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Windows 7: How to Download FreeFileSync without Malware

30 Jan 2015   #11
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
My two threads are combining together again!

Hi Golden!

I really appreciate your advice to try and help me out!

You said:

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Golden View Post
Don't bother with CNET....use the download links in the blue NOTE box in the tutorial I posted.
I looked back to make sure and certain that I'm talking about the same tutorial and links you are directing me to in this same thread..

the Tutorial you posted is by "whs" (who I have communicated with as well in another thread here) and that link for Macrium leads to the shot in Screenshot 1 below: (Screenshot 2 shows not only the Free version, (red arrow and box on left) but when you click and follow and say you want to PAY MONEY! that second arrow, etc still leads you to and forces you to use CNET "Downloader" full of extra unwanted programs!!)

Note the clear "CNET" download on the button! (I drew my first red box and arrow! to show you hooray! that tutorial worked) Now You see it!!!

I'm not going to the CNET site to get their adware/viruses/spyware that others complain about..

I'm going to the link by whs in the tutorial you posted!

It leads DIRECTLY to CNET downloads!!

I was very very confused!

I was very upset to use CNET after all I've been reading about their downloader...

I have had problems myself (on XP system) downloading using "CNET" "DOWNLOADER" installer

Please read (try to read!)

my extensive, long long postings in this thread Macrium etc Free Software--How to avoid CNET Virus/Adware/malware prog

[Someone--I'll insert later name here--mentioned in my thread above that there are "direct" to Macrium download links... I insist! and others say so too! that I cannot find it on the Macrium HOME PAGE (its the only page for true Macrium Home Page .com site delivery of Free Macrium (or even paid Macrium--I clicked on those choices! all of them USE CNET Downloader! So as much as you are correct, do not use CNET---I can't seem to obtain this valuable Macrium program to try out without going through CNET!!! downloader Installation!!!]

I was then referred to "Major Geeks" site for a "clean" no added unwanted programs, download of Macrium! Unfortnately see my thread and all the screenshots proving that "Major Geeks" is also full of extra goodies I do not want!!

So while everyone touts Macrium as something great to use!!! I can't use it if I"m afraid to corrupt my laptop before I can make a copy of it!!

ALSO (in case you're wondering) found link for the "windows 7 backup" system here (but I tired it before knowing of your site)... Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

(I've had that Windows 7 Backup stuck "half way through" on the computer, can't add to it it keeps blinking a error light, so I just leave it alone.... so its not working! (This tutorial has many many "warnings" that I guess I never read when I attempted mine---I HAVE Windows 7 x64 Professional so it should have been able to save off to my external HDD, but I keep getting "load in media" it never found it... it eats cd's/dvd/s of course I discovered if I kept doing that it will make 500 GB (500 plus!!!) dvd's of 700MB each one!!! you get the idea! I can't do that each time I save I'll burn out the laptop's DVD burner and my lifetime will be wasted doing that every month or so for weeks!!!)

AND I've read so many times that it fails... there is a thread here on Windows Seven Forum (here System Image - Recover a Broken Windows 7 System Image)

about what to do when the Windows 7 Backup "fails"

I don't want !!!! a system for backups that can "fail" and needs a degree in being a 100% never make an error computer typist/programmer to "fix" it so I can get my files and programs back from a crash! I want the one that says half an hour(!) its long I did see it somewhere in the words.. see Windows 7 tutorial here: System Image Recovery it just works..

Macrium is supposed to be that good as well!

But I can't get one clean install of it!!!!

I'm lost!

I'm in trouble!

Thanks for reading my upsetting words Golden..

Any suggestions??????

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My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Jan 2015   #12
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
Thank you for trying to stop my fears of adware

Hello again Lady Fitzgerald!

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Fitzgerald View Post
Dang, can't you do anything without continuing questions in posts that are a mile long? You worry way too much so build a bridge and get over it.

Yes, the FFS installation file has a PUP in it. PUP means Potentially Unwanted Program; that doesn't necessarily mean it is malware. The PUP here is Open Candy. Open Candy does not install itself on your computer and runs only when the installer is running. All Open Candy does is offer add-ons, such as Google Chrome and Toolbar, which you will get the opportunity to opt out of. Many AVs and anti-malware programs will hit on it because many people will not pay attention when they are running the installer. I keep program installation files after installing programs so, to keep my anti-malware programs from removing FFS' installer, I change the name of it by adding .disable to the end. That makes it impossible for it to run until I change it back.
I have to relate a story from my XP installation on a different (DELL) computer....... it has Norton and on it YET something called "sweetpacks" keeps coming in and taking over everything I do on browsers, no matter which browser I use!

I have followed (on phone help!) and many sites (like this one How to Uninstall Sweetpacks Toolbar and Search Infection?- AnviSoft) trying to get rid of it...



So after years of fighting I realize its going to be there and destroys my online use of any browser as I have to do multiple "clicks" before entering any search term or clicking on it.... and running malwarebytes to remove it every few minutes is totally tiring!

So this short (I hope) explanation

is why I'm sooooooooooooooooo

reluctant to even take the chance that "Open Candy" will be so easy to avoid!

People tell me its easy to remove "sweetpacks"

then they try to do it...

Whatever they do just DOES NOT WORK ON MY XP computer...

So I'm married to it for life! No idea which site or email or whatever did it...

I DO NOT randomly click on things...

I only download after reading and confirming certificate is genuine

sorry to go on so long again Lady Fitzgerald

Thanks for your help and thanks for reading these comments!

Have a good day!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Jan 2015   #13

Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Two things.

First, I have had grave problems with Sync Toy. Here is my explanation from another thread:

"Yes, on Win7 64-bit Home Premium, I found that after months of using SyncToy for crucial backups, following all directions and recommendations, it was not synching correctly. It was not detecting moved stuff or changed folder names, and my backups were filled with mistakes and confusing redundancies that had to be gone thru manually and edited, as well as some folders were simply missing.

I panicked, then hit the internet to see what I might be doing wrong, and what others' experiences were. My research led me to 2 places, "It doesn't work, stop using it" and "It DOES work, but you need to start all over, try this, try that, delete your folder pairs then redo them like this, blah blah"

After a few more months of using it I rechecked the drives and there were still many missing and redundant files and folders. Just like before. Then I set it up to try to IGNORE moved or renamed stuff and simply make 100% sure the data is identical, even if it means deleting and re-copying more files. Still failed to be 100% accurate for even this simple task.

So, I realize this is just one man's experience, but backups are one of the most crucial things in my life, do I really want to spend even one more minute of my life worrying about whether I am covered on that, just so I can use the MS solution? For me the answer was clear and I moved on. This is not a slam on other MS products, I still use their solutions whenever possible."

Secondly, I now rely on Free File Sync, which is truly fantastic. My VERY STRICT Kaspersky anti-virus settings have never had a problem with crapware from FFS. I install it in portable mode, with my internet connection disabled, and "Open Candy" cannot communicate, does not try to install anything, and does not harm anything. Kaspersky considers it "trusted" installer. There is NO additional malware or crapware on my PC from FFS, and I enjoy the benefits of using it everyday with no downside whatsoever. Someday, when I am rich, I will donate to the FFS developers.

Choose wisely.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

30 Jan 2015   #14
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
Choose wisely (Indiana Jones was told)

Hi tblob!

(Welcome to Windows Seven Forum! ---at 6 posts guess I'm the official welcoming committee)

(Don't be off put by my excessive writing.... most here can describe their problems in 3 words or less lol )

Thanks for the warning about SyncToy-------Yes that is why I try to stay with Microsoft items when I can and avoid third party stuff... My only other choice 100% was Norton..... and sadly I lost Norton Ghost 15 on this computer----its replacement is expensive and as you pointed out (and reviewers did too) IT DOES NOT WORK 100% of the time.... so why use something even if I do it 2-3x on my 2 TB HDD for backups... I can lose EVERYTHING!! at ANYTIME! (Sorry for shouting, must mind our manners here on this Forum)


You wrote to me:
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by tblob View Post
I install it in portable mode, with my internet connection disabled, and "Open Candy" cannot communicate, does not try to install anything, and does not harm anything.
I never heard of "portable mode" so instead of asking you to explain it.... I went searching..

This post from 2008 at another site I guess is "perfect" answer.......

Post: #13
(2012-04-08 08:13)Livin Wrote:
(2012-04-07 00:20)AnalogKid Wrote:
... I'm trying to speak on behalf of 'the consumer'. GIT? Building? - forget it... those words aren't in the vocabulary of the man in the street.

The DirectX dependency MAY be a stumbling block, but a 'zip' release for portable users would certainly be a fine improvement (don't forget, not every user had admin rights to even install an app) but a Zip release would work fine (providing DirectX was already on the machine).

Clearly a 2 step issue... step 1 = zip release, step 2 = resolve the DirectX issue

I'm pretty confused... the average "consumer" will not be using portable mode, or care about a portable install. The number of users of true portable apps is less than 1% of the overall app user base.

And, the big one - to quote JMarshall... "The directx runtimes just plain don't work in the case of not being fully installed. "

XBMC offers 'live' version running from CD catering to an audience that simply doesn't want to install / can't install / wants to try. Should that be tossed as a bad idea too?
Most users don't KNOW what sort of install they have, they just go with the defaults. But quite a few of them wonder how to migrate to another PC, or install their set up on multiple PC's...
It's not about consumers wanting portable apps, it's about them wanting the benefits that portable apps offers them (they just don't know the technology behind it).
I agree with the above

I am NOT the typical computer user (I have C+ emulator (note not C++ not C# I am old in knowledge on Sun computers)... so I know some of what is going on...

But I do not have portable to turn off the Internet.. I have wireless button on laptop.. on/off But then I have so many "helpful installers" from the regular companies like SONY, HP, WD, WP, etc etc which SCREAM bloody murder when they are removed from the Internet it becomes impossible to type a sentence as each one screams and has to be "disabled" and I forget how so I have to look up each one.... and remember to turn it back on again so I get "essential updates"

No one button "turn off all services" unless I'm in "safe mode" and I guess I can't run safe mode for every day of my life

JUST to AVOID "OPEN CANDY" program from bothering me!

SO I"M frightened consumer! Who does not want any more "free gifts"

Anyway.... why can't I hang a sign on my internet node/dns/IP .... THIS PERSON HAS NO MONEY----SO GIVE UP SAVE YOUR ADS FOR THOSE WHO CAN PAY AND BUY THINGS! (guess that is impossible---and a joke at best)

As you (tblob) mentioned to me
Someday, when I am rich, I will donate to the FFS developers.
Someday I too will give money to all those developers who helped me..... I just hope they are not living out of cardboard boxes with Internet stealing from a nearby telephone pole line, while waiting for me to contribute funds to their incredible brainy programming skills!

My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Jan 2015   #15
Microsoft MVP

Windows 7 Ult. x64

You didn't read my earlier advice can use this link below:

Click this

to download a pre-made Macrium WinPE ISO file. This is written to a USB flash drive (as shown here in Step 2), and can be used to:

1. Create images, and
2. Restore images

Without you having to ever download and install Macrium to your computer - ever.

If you image your entire disk with this tool, then you have no need for SyncToy or FreeFileSync or any other tool.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Jan 2015   #16
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
Thanks Now I got Four or more Questions!

Hi Golden!

Thanks for explaining it (again) further...
I did do a Win PE 5.3.7220.iso CD when you first mentioned it.... (made 2 of them so in case one breaks!)

Now I read it again (or for first time clearly?)

Does it have to be on USB? I remember crashing.... (XP) and because I had just put in USB as upgrade from USB 1.0 it would NOT recognize anything until "windows" activated the PCI card with the new USB 2.0 on it.... . So my Norton "Rescue" disks were always on "CD's" that is why I did CD's here too....

Again, unfamiliar with how Windows 7 works.... Way behind on reading Computer Magazines I used to have money to get each month (PC & Mac).... Library is long trip and I'm years behind.... no way to catch up...
Does the same thing work for the CD Disk? Or as I see from the tutorial, it appears that every time you do a new "Macrium" image, you have to update this "YUMI" with Linux??

If that is TRUE (Question 1 Yes or no?) then I should NOT have made a CD that is "un-writeable i.e. permanent--as the Macrium program would need frequent "updating" as the incrementals, etc or saves of various dates occur???

Then it would have to be on a USB, that can be updated...

Also, Testing it you have to turn off computer and boot from the USB (Or in my case CD???)

How do you use "Macrium" to make the disk images then??

To Digress-------- Norton Ghost was ORIGINALLY for many many years, a small "floppy" that you inserted in the computer and it ran with the computer NOT BOOTED INTO WINDOWS and did all the copying on the most basic of "command prompts" DOS, etc level. It was easy, fun, and worked for many many years to successfully make copies I could read with Windows Explorer/View/ etc programs any time to see if they were perfectly made and even restore them without using Ghost at all... copy and paste over a damaged file etc.

Question 2 Is this what the USB YUMI is going to do? Does it run Macrium with the computer booted into the USB and makes all the copying no matter how long it takes, from HDD inside the laptop to the External HDD??

I'm very confused.....

And full of very old knowledge...

Question 3 And what happens (I don't want to try it as nothing said I should attempt it) when I try to load CD (or if I redo it as USB) into a operating Windows?

Question 4 Is that how Macrium (not downloaded or used ever!) works anyway? Outside of Windows because you can't copy system folders and MBR while they are "in use"???

Old knowledge is clouding my judgment here....

Thanks for reading all of this.... posting now so I get some reply before I do what is in the "following separate issue " posting.

Thanks again!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Jan 2015   #17
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
An Idea ---will it work?

Hi everyone !

(I have two similar topics so not trying to spam but I'll post this in both so it does not get missed as Golden etc have criss crossed my two different topics into just one)

I have an idea!

What if I choose to "pay" (unhappy face Emoticon goes here) $44.95 for a "Standard" edition of Macrium?

Would I not get a direct to Macrium link in the "Email" they promise to send me when I pay the full price for their lowest version?

Would that not avoid all of the "freeware" PUPs adware etc as I paid already! They should not make me upset by dropping more stuff on me concept? I'm using the Macrium direct site, no other site, no Major Geeks, none of the other download now buttons (that have "CNET" printed on them as I've posted already here and elsewhere in screenshots...

Any advice on that plan?

And wondering (for Golden here) Question for Golden Does that mean I get the same "WIN PE 5.3.7220.iso" CD/Download as you gave me? Nothing different? And I paid $44.95 for it?

Or do I get something different?

Something that can run "in the background!!!" while I work on the computer ??? So I can be productive while backing up my HDDs??? LIke I used to do with Norton Ghost (the advanced versions that ran while Windows OS was on).

I chose the Standard as it does "incrementals" and "differentials" just like my old Norton Ghost did...
while the free version does not (check back for my screenshot of this somewhere above)...

Thanks for advice!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Jan 2015   #18
Microsoft MVP

Windows 7 Ult. x64

Purchasing Macrium will allow you to create your own WinPE (more updated than your current PE) if you choose amongst other benefits.

Its money well worth spent, and one of the few products I advise people to purchase.

The PE iso can be run from CD/DVD or USB...very flexible.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
31 Jan 2015   #19
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
Thank you

Hi Golden!

Thanks for the vote of approval for plan.... Will purchase it (and relate if the Email link also offers junk stuff or not for those here considering that move as well ---so posting is not closed yet)

Can you explain why they use WinPE? "PE" Personal Edition? for their .iso?

I had a tiny tiny (anyone wanna buy it?) pre-iPad Windows touch screen computer.... sold very short time before iPad eclipsed it..... and the OS for that was called a Windows "Personal Edition" to indicate it was a watered down version of Vista or whatever was out then...

Just adding to the knowledge base here (or subtracting depending upon my lack of knowledge )
(I'll post this in the other thread too... so that both are "even" with answers)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
03 Feb 2015   #20
XP VM User

Windows7 Professional 64bit
Finally got to Download and Install Macrium!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for staying with me on this thread and your advice.....

I have another similar thread so I'm posting this message there too for those who miss it here...

I took my "idea" listed in two threads I have--about purchasing the Macrium and hopefully avoiding the Adware/bloatware/spyware PUPs etc and guess what?

It works!

For $44.99 it was peace of mind....

No problems.... just as I assumed. If you're paying full price for their product, they are not going to make your life unhappy with Loading your computer with extra items.

So paying that price, I did not have to fight the English language tricky wording where you have to either check the box to avoid or not check the box to avoid, and many such choices to wade through, and if you miss catching just one you're in trouble having to spend hours of time here writing back and forth to remove their unwanted software/toolbars and who know what else (one pointed out a secret "enable" for a constant survey of web sites you visit!

So Macrium downloaded directly from their purchase screen, web address (did it twice and saved it so I can't accidentally erase one with strange names in Downloads section), plus checked it with Norton plus Malwarebytes for problems.. both said the "Reflectdll.exe" was clear of everything (as everyone here assured me it was---once you get past those CNET and other downloaders)

Its successfully installed and launched.

Now I have a new problem... so I began a new Thread: Macrium Reflect--How to Use It....

Thanks to everyone---will mark this solved when the other thread is solved I guess??

OR better yet---when I find FreeFileSync for "pay" that does not have extra stuff on it!

Thanks again!
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 How to Download FreeFileSync without Malware

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