Can Acronis or Macrium Reflect backup Truecrypt?

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    Can Acronis or Macrium Reflect backup Truecrypt?

    I have created a 100GB truecrypt file

    I intend to use a backup software and set daily auto incremental backups. .

    Lets say

    On day 1 (Aug 1), I created a full backup and scheduled daily incremental backups everyday (from day 2 onwards the backup software will be creating incremental backups).

    On day 4 (Aug 4), I added fileday4.txt into (I mounted and put fileday4.txt into

    On day 5 (Aug 5), I added fileday5.txt into (I mounted and put fileday5.txt into

    On day 6 (Aug 6), I edited fileday5.txt (in and added some text

    Will the incremental backup on day 7 (Aug 7) contain the fileday4.txt and fileday5.txt with accurate data?

    Lets say I recover from my backup of day 7 (Aug 7), will I see fileday4.txt and fileday5.txt inside the when I mount

    My question is does Acronis or Macrium Reflect backup the changes I made in Truecrypt file container?

    I am asking this because I always see the as 100GB size and it does not change in size, so I was wondering if the backup software could "see" the files inside when I add or make changes and make backup to it. Or does the backup software always see the as a 100GB size file and assume that the file has not changed, thus the backup software does not make new backups to even I have added files to it.

    Thanks :)
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    I'd imagine the best place to get an answer to that would be at the Macrium and Acronis forums hosted by those 2 companies.

    You are layering two levels of complexity on top of basic imaging: incrementals and encryption. That may be doable and problem free, but I'd be very very I say very cautious and would need very good reasons to insist on both of those complications.

    There's no substitute for your own testing. Try what you propose and see what happens. And then try to convince yourself that the results of your testing will persist into the future.
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    Programs other than Truecrypt itself know nothing about Truecrypt's containers and just treat them like some random blob of unintelligible data. That's the whole point of encryption, to make programs not understand some data.

    Backup programs are no different from this. When directed to backup a container, they see a single, large file, but are completely unaware of what it is, much less its inner files. They can totally back it up like everything else (backup programs don't care about the content after all), but using incremental backup won't get the desired results if used on the container file.

    When adding files to a Truecrypt container, the .tc file will obviously change (rather dramatically, if the encryption is good enough) but from the backup point of view, the single 100GB file changed. It will realize of the change based on the "archived" attribute or on the "last modified" date, not on the overall file size, that in particular for Truecrypt will remain constant. The result is that it will copy another 100GB as an "incremental" backup. It will effectively backup the changed container, but the net result is not exactly what one would call incremental.

    Another approach could be to direct the backup program to the mounted container virtual drive instead of the container itself. This time it will be able to find all the inner files (like all other programs, because Truecrypt is under the hood encrypting/decrypting in real time) and incrementally backup each individually. Problem is that this will bypass the encryption for the backed up data, as it will yield a bunch of normal files, not a Truecrypt container.
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