphones work
  71. Quality of Smart phone audio vs standard LAPTOP PC audio
  72. Help: Audio Drivers Are Messed Up
  73. Have I fried something and is it possible to fix?
  74. Sound works on certain videos, but not others (Across all browsers)
  75. random sounds in my audio
  76. Solved No sound over HDMI from pc to tv galaxy gf 8800 gt
  77. Edifier Speakers Not Getting Detected By The PC.
  78. realtek high definition audio device - no sound
  79. Audio latency problem
  80. Query re running a 5.1 0r 7.1 system
  81. Solved Wierd sound from the pc
  82. Creative SB X-Fi: Speakers refuse to mute upon inserting headphones.
  83. New Graphics Card - Mic starts messing up
  84. No sound from Laptop Speakers after Recovery
  85. Shut Down & Start Up sounds DO NOT work
  86. New sound card!
  87. No Audio Output Driver Installed On System Startup/Reboot. HELP!
  88. Solved Realtek HD Audio randomly went completely mute
  89. Solved Converting FLAC to WAV = Lost music tracking (help)
  90. Solved No Sounds/Creative Labs X-Fi....Again
  91. splitting audio
  92. UAC popup without sound
  93. Nettop sound card issues .
  94. No Audio after installing Windows 7
  95. Hear voice thru my speakers to test usb microphone
  96. All my apps think I have 2.0 configured but 5.1 is set
  97. internal mic
  98. NO SOUND from notebook's jack to headphones!
  99. 2 audio outputs? Help with sound card
  100. Configuring Sound for 5.1
  101. Stereo Mix is not working anymore
  102. cant hear any sound when i hook my toshiba satellite up to my tv
  103. High Definition Audio Device - No Sound
  104. Dell XPS 420 Sound Issue
  105. lenovo pc help with intel h61 sound driver?
  106. I accidently removed a audio device
  107. Seemingly random audio crackling/popping
  108. My PC has no sound after sleep mode.
  109. Audio levels problem
  110. Solved How can I remove the UAC sound
  111. Looking for a mono sound card
  112. Creative X-fi Xtreme Audio
  113. How do I get the volume icon back on the taskbar?
  114. Audio Distortion and Lag
  115. Why doesn't Windows hold my sound settings?
  116. Movies lost their sound
  117. [Guide] Realtek HD Audio - Combine Mic with Stereo Mix VAC
  118. Cybersnipa Sonar 5.1 Headset - No Sound
  119. Head Scratcher
  120. Solved Left headphone not working
  121. Windows couldn't play any music files although drivers working
  122. Packard Bell Low Volume (HELP)
  123. USB microphone suddenly extremely quiet, nothing seems to fix it.
  124. After Removing stdriver64.sys No Audio Output Device Installed
  125. Independant Headphones dont make sound after updating sound driver.
  126. My windows 7 didn't come with a rec. playback option....Help!!!!!!!!!!
  127. Solved No Audio Device Detected
  128. WMP won't play .MP3
  129. "Server Execution Failed" WMP in windows 7
  130. Asus K61-IC Sound coming from speakers when HDMI is plugged in
  131. The Stereo Mix on my computer isn't recording sound?
  132. Windows 7 Unplugging my HDMI display's speakers
  133. Need driver for ct4830 on windows 7
  134. Windows 7 won't recognize headphones
  135. 5.1 Codec for Windows Media Player on PC with two speakers?
  136. Audio stopped working
  137. Audio Enhancing Software
  138. Rear'Microphone' and 'Line in' Sound recording devices are unavailable
  139. Realtek HD Audio Drivers - Constantly detecting/undetecting front jack
  140. high definition audio device not working
  141. No (high definition audio) playback devices available
  142. Confirmation needed for my audio settings
  143. DPC Latency & sound dropouts
  144. Microphone not working
  145. Problem with one of the system sounds win7
  146. Raising mic volume through a 3rd party app - is it possible?
  147. No bass coming from Sub
  148. Microphone echoes on skype
  149. Solved Microphone No Longer Working
  150. Low audio quality on bluetooth headset
  151. Bluetooth headset audio goes silent but resumes delayed audio
  152. Headphones/Headsets not working
  153. Windows 7 Sound Mixer Not Remembering Settings
  154. No HDMI ouput found (audio) from PC to TV phillip(all drivers updated)
  155. Solved Realtek onboard sound card with 5.1 surround speaker fill problem
  156. Realtek HD Audio Speaker Configuration Problem Windows 7 Ultimate 64
  157. Random sound bursts?
  158. No audio output device Is installed error
  159. Problem with microphone when plugged to PC front port, Win 7 & Realtek
  160. Other person can't hear me from skype
  161. Missing Equalizer in Windows 7 Enhancements Tab
  162. How to stop other stereo mix looping other people on teamspeak
  163. Solved Copy mp3s to new folder using an m3u file
  164. Solved Headphones/Speakers not simultinous (IDT)
  165. Can't get any 5.1 sound to work.
  166. Stereo Mixer "What U Hear" Suddenly Stopped Working
  167. Contineusly popup Apperas when play audio/video U JUST Unplug device
  168. Recording Stereomix and Microphone - Constant Stuttering
  169. Microphone really quiet
  170. The yet unresolved audio redirection driver
  171. Unable to initiate system mixture for sound recording
  172. How to determine if your board has ASIO drivers?
  173. Problem with DIAMOND XS 5.1/16 bit Sound Card
  174. Radeon 6770 HDMI Output Disappears When Switching Receiver Inputs
  175. Help with setting up my headphone
  176. No Audio From Dual Card Setup (Asus G73-JH)
  177. Asus k53e New motherboard no sound
  178. IDT windows 7 Ultimate Stereo Mix Problem
  179. Audio Popping/Cracling sound while in Games.
  180. Latest Update Messed With Sound?
  181. How to change the Sound of application + Device ?
  182. Windows Speech Problems (can train but can't launch sapisvr.exe)
  183. Audio Output setup for programs/games?
  184. Intermittent DVD Player
  185. Intermittent DVD player
  186. muffled sound
  187. No sound on fresh install of Windows 7
  188. Multiple audio devices, stereo mix and a microphone
  189. Solved No sound after new videocard installation.
  190. On-board Sound Card Help Needed
  191. keyboard shortcut for increasing volume (not in media player)
  192. Sound on google chrome and internet explorer only works on youtube
  193. No sound at all?? Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
  194. HDMI sound output problems
  195. Restoring 'Compressed' Sound following Skype
  196. Solved Audio Left and Right Problem
  197. Music stored on my computer won't play, but youtube works just fine
  198. Can anyone recommend a good virtual sound card? (preferably free)
  199. Having problems with onboard audio with a Dell Optiplex 745 and W7
  200. How to automatically change audio device when inserting HDMI cable?
  201. Aurora M9700 no audio
  202. Sound breaks/distorts without reason.
  203. no audio
  204. Stereo mix problem
  205. New Gaming Headset not working.
  206. HDMI Audio output - how to get it to work???
  207. Disabled Windows sound scheme reactivating on startup
  208. How does S/PDIF Digital Audio work?
  209. sound output
  210. How can i use 1 sound level?
  211. still here the sound at 0 level from spkrs
  212. Better way to change audio playback device?
  213. pc's output going in mic input
  214. "Speaker! Icon in Mixer panel Blanked Out Unable to set as default
  215. how to fix audio problem in WIN 7
  216. front panel audio does not work
  217. Solved My new Windows 7 Alienware won't connect to my old bluetooth headset.
  218. Solved Balancing Satellite Speakers
  219. Sound stops when changing audio input problem
  220. Really odd sound problem!
  221. Getting Media player to output movie sound to two sound cards at once
  222. New PC's sound is way way too low
  223. how make audio render to hdmi for application
  224. How does audio on motherboards remember the % it's on
  225. No Multichannel Sound via HDMI
  226. Solved no sound
  227. Solved How to make 2 devices play same audio source?
  228. One Speaker not working
  229. Can't get my headset mic to work in my newish setup
  230. Weird sound issues with my m14x..!!
  231. Solved Complete loss of sound on my Dell XPS 8300?
  232. How to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time
  233. sound must be manually 'turned' on to be heard
  234. default sound card plays only one speaker, driver update?
  235. Solved dell inspiron 2200 audio?
  236. RealTek Digital Output ( Optical ) problems
  237. Cannot record sound from into Windows....
  238. sound scratchy
  239. External mic not working after sleep mode.
  240. HTPC and Yamaha receiver hdmi issue
  241. Stereo Mix not picking up microphone speech
  242. Font panel audio not doing as it should with VIA HD audio deck
  243. Can't use headset mic. Terrible feedback from webcam mic.
  244. No bass in certain appplications over 5.1 HDMI
  245. Solved ASUS Desktop green sound volume bar disappeared.
  246. Inbuilt mic not working at all
  247. PC sound stutters
  248. HDMI to TV no sound
  249. Need help on how to make all sound come out of one speaker
  250. Sound from websites won't go to external speakers, files on 'puter do