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    This is all sounding a bit over my head and and likely more involved than my simple needs. I have my back-up stuff on multiple externals (strictly for peace-of-mind). My machine will be 10 years old next year and have never needed to do anything more than restore point recovery and even that only a few times. Since I am aware of my limited computer-literacy I avoid doing anything that I am not 100% confident in my ability to achieve. Back in the Win95/ME days I did have to use the factory recovery discs for that rare disaster that would occur. However, I stayed with ME until I bought this W7 machine and it's been good to me. Never once had to do a re-install. To conclude, I appreciate all the advice but, it looks as though I'll be ok with regular restore point creation.

    Nonetheless, this 'image back-up' thing interests me alot so I will study-up on it and hope I will gain a confidence for implementation. Thus, I will mark this topic 'solved'.

    -thank you
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    How long do System Restore Points survive for ? (If only one RP is ever created)
    I just read on another forum (a 2010 thread) SRP are deleted after 90 days. ?
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    Last I heard, that is the case for normal retore points.

    If you use windows system image, shadow storage is created on the drive you store the system image. The resore points in there do not have a time limit, as far as I know.
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    @SIW2 :)

    I don't use RPs any more (although Revouninstaller makes a RP before starting an uninstall).

    @ MourningStar . . . . . if you are still with us

    I am using Aomei Back Upper PRO, I can clone the entire drive to another drive.
    - just swap the HDDs and your PC will work as before.
    I made a clone so that I could experiment with hard stuff (for me anyway)
    - make sure you label both HDDs, so that you dont get lost. Guard the last good clone with your life.
    - while you are learning you will always have a pristine disc/SSD to swap in ( and reuse the corrupted disc )
    - you can play with Backup images and know you have the pristine original under your mattress, if needed.

    I am 73 and only started with Win-7 ... 5 years ago ... and AOMEI Backupper 11 months ago.
    This forum is brilliant for getting help, if you do come back message me and I will join your thread
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    Last edited by SIW2; 18 Jul 2018 at 13:42.
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    SIW2 said:
    Aomei is very good.
    I agree .
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    SIW2 said:
    Aomei is very good.
    +1, agreed! I read many good things about AOMEI.
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    SIW2 said:
    As previously,mentioned you can create a system image.

    If you have restore point created previously that you want to keep, you can mount it and create an image of it.

    A simple way to do that is with system restore explorer to mount the restore point, then capture the mount point with dism++ or gimagex.
    Hello Mr.SIW2
    i know that it is an old thread but may you explain these steps in more detail.
    never used dism++ or gimagex. just downloaded it now to check.
    i would be very grateful. thanks a lot.
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    A system restore point will never be permanent.

    The best option for this would be to create a system image instead.
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    Brink said:
    A system restore point will never be permanent.

    The best option for this would be to create a system image instead.
    thanks mr.Brink
    appreciate your answer and it is so true.
    i had experienced this that till this date created restore points were not available when needed the most.
    they were all deleted no matter what you do.
    i have allocated 15gb space for restore point on new installed os which had 100gb free space and yet it was deleted in 2 days.

    i was just trying to understand the method which mr.SIW2 had mentioned.
    never heard or read that anywhere so i was curious as well.

    i have used restore point and system restore explorer.
    i have also mounted the restore point with system restore explorer.
    but after that i do not know what to do.
    what does it mean that " then capture the mount point with dism++ or gimagex".

    thanks a lot again for your time and effort.
    really appreciate it.

    it just the size and time of restore points which attracts the most.
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