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  1. Windows 7 won't recognize headphones
  2. 5.1 Codec for Windows Media Player on PC with two speakers?
  3. Audio stopped working
  4. Audio Enhancing Software
  5. Rear'Microphone' and 'Line in' Sound recording devices are unavailable
  6. Realtek HD Audio Drivers - Constantly detecting/undetecting front jack
  7. high definition audio device not working
  8. No (high definition audio) playback devices available
  9. Confirmation needed for my audio settings
  10. DPC Latency & sound dropouts
  11. Microphone not working
  12. Problem with one of the system sounds win7
  13. Raising mic volume through a 3rd party app - is it possible?
  14. No bass coming from Sub
  15. Microphone echoes on skype
  16. Solved Microphone No Longer Working
  17. Low audio quality on bluetooth headset
  18. Bluetooth headset audio goes silent but resumes delayed audio
  19. Headphones/Headsets not working
  20. Windows 7 Sound Mixer Not Remembering Settings
  21. No HDMI ouput found (audio) from PC to TV phillip(all drivers updated)
  22. Solved Realtek onboard sound card with 5.1 surround speaker fill problem
  23. Realtek HD Audio Speaker Configuration Problem Windows 7 Ultimate 64
  24. Random sound bursts?
  25. No audio output device Is installed error
  26. Problem with microphone when plugged to PC front port, Win 7 & Realtek
  27. Other person can't hear me from skype
  28. Missing Equalizer in Windows 7 Enhancements Tab
  29. How to stop other stereo mix looping other people on teamspeak
  30. Solved Copy mp3s to new folder using an m3u file
  31. Solved Headphones/Speakers not simultinous (IDT)
  32. Can't get any 5.1 sound to work.
  33. Stereo Mixer "What U Hear" Suddenly Stopped Working
  34. Contineusly popup Apperas when play audio/video U JUST Unplug device
  35. Recording Stereomix and Microphone - Constant Stuttering
  36. Microphone really quiet
  37. The yet unresolved audio redirection driver
  38. Unable to initiate system mixture for sound recording
  39. How to determine if your board has ASIO drivers?
  40. Problem with DIAMOND XS 5.1/16 bit Sound Card
  41. Radeon 6770 HDMI Output Disappears When Switching Receiver Inputs
  42. Help with setting up my headphone
  43. No Audio From Dual Card Setup (Asus G73-JH)
  44. Asus k53e New motherboard no sound
  45. IDT windows 7 Ultimate Stereo Mix Problem
  46. Audio Popping/Cracling sound while in Games.
  47. Latest Update Messed With Sound?
  48. How to change the Sound of application + Device ?
  49. Windows Speech Problems (can train but can't launch sapisvr.exe)
  50. Audio Output setup for programs/games?
  51. Intermittent DVD Player
  52. Intermittent DVD player
  53. muffled sound
  54. No sound on fresh install of Windows 7
  55. Multiple audio devices, stereo mix and a microphone
  56. Solved No sound after new videocard installation.
  57. On-board Sound Card Help Needed
  58. keyboard shortcut for increasing volume (not in media player)
  59. Sound on google chrome and internet explorer only works on youtube
  60. No sound at all?? Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
  61. HDMI sound output problems
  62. Restoring 'Compressed' Sound following Skype
  63. Solved Audio Left and Right Problem
  64. Music stored on my computer won't play, but youtube works just fine
  65. Can anyone recommend a good virtual sound card? (preferably free)
  66. Having problems with onboard audio with a Dell Optiplex 745 and W7
  67. How to automatically change audio device when inserting HDMI cable?
  68. Aurora M9700 no audio
  69. Sound breaks/distorts without reason.
  70. no audio
  71. Stereo mix problem
  72. New Gaming Headset not working.
  73. HDMI Audio output - how to get it to work???
  74. Disabled Windows sound scheme reactivating on startup
  75. How does S/PDIF Digital Audio work?
  76. sound output
  77. How can i use 1 sound level?
  78. still here the sound at 0 level from spkrs
  79. Better way to change audio playback device?
  80. pc's output going in mic input
  81. "Speaker! Icon in Mixer panel Blanked Out Unable to set as default
  82. how to fix audio problem in WIN 7
  83. front panel audio does not work
  84. Solved My new Windows 7 Alienware won't connect to my old bluetooth headset.
  85. Solved Balancing Satellite Speakers
  86. Sound stops when changing audio input problem
  87. Really odd sound problem!
  88. Getting Media player to output movie sound to two sound cards at once
  89. New PC's sound is way way too low
  90. how make audio render to hdmi for application
  91. How does audio on motherboards remember the % it's on
  92. No Multichannel Sound via HDMI
  93. Solved no sound
  94. Solved How to make 2 devices play same audio source?
  95. One Speaker not working
  96. Can't get my headset mic to work in my newish setup
  97. Weird sound issues with my m14x..!!
  98. Solved Complete loss of sound on my Dell XPS 8300?
  99. How to enable my laptop speakers and headphones at the same time
  100. sound must be manually 'turned' on to be heard
  101. default sound card plays only one speaker, driver update?
  102. Solved dell inspiron 2200 audio?
  103. RealTek Digital Output ( Optical ) problems
  104. Cannot record sound from into Windows....
  105. sound scratchy
  106. External mic not working after sleep mode.
  107. HTPC and Yamaha receiver hdmi issue
  108. Stereo Mix not picking up microphone speech
  109. Font panel audio not doing as it should with VIA HD audio deck
  110. Can't use headset mic. Terrible feedback from webcam mic.
  111. No bass in certain appplications over 5.1 HDMI
  112. Solved ASUS Desktop green sound volume bar disappeared.
  113. Inbuilt mic not working at all
  114. PC sound stutters
  115. HDMI to TV no sound
  116. Need help on how to make all sound come out of one speaker
  117. Sound from websites won't go to external speakers, files on 'puter do
  118. Solved phantom alert sound
  119. Solved Sounds suddenly stops when I play mp3s/online games
  120. IDT sound problem in Dell Studio 1555...Plz help
  121. Windows 7 Surround Sound Issues
  122. Solved cant get virtual surround sound, with dss2 and turtle beach x12, pc
  123. Solved Mic and Lin in Conflicts
  124. Steelseries Siberia v2 usb soundcard not detected
  125. ATI HDMI audio is disabling onboard audio
  126. Mute stopped working in Windows 7!
  127. Increase effect of Fn + F5 & F6 buttons
  128. How do I turn off my SPDIF port
  129. Solved 5.1 speakers only playing 2.1
  130. Record System Audio
  131. Solved Audio Service is not running Error Message
  132. No Sound: Restart Fixes - Why? Howto without?
  133. HELP shift turns my volume down
  134. Uninstalling THX TruStudio on a THX TruStudio PC?
  135. Too loud volume
  136. Creative fatal1ty mic problem different to the other problems(i think)
  137. Microphone Internal Not working!
  138. Left speaker not working
  139. Sound problem
  140. Can't install realtek
  141. Headphones and speakers playing at the same time?
  142. Sony Vaio - Windows Installer popping up Bug
  143. How do I change the output audio from USB to 3.5mm
  144. Can't figure out windows keyboard sound
  145. auto detect headset plugin
  146. No sound in Windows Live Movie Maker
  147. Windows 7 missing Realtek's 'Speaker' after transporting PC
  148. Suddenly cant hear anything from my speakers
  149. Only 2-channel audio when using HDMI
  150. need help burning pictures to dvd
  151. Audio Problem with Intel G41
  152. HDMI Cable/Good video/No audio
  153. How To Create And Save WMP Custom EQ Curves
  154. No sound at all, possible hardware issue
  155. WNYC audio streaming and downloading failing for some Windows 7 users
  156. Win 7 pro default volume per accounts on one machine
  157. Solved Headset microphone problems
  158. Solved RealTek HD Audio Onboard gives static, even when muted.
  159. Sound only coming out of one earphone, not the earphones.
  160. Sound Driver Problem
  161. Microphone out after hibernation
  162. Solved Speach recognition fails to start
  163. no sound at all, all drivers updated
  164. Audio Service Not Running/No sound/No speakers/Realtek problem
  165. Audio not working
  166. Volume control in middle of screen.
  167. IDT High Definition Audio Codecs best speaker configuration for l4d
  168. Windows 7 MIDI input problem
  169. Windows Media Player not reinstalling correctly
  170. change audio channel with hot keys?
  171. No Audio from front or back panel jacks.
  172. " Unspecified Error " When using WMP Classic , Please Help !!!
  173. Numark IASO Driver Issues
  174. Solved How to keep System Sounds at 0 volume or mute?
  175. VIA HD Audio Deck expert mode
  176. Constant audio and video stutter every 2 seconds in multiple media
  177. Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?
  178. Sound stops working after a couple hours
  179. Problem with 8-channel sound card and speakers
  180. Asus Xonar DX Switches OFF Randomly
  181. realtek mic not picking up sound
  182. Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound card issue
  183. Solved Static Noises on Realtek audio on board
  184. My PC can't play any media file
  185. New W7 start-up sound ending at desktop.
  186. Solved Soft Recording volume with Blue Yeti, increasing volume distorts audio
  187. Solved Unable to record both stereo mix and microphone
  188. headphones + microphone
  189. My computer speakers do not work but headset works fine.
  190. can we get generic Old fashioned equalizer like we had in XP back
  191. Connecting Front Panel Audio to Sound Card
  192. Windows 7 Mixzing alternative
  193. Realtek Audio Problems Post Water Damage
  194. Renaming Devices in Windows Sound Control Panel
  195. USB headset doesn't get Stereo mix
  196. Fraps will not record audio
  197. No sound from my PC through my TV.
  198. Is there anyway I can make speakers switch to default automatically?
  199. Solved Restrain Windows Mediaplayer
  200. Audio, Dual Monitor, Streaming
  201. Choppy Playback From Windows Media Player
  202. Realtek R2.67 Audio Manager (Does not open)
  203. Can I stream stereomix audio with Xi-Fi Go! Pro?
  204. Stereo Mix Currently Unavailable (With Mic Plugged In)
  205. How to lower the audio below 1, but above 0
  206. How to disable volume auto-leveling?
  207. Sound card update.. Computer freezes after restarting
  208. Communications(microphone) Causes All sound to go quiet
  209. Need new sound card
  210. Solved USB Headset problem on W7 - Noise in sound, stop working after x mins
  211. Problem Ripping Using WMP 12 and Windows 7
  212. Microsft headset not being detected when plugged in
  213. Buzzing sounds in laptop speakers.
  214. Possible solution for DPC latency pops & crackles
  215. Razer Electra Headset
  216. Solved Volume control on keyboard stopped working.
  217. Old PCI Sound card as joystick port
  218. No sound with Windows 7 professional x64bit
  219. No sound for speakers on a HP Pavilion. System resore had no effect.
  220. Creative Sound card driver issue
  221. HDMI / Dolby Digital problem
  222. Volume control not active
  223. Solved gaming headset mic not working in vent or sound recorder
  224. Need help with 5.1 speakers
  225. Inbuilt Mic not working
  226. Solved How do I disable the Windows "DING" sound when copy/paste or cutting?
  227. SRS premium sound disappeared
  228. Solved How do I disable large onscreen volume display NOT related to logitech
  229. Using Inbuilt speakers and headphone simultaneously
  230. Huge DPC Latency Spikes, Ive tried everything please help
  231. windows 8 audio problems
  232. Please help what that mean (no driver was supported in this driver pak
  233. X-fi Champion series fornt IO panel and mic/headset problems
  234. Solved Win 7 doesnt recognize headphone
  235. Master volume does not control USB speakers
  236. No audio When PC connected to TV by HDMI
  237. Speaker output going directly to mic input
  238. Strange windows navigation sound... plz help...
  239. Getting a USB microphone into the "Levels" tab of speakers?
  240. Onboard Realtek ALC658 no audio
  241. Red X on Volume Icon, "No Audio Output Device is installed."
  242. External sound card
  243. Mysterious Noises/Music in Windows Mixer...
  244. Use external speakers in place of headphone and Laptop's microphone
  245. no sound on dell latitude d600
  246. Improper sound output
  247. Cannot Record Sound Windows 7
  248. Computer not recognizing speakers after installing USB3.0 internal hub
  249. No audio coming out of HDMI - Gateway MD Series
  250. headphone's mic not working